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Graphic Designer & Content Creator


1999 - 2001
TK Dharma Wanita Surabaya

2001 - 2007
Elementary School
SDN Kebraon 2 Surabaya

2007 - 2010
Middle School
SMPN 16 Surabaya

2010 - 2013
High School
PROFILE SMAN 22 Surabaya

2014 - 2018
H E L L O ! My name is Ade Kumala Putri, but just call me Lala. College (Visual Communication Design)
I’m a highly dedicated graphic designer, beauty blogger, and Universitas Ciputra Surabaya

content creator based in Surabaya. Specialize in graphic

design, digital imaging, video editing, and content writing.
I love to explore and learn new things to get innovative ideas. SKILLS
adekumala adekumalaputri adekumalaputrii
Photography 80%

Video Editing 95%

EXPERIENCE Graphic Design 90%

Branding 65%
Jul - Okt 2017
Creative Designer (Intern) Typography 50%

PT. Crea Cipta Cemerlang 75%

Okt 2017 - Now
Digital Imaging 90%
Graphic Designer & Product Photographer Copywriting 85%

Feb 2011 - Now

Blogger & Content Creator PERSONAL

Creative, Professional, Responsible, Organized,

CONTACT Hard Worker, Fast Learner, Communicative,
Time Management, Team Work
0812 1773 0899

Address Ps Ai Lr Id
Jalan Kebraon 2 Tomat, Surabaya 60222

Website Pr Fcp Ae An
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My name is Ade Kumala Putri, but just feel free to call me Lala.

So I’m a beauty blogger, content creator, and freelance graphic designer based in Surabaya,

Indonesia. I just graduated from Ciputra University Surabaya in October 2018 and majoring on

Visual Communication Design. Basically, I have a huge passion in photography, video editing,

digital imaging, directing a short movie, and special effects makeup. I like to freely express my

idea and creativity. I also love to explore and learn new things. I can take both praise and

criticsm well, responsible, hard-worker, and sociable.

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