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Pyroelectric Infrared
Radial Sensor


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corridor and stairs lights. Page 2 of 7 www. This Smart digital detector offers a complete motion detector solution. Insensitive to RF interference  Schmidt REL output  Low voltage.with all electronic circuitry built into the detector housing. low power consumption. Air-conditioner  USB Alarms  PIR motion detection  Intruder detection  Occupancy detection  Motion sensor lights  Network camera  LAN monitor  Car-security system  Automatic control for indoor. instantaneous settling after power up  Applications  Toys  Digital photo frame  TV. SENSOR MANUAL Digital Intelligent Passive Infrared Sensor BS312 BS312 is a new digital intelligent PIR sensor. Only a power supply and power-switching components need to be added to make the entire motion switch. Refrigerator.nysenba. etc. save more energy  Two-way differential high impedance sensor input  Built-in filter.  Features and Benefits  Digital signal processing(DSP)  Power . screen the interference by other frequency  Excellent power supply rejection.

SENSOR MANUAL  Dimension Outside viewing for PIR sensor Page 3 of 7 .nysenba.

nysenba.5mA Working Current IDD 9 9. Maximum Ratings Characteristics Symbol Min. Unit Remarks ol Supply Voltage VDD 2.3 3.0 3. Vdd=3V,Except other requirements) Symb Characteristics Min. Type Max.5 11 μA Output REL Output Low Current IOL 10 mA VOL<1V Output High Current IOH -10 mA VOL>(VDD-1V) Oscillator & Filter Low pass filter cut-off frequency 7 Hz High pass filter cut-off frequency 0.6 V Working TST -20 85 ℃ Temperature Current into any pin Into -100 100 mA Storage TST -40 125 ℃ Temperature 2.44 Hz Oscillator frequency on Chip FCLK 64 kHz Interior Block Diagram Page 4 of 7 www.Working Conditions (T=25°C.3 V IR=0. SENSOR MANUAL  Technical Data 1. Value Unit Remarks Supply Voltage VDD . Value Max.

 Spectral Response of Window Materials Notice: The typical average transmissivity curve of 5.nysenba. Page 5 of 7 www.5μm pass IR filter is . which is vacuumed on silicon filter. SENSOR MANUAL  Typical Application Notes:This is only for reference circuit of BS312 PIR Sensor. .X-Y sectional view represent the detecting area。 X 2. SENSOR MANUAL  View of Field X-Y sectional view Y detecting zone Notes:1.Objects with temperature difference can be Detected in the vertical level. 12m 9 6 3 3 6 9 12m Page 6 of 7 www.

cn Tel : 86-755-82594732. 82591635 Fax : 86-755-82594762 Page 7 of 7 . LTD. Xixiang Street .Huawan Industry Zone. SHENZHEN BRANCH Add : 2nd Floor. 82591709. Bao’an Dist.nysenba.ShenZhen City China Website: www. 82591786. SENSOR MANUAL NANYANG SENBA OPTICAL AND ELECTRONIC E-mail : lily@sbcds.. No.4 Building. 82591705.