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Learning Activity 1 / Actividad de Aprendizaje 1

A. Evidence: Take a break
Select a celebration around the world and describe it according to the format. Include images to illustrate your ideas. You can find and example in introductory material
section 1. Describing celebrations and special occasions around the world. You have to make your description in minimum 250 words.

Aspects Description Image
What it is It is a festival where the
Recuerde que deba anexar una imagen de la celebración. Debe celebrated. music as a cultural
escribir oraciones completas y con sentido
expression is celebrated
Aspects Description Image
What it is The Carnival of Rio
celebrated. de Janeiro
Where and when It is celebrated on 21
it is celebrated. June, in many countries
and cities but it was
Where and It is celebrated in founded in Paris in 1982.
when it is Brazil from February
celebrated. 9th to 14th

What people People wear the regular
wear. clothes because they can
Fuente: SENA attend to many events
during the festival.

How long are you staying? I´m staying there for 2 weeks hotel places in the city 3. they enjoy amateur artists Why it is a special It is the most important celebration. What people do People usually attend to concerts in many places around the city. You can see an example in Introductory material section 2. Fuente: SENA B. How to make arrangements and predictions. Then answer the questions about your plans. Who are you visiting? I´m going to visit some friends that I met online 4. festival dedicated to music around the world. Evidence: My holiday trip Select a place you would like to travel and consider a special celebration to take part in there. ITINERARY QUESTIONS En el material de estudio encuentra ejemplo del itinerario Friday Saturday Sunday 1. Where are you going to? I´m going to Paris to enjoy La fete de la musique on 21 june In the Meet my Visit Louvre Visit some morning friends at the museum traditional 2. Complete your agenda format including information about the celebration and the place you are visiting. What are you doing on Friday? I´m attending to different street concerts .

When are you returning? I´m going to return on Monday in the afternoon 9. What are you doing on Saturday? I´m going to dance with my friends in down In the Go to amateur Have lunch town. When are you leaving? I´m leaving next week on Tuesday at 6:00 am In the evening Have dinner Go dancing in Have a good- and try wines the down town bye party 8. 5. How are you going to feel after your trip? I´m going to feel so satisfied and happy after having a nice 10. What memories are you going to keep? I´m keeping good memories with Fuente: SENA my friends and everything about French culture . What are you doing on Sunday? I´m going shopping and to get some souvenirs for my family 7. afternoon concerts in the near Eiffel Go shopping city tower 6.

2. . TRUE . John does not know about Richard’s trip. John is traveling to Pasto.Fresh oysters.Deep fried clams.Barbecue ribs. 3. 1. Barbecue Ribs 10. FALSE . Pancakes with . . Crème Brulee smoothie .Spring rolls.C. TRUE 5. Cappuccino . John did not have any help for his trip.Grape frappe. Banana berry . CONTEXTUALIZATION: En el material de estudio encontrará un diálogo de D.Creme brulee. John likes vegetables FALSE .Banana berry smoothie. . Richard is traveling to Cartagena. John likes meat. Grilled Lamb 9. Chocolate Mousse . .Chocolate ice cream. Richard is excited about the carnival. Richard is traveling next week. Deep fried clams . . FALSE .Pancakes with smoked salmon. Para responder debe colocar el cursor sobre la palabra CHOOSE Y ESCOGER la opción correcta. Spring Rolls . Grape Frappe .Chocolate mousse. .Cappuccino. Chocolate ice cream . FALSE . Nicole is traveling with John. Lentils Soup 8. .Cheesecake. . Ravioli .Lentils soup. 4. . Cheesecake . Chocolate milkshake . TRUE Main Courses Appetizers 6.Chocolate milkshake. debe escucharlo y/o leerlo para poder categoría. TRUE .Grilled lamb. FALSE smoked salmon . . . Richard ordered a steak. . . TRUE Deserts Beverages responder TRUE o FALSE. Match each course with the category/ Complete los cuadros de acuerdo a cada contextualización entre Richard y John.Ravioli. Fresh Oysters 7. luego complete el diálogo Statements True or Course False .

I'm going to have to eat those prostres too. ice cream Richard: How much is it? Richard: I’m going to try… Yes. Waiter: Anything else? Waiter: And for your main course? Richard: Just the check. Richard: Ok. I’m going to try (appetizer) Yes. Utilice el Vocabulario anterior y complete el diálogo de manera que tenga lógica John: I am going to taste that on then. Welcome to the Tropical Trees Waiter: Your appetizers are going to be ready in five minutes. please. Restaurant. Which one do you recommend? Waiter: Let’s see…I would suggest… a chocolate milkshake.D. Thank you. I’ll try this local beer Richard: It's a delicious beer and a very good choice Waiter: Would you like to order any of our dessert specials? John: Sure. I’ll take a… Yes. I’ll try this local beer. Waiter: Good afternoon. gentlemen. Would you like to order? John: Yes. sir? John: Yes. Complete the conversation according to the previous exercise. John: Waiter! Richard: I am going to have (appetizer) Lemonade is fine. a cheesecake or an ice cream cookie and cream . (10 minutes later) (They finish eating and ask for the check) Waiter: Excuse me. please. John: I’d like to see the menu please. I’ll try this local beer John: It's 150 dollars each. thanks. please.1. Richard: Me too. John: I ‘m going to have… I am going to have a hamburger and a chocolate Waiter: Here is your check. Waiter: Are you going to want a beverage. sir.

. RUBRICA DE EVALUACION ACTIVIDAD DE APRENDIZAJE 1 Criterios de evaluación Describe celebraciones con la estructura y el vocabulario requeridos. • Describe ocasiones especiales teniendo en cuenta el vocabulario requeridos. Criterios de evaluación • Intercambia información de restaurantes haciendo uso de la estructura y el vocabulario requeridos. Criterios de evaluación Intercambia información acerca de intenciones y acuerdos haciendo uso de la estructura y el vocabulario requeridos.