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Hotel California

by The Eagles

were made with close reference to the isolated ‘stems’ of the song that were used for the ‘Guitar Hero’ or ‘Rock Band’ version of the song. Here’s the first section: 2  | Hotel California | how-to-play-bass. HOTEL CALIFORNIA Hotel California is one of those songs that’s popular with bands and has got a really distinctive - and cool! .com .bass line! In this tutorial we’re going to out- line the main six parts that you need to play through this tune. Here’s the intro .we’ve split that into two sections.and the backing track that accompanies this lesson . Now this line .play these long notes twice: Next up is the verse .

com .And here’s the second section: 3  | Hotel California | how-to-play-bass.

com .Following on from the verse is the first chorus: 4  | Hotel California | how-to-play-bass.

com . Chorus 2 though is subtly different from Chorus 1: 5  | Hotel California | how-to-play-bass.The Chorus leads straight into Verse 2 .which is identical to Verse 1.

This leads to a guitar solo .here’s the first chorus of the guitar solo: The second and third choruses of the guitar solo are pretty similar to this. and then it uses the full rhythmic second half of the verse as per part 2 of the verse. The fourth chorus though is different and here’s what’s played: 6  | Hotel California | .After this chorus there is a verse that’s made up of the whole note sec- tion as per the intro for the first half of the verse.

After this chorus the bass line goes back to the kind of pattern used in the verse as the song fades out .you can see the first three bars or so of this notated at the end of the section . And that’s Hotel California! 7  | Hotel California | how-to-play-bass.

those sections are the verse section and the chorus section.or use the chordal metronome built into Band In A Box.the Country Ballad 16th Note real tracks are as good a fit as any .com . Set key to Bm 2. Use a Band Style for practice . 4.How To Program The Sections In Band In A Box: 1. Mute the bass! There are only two sections we need to program . Aim for a performance tempo of around 75 BPM 3. Here’s the chorus section: 8  | Hotel California | how-to-play-bass. Here’s what the first 8 bars of the Verse section looks like: Remember to either loop this to make the complete 16 bar verse or copy and paste bars 1 to 8 to bars 9 to 16.