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Romantic Drama

English 470H, Fall 2010
W 3:00-5:00, North Building 272

Professor: Dan White
Office: 296A NB
Office Hours: Monday 4:00-5:00, Wednesday 1:00-2:00

Course Focus: This course will address a neglected but exciting period in the history of drama.
In the process of reading dramatic works by a host of famous and not so famous writers, from
Mary Shelley and Lord Byron to Joanna Baillie and Elizabeth Inchbald, we will explore the
nature of public performance and censorship in the Romantic period; relationships between
Romantic fiction and the stage; and a range of theatrical forms including the stage play, closet
drama, and pantomime.

Requirements and Grading: Your grade for the term will be divided as follows: two tests (25%
each), one 8-10 pp. term paper (30%), participation (20%). Late work will be penalized 3% for
each day late, and extensions will only be granted in documented cases of illness or emergency.
Before writing your paper, please consult “Papers: Expectations, Guidelines, Advice, and Grading”

Texts: The following texts have been ordered and are required for this course:

The Broadview Anthology of Romantic Drama. Ed. Jeffrey N. Cox and Michael Gamer.
Peterborough: Broadview, 2003.
Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. Ed. Susan Wolfson. 2nd ed. New York: Longman, 2006.

Other readings will be available for printing from Blackboard. (Each of these must be printed and
brought with you to the class in which it will be discussed.)

Academic Integrity: Most of you would never dream of plagiarizing, but unfortunately far too
many students at U of T do commit this serious academic offense. I take plagiarism very
seriously: in each case I have encountered, meaningful sanctions have been imposed. Please
review <>. And for a
definition of plagiarism and a description of the procedure to be followed in the event that I
suspect an instance of it, see Section B of the “University of Toronto Code of Behaviour on
Academic Matters”: <>.

E-Culture Policy: Our work will take place in the classroom, not by email, so please try to
limit the emails you send to me as much as possible. If you need to make me aware of an illness
or emergency, please do email me. Should you miss a class and/or have logistical questions
about the course which are not answered on the syllabus or elsewhere, however, before emailing
me please check with other students to see if the information you seek has already been provided.

<http://www. “Spots of Time: The Structure of the Dramatic Evening in the Theatre of Romanticism” (Blackboard) . 905. please make sure to go into your utoronto account and set it to forward to the account that you do use. Second Edition (Blackboard) Joanna Baillie. SEPTEMBER 15 Jeffrey N. WEEK 1. from “Introductory Discourse” to A Series of Plays (357-70) Baillie.utoronto. Drop Policy: The last date to withdraw from this course without academic penalty will be November 1. Every One Has His Fault George Colman the Younger. By that date.Because I will be using Blackboard to communicate with you from time to time. from “The Social Life of Eighteenth Century Comedy” (Blackboard) WEEK 4. 2010. A Bold Stroke for a Husband Reviews and supplementary materials (311-17) WEEK 3. “Introduction” (vii-xxiv) Hannah Cowley. Cox. from “Preface” to Lyrical Ballads. Coleridge.utm. “To the Reader” (370-77) Baillie. or. Cox and Michael Gamer. “[On Pantomime]” (386-88) Reviews (383-85) Jeffrey N. 338-40. in other words. Room>. SEPTEMBER 8 Introduction: The Theatres of London WEEK 2.T. Remorse Reviews (389-92) Thomas John Dibdin. 343-44) Lisa A. one test (25%) will have been marked and returned. Harlequin and Humpo Leigh Hunt. SEPTEMBER 22 Elizabeth Inchbald. 329-35. OCTOBER 6 S. Blue-Beard. please make sure that emails sent via Blackboard will reach the email address you actually use. and individual consultations. seminars. Orra Reviews (378-83) WEEK 5. Female Curiosity! Reviews and supplementary materials (318-25. If you do not use your utoronto email account. Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre: The Academic Skills Centre (Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre. SEPTEMBER 29 William Wordsworth. Freeman.828-3858) offers a range of workshops.

). OCTOBER 20 Mary Shelley. Frankenstein WEEK>! WEEK 9. A Romantic Drama (Frankenstein 323-68) Reviews and Reactions (Frankenstein 369-401) Explore the Romantic Circles edition <http://romantic. The Cenci Reviews (393-98) WEEK 11.B. NOVEMBER 3 In-class screening and discussion of Frankenstein (1931. starring Colin Clive and Boris Karloff WEEK 10. NOVEMBER 24 Test Term paper (8-10 pp.) due. NOVEMBER 17 Byron. 70 mins.arhu. November 29.m. Monday. Shelley. James Whale.WEEK 6. OCTOBER 27 Richard Brinsley Peake. OCTOBER 13 Test WEEK 7. 12:00 p. .umd. dir. NOVEMBER 10 P. Sardanapalus Reviews (398-413) WEEK 12. Frankenstein. Manfred (Blackboard) Byron.