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Faculty of Business, Economics & Accounting

Department of Business Studies

HELP Bachelor of Business (Hons) Year 2

Semester 3, 2018

Subject: MKT 205
Sales Management

Subject Lecturer/Tutor: Dr. Chew Eng Khuan
Telephone: 03-2716 2106
Fax: 03-2093 5311

Consultation: Please call or email for appointment

and  identify and discuss the various elements necessary for acquiring and managing a sales force.  develop a customer strategy.  understand and apply the sales cycle. market research. prospecting. The subject will cover a range of topics including: communications in selling. The subject is concerned with the objective of maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm’s revenue generation and market share.PRE-REQUISITE(S) MGT101 PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT & MKT101 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING SYNOPSIS This subject deals with the various factors related with the selling and managing a sales force. motivation and supervision of salespeople OBJECTIVES Upon successful completion of this subject. persuasion. students should be able to:  present and discuss the salesperson-buyer communication process. TOPICS Topic 1 Introduction to sales Management Topic 2 The Process of selling & buying Topic 3 Linking strategies & the sales role in the Era of CRM Topic 4 Organizing the sales effort Topic 5 The strategic of information in sales management Topic 6 Salesperson performance 1 Topic 7 Salesperson performance II Topic 8 Selecting Salespeople Topic 9 Sales force recruitment Topic 10 Sales Training 2 .

Rolph E. Hair. Robert C. Rajiv and Babin. Honeycutt Jr. 10th ed. Earl D. Sales Management: Shaping Future Sales Leaders. John F. (2013). McGraw-Hill. Anderson.. Mark W. (2010) Sales Management: Building Customer Relationships and Partnerships. and Marshall. South-Western Cengage Learning..Topic 11 Salesperson compensation & incentives Topic 12 Cost Analysis Topic 13 Evaluating salesperson performance PRESCRIBED TEXTBOOK Johnston. Joseph F.. And Erffmeyer. Barry J. Pearson Education. RECOMMENDED REFERENCES Tanner. (2012) Sales Force Management. Mehta. Greg W. 3 .

T11. T2 4 Organizing the sales effort Chapter 4. T3 5 The strategic of information in sales management Chapter 5.T6&T7 9 Sales Force Recruitment Chapter 9. T9.T4 6 Salesperson performance I&II Chapter6 &7. T1 3 Linking strategies & the sales role in the Era of CRM Chapter 3. 12 Cost Analysis Chapter 12. T10. 10 Sales Training Chapter 10. 13 Evaluating sales person performance Group Presentation 14 – 15 Final Examination 4 .Subject Outline / Teaching Plan Department : Business Studies Subject Code : MKT 205 Lecturer : Dr. T8. 11 Salesperson compensation & incentives Chapter 11. T5 7 Mid-term & Break 8 Selecting Salespeople Chapter8. Chew Eng Khuan Subject Title : Sales Management Week Topics Remarks 1 Introduction to Sales Management Chapter 1 2 The process of selling & buying Chapter 2.

students must:  Achieve a passing grade in the final examination i. HELP University reserves the right to make any changes to the above where appropriate. Final Examination (Closed Book) 40% Examination period: 24 November – 8 December 2018** REQUIREMENTS To gain a pass in this subject. and achieve a total result of 50% or better overall.ASSESSMENT There are 3 assessment items for this subject.Please check on the notice board and My Acel for the actual date. Assignment 1 30% 1/10/18 2. ** .  Attempt ALL areas of assessment.e. Assignment 2 (Group) 30% 5/11/18 3. score a minimum of 20 marks out of 40 marks if there is an examination for this subject. 5 . Assessment Items Value Due Date 1.

propose sound recommendations pertaining to areas/practises which need a twist of current relevance towards a successful sales team. References /5 Total /100 6 . Executive summary /10 b. The selected company should demonstrate the selling process. Assessment criteria  Evidence of understanding relevant steps in selling applied by the MLM company. analyse how the MLM company of your choice deliberately practice the whole process of what you have learnt and make comparison on their actual practise.)  Referencing where appropriate in APA Referencing style. Table of contents /2 c. Task Select a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company which sells health-related products and with reference to lesson 2: The Process of Selling. Conclusion /3 g. 6 stages of the selling process /60 e. Recommendations /10 f. a. Your assignment will be assessed on the following criteria:- MKT 205 Assignment 1 Marksheet.  Quality and originality of ideas presented  Clarity of written expression  Professional standard of report presentation.Assessment item 1: Individual Assignment Due date: 1/10/18 Value: 30% of total assessment in subject Word limit: Not less than 3000 words (excluding references or appendices) Assessment rationale This assignment is designed to help develop your understanding of key concepts in the selling process. Introduction of the organization /10 d. Careful checking of spelling. Students should do field observation on how the personnel of chosen MLM company carry out the selling process and also conduct interview to gain more insight or clarification. (Good structure and layout. grammar and punctuation. Finally.

Items submitted after the due date and time. methods and tools /10 6) Recruitment & selection /10 7) Training /10 8) Sales force motivation /10 9) Compensation & Incentives plan /10 10) Evaluation of sales force /10 11) Conclusion /2 12) References /3 13) Presentation /10 Total /100 Request for extensions will NOT be entertained. As the newly hired sales director of a MLM company. 12 font size. Items submitted after the due date and time. The project must be typed. 2. Do a presentation and submit details reports & presentation slides.1. 3. Report structure:please use appropriate headings to cover each aspect of this assessment task. references and journal articles from creditable sources. Then make an oral presentation in class of your group assignment. Assessment item 2: Group Project (5-6 persons in a group) Due Date: 5/11/18 Value: 30% of total assessment in subject Word limit: Not less than 3000 words (excluding references or appendices). incur a late submission penalty which is “0” marks. Your sales management plan should include the following:- Marks 1) Executive summary /10 2) Table of contents /1 3) Introduction of the organization /4 4) Organization of the sales force: business structure & reporting line /10 5) Sales forecast. Your group assignment should have 5-6 persons per group. Times New Roman and alignment must be left justified. double-spaced. you are required to set up the sale management team. NO INDIVIDUAL submission is allowed. incur a late submission penalty which is “0” marks. double-spaced. 12 font size. Late submissions: Request for extensions will NOT be entertained. Times New Roman and alignment must be left justified A soft and hard copy of the assignment shall be submitted. The project must be typed. Rationale This subject involves students to apply the concepts of sales management and critically apply them in a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. Design a sales management plan and justify all your discussion with supporting facts. 7 .

three hours duration. 8 . It will be a closed book exam. The exam may consist of any combination of short answer questions or essay questions. The date for the exam will be announced later in the semester.Assessment item 3: EXAMINATION Value: 40% of total assessment in subject This exam. will cover all topics studied in the subject.

please state names of Grade/Marks all members) Name ID Office Module/Subject Information Acknowledgement Module/Subject Code Module/Subject Name Lecturer/Tutor/Facilitator Due Date Assignment Title/Topic Intake (where applicable) Word Count Date/Time Declaration . 2) The Group Leader signs the declaration on behalf of all members. . for instances of plagiarism. I/We declare that no part of this assignment has been written for me/us by any other person(s) except where such collaboration has been authorized by the lecturer concerned. I/We have read and understood the Programme Handbook that explains on plagiarism. and I/we testify that.: __ Assignment Cover Sheet Student Information (For group assignment. I/We understand this will involve the University or its contractors copying my/our work and storing it on a database to be used in future to test work submitted by others. I/We authorize the University to test any work submitted by me/us. Signature: Date: email: 9 . using text comparison software. the work submitted herein is entirely my/our own. unless otherwise acknowledged. Assignment No. Note:1) The attachment of this statement on any electronically submitted assignments will be deemed to have the same authority as a signed statement. .

students have to submit it with the assignment. 2)The signed copy of the assignment cover sheet shall be retained by the marker. Feedback/Comments* Main Strengths Main Weaknesses Suggestions for improvement Student acknowledge feedback/comments Grader’s signature Student’s signature: Date: Date: Note: 1)A soft and hard copy of the assignment shall be submitted. 10 . *Use additional sheets if required. departments may allow students up to THREE (3) working days after submission of the assignment to submit the Turnitin report. The assignment shall only be marked upon the submission of the Turnitin report. However. 3)If the Turnitin report is required.

All parties to plagiarism are considered equally guilty. draw on sources more than what you have acknowledged by citations While a student is not discouraged to discuss an assignment with his/her friends or classmates. Plagiarism includes. borrow ideas. the work he/she submits must be done by the student alone. statistics. When and How to Reference? Knowing when and how to cite is a student’s responsibility. in whole or in part. Chapters in books 11 . and it is a serious academic offence. All students at the Department of Business Studies are subjected to and are bound by the Student Academic Misconduct Rule to assure academic honesty. without acknowledging the source clearly 4. theories or data. If a student is unsure what constitutes plagiarism. Economics & Accounting. as your own 5. The following list comprises some of the sources a student will need to reference. but simply consists of the most common sources used by students to complete their work. The list is by no means exhaustive. the student is as guilty as those students who plagiarized his/her assignment. the student may consult the lecturer/tutor. in whole or in part. from other sources without properly crediting the author(s) 3. Under no circumstances should a student be involved in collusion with other students unless he/she is permitted to work on an assignment jointly by the lecturer/tutor. use any facts. but is not limited to. paraphrase or summarize someone else’s ideas. Students are required to sign a pledge on the assignment cover sheet before submitting your assignments to the Administration Office of the Faculty of Business. diagrams or graphs. in whole or in part. Department of Business Studies ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Honesty and Responsibility Academic integrity is an important tenet for HELP University. claim or imply original authorship of someone else’s ideas. If a student shares his/her assignment with other students and they plagiarize it. quote. If he/she is in doubt or need more help on this matter. In pursuit of the highest standards of academic integrity. the Department of Business Studies holds it students to the highest ethical standards defined by the Rules and Regulations section of the Academic Handbook. Books 2. amend or write your work and pass off as your own original work 6. employ or allow someone to help to revise. collaborate with or allow other students to copy your work 7. in whole or in part. he/she is obliged to consult the lecturer/tutor on the matter before submission of his/her assignment. opinion or words. the followings: 1. without appropriate acknowledgement 2. theories or data. 1. What is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is academic dishonesty or academic theft.

org) 4. When he/she build on another’s program in writing computer code or on a not- commonly-known algorithm 8. Magazines Once a student has selected a referencing style for his/her assignment. using a theory from a source and analyzing the same three case studies that the source uses) 6. When he/she borrow the plan or structure of a larger section of a source’s argument (for example. Modern Language Association of America or MLA Style (http://www. accessed May 18.mla.apastyle. 2. When he/she introduce information that is not common knowledge or that may be considered common knowledge in your field. Conference papers 5. When he/she collaborate with others in producing knowledge In general. The various formats used for in-text citations and list of references are available in the following websites: 1. or even one word if it is used in a way that is unique to the source he/she must follow the same style consistently throughout the assignment.yale. 2008. a referencing system requires two parts: 1.html.adelaide. 1 When he/she quotes two or more words verbatim.html) 2. Newspaper articles It is alphabetically arranged by author surname and appears immediately after the last page of an assignment. In-text citations This is information about a source within the text of an assignment. When he/she paraphrase or summarize ideas. When he/she introduce facts that he/she have found in a source 3. Journal articles 4. Study guide Students are advised to cite in the following cases [1]: 1.html) 3. Chicago Style (http://www. but the reader may not know it 5. We strongly suggest that the student consults the lecturer/tutor about which method to use before submission of his/her assignment. Websites 8. interpretations. Different faculties or departments may have different requirement on how referencing for an assignment should be done. Harvard System (http://www. When he/she build on another’s method found either in a source or from collaborative work in a lab 7. 3. or conclusions that he/she find in a source 4. List of references This is a list of all sources a student has used to research his/her assignment. 12 . American Psychological Association or APA Style (http://www.

The following documentations must be ready prior to reporting of alleged plagiarism: a. Possible penalties for plagiarism range from mark reduction for the assignment to expulsion from the University. The following procedures would be carried out: 1.g. The Department shall provide all necessary documentations. including report on prior academic offences if applicable. etc. After meeting the student. the Head of Department shall establish a Board of Inquiry comprising 3 academic staff. The following documentations shall be submitted to the Head of Department at the end of the meeting: a. the investigative process will be deemed to have ended and the student will not be allowed to appeal.What are the Procedures and Penalties for Plagiarism? When a lecturer/tutor encounters a possible case of plagiarism. 13 . the student may appeal to the Head of Department within 5 working days. The lecturer/tutor shall provide evidence that substantiates an academic offence has occurred. to the Board of Inquiry. 4. 7. If plagiarism has been found to have occurred. The Head of Department shall review the Board of Inquiry’s report with supporting evidence and shall decide on an appropriate action(s) based on the recommendation of the Board of Inquiry. websites. the Department will take action(s) as determined by the forms of plagiarism implicated: 1. 8. If the evidence warrants an accusation of academic offence. The student will be required to attend a meeting with the Board of Inquiry. The decision of the Head of Department shall be put in writing to the student. Substantial plagiarism Near-verbatim copying another person’s work by simply altering the order of the sentences or the format of presentation or by changing a few words or phrases without acknowledgement. Copy of the source material (e. Any other information that would support the claim of plagiarism 2.) c. articles. If the student feels that he/she has been unfairly accused or treated. newspaper. The Head of Department shall review the appeal and the final decision will be communicated to the student in writing and a copy will be kept with the Department. the Board of Inquiry shall decide whether or not the alleged plagiarism has occurred. 6. Once a determination of plagiarism and penalty has been made by the Head of Department. The Board of Inquiry shall put the matter to the student in writing and give him/her an opportunity to respond to the accusation within 3 working days. Copies of all documentations will be retained in the Department. Recommended action(s) to be taken or imposed 5. Findings of the investigation b. who then initiates an investigation on the matter. Complete plagiarism Verbatim copying another person’s work without acknowledgement 1st offence : A grade of “F” in the subject and a warning letter will be issued nd 2 offence : Expulsion from the University at the discretion of the Head of Department 2. the lecturer/tutor shall report the matter to the Head of the Department. Copy of the alleged plagiarized assignment b. The student will not be allowed to make up the assignment. Report of plagiarism d. 3.

someone must have copied my work 15. I have too many assignments due on the same day 3. but not limited to. I have no intention to plagiarize 7. Minimal plagiarism Acknowledgement is made but paraphrasing by changing and/or eliminating some words 1st offence : Deduction of 50% of available marks on the assignment and a warning letter will be issued 2 offence : A grade of “F” in the subject and a warning letter will be nd issued 3rd offence : Expulsion from the University at the discretion of the Head of Department 4. I don’t understand what plagiarism means 6. I am not aware 5. I did my assignment in the computer lab. My lecturer/tutor did not explain to me 11. Unintentional plagiarism Insufficient acknowledgement by not applying citation or quotation marks correctly 1st offence : Deduction of up to 50% of available marks on the assignment and a warning letter will be issued 2 offence : A grade of “F” in the subject and a warning letter will be nd issued 3rd offence : Expulsion from the University at the discretion of the Head of Department Pleading ignorance or unintentional plagiarism does not constitute valid reasons for plagiarism and will not avoid the penalties from being imposed. Excuses for acts of plagiarism such as the following. I don’t have time to do the assignment 2. I don’t know. I forgot to include the bibliography 9. My English is not good 10. In my country. I really didn’t do it 4. will not be entertained: 1. My friend copied my assignment when I allow him/her to use my laptop 14. I asked my friend to submit my assignment and he/she copied my work 16. I discussed my assignment with my friends. Even though I do not have in-text citation but I have bibliography/reference list Students should be reminded that it is their responsibilities to take due care throughout their written work to effectively reference or cite when they use others’ ideas from any source. so our answers are the same/similar 17. it is alright to copy someone else’s work 12. My friend copied my assignment when I let him/her to look at my assignment 13. I forgot to cite the reference 8. 1st offence : Zero mark on the assignment and a warning letter will be issued 2nd offence : A grade of “F” in the subject and a warning letter will be issued 3rd offence : Expulsion from the University at the discretion of the Head of Department 3. 14 .

DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS STUDIES SEMESTER X. 6. 2. Time allowed : Reading – 10 MINUTES Writing – 3 HOURS INSTRUCTION(S): 1. 20XX SAMPLE FINAL EXAMINATION Subject Code : MKT205 Subject Name : SALES MANAGEMENT This examination carries 40% of the total assessment for this subject. including cover page) 15 . Writing on the examination answer book is NOT permitted during reading time. This examination consists of SEVEN (7) questions. 5. 3. Students MUST pass this examination in order to receive a passing grade in the subject. 4. Students are NOT permitted to retain this examination paper. This is a CLOSED BOOK examination. (This question paper consists of 7 questions in XX printed pages. Students are required to answer ANY FIVE (5) questions in the provided answer book.

Situation You are a regional sales manager for a large consumer products company that sells its products largely through wholesalers and directly to a few giant retailers such as Aeon. a) Why need to compensate sales force. Discuss with examples FOUR (4) biases that can result out of subjective performance measurements. Reward in bonuses to those sales peoples who can reduce customer defection most. (2 marks) b) From a sales manager’s perspective. 1.Answer any FIVE (5) of the following SEVEN (7) questions. 16 . Illustrate your answer with appropriate examples. often subjective performance measurements to appraise their sales people. Hence the CEO has ordered that all the company’s sales managers to focus on retaining customers. To manage the sales force. a) Define the term span of control. You have called a sales meeting for all your salespeople to discuss this new initiative by the CEO. In addition. (20 marks) 5. Aeon Big. your company’s national sales manager sent you an e-mail saying that the CEO is upset because of poor customer retention rates. Explain the SEVEN (7) steps involved in the planning for the sales call in the second step of selling process. costs to attract new customers are increasing dramatically. Today. the company lost over 25% of its regular customers through attrition of various kinds. Last year. Each question carries 20 marks. explain THREE (3) reasons/situations in which he may adopt a large span of control and THREE (3) reasons/situations in which he may adopt a narrow span of control. At the same time. Tesco and Giant. causing profit margins to decrease. he is engaging customer relationship training programs for all company managers. (20 marks) 2. (5 marks) b) Discuss the THREE (3) types of finance compensation to sales force. (15 marks) 6. (18 marks) 3. Your company also has an extranet where business customers can order online. a) Compare and construct the training need analysis and performance need analysis in training the sales force (12 marks) b) Discuss the importance of sales force continuous training (8 marks) 4.

What will you tell your sales force? Outline the points that you plan to make to them. How large should the sales force be using equalized workload method? (20 marks) *** END OF EXAMINATION PAPER *** 17 . A sales firm has 200 “A” customers and 200 “B” customers. (20 marks) 7. The salespeople spend 20 percent of their time on non-selling tasks and 25 percent of their time traveling from sales call to sales call. The firm expects 75 sales calls per year to A customers and 100 sales calls per year to B customers. and each sales call to an A consumer takes 1 hour and each sales call to a B consumer takes 2 hours. (adapted from Hair et al 2011).