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Preliminary work
a) Ideal transformer works on induction principle. When primary of the transformer is
connected to the supply, it establishes flux in the core of the transformer. This
alternating flux will induce voltage in the static secondary winding of the transformer.
b) The primary voltage V1 and current I1 is related to secondary voltage V2 and current
I2 through relation V1I1 = V2I2
c) Turns ratio = 240/120 = 2; Primary current = 2/2 = 1A
d) Efficiency = (120*7.5)/(240*4)*100 = 93.75%. The efficiency of the transformer is
not 100% because of the losses in the transformer. These losses are no-load loss or
core loss and copper loss.
e) Voltage regulation = ((240-220)/220) *100% = 9.09%

2. Name plate information of the transformer
Model 230/125 V
Apparent Power (S) 1 kVA
Voltage Rating on the Primary (V1) 230 V
Voltage Rating on the Secondary (V2) 125 V

Measurement: No-load Condition
Primary Side Secondary Side
V1 242V V2 132V
I1 0A I2 0A
P1 0W P2 0W

Measurement: Load Condition
Quantity Value
Load 400W
V1 241V
I1 625mA
P1 144W
V2 132V
I2 966mA
P2 127W

Load 100W
V1 241V
I1 275mA
P1 49.2W
V2 132V
I2 203mA
P2 21.6W

Load 800W
V1 241V

So.4 kW V1 240V I1 2. The value of the no-load current lies in the range of 2-5% of full load current.84 No.83% . n = E1/E2 which is approximately equal to V1/V2 6. rated current flow in the windings of the transformer. the turn ratio does not hold under experimental condition. I1 749mA P1 175W V2 132V I2 1. Efficiency = (P2/P1) *100% = (959/1030) *100% = 93. This gives different values of P1 and P2 4. From measurement. the turn ratio from name plate rating of the transformer = 230/125 = 1. This low value of current results in low voltage drop in the winding of the transformer.9A P2 377W Load 3. 5. At full load voltage.7A P1 1. under no-load conditions. However. turn ratio is n = 242/132 = 1. the copper losses in primary and secondary windings are different. only no-load current flows in the winding of the transformer.83 However. Since current in primary winding I1 and in secondary winding I2 are different so.22A P2 160W Load 1200W V1 241V I1 1. the turn ratio is related to the internal induced emf in the transformer. the full-load voltage is lower than the no-load voltage of the transformer. This result in maximum voltage drop in the windings of the transformer.61A P1 383W V2 130V I2 2. This gives maximum value of copper losses. Actually.10% Voltage regulation = ((242-240)/240) *100% = 0.03kW V2 127 I2 8A P2 959W 3.