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Headmistress’s Newsletter

Issue 51 – 5 October 2018

Harvest Festival
Today’s Harvest Festival was a truly memorable morning at Bronte School. It wasn't just the stage that was
bursting with produce (kindly donated by all our children to the Gravesham Foodbank) but our hall was packed
with the fantastic support of over 60 parents and family members too! The children confidently showed their
skills and made us feel proud; learning, reciting and adapting to a live audience at such a young age.

Revd Helen Reeves from St George's Church taught us about the vegetables in a tin of vegetable soup and
made us think about sharing the food we have to support farmers and people around the world. This reflected
an emerging global theme to our Harvest, shared through a wonderful mix of performances from our classes,
ranging from poems to songs, and even two competing news channels adding some drama!

The Bronte family was in full voice as the children sang their way through a wonderful celebration of Harvest.
After a misty start to a Friday, the sun truly shone after this assembly today.

Talented Soloists
Monday's Assembly celebrated the vocal talents of two
boys in our whole school assembly. Aryton and Freddie
have been very impressive in choir rehearsals and
music lessons with their tuneful voices and ability to
pick up a melody. With courage and a microphone,
both boys sang a verse each as a solo before the r est of
the school joined in with our Monday morning prayer
song. Very well done – they were amazing!
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Harvest Festival Produce

Following this morning's wonderful Harvest Festival, our Head Girl and Head Boy (Indie and Jay) packed the
minibus full of food and travelled to the Gravesham Foodbank with Mr Butler and Mr Hardwick. They were
treated to a behind-the-scenes look at how a Foodbank works, where the food is stored and how it is carefully
weighed and sorted into categories. They were also shown how food is allocated to families and how a
Foodbank can be a lifeline to so many people in need.

The Foodbank staff were delighted with the generosity shown by Bronte children and their families today,
before Indie and Jay were treated to a Harvest quiz on the return journey (to check that they were paying
attention in Assembly!)

Our grateful thanks to all Bronte families who gave so generously, and also to the huge number of parents
who came to watch the children’s performances.
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A Week of Sporting Achievement…..

On Saturday our Upper School football team took part
in a tournament at Riverview School. We progressed
to the Semi Finals, narrowly missing out on a place in
the final with a 1-0 defeat to Langafel. Well done to
everyone involved!

On Thursday Year 3 and Year 4 had specialist Speed

Stacking lessons taught during their PE Lessons. We
learned how to build triangles, towers and played
shape copying and tower building games. This is ahead
of a speed stacking Hood vs Nelson competition next

On Thursday 8 girls from Years 3-6 r epresented Bronte

at the annual Girls Football Tournament at Riverview
School. A great effort by all, and considering we had
three Year 4 girls and a Year 3 (Taya!) we did
amazingly well and our performances bode well for
future years. Unfortunately we didn’t make the final,
but the girls played with smiles and in a great sport.
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Hood vs Nelson Dads Football Match

Following the huge success of the last Hood vs Nelson Dads Football
Match (and now that all injuries have healed!!) I am delighted to
confirm that Mr Hayre has organised a return match - to be held on
Sunday 11 th November at 5.00pm at Dartford Goals.

Of course last year Hood were victorious with a score of 6 goals to

4, but I hear lots of Nelson Dads are ready to redress the balance!

If you are interested in taking part please call Mr Hayre (father of

Jeevan, Y1 and Naveen Y3) on 07903 497029. Spectators are
welcome too.

I’m looking forward to a tough match!

Primary Stars
Taya and Geeva w ere our ‘Primary Stars’
this week – chosen by Mr Johnson for
exemplifying the Premier League stated
principles of being ambitious, connected,
fair and inspiring. Certainly two pupils to
watch in the future!

The Primary Stars programme inspires

children to learn, be active and develop
important life sills. It is an ambitious
initiative, launched nationwide, which
uses the appeal of football to inspire
primary school children.

Well done to both girls.

Château de la Baudonnière
Mrs Prescott and Mme Barwell w ere this week
pleased to w elcome parents to an information
meeting about our annual trip to the Château de la
Baudonnière, a French language immersion school
in Normandy. If you missed the meeting and would
like details about the trip or the costs involved,
please speak to the School Office or catch Mr s
Prescott at the gate. The trip always proves to b e
an enormously enjoyable experience, with the
children learning many additional skills alongside
using their French daily.

Children from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 ar e invited,

with pupils from Year 3 joining the group if there
are additional spaces available after the initial
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Looking Ahead:

Parents’ Council Meeting Mon 8 th Year 4 visit: Lullingstone Roman Villa,
The first meeting of the Parents’ Council Eynsford (within school day)
for this academic year took place after Fri 12 th Bad Hair Day in support of Barnardo’s
school on Thursday. Each class Mon 15 th Year 6: Heart Awareness Training
representative brought questions from (pm, School Hall)
the parents in their class, which were Mon 15 th & October Meetings – InCAS results and review
then discussed within the group. Please Tue 16 th of the start of term
look out for the minutes (which will be Tue 16 th Celebration of Britishness Day
sent out to all parents shortly) to find out Wed 17 th Reception: Forest School ends
what was discussed. Year 4: class assembly
Learning in Year 5 (9.00am, School Hall) *
Year 5 w ere busy this week – first
planning and conducting a ‘String Half Term Wednesday 17 th October (3.30pm) to
Telephone’ investigation, then adapting Monday 29 th October (8.45am)
an extract from their class text ‘A
Christmas Carol’ into a play script. On
Thursday the children acted out their
script, being careful to follow their own
stage directions and speech word-for-
word. I think there are some budding
actors in this class……

Registration of Siblings
Please remember to register
School Telephone siblings of children already at
Mrs Mason would like to thank parents for the school as soon as possible.
leaving messages on the school answerphone There are now waiting lists for
during busy periods in the School Office. These most classes and we have large
messages are always picked up as soon as numbers of families register ed
possible, and Mrs Mason or Mrs Smith will then for forthcoming Reception and
return your call if necessary. Kindergarten years.

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