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BURN from the musical Hamilton Arranged by Words and Music by ‘Alex Lacamoire and Lin-Manuel Miranda LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA Moderate 2,icy += 66 NC ELIZA: (nd X only) 1 s seep vocal rhythms comversaticnal throughout saved evry Jel-ter you wrote -me.— From the mo-ment | read them [knew you were You said youwere — mine. 1 thought you were © 2015 5000 BROADWAY MUSIC ‘All Rights Administered by WB MUSIC CORP. ‘AFighis Reserved. Used by Permission Authorized for use by: Aubrey 1... ar = rive? She said, said when we saw your first let-ter Do you know what An - gel-i - ca 7 Bm # Gmaj7 Dyadds) Dladadyct a = whatitiakes tosur-viver” —Yeuand your “Be care-ful with that _one, love. He will do— add) Em7(add4) Gmaj7 left me de-fense-less. You built me te OE flood: words Crossstick Bass Drum A Gmaj7 Diadd4) — Deaddayict you built ca - the pal-ac- es out of par-a-graphs, ——— UAL Gmaj7 —s rm searching and sean-ning foran - swersin ev = €-1y Fe DIG Gmaj?_—_ Gmaj7iaddt4) G 32 BmT(ads4) Ft Ss a the world. seemed — for some kind of sign, and when you were mine —— f= fp yy DIA Bm Fim HiME Fim G. aw DIA Bm Fim FimE FimD —G