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PREPOSITIONS AND PARTICLES 1. He has been a bit left behind and is now trying to catch ____ ____ others . 2. Government officials are looking _____ reports that the lake is being polluted by a chemical factory. 3. I didn’t know what to say. I was ____ a loss for words. 4. I think you should turn _____ early tonight, you look really tired. 5. It looks as if the rain has set _____ for the rent of the day. 6. We have to go by car. We can not take the bus ____ account ____ the strike. 7. Have you missed those twins? Curiously enough , they look poles _____ 8. I am just not prepared to put ____ ____ your inefficiency any longer. 9. My mother never gives anyone a tip _____ principle. 10. The painting was a valuable family possession which had been handed _____ from generation to generation. 11.Tom’s leaving. Why don’t you put ____ for his job? 12. Jenny has come ______ ______ a wonderful name for her new goldfish. 13. He ran ____ all the money he had inherited in less than a year. 14. _____ My astonishment, I was the only person in the bar. 15. Riding a bicycle ___ wearing a helmet is dangerous. 16. My sister has been living in Hanoi ____ and ______ for the past six weeks. 17. The man with the beard and red hair is the brother of the girl ____ blue. 18. I ‘m afraid I can not come to the concert with you. I ‘m ___ my ears in work this week. 19. Stop wasting time! Get to my office _____ the double. 20.Why did you leave _____ the second question ____ your exam? 21. A large sum of money was stolen ____ the bank last night. 22. Peter bought a new car and placed his old one ___ sale. 23. It was thoughtful ____ Mary to send you a gift on your birthday. 24. Dogs are very faithful _____ their masters if treated properly. 25. Water, when boiled, always gives ____ steam. 26. You can not go back _____ your promises. That‘s unfair. 27. We can’t afford a new car, so we have to hang up ___ this one for a while longer. 28. Don’t throw those books around. They won’t stand ____ to that kind of treatment. 29. I was going to buy that house, but I decided _____ it. 30. Stop spying ___ me. 31. Lorna resorted ____ bribery in an attempt to avoid arrest. 32. Their skin broke ____ in a terrible rash. They were allergic to strawberries. 33. They paid me ____ the hour. 34. Short shirts are _____ vogue now. 35. He‘s not feeling well at the moment, but he should be ____ and _____ again in a few days . 36. My father is going to go ____ the wall when he finds out that I’ve lost the car keys . 37. He was so hungry that he ate his heart _____ 38. He lived in a small cottage which, because it was ____ the beaten track, was very difficult to find . 39. She said she would join us at the restaurant later, when she was ___ duty. 40. Mr. Green‘s ___ the high jump. He has been caught fiddling the accounts. 41. He was wearing very shabby, dirty clothes and looked very ____ _____ heel. 42.He failed to get a place at university, and ever since then he‘s had a chip ___ his shoulder. 43. Don’t let him take you _____ with his hard luck stories. The truth is that he‘s never done an honest day’s work in his life. 44. It’s no use trying to get ____ him with charm. Once he‘s made up his mind he never changes it. 45. Don’t bother ____ the tea, I have just had time. 46. Some people are indifferent _____ their surroundings. 47. He said that he had left _____ question 6 as they had not studied this topic in class. 48.Ann is terribly sorry to let you ______ this morning, but she is in the bed with flu. 49.You need capital before you can set _______ on your own in any kind of business. 50. The police went ______ the case very thoroughly but finally said there was no suspicion of foul play. 51. Although he was really a builder, he could turn his hand ______ electrical and various other jobs as well. 52. The names of the winners were given _____ on the radio. 53. The horse stopped suddenly and the rider fell _____. He could not get _____ again without help and there was no one ____ sight. 54. Harry was happy to stand ______ for Paul when he was unable to play in the team‘s weekly football game. 55. H was very taken ___ by her aggressive attitude. 56.H was very quick to assert his authority ______ the younger children. 57. Because of his poor health, it takes a long time to throw ____ his bad cold. 58. I ‘ll keep your application _____ file for the time being . 59. It was serious quarrel, and they took a long time to make it _______ . 60. The boy‘s mother was taken ________ by his lies. 61. Don’t jump ______ conclusions. 62. I didn’t quite take _____ what you said. Will you repeat please? 63.I’m ringing to ask if you could put me _______ ________ the night? All the hotels are full ______. 64. It was a dull speech. My father dropped _____ in the middle of it and we had to wake him when he began snoring. 65. Christina came _____ a huge fortune when her father died. 66. I saw Linda in the town this morning and she asked ___ you. 67.Do you think I have any chance of getting _____ my driving test? 68. I’m handing the post ____ to my success at the end of the month. 69.He will never pass his exam – not _______ a month of Sundays. 70. The good were not sold openly but were available _____ the counter. 71. He hasn’t won yet – not _______ a long chalk. 72.She never once needed to consult the manual; she had all the information ____ her fingertips. 73.People arrived slowly, two or three at a time. They arrived ____ dribs and drabs. 74. He ‘not lying. Everything he‘s told us so far is ___ the level. 75. I know everything there is to know about Roman Britain. I know the subject ______ A to Z. 76. She was prostrate _____ grief after her husband‘s death. 77.The policeman hustles ______ the crowd to pursuit the criminal. 78.I lighted a rare book in secondhand shop yesterday. 79.Step out of the train ____ the platform. 80.Do you believe in his rumor ______ foundation? 81.It’s like the bolt ___ the blue. 82.He tried to flog the story _____ death. 83.She learns ______ more romantic subjects in her later novels. 84.As she saw a child in the road, she jammed _____ her brakes. 85. They act _____ their kind. 86.He showed great ingenuity ______ solving the problem. 87.Don’t let him lure you _____ agreeing. 88. You are silly not to avail yourself______ this good opportunity. 89. The speaker made any allusions ______ the new scheme. 90. _______ Reference _________ your recent letter, we regret to learn that the goods arrived in damaged condition. 91.Children are often fascinated ______ things around them. 92.The man is obsessed _______ the idea that he should become a famous person. 93.Work hard now or you will end ______ being a miserable person out of work. 94. Would you please check _____ my composition d\before I hand it in to my teacher? 95.Perhaps, we had better cross ______ his name because of his too frequent absence from class. 96.He really got his parents _____, losing lots of money in his business. 97.there‘s a determination to hunt ____ all the bribed officials involved in the Orange Five case. 98. Look _____ _____ sharp stone when you walk on the beach. 99. Several rare species are dying _______ owing to deforestation and careless hunting. 100. We had to take ____ the deliveries to make sure every piece was in a good condition. 101. his exhaustion resulted from his having taken ______ too much work . 102. my mother always wins when she wants my father to switch ______ ______ the TV channel she likes . 103. she was able to carry ______ all the tasks assigned to her . 104. it is said that his new book will be brought ____ on the occadion of the Liberation Day . 105. if there are no futher instructions _____ ten days , you can go ahead _____ the project . 106. help yourself ____ thye steamed fish . I think I could do _____ its ahead . 107. ________ her distinctive make-up , she ‘s _____ recognition . 108. ________ all , who cares for such garbage ___ a book ? 109. she talks so much that it’s difficult to get ______ ______ her . 110. can he account ______ his extraordinary behavior ? 111. you must not leave ____ the difficult sentence , do them all . 112. sherlock holmes was often able to clear ____ a mystery . ______ leaving his room in Baker Street . 113. I came ______ a twenty-pound note ____ chance in the street . what should I do ___ it ? 114. they are very two-faced . they ‘re very nice to her when she ‘s there , but they run her _____ behind her back . 115. the towers are built on immense ferro-concrete platforms which are sunk ___ the water . 116. I need time to mull things ____ before I decide what to do . 117. she divided the cake _____ the children . 118. I was ___ fault and I want to apologise . 119. the caretaker opens ____ the school every morning at seven . 120. the ecological effects of the factory need to be balanced ____ the employment it provides . 121. we hired a lawyer to make sure the agreement was all _______ board . 122. the coat has been sent to the dry cleaner ‘s ______ _______ the other things . 123. he spoke ___ behalf ___ the club . 124. he opens a bank account _____ a false name . 125. I was warned ____ being ____ touch ____ her . 126. a true friend never lets you _______ . 127. I hit him so hard that he fell unconcious . I knocked him _______ . 128. the boss was really hot ______ the collar when you told him you lost the contract . 129. ______ luck , we should be in london by 3 o’ clock . 130. mrs thomson told her plump daughter to eat ____ moderation but she refused to do so . 131. there is a diversity ______ cultures in this country . 132. the brevity of his speech brought _____ more questions from the audience than usual . 133. I will agree ______ anything _______ reason . 134. he judged the distance ____ a nicety . 135. short skirts were ______ vogue in the twenties . 136. he cannot do _____ his pair of crutches . 137. she crawled ______ the riverbank and lay there gulping _____ air . 138. you should taste their smoked salmon . Honesty , Fred . it’s ___ this world . 139. help! Help! My house is _____ the fire . 140. if you have any complaints , tell me _____ my face . I can not stand people who do things ______ my back . 141. julie has nothing ______ common with bill . 142. he let the gun ______ in error . 143. make ____ the quarrel ____ him , please , _____ my sake , if not ____ your own . 144. the baby calm _____ as soon as he was back _____ his mother ‘s lap . 145. I like solving crossword puzzles . I do not do it ______ prizes . I enjoy puzzling them _____ . 146. mary will not do anything without asking her husband first . he ‘s really got her ______ his thumb . 147. the thing I do not like about my present job is that we often have to work up to ten hours ____ a stretch . 148. this piano was a present from my father and I wouldn’t part with it _____ love or money . 149. the party was already _____ full swing by the time they got there . 150. he did not have time to prepare a speech so he had to give one ____ the cuff .