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The ELBA is designed to protect personnel against sudden outbreaks of irrespirable The pressure gauge is fitted to the environment. where it is reduced in pressure to easily operated system of respiratory approximately 5.5 bar (80 psi). gases & fumes such as CO. even those with beards and pressure to 200bar if necessary and check spectacles for leaks as detailed in the recharging instructions. NH3.josephlesliedynamiks.EMERGENCY L IFE BREATHING APPARATUS The ELBA . Smoke etc. This may be due to either reducing valve and gives constant insufficient oxygen or high level of toxic indication of the cylinder pressure. Acid fumes. Models ELBA has two models depending on its The apparatus should be operated every usage life six months to ensure that it functions • 8 minutes duration correctly. The air then passes through a flow control orifice and then via a flexible supply hose Method Of Operation to the air hood. placed in the front pocket lying on the chest. The equipment is operated by means of an ON/OFF hand wheel allowing air to pass Purpose from the cylinder to the pressure reducing Its purpose is to provide a lightweight valve. The design allows air to pass from the cylinder to a panoramic vision air hood The apparatus gauge should be checked which can be quickly donned without at least once a week to ensure that the adjustment and offers protection to any cylinder is full and ready for use. protection to the wearer during escape from an hazardous area. Emergency Life Breathing Description apparatus is 8 or 15 minute duration The apparatus consists of a transparent Compressed Air Emergency Escape universal fit hood which completely covers Breathing apparatus set designed for the head and the alloy steel cylinder escape in toxic or Oxygen deficient manufactured to BS 5045 with 1 or 2 liter environment requiring easy & immediate water capacity filled with air to 200bar donning. Top up wearer. • 15 minute duration .

India.15 minutes Working Pressure: 200 bar D-5002 Cylinder Volume: 2 lit (approx water capacity) Endurance (duration): 15 mins. Nehru Place. E mumbai@jldmail. Ltd. Sativali Road. Nungambakkam. 46-C Jawaharlal Nehru Road. F +91 11 An ISO 9001:2008 Company . India. F +91 22 24303705 • Chennai: #6/3 Avenue Road.Agashe Road.24. E delhi@jldmail. 95. Everest House. Chennai 600034. back mounted D-5011 Range: 0 . V. Mumbai 400028. T +91 33 22883107/22882467/ • Kolkata: 12-F. Distributor Flexible Hose Components Cylinder Valve • Hood Pressure Gauge • Distributor • Flexible Hose Carrying Bag with Cylinder • Cylinder Valve • Pressure Gauge • Carrying Bag with Cylinder: 1 Ltr ( for 8 Approvals min set) / 2 Ltr ( for 15 min set) • Approved by CQA (NS) for use in Indian Navy as BASCA . T +91 44 42028455/42146053. Thane 401208. F +91 33 22889644.EE “The ELBA is intended for escape purposes • Chief Controller Of Explosive (CCOE) / only and must not be used for any other PESO approval for High pressure valve purpose” design and Cylinder Ordering information ELBA . E chennai@jldmail. India. T +91 11 41808300/1/2/3. • Vasai: Vora Industrial Estate. T +91 250 6456501 . +91 22 24376651. Dadar West. E kolkata@jldmail. Duration ELBA . India.josephlesliedynamiks. Duration Hood assembly PVC Transparent D-5009 Hose Assembly LP Hose Assembly with end connections D-5010 Pressure gauge Dial: 40mm. T +91 22 24227198/1880/ • New Delhi: Office #701.S.270bar 6 Cylinder Steel Cylinder 1 lit x 200 bar D-5031 Steel Cylinder 2 lit x 200 bar D-5032 Joseph Leslie Dynamiks formerly known as Joseph Leslie Draeger Joseph Leslie Dynamiks Mfg. Kolkata www. Prof. Vasai East. Vishal Bhawan. Bhoidapada.Safety Warning • The ELBA set must not be used under Hood water • Hair on the neck where the neck seal of the hood fit may impair the sealing.8 minutes Working Pressure: 200 bar D-5001 Cylinder Volume: 1 lit (approx water capacity) Endurance (duration): 8 mins. F +91 44 28250289. F +91 22 24303705. New Delhi 110019. Head Office Mumbai: Leslico House. India.