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STRUCTURE AND WRITTEN EXPRESSION (121 - 128. ......... problems in your life, i would weep
over your tears
Select the correct answer from the four choices given A. If you have had
B. If you had had
121. The generator in our office ........ on C. Were you have
wednesday so that we couldnt operate the D. Were you to have
sewing machine.
A. Caught to fire 129. The participants, ....... were students, won
B. Caught on fire the national tournament
C. Caught in fire A. Most of whom C. Most of it
D. Caught of fire B. Most of who D. Most of which

122. Be careful ! alcohol can cause cardiovascular 130. A) Don’t stop talking to me, .......?
disease and ..... death B) Nobody talked to me at the office,......?
A. Though C. Yet A. Do you, Didn’t you
B. Hence D. As B. Will you, Didn’t they
C. Are you, Didn’t you
123. The tables in our house are ..... those in the D. Will you, Did they
A. Twice as much as 131. Rudi must confess to ....... nothing about the
B. Twice to marketing strategy
C. Twice as many as A. Know C. Be Knowing
D. Twice that B. Knowing D. Knows

124. I’m going to cook delicious spaghetti for my 132. We have been teaching TPA in Bimbel Giving
lovely husband as soon as i ..... for 2 years. By the end of this year, we .......
A. Got home for 3 years
B. Shall get home A. Will have taught C. Had taught
C. Get home B. Teach D. Will teach
D. Had gotten home 133. “I read this romantic poem for my girlfriend
125. Hardly .... at the bus terminal when the bus yesterday”
came Rulih said that ......
A. I had arrived A. He readed that poem for his girlfriend
B. I arrived the previous day
C. Had i arrived B. I readed those romantic poem for his
D. Had been arriving girlfriend the previous day
C. He had read those romantic poem for
126. I can’t stand ...... my chance in the painful his girlfriend the day before
loneliness D. He had read that romantic poem for his
A. Waiting girlfriend the day before
B. To wait
C. Waited 134. Had he changed his bad habits, he ...... a
D. Wait professional football player
A. Became
127. It was not Jhony, but his parents who ..... by B. Had become
the mysterious man yesterday C. Will have become
A. Was Threatened C. Threatened D. Would have become

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A. Nor he ever did
135. Of the two new students in Bimbel Giving,
B. Nor did he ever
one is dilligent and .........
C. Or he ever did
A. Another student is not
D. Or did he ever
B. Other students are not
145. I was surprised that my uncle had bought .....
C. Another is not
from sweden
D. The other is not
A. An unique old amber jar
136. He ...... able to move his feet after the car B. An old amber unique jar
accident and neither did his wife C. An old unique jar amber
A. Is scarcely C. Scarcely D. A unique old amber jar
B. Was scarcely D. Is
137. The supporters would have made the club Reading 1 for question 146 - 155
...... the new players if the club hadn’t won
In an effort to prevent sixth graders from (146) .....
any trophies
A. Buying C. Buy in national exams, the Iraqi government (147) .....
B. Bought D. Would buy internet to the entire nation from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m.
138. ...... his weakness, the students study harder on May 14, 15 and 16, internet performance
in order to pass the STAN Exam company Dyn Research has reported.
A. Know C. Knowing
In Iraq, standard evaluation exams (148) ...... on
B. That Know D. Known
the same days for every student in the country and
139. It is suggested that the new students ..... at
the auditorium for the introduction of schools usually receive the test papers in the hours
extracurricular activities leading up (149) ..... 8 a.m.
A. Are C. Were "We asked the Communications Ministry (150)
B. Beeing D. Be
...... internet services (151) ....... we knew that
140. The students .... cheat their friend answers some students — those (152) ...... are lazy —
on tests
A. Shouldn’t C. Couldn’t started to use the internet to try to get [the
B. Are not to D. Might not answers]," said Education Ministry spokeswoman

141. The boy is taking care of his grandfather Hadeel al-Ameri to
with deft and ...... "Security departments were able to arrest some
A. Patience C. Patiently
people caught trying to leak the questions and we
B. Patient D. Patieness
also (153) ...... that there were a few people in the
142. If i find you ..... again in my class, i’ll tell it to
[Education] Ministry who used to leak questions,"
your parents as soon as possible
A. Sleeping C. Be slept she added.
B. Sleep D. To sleep Students and teachers further explained that a
143. Never before that day ..... the usefulness of Facebook group (154) ..... "Leaking the Final
this drug Central Exams Questions 2015" existed last year,
A. Had i realized C. I realized
B. Did i realize D. I had realized through which people paid as little as US$9 to get
exam answers.
144. He never called me, ..... reply my message

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The government plans to shut down the internet 157. It is necessary that he tidy up his elegant old
again (155) ...... the upper school exams that start A B
wooden bed after awakening from his deep
on May 25.(kes)
Source: sleep
146. A. Cheated C. Cheating 158. Nominal GDP per capita does not, however,
B. To cheat D. Cheats
reflects differences in the cost of living and
147. A. Cut in C. Cut off
the inflation rates of the countries;
B. Cut into D. Cut on
therefore using a basis of GDP per capita at
148. A. Are conducted C. Conducted
B. Were conducted D. Conducting purchasing power parity (PPP) is arguably

149. A. To C. On more useful when comparing differences in

B. Until D. At D
living standards between different nations.
150. A. Shut off C. To shut off (Diolah dari

B. Shutted of D. Shutting off 159. My lovely sister writes not only the
151. A. Hence C. However romantic novel but also composes the pop
B. Owing to D. Because
music for the famed male singers in
152. A. Whom C. Who C
Indonesia so that he gets used to getting
B. In which D. Of whom
153. A. Found out C. Found of money for her family

B. Found in D. Found on 160. My brother together with his friends is in

154. A. Called C. Call Bali on vacation now, but i wish he was here
B. Calling D. Had called B
so that he could help me study maths for
155. A. Since C. Due to C
B. During D. As the final exam held tomorrow
161. The achievement of a team is totally
Choose the one word or phrase which would not A
be appropriate in standard written English ! influenced by the presence of the twelfth
156. Neither of that employees does their task
player who was called supporter
as timely as we do as though they were
C 162. In recent years, Luis Suarez has been
highly paid by the company A B
D considered to be one of the

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better football players in the world owing to
169. My elder brother surely appreciate him
his unique skill
Inform us about the ticket cancellation due
163. Based on the survey held last month, the C D
A B to the bad weather in Manila.
Number of students in my school loves
C 170. Either the headmaster or the teachers had
singing they would prefer singing rather
D enthusiasticly motivated the students to
than write in the class A
study harder but they refused to listen
164. The woman, whom i meet, injured B C
A B though they didnt pass the university test
in the car accident last month and she D

Reading 1 for question 171 - 180

became partially paralyzed due to his leg
C D The Surakarta Police have named two
crashed onto the seats people suspects for allegedly forcing 19 underage
165. Since Rudi’s father passed away five years girls to work as nightclubs hostesses in East
A Kalimantan.
ago because of the car accident, his sister
Wisnu Subroto and wife Indah Winarno
has counted Rudi on all education needs. were named suspects recently for allegedly
C D sending 19 girls aged 15 to 17 years old to West
166. I slept for almost 3 hours before realizing Kutai regency, East Kalimantan, Surakarta Police
A chief Sr. Comr. Ahmad Luthfi said on Wednesday.
that i had forgotten my wondrous turqoise
The couple, who hail from Karanganyar in
bag with the important stuff in its Central Java, allegedly sent the girls from
C D Surakarta to East Kalimantan in January. The
167. All the leather products, produced in Central Java Police are investigating the case and
A have questioned the two suspects.
2006 by Giving Corp, will have been
The case emerged when one of the girl’s
withdrawn back from the local market mothers, Katinem, 40, reported that her daughter,
B Maryati, 16, had not been home for three months.
on 20 Dec 2010 despite its good quality
Maryati had told her family that she was working
in Barong Tongkol, Kutai. Maryati lived in premises
168. Yesterday was such a bad day that we
A that had high security and she and the other
couldn’t motivate ourself to get a good workers were told by their employers that they
B C could not quit and leave the premises unless they
score in the Final exam therefore we didn’t
each paid Rp 5 million ( $373 ), Luthfi said.
pass it D

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Katinem discussed the matter with a Source:
member of the Surakarta branch of Nahdlatul
171. The word allegedly in paragraph 1 is closest
Ulama Muslim organization, Nur Hidayah Idris. meaning to .....
Hidayah and several activists of Sayang Anak ( A. Rally C. Reputedly
B. Contingently D. Contemptly
Love for Children ) in Surakarta reported the case
to the Surakarta Police in April. 172. How many under age girls were sent from
Surakarta to West Kutai regency, East
Maryati returned home to Surakarta
earlier this month, which helped the police A. 15 C. 40
discover the alleged involvement of Wisnu and B. 17 D. 19

Indah. "Information from the victim helped the 173. According to the text, who is the victim of
police uncover the child trafficking case," Luthfi under age girls selling ?
A. Indah Winarno C. Maryati
said without explaining how Maryati managed to B. Katinem D. Wisnu S
leave East Kalimantan.
174. The word emerged in paragraph 4 is
Meanwhile, Hidayah said that based on opposite meaning to .....
information from Maryati, at least 19 underage A. Penetrated C. Appeared
B. Vanished D. Contempted
girls from Surakarta were working in several
nightclubs in Barong Tongkol. Maryati told 175. The word uncover in paragraph 6 is closest
meaning to .....
Hidayah that she was taken to Kutai by the two
A. Chase C. Probe
suspects, who promised her a job at a plywood B. Discover D. Conduct
factory. 176. What are the jobs of under age girls selling
The teenage girls reportedly work as victims ?, except ....
karaoke hall hostesses, escorts and sex workers in A. Escorts C. Hostages
B. Harlot D. Sex workers
Kalimantan. Their fee starts at Rp 70,000 per hour
177. According to the paragraph 8, how much is
and they are paid an extra Rp 50,000 per hour if
the hostesses fee per hour in the night club
they accompany guests who are drinking. "They if they accompany the drinking guest
get more if they serve guests in bed. The karaoke A. 70.000 C. 110.000
centers are located in the middle of the woods and B. 75.000 D. 140.000

the girls are too afraid to try to escape, especially 178. The word violence in paragraph 9 is closest
meaning to ...
as there are many security guards at the
A. Tenderness C. Coercion
locations," Hidayah said. B. Languor D. Suavity
Nahdlatul Ulama also plans to report the
179. According to the passage, which of the
case to Social Affairs Minister Khofifah Indar following is not true ...
Parawansa to help end child trafficking amid rising A. Wisnu Subroto had sent 19 girls aged 15
to 17 years old to West Kutai regency,
reports of sexual violence against children,
East Kalimantan to work as nightclubs
Hidayat said.(rin) hostesses

Bimbel Giving (IG: bimbel_giving) Page 5

B. There are 19 girls were working in several
nightclubs in Barong Tongkol as
nightclubs hostesses
C. The hostesses in several nightclubs in
Barong Tongkol are paid starting from
Rp70.000 per hour
D. Maryati was taken to Kutai by Wisnu
Subroto and Indah Winarno

180. What is the main idea from the passage

A. The polices have investigaated the child
trafficking case in East Kalimantan
B. The increase of child trafficking case in
East Kalimantan
C. The hostesses in several nightclubs in
Barong Tongkol are paid starting from
Rp70.000 per hour
D. Maryati helped the police uncover the
child trafficking case

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TEST BAHASA INGGRIS (Nomor 121 s.d 180) B) Nobody itu menandakan dia negatif yah jadi
question tag positif
121. Kunci : B
Carcep Ganteng: caught on fire (Terbakar)
131. Kunci : B

122. Kunci : B Carcep Ganteng: Confess to + Gerund

Carcep Ganteng: Hence = menyebabkan

132. Kunci : A
123. Kunci : C
Carcep Ganteng: By the end + Time (Present
Carcep Ganteng: Twice as many as
Future Perfect)

124. Kunci : C
133. Kunci : D
Carcep Ganteng: Present Future + As soon as +
Ubah Direct Speech - Indirect Speech
Simple Present
1. Ubah tenses dari Simple Past - Past Perfect

125. Kunci : C 2. Ubah Subject I - She

Carcep Ganteng: Hardly/Scarcely + Past Perfect, 3. Ubah this ... menjadi that ....

Simple Past 4. Ubah my GF menjadi his GF

5. Ubah yesterday jadi the day before/the
126. Kunci : A
following day
Carcep Ganteng: Cant stand + gerund
134. Kunci : D
127. Kunci : B
Conditional Type 3
Carcep Ganteng: Subjek mengikuti yang positif yah Past Future Perfect + If + Past Perfect

128. Kunci : D 135. Kunci : D

Carcep Ganteng: Conditional Sentence Type 2 136. Kunci: B
If + S Past, Past Future ATAU Neither menandakan negatif sehingga kita harus
Were + S + To Inf, Past future memakai scarcely

129. Kunci : A 137. Kunci: C

Carcep Ganteng: Most of whom (menerangkan Made + Object + Infinitive
138. Kunci: C
130. Kunci : D
139. Kunci: D
Carcep Ganteng:
Suggest + That + S + Infinitive/Be
A) Itu Positive imperative sehingga question tag
nya pakai will untuk (+) dan won’t untuk (-) 140. Kunci: B
Are not to -> Command/Perintah

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160. Kunci: B. Harusnya Were
141. Kunci: B
Deft (Cekatan) -> Adjective 161. Kunci: D. Harusnya Called (Singkatan who
is called)
142. Kunci: A (Sleeping)
Catch/Find + O + Verb ing 162. Kunci: C. Harusnya Best

163. Kunci: D. Harusnya To sing

143. Kunci: A (Had i realized)

164. Kunci: D. Harusnya Because

144. Kunci: B (Nor did he ever)
145. Kunci: D (a unique old amber jar) 165. Kunci: D. Harusnya Educational needs
Unique -> Determiner ; Old -> Age ; Amber -> (Adjective + Noun)
Colour ; Jar -> Noun
166. Kunci: D (Harusnya it)
146. Kunci: C (Cheating) 167. Kunci: B (Kalo ada kata withdrawn tidak
perlu ada kata back)
147. Kunci: C (Cut off)
168. Kunci: B (Harusnya ourselves)
148. Kunci: A (Are conducted)
169. Kunci: B (Harusnya his informing us)
149. Kunci: A (To)
170. Kunci: D (Harusnya consequently)
150. Kunci: C (To shut off)
171. Kunci: C (Reputedly)
151. Kunci: D (Because)
172. Kunci: D (19)
152. Kunci: C (Who)
173. Kunci: C (Maryati)
153. Kunci: A (Found out)
174. Kunci: B (Vanished)
154. Kunci: A (Called)
175. Kunci: B (Discover)
155. Kunci: B (During)
176. Kunci: C (Hostages)
156. Kunci: A (That), Harusnya Those. That
diikuti singular noun, tetapi those diikuti plural 177. Kunci: D (140.000)
178. Kunci: C (Coercion)
157. Kunci: C (Awakening), Harusnya being
179. Kunci: B (Coercion)
180. Kunci: A
158. Kunci: A (Reflects), Harusnya reflect

159. Kunci: A. Harusnya not only writes

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