1.0 Introduction 1.

1 In business you must start from small, study everything and go step by step We cannot deny that in business, one should start from small and in the process of expanding his small business, he can study and learn many things and can equip himself with the experience which a successful businessman should have and only then, he can go further towards a successful businessman, step by step. The small business can develop by start from small capital, small organization and also start from small place. There are many advantages of starting small business; one of them is the smaller mould business we are doing, the smaller risk we are facing. By doing small business, it is easy for one to control his business risk to the lowest. Lowest business risk is especially important for a business career new leaf, this is because normally a new businessman has no enough modal and will power to face a quite big risk and indirectly, the poor businessman will lose his life as a businessman by beat down by the first attack of his business crisis. So, it is very important for a businessman to build up his confident by starting his business from small. In the way of extending his small business to a bigger business, one can study many things whereby these experiences can equip himself as a successful businessman. “Buying at the lowest price and selling at the highest price” is a very basic concept where every businessman should know about it but not really every of them will make use of it. However, a businessman who start his business from small surely very understand this concept because in everyday of dealing, they will put their greatest effort on earning biggest profit of each 1 cense they have without cheating customer. The greatest extent of

understanding this concept can be very useful to a small businessman and make him become a very successful businessman. Small businessman need to meet with many different types of people and businessman in order to continue their life. Indirectly, via communicate with these people, these small entrepreneur can study the way how others doing their business, can gain many experiences from others people and also can stronger their public relationship. No doubt, things that can be gain by a small businessman when meet and communicate with different people will become his precious experience along the way towards a successful businessman and all of these experiences and public relationship will surely be useful to him in his long life in business career. We should always remember that none of us are born to be great businessmen, who are only do big business, earn big money and not willing to do small business, earn small money. A man who not even can do a small thing probably, there will never has people believe him that he can do a great job. As a businessman, we must start our business from small, study and learnt many things from the small business, and then realize our dream of become a well known business based on the basic we has established, go towards it step by step. By this, there is no any reason and accuse of why we cannot become a successful businessman.

2.0 Biography of Ben & Jerry’s


where he also dabbled in ice cream-making.. During his lab tech days.000 to open the first "Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop" in a converted Burlington gas station. At first the pair thought about making bagels but decided the necessary equipment was too expensive. During his senior year of high school. N. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were childhood friends born four days apart in Brooklyn. Ben drove an ice cream truck. the 3 .000-and borrowed another $4. eventually leaving his studies altogether to teach pottery on a working farm in New York's Adirondack region.1 Who are Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield The story of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield begins in 1951. Cohen and Greenfield received the Corporate Giving Award from the Council on Economic Priorities for their Ben & Jerry Foundation. That same year.. while applying to medical school without success. After high school.2. Jerry returned to New York to work as a lab technician. After moving to North Carolina for a few years. Instead.Y. he shared a Manhattan apartment with Ben. They decided Burlington. Jerry started on a more traditional path. he attended and dropped out of various colleges in the Northeast. They took a $5 course on ice-cream making and in 1978 they used their savings-a combined $8. they settled on ice cream. he attended Oberlin College to study medicine. Vt. was an ideal location for a scoop shop because it was a college town without an ice cream parlor. in 1951. After graduating high school. In 1988. Jerry worked as an ice cream scooper in the school’s cafeteria. Upon graduating. New York. and they decided to go into the food business together. Jerry reunited with Ben in Saratoga Springs.

iconoclastic pair was named Small Business Leaders of the Year by President Ronald Reagan and attended an award ceremony at the White House. 4 .

yogurt sales were accounting for 15 to 18 percent of the company's revenues. its environmentally friendly production policies. and franchised ice cream shops. and ice cream novelties in rich and original flavors. Ben & Jerry's is known for its innovative flavor combinations and names (such as "Cherry Garcia. restaurants. The company sells its unique offerings in grocery stores. frozen yogurt. Ben & Jerry's first gained national attention in 1981 when Time magazine hailed its products as 'the best ice cream in the world' in a cover story on ice cream. Within five months. and it holds about one-third of the market for its products.0 Company Background 3." the first ice cream named for a rock legend). Ben & Jerry's joined the trend toward producing low-fat ice cream and yogurt. when Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield opened an ice cream shop in Burlington. produces super premium ice cream. Vermont.3. national and international social involvement. Ben & Jerry's Homemade. Beginning in the late 1980s. it had become the leader in the super premium yogurt market. Ben & Jerry's was founded in May 1978. Started by two friends who never intended to become big businessmen. Despite its exclusively local operations. and its local. . Inc.1 Ben & Jerry's Homemade. and by the end of the year. 5 . Inc.

an ice cream company located in the Midwest. to manufacture Ben & Jerry's ice cream in its plants and distribute its products in most markets outside the Northeast. Ben & Jerry's first gained national attention in 1981 when Time magazine hailed its products as "the best ice cream in the world" in a cover story on ice cream. Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. In the following year. Ben & Jerry's contracted with Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream.4 Farming Out in 1986 In 1986. facing demand for its products that its one Vermont plant was unable to meet.3. In addition. 3.2 Going National in 1982 Despite its exclusively local operations. prompting Ben & Jerry’s to file suit against the parent company. In 1987. and Ben & Jerry’s filed its second lawsuit against the Pillsbury Company.5 International in 1988 6 . 3. Pillsbury.3 Growing Pains in 1984 In 1984. the company introduced its newest pint flavor. 3. Ben & Jerry's began to expand its distribution beyond the state of Vermont. in its now famous “What’s the Doughboy Afraid Of?” campaign. Häagen-Dazs again tried to enforce exclusive distribution. Häagen-Dazs tried to limit distribution of Ben & Jerry’s in Boston.

Maarten in the Caribbean.In 1988. Incorporated was reaching annual net sales of nearly $250 million. the company decided to hold back on further franchising to make sure that product quality and service in its existing stores met its standards. Ben & Jerry's opened its first outlets outside the United States when ice cream shops began operating in Montreal. more than 80 "scoop shops" were flying the Ben & Jerry's banner across 18 different states. and in St. 7 . In April 2000. Ben & Jerry’s Homemade. Unilever announced it was buying Ben & Jerry's for $326 million in cash. By the end of the year. At this time. Quebec. Before the beginning of the new millennium. Throughout Ben and Jerry’s history the company has maintained a reputation for social responsibility and good treatment of its employees and customers.

t i f o r p 100 50 20 0 0.4 1978 2 1982 1986 1990 1994 1998 2000 Year Profit (million US$) 1978 1982 1986 1990 1994 1998 2000 0.B en&Jerry'sProfit C hart 250 219 200 194 150 142 98 n l M .4 2 20 98 142 194 219 Yearly Profit of Ben&Jerry’s 8 .

y 9 .

Always.1 Process of Learning: Evaluates From Small to Big As we know. In order to realize their dream. Greenfield and Cohen started their business already. ice cream production ran into some glitches. the first Ben & Jerry's store only sold 12 flavors. However. With the small capital investment.000 and only borrowed four thousand dollars. It was 1978 when they opened their first store. made with an old-fashioned rock salt ice cream maker and locally produced milk and cream.Saratoga Springs already had one. they packed up and moved to an old gas station in Burlington. By this. most of the ice cream businessman need to close up their 10 . with the well basic establishment. Though Ben & Jerry's has been bought by Unilever with $326 million in cash. Same thing goes to Ben & Jerry's. Haagen-Dazs. a college town they both liked. they found that their town.4. They invested only $12. They renovated an old gas station on a corner in downtown Burlington and opened Ben & Jerry's Homemade. Moreover at that time.0 Going into business 4. look back to the history of Ben & Jerry's we will notice that Ben & Jerry's is also a brand that start his business from small. Greenfield once made a batch of rum raisin that stretched and bounced. This is relatively small amount for start up capital. but not invested by his founder hundreds of millions once they begin. any ice cream seller need to face the 2 major players in this career and one of them is the well-known brand. we can see know that how big the Ben & Jerry's business is running. Vermont. Initially. all of the greatest business empire are start from small and then slowly expand their mould until what they have now. After Greenfield and Cohen decide to do an ice cream business.

To express their gratitude to the community for supporting their first store.business due to the big influence of the 2 major players in this career who has attract all of the customer. Greenfield made most of the ice cream. This time. Greenfield and Cohen also facing the same problem. By all these means. people started fall in love with their ice cream flavor which are big different with others. Ben was very interested in big chunks of cookies and candies in ice cream. Luckily they are operating a small mould business and this small amount loss can still afforded by them. Their first ice cream store became very popular in the community due to the high quality ice cream and creative mix of flavors. It only took them a year and they had already marked themselves in history. and candy concoctions. Ben & Jerry inaugurated the first of 11 . From the start. And they were not. then moved into things like Chocolate Cookie and Heath Bar Crunch. in the early days the boys were pretty bad at bookkeeping. In addition. while Cohen handled all the other aspects of the operation. cookie. Therefore. Greenfield and Cohen had step out a big step towards to their success. they began developing their own wild flavors-inspired by the ice cream. there is no much customer want to try other ice cream brand other than the 2 brand. he used to mix candy into his ice cream. As a kid. After two months of operating they closed the store and hung a sign that said “we’re closed to figure out whether we’re making any money”. It is the fate that every businessman had to face at least 1 crisis that which may cause them to close up their operation and at that time. they decided to change their strategy. With the big interest in ice cream business. they learned a lot from failure and they started off small again. The unique flavor combinations make an immediate success to them and soon a favorite spot in Burlington. with the attention they had gain from the people. in the summer of 1978.

This tradition still goes for every anniversary in every Ben and Jerry's. A distributorship route was set up to deliver to grocery and small family-owned specialty stores in the region. In the 1980's.the many creative marketing ploys that would help drive the growth of their company when they held a free summer movie festival. Cohen became the designated delivery person and carted the frozen goods in the back of his Volkswagen station wagon. Ben and 12 . Ben & Jerry's expanded its pint-packing operations to more spacious quarters behind a car dealership. They were still located in Vermont. they felt that they should expand. Ben and Jerry still didn't think that was enough and in 1981 they became an ice cream making chain. Still trying to grab the world's attention. he passed many small grocery and convenience stores and decided that they would be a perfect outlet for their products. In that year. On his delivery route. Being open for several years and having success. They had begun selling their ice cream to a number of restaurants in the Burlington area. but closer to the highways for easy access. Cohen and Greenfield had found an old spool and bobbin mill to rent as a home for their larger-scale ice cream production and packing operations. In 1981. projecting films onto a blank wall of their building. Ben delivered the products to customers in an old Volkswagen square back station wagon while Jerry was discovering new flavor. Ben and Jerry bought an old ice cream truck that broke down more than expected and the cost to fix it was the equivalent of all of the ice cream profits. along with giving away free cones on the anniversary of their store's opening. they wanted to see what their ice cream would do in the grocery stores. The first signal of their business has become bigger appear when the station wagon could no longer meet the demands of the consumers.

Maine. Then. they knew they had to expand and so they begin to market their ice up and down the eastern coast started. Ben and Jerry have success evolutes their small-scale business into a national brand. the company opened its first non-Vermont franchise in Maine. As sales grew 13 . the company took part in the construction of the world's largest ice cream sundae in St. First. distributing their goods to stores through independent channels.Jerry went for the record. Business increased significantly. Vermont. and the company's founders brought in a local nightclub owner with business experience to be chief operating officer. the cult following surrounding their exquisitely rich. Albans. In the same year. They had immediate success with the store and began selling pints out of Jerry’s car to other vendors in the area. In 1983. addictive flavors-such as Heath Bar Crunch and Dastardly Mash-achieved mainstream approval when Time began a cover story on ice cream with an opening sentence stating that Ben & Jerry's was the best in the world. Ben & Jerry's developed a need for tighter financial controls on its operations. Signature flavors were unveiled during the 1980s – including New York Super Fudge Chunk and Cherry Garcia With its continuing expansion. Vermont. the company began to sell its pints in the Boston area. This made Ben and Jerry become statewide known and it started to put them on the map to huge success. They built the largest ice cream sundae in Albans. and signed a deal with a Boston distribution company. In 1983. Within 3 years. selling Ben & Jerry's products in Portland.102 pounds. The sundae weighed about 27. After all the publicity in Vermont. step by step. for instance. an out-of-state store opened.

and mini chocolate chips. they limited the stock offering to residents of Vermont. The company’s website has a “graveyard” for retired flavors. To finance further growth. From time to time certain flavors are “retired” while new ones are introduced. As the result. With the proceeds from this sale of stock. about half an hour away from Burlington. Coffee Heath Bar Crunch and Chubby Hubby. Greenfield and Cohen decided to raise capital to expand by selling stock to the public. in an effort to maintain a sense of local accountability in the company. Other flavors that were developed early and remain extremely popular include New York Super Fudge Chunk.sharply. cherries. Cohen and Greenfield slowly came to realize that their small-scale endeavor had exceeded their expectations. as different flavors developed. and request forms if people miss their favorite retired flavor. One of the reasons why Ben & Jerry’s can grow so rapidly until can have franchises at outside only within 5 years is due to their life-long study spirit. the company began construction of a new plant and corporate headquarters in Waterbury. that is: always keep on study from surrounding and improve his products time by time. There is only one secret how a company can survive in market. and a few remain classic Ben & Jerry offerings. Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Vermont. Greenfield and Cohen never stop to improve themselves by learning from outside and surrounding. Cherry Garcia (named after musician Jerry Garcia) is a mix of cherry ice cream. However. utilizing a little-known clause of the state law governing stocks and brokering. many became in high demand. 14 .

which led to Ben & Jerry's getting sold across the country. With a strong public outcry. Haagen-Dazs had achieved success in many markets. Pillsbury attempted.Such a liberal spirit. people can always see Ben & Jerry's new flavor ice cream promotion and others promotion via most of the media electronic. Pillsbury took steps to restrict distribution again in 1987. when it threatened to stop selling its ice cream to retailers who also sold Ben & Jerry's products. Greenfield and Cohen had learnt a very important things which is : the stronger public relationship and intellectual of media promote is the key for the business war winner. legal action brought the restrictive practices to an end. which owned the Haagen-Dazs premium ice cream brand. sales of Ben & Jerry's products had exceeded $4 million. In both cases. By the end of 1984. It is no doubt that the process of expanding business is also a process of learning. In order to protect its own share of the market. but its primary competition was the Ben & Jerry brand. "What's the Doughboy Afraid Of?. to stop Ben & Jerry ice cream outlets from opening near theirs. In the case of facing Haagen-Dazs. The Haagen-Dazs has become a turning point for them because start from that time. and also forced Ben & Jerry's to file suit against them when Pillsbury put pressure on outside suppliers who sold to both companies. earned the company an enemy-food giant Pillsbury. combined with the overwhelming success of the actual Ben & Jerry product." in reference to the Pillsbury's cuddly emblem. and Ben & Jerry's was able to get distribution. via legal channels. Reflecting upon their own anti-corporate spirit. a figure more than twice as large as the previous year's revenues. Pillsbury backed down. Many studies has been 15 . Ben & Jerry's launched a media offensive centered around the slogan.

Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. D. distributing free scoops of ice cream as they went. In addition. Ben & Jerry's contracted with Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream. Washington. sales of Ben & Jerry's products continued at a break-neck pace In 1986. Virginia. In addition. as well as the corporate identity. To supply these new markets. starting up sales of its pints in New York.C. the company introduced its newest pint flavor. Vermont.make upon Ben & Jerry's success and one of the conclusion they have made up is one of the reason for Ben & Jerry's success is the media power where they are well known for it. it is also one of the necessary steps to expand their business. To promote this and other flavors. Cohen and Greenfield's very understand that promote their company image to different career of people is one of the way to have multiple customer. the company launched its 'Cowmobile. Ben & Jerry's began conducting tours of its Waterbury. In 1985. Ben & Jerry's expanded distribution of its products dramatically. Among the new offerings that year was New York Super Fudge Chunk. created at the suggestion of a customer from New York City. Pennsylvania. and Minnesota. plant in 1986. an ice cream company located in the Midwest.' an altered mobile home that Cohen and Greenfield set out to drive across the country. After the October 1987 16 . to manufacture Ben & Jerry's ice cream in its plants and distribute its products in most markets outside the Northeast. Cohen and Greenfield's original plan for a cross country trip was brought to fruition in 1987. the company completed work on its modern manufacturing plant.. Throughout 1985. dispensing free scoops of ice cream along the way. when 'Cow II' made its maiden voyage. Georgia. facing demand for its products that its one Vermont plant was unable to meet. Florida. New Jersey.

" a nonprofit group founded in part by Cohen and Greenfield that was dedicated to redirecting national resources towards peace. Beginning in the late 1980s. it seems like Cohen and Greenfield are ready to expand their business to an international level ice cream business. the company began to market its first ice cream novelty. Also in 1988. Along with these highly topical creations. the company decided to hold back on further franchising to make sure that product quality and service in its existing stores met its standards. the Brownie Bar." a chocolate covered ice cream bar on a stick. Ben & Jerry's responded to continuing growth in demand for the company's products by opening its second manufacturing facility in Springfield. After a 10 years well-established business basic. and in St. Vermont. Slowly. Ben & Jerry's opened its first outlets outside the United States when ice cream shops began operating in Montreal. Ben & Jerry's become a very popular brand among ice cream lovers. This product consisted of a square of French Vanilla ice cream. more than 80 "scoop shops" were flying the Ben & Jerry's banner across 18 different states. Maarten in the Caribbean. Ben & Jerry's introduced pints of 'Cherry Garcia. At this time. This plant was used to make ice cream novelties. In 1988. Ben & Jerry's Light. including the "Peace Pop. By the end of the year. In addition. sandwiched between two brownies. The name of this product referred to "One Percent for Peace. Quebec.' named for the longtime lead guitarist of the rock group Grateful Dead. Cow II appeared on Wall Street to hand out scoops of 'That's Life' and 'Economic Crunch' ice cream to financial industry workers. introduced in 1989. Ben & Jerry's joined the trend toward producing lowfat ice cream and yogurt. had reduced levels of 17 .stock market crash.

yogurt sales were accounting for 15 to 18 percent of the company's revenues. and by the end of the year. chocolate chip cookie dough. once the normal ice cream line resumes. Boasting a butterfat content between 1 and 5 percent--as opposed to the 17 percent butterfat levels in the regular ice cream--Ben & Jerry's yogurt was selling in 13 cities around the United States in 1992. Ben & Jerry's introduced a pint version of one of its most popular scoop shop offerings. It was sort of an oxymoron. the company began to market its ice cream novelties. and soon became the company's best-selling flavor. in "multi-packs" in supermarkets. Finally. Cohen and Greenfield used to produce their ice cream as usual. it had become the leader in the super premium yogurt market.fat and cholesterol compared to the regular Ben & Jerry's ice cream but no less fat than other "regular" products then on the market. This was a lesson learnt by Cohen and Greenfield although their business is quite successful already which is do not ever try to make change to the business main profitable product. Leaning from this lesson. the sales of Ben & Jerry's also getting back to before standard. Within five months. 18 . In addition. The product was an immediate hit. Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt proved far more successful. Out of their expectation. and in December 1991 the line was declared a mistake and phased out. Peace Pops and Brownie Bars. Sales of the products never exceeded about $9 million. The company had spent five years finding a way to get the chunks of dough into pints of ice cream without having them stick together and gum up the packaging machines. which is fatty and expansive.

Ben & Jerry's also renewed its co-packing agreement with Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream. Developing brand loyalty is another strategic move to strengthen competitive advantage. Ben & Jerry's opened two ice cream shops in the Russian cities of Petrozavodsk and Kondopoga. and also borrowed space at the St. Vermont. Ben & Jerry's moved to increase its output in Vermont. Inc. donations to social causes and the use of eco-friendly products. Further from home. Albans in late 1992.. this plant was scheduled to be functional in 1994.In response to continuing demand for its new products. With two Russian partners. Albans Cooperative Creamery to open another temporary production facility. To increase its capacity over the long term. Financed through an additional stock offering. up from $77 million in 1989. By the end of 1992. which was blessed by a Russian Orthodox priest on its first day. Ben & Jerry's broke ground on a third ice cream factory in St. These strategies has 19 . its mid-western partner. They has made substantial efforts to gain a favorable reputation and image with buyers through its frequent promotional campaigns such as Free Cone Day. the company had spent three years navigating the Soviet bureaucracy and finding supplies for the venture. Ben & Jerry's sales overall had reached $132 million. the company completed a new distribution center in Bellows Falls. the company was able to open a combination ice cream plant and parlor. In addition. The company added a pint production line at its Springfield plant. which Cohen and Greenfield hoped would promote friendship between Russians and Americans. After importing equipment and lining up reliable sources for cream. This is what Ben & Jerry's learnt alone the way of expanding their business from small.

proven successful. it started notice by other company who interest in acquiring it. distribution network to become less dependent on Dreyer's. Vermont. their influence is still heavily felt. it could look back on a streak of extraordinary growth. The company began using unbleached paperboard pint containers and planned to begin outsourcing its frozen novelties in 2000. The sale included a unique agreement. Ice Cream Partners. Company leaders were aware that it was unlikely that this rate of expansion could continue forever.S. of which the company’s timeline described as separating the Ben & Jerry’s brand from other ice cream businesses owned by Unilever to maintain its existing social mission and brand integrity. On April 12. From one small shop in downtown Burlington. The company signed a new Canadian distribution deal in 1998. signing on with the newly-created Nestle/Pillsbury joint venture. The next year. As Ben & Jerry's business profit is getting better year by year. since Ben & Jerry's growth 20 . it redesigned its U. Although they no longer own the company. 2000Ben and Jerry sold their company to the Unilever Corporation for over $326 million. the 1999 Harris Interactive Poll regarding buyer perception of corporate reputability ranked Ben & Jerry’s first in the social responsibility category and fifth overall (SEC Report. and a line of products sold in stores across the country. it had grown to include a chain of nearly 100 franchised shops worldwide. Ben & Jerry's enjoyed increased sales in the United States and United Kingdom in the late 1990s. 1999). in cash. when international sales accounted for about 11 percent of the total. As Ben & Jerry's moved into the mid 2010s.

Through nothing but hard work and passion. 5. however.had come in a mature and stable market. it appeared that Ben & Jerry's was well positioned to continue its success.0 Conclusion The story of Ben & Jerry’s represents the story of the small mould businessman dream. With its idiosyncratic corporate culture. became two of the most respected corporate executives in the 21 . and its strong track record of introducing innovative flavors that drove ever-stronger sales. two youths who were disenchanted with corporate America.

perhaps they cannot afford the first attack of their business crisis and now. the creative television advertising and public relations campaigns. Through out the study about Ben & Jerry’s. Experience gain from a small business can be very useful in the way of expanding and doing big business. we would have no ice cream brand named “Ben & Jerry's”.country. If Greenfield and Cohen started their business in a big mould in the very beginning. we will find that along the way Ben & Jerry’s toward success. They stayed true to their vision. However. may be the price that they need to pay to learn a little lesson would be very grievous and heavy. fought for what they believed was right. 22 . but not means that a company can changed his business into a international big-scale business if they can completed all these steps with a great amount of money within a day once they start. only invest in a small business then can get so many precious knowledge’s. Challenge in business can always make businessman smarter. it is very worth. all these mean that everything in business should go step by step. Moreover. unique ice cream name and unique brand image has help him expand his business from a small stall at a old gas station to an international brand. and were generously rewarded. the use of higher quality ingredients and eco-friendly packaging . Following by this.

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