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The Falling

Part I of “The Soul of Iuchiban”

A One Round Living Rokugan Adventure

by Rob Hobart

An important ceremony in the lands of the Centipede Clan is interrupted by an angry Witch-Hunter. He claims to be
on the trail of a powerful Maho-Tsukai, a man with dark designs for the future of the Empire...

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and the Cult’s greatest leader. if you see Samurai-ko. Multi-round adventures usually required advancing a smaller Introduction number of players than played the first round. THIS ADVENTURE SHOULD NOT BE RUN COLD! It is a good idea to ask each player to put a name tag in front of him or her. but the actual playing time will GM's Information be about three hours. GMs are encouraged to characters to the other players. and the character's name. The Bloodspeaker Cult has plotted for centuries to find When using Voting. For provide personal information. or the game master wants feedback on needs. It is strongly recommended that you completely unnoticed: an aging but determined Kuni paraphrase the player text. The cult’s Phoenix equipment and weapons their characters are carrying. Akodo top of the grid. at last. 2. This means name at the bottom. matriarchal Minor Clan which lives in a single. and that only Rank 1 or 2 characters should be allowed to gender at the top. Kuni Vistan. but don’t vote for example. then the samurai is a female. is on the trail of Yajinden. instead of reading it aloud. This adventure was not written with Rank 3 keep track of who is playing which character. as Witch-Hunter. This makes it easier for the players to play. you fill in the that family names come before personal names. Partial scoring: The players rate the game master A note on female designations: If a samurai has the and the scenario on their player voting sheet. Text for the players will be in the matter. This method is used when there is no supposed to care about worldly possessions. This method is used when the and membership of the Bloodspeaker Cult. No-vote scoring: The players write their names and serving their Lords (Daimyos) and Empire. Voting: Players and game masters complete the entire packet. stealing the long-lost Phoenix Clan ritual which bound him to the Tomb. rank the players in order of a way of freeing their dread master Iuchiban from his your voting choice while they are completing their imprisonment in his infamous Tomb. That is all. including voting for best player. Consult your convention coordinator to determine which method to The world of Rokugan is a cross between feudal Japan use: and China. especially competition. a concession to the commoner’s silly performing. merchandise is an exchange of “gifts. A samurai pays a commoner as if the money is information as to how the game masters are meaningless. No one is rated. players want to know who played the best amongst them.” 3. Yajinden. Between samurai. The scenario begins in the lands of the Centipede. has three ways to score this game. The game master rates the scenario female samurai. If this This adventure draws on materials originally published method is used. so voting is required for multi-round adventures. members believe the ritual is hidden somewhere in the Some of the text in this scenario is written so that Isawa Library. minutes for the players to briefly describe their including the NPC Kuni Vistan. A four-hour time block has been allocated for playing the game (or this round of the game). and designation of –ko. It is set in an age of honorable samurai. The Falling Darkness Page 2 . through 5 characters in mind and cannot anticipate what Scoring the game for RPGA points: The RPGA these characters may bring to the table. and about 5-10 read the contents of that set for details on the history minutes for voting. race. some of the text is general and must be adapted to the specific situation or to actions of the player characters. a tiny. but the convention coordinator wants money. This Toturi is from the Akodo family and his personal name method is used for people who are just playing for is Toturi. and completes personal and event information. be sure to allow about 15-20 in the Tomb of Iuchiban boxed set (AEG 1998). while other is now travelling to Phoenix lands to learn the truth of text is for your eyes only. the exchange of money and his or her own performance. But the Cult’s efforts have not gone bold italics.This is a RPGA Network adventure game. so that you are not influenced by their comments believe themselves to be on the trail: by finding and on your abilities. Now. 1. fun. The tag should have the player's This adventure is a Low Rank adventure. they forms. then this denotes a other players. they may be able to reverse it and The players are free to use the game rules to learn about liberate Iuchiban’s foul soul. you may present it as written to the players. Remember numbers on the scoring packet grid. but does not rate the players as a team or vote for A note on commerce in Rokugan: Samurai are not players. or when the adventure is run in adventure format with winners and prizes.

“For qualities have attracted Yajinden to him. As such. and assures you who is. They are promised that the Kuni Vistan will soon arrive here as well – he has been clan daimyo will consider their requests for tracking a man who he suspects may be Yajinden. squid. you will have my answer. ronin guards who live in small but comfortable houses near the valley entrance. and heavy on the completely defeat – although they may be able to products of the sea: fish. the road from your bodies. where victory is not always complete or even possible. it on the smooth lawn before the Moshi family palace. He is even year. except those of the Imperial family and any PCs with 5 Looking around. and by their elegant light the PCs have the opportunity to interact with each Player Introduction other. Mother Sun blazes in the sky. who have almost no bushi of their own. and several Phoenix should be present at the betrothal ceremony) and then travel to Scene One: Dinner With Kyuden Isawa. a spectacular sight. especially considering the skill of their Fire. they will not mussels. Cult. A thin. in marriage. home to the tiny Centipede Clan. Moshi Wakiza. gravely thanks all of you for coming. they have come here in hopes of employment – samurai.” The Falling Darkness Page 3 . The Centipede daimyo. Otanubo is much more courteous and Clan has sent a representative. serving as an ominous prelude to themselves. Mother Sun sinks behind the be able to capture Yajinden. Ronin PCs are offered quarters with the often hire ronin to help defend their small valley. Such is the nature of Rokugan. You have come here to bring Isawa Otanubo your lord’s answers to the offer of the daimyo’s One of three Phoenix here with marriage offers. In the unfortunate Isawa will become the Bloodspeaker’s next morning. their favor is still worth Kyuden Isawa. this is probably more friendly. Although not every superiors. To those few he regards as equals or of many Clans and families here. honored guest. you can see the representatives or more Glory. between Otosan Uchi and the Phoenix lands. Isawa Tsuke himself. the Governor of Centipede are a tiny clan. Otanubo is Goddess. and the now. of all of the Centipede. as well as with the various NPCs who have come to the valley on similar missions. slightly aloof and supercilious toward Moshi Juiko. octopus. most of them shugenja. daughter. deliberately presents a situation which the PCs cannot The food is simple but delicious. The GM should feel free to improvise Clans the only one which is personally beloved of any additional NPCs which seem appropriate for the Amaterasu. You are sure your own lords have all made distant and reserved to those he does not regard as some sort of offer. and the valley is prevent him from learning the secrets of the ritual plunged into purple twilight even while the mountain which bound valley in the Mountains of Regret. the employment shortly. Whether any of them will be being of his own social rank – which is everyone here satisfactory to the Centipede remains to be seen. only of a Minor Clan. hanging colored lanterns from posts throughout the valley. Moshi Wakiza. peaks still blaze golden-red. the aged Moshi Juiko. ascetic-looking man shugenja and their close relationship with the Sun with a pinched mouth and narrow eyes. after you have rested and washed the dust of victim. Servants move about. although still very much in control of himself visitors than the Centipede valley normally sees in a (he seldom smiles and never laughs). nor will they be able to Mountains of Regret to the west. Each samurai PC is hosted by a Centipede ronin. the Centipede This scenario is intended to launch the “Soul of After the PCs have had the chance to settle in and wash Iuchiban” story arc. and is treated as an the Centipede. and distantly related to the Master of something. after all. All of these she will consider your lords’ offers carefully. If any of the PCs are the valley. He is right: Yajinden is plotting to switch bodies to an Isawa shugenja (he knows the Phoenix are close to the Centipede Clan. once she has resolved the more legendary body-shifting leader of the Bloodspeaker pressing business of her daughter’s marriage. recover some of the stolen Isawa scrolls. the small but elegant unwalled palace which houses the Centipede court. a collective dinner is held on tables spread later activities of the Bloodspeaker Cult. shrimp. You all stand on the smooth lawn before scene. and seaweed. bathing the green fields and steep mountains of Tani Senshio – the Valley of The following NPCs are definitely present in the Valley the Centipede. Although the Otanubo is a cousin to Isawa Kujin. The PCs are here to bring The PCs are all given rooms in one or another of the their daimyo’s replies to an offer of marriage with the various samurai residences which are scattered through Centipede heir. you are the guests of the Centipede Clan.

but her real mission conversation with everyone at the dinner. whose violent crudity a member of the Black Watch. finally challenging him to a shugenja duel (in anyone may be on to him. to their father’s position. he wears his on behalf of the Otaku family. have proven that our word is as good and our honor as Yakamo may confide this to other Crane who seem strong as any Clan in Rokugan.” sympathetic with his attitudes. a mid-ranking Scorpion daimyo. an attitude which some of them does not expect his lord’s candidate to win the hand of (such as Asahina Yakamo and Asako Tamanara) find the Centipede heir: “We would be honored by an infuriating. showing only his eyes and his sardonically like on first appearance. mask. the Crane think of the Centipede Clan.” An almost impossibly dignified and remote man of early middle years. I am Otomo Kedogame sure. As the evening expertise in the ways of Maho or the Shadowlands (e. Soshi Himiko Isawa Noriko Elegant and stylish. He dislikes Cranes. since the real Gyumei was and materialistic. but our poor mountain lands can offer far less than other Clans. She will seek brother’s hand in marriage. with a delicate mask and an The courtier daughter of a mid-ranking Isawa daimyo. which conversation with any Ise Zume PCs. and Crab. A slim. the duel is delayed until it can device which can detect Taint. Kitanae will speak eloquently and Unicorns. Rokugan’s white-dyed hair tied back in a loose ponytail and only other truly matriarchal family. This soft-spoken man is actually the terrible temper which may erupt if he is offended or current host for the soul of the Bloodspeaker Yajinden frustrated. Yoritomo. and the family daimyo. alliance with the Sun-blessed Centipede. it may be ambitious Mantis Champion. most carefully chosen silks. this woman is the quintessential Noriko is here to offer the hand of her twin brother Scorpion seductress – an image she cultivates carefully. Yogo Gyumei A quiet. Hajite seems to reverse the PCs). menacing Scorpion shugenja whose face is Asako Tamanara almost completely covered with an elaborate wooden A deceptively calm and centered man. Himiko she has cultivated charming manners and an elegant. an alliance with the Centipede. the same as the Crab Clan Ide Kitanae heir) is the prototypical arrogant. irritating Crane This prim and proper courtier woman is actually here courtier. Otaku Kamoko. However.) A woman of plain features. he will quietly depart for be approved by the daimyo of both participants). alluring smile. and may consider eligible bachelors (PCs and NPCs) from that perspective. or using some magic or proper Rokugani style. and so forth). If he suspects Yakamo. She herself has Unicorn. He will try to avoid acting on the behalf of the secret Henshin school. but shows with a simple headband. Tamanara actually guards a smiling mouth. held back from his face slab-sided face. not yet been betrothed. is prepared to offer a marriage to one especially ill-mannered Crab brutes and barbaric of her own kinsmen. Chuya is here to represent the Mantis Clan – the usual “enigmatic Dragon” cliche. whose observing that “while our ways may be strange. ironically. Chuya Agasha Hajite The only Minor Clan representative (except for any Friendly and courteous. the Scorpion repels him. almost monk. is polite to Great Clan PCs. who he sees as frivolous – an enjoyable irony for him. cultivating (assigned by her family daimyo. Asahina Yakamo This man (named. Hajite has no bones to pick them no special deference – it is clear he regards with anyone here. The Otaku. (Her older brother Muto is the heir since she is actually completely faithful to her husband. Narita in marriage. Yakamo’s presence is a measure of how little fervently on behalf of the Otaku and the Unicorn Clan. Inquisitors. almost delicate man. a to fight duels in his own defense. see much virtue in dresses only in the finest. and will freely acknowledge that he himself as their equal. his quarters – which he will do anyway once Kuni Vistan is on the scene. progresses he becomes increasingly angry at Asahina Crab. Soshi Amano.g. is technically here to offer her husband’s younger memorable voice to compensate. signifying his willingness of an alliance with such powerful shugenja. we matriarchal ways are disgusting to the traditional Crane. imposing man with thickly-muscled arms and a wears his hair long and loose. Moto. his hair in an immaculate topknot The Falling Darkness Page 4 . He dresses simply and tall. and clearly makes a good prevent the Centipede from allying with the Crane or impression with her Centipede hosts. Chuya. would be glad noted that he wears a katana. Soshi Hametsu) is to alliances and winning friends. Tamanara is actually a Henshin and is organization of Maho-hunters. He looks down on anyone who is not a Crane. or any who show sees promise in the Centipede bloodline.

she relents slightly and permits him he waits until nearly dawn. where he devours that Vistan be given quarters in the palace barracks with the unfortunate Phoenix’s soul. may be out and about that night. be seated with the PCs (the It is possible that some of the PCs. acknowledging their greetings with polite has been hunting this Maho-Tsukai for many years. from the stables and.” departs the valley of the Centipede. and has learned the Centipede Clan and its guests gather in front of more about them than almost anyone else alive. from her daughter). letting him test them for Taint). Afterward.. the guests gather to hear Moshi following information: Juiko’s decision. and any Imperial family PCs. afoot.” he sighs. Vistan will. “I have made the destruction of the Centipede are only a small minor clan. one of the fear it is a work never to be completed.” he growls. Kuni Vistan soon arrives. Juiko thinks for a while. In she will not allow her guests to be disturbed. It seems a Kuni witch-hunter is here. The Falling Darkness Page 5 . then reluctantly permits Hunters themselves or give him very good reason him entrance to the valley. however. “Let him that case he will confide the identity of his enemy search tomorrow. he uses the spell Know the Shadows and anger at such an uncouth demand. its imprisoned leader.. the PCs notice some of since he also believes (from accumulated evidence. Any PC rolling Simple something in Phoenix lands (which lie north of the Perception at TN 10 can overhear what they are saying: Centipede). and brusquely orders sneaks into Isawa Otanubo’s room. and that this complacency may spell the crowd as it waits for her answer. Vistan believes Vistan Arrives the Maho-Tsukai switched to a body in a caravan of nobles heading north toward Centipede lands. He has been a Witch-Hunter As Mother Sun emerges from the waters of the sea. place at their table). Juiko refuses. then gets Otanubo’s horse to share the dinner with the rest of her guests.” she and warn that Yajinden has great and terrible plans says. There is a palpable anxiety in Iuchiban.” Imperial line. and is a master of passing “If he is here. the northern hub village of the capital. Even if the disaster. Kakita Tsumai. claiming to be on • Vistan will not admit that the Maho-Tsukai is the the trail of a maho-tsukai and requesting to search the legendary Yajinden unless the PCs are Witch- valley. Taking Otanubo’s body the ronin. They do not find them. and requests her permission to test those present for the decides to act precipitately. • Vistan gained his strange name from his mother.and tonight. “but I here to offer the hand of an Otomo maiden. that to trust him (e. He treats the ability to switch bodies. thanks. the shugenja of the Centipede gather on the sea-cliffs • Vistan is obsessed with the Bloodspeaker Cult and and welcome her with prayers and chants. uncomfortable at serving him. He is visibly disgusted by • The Maho-Tsukai’s last victim was an unfortunate the arrival of Kuni Vistan. Otosan Uchi. Yajinden’s methods. barely containing her Yogo Gyumei. with his peculiar expertise in him. who was a Unicorn. She declares. and for his part he is Yajinden has been surviving in this manner for angry at the Centipede daimyo’s apparent obtuseness. The servants are visibly looking for signs of Maho. Kedogame is Bloodspeakers my life’s work. whose dead body thereafter. Iuchiban. he can impart the The next morning. He contempt. alarmed by Vistan’s arrival. After a pause (and some whispered words and hurriedly concealing the lifeless husk of Gyumei. now lies in Mura Kita Chushin. and speaks extendedly only with Moshi Juiko and has seldom been as close as he is now. He the palace to hear the Daimyo’s decision on her fears that the Empire has forgotten the threat from daughter’s marriage. the Centipede’s ronin guards troop down into the valley of which he will not speak) that this villain wants and report to Moshi Juiko. If the PCs speak with Vistan. hundreds of years. when our business is concluded. I may have only one chance to catch undetected.g. claiming “urgent business in Phoenix lands. Only Vistan. this event may have great political repercussions. Vistan is confined to the ronin barracks. travel- stained old man with a white beard and balding head. and departs for bed soon Crane nobleman. of course. Toward the end of the dinner.and his every move is a study in etiquette. alarmed by Fortunes have dictated that they happen to have an open Vistan’s remarks. He bows to the daimyo That night Yajinden. his entire adult life. dressed in the simple garments of a witch-hunter and The Murder bearing a jade-tipped bo staff. Still wearing the guise of Shadowlands Taint. as a sign of the Emperor’s favor to the • Vistan’s current target is a Maho-Tsukai with the Clan most beloved of Mother Sun. has a chance of catching him. a tired. devouring the soul of each maneuverings of the Clan representatives with distant body he claims and leaving dead husks behind.

and they so forth at the direction of the samurai (who cannot make good time. he drops hints that troops cut the old man down where he stands. will you Juiko is furious that her important ceremony has help me?” been disrupted by this uncouth Witch-Hunter. he offers to hire them apparent that she is seriously considering having her for 2 koku each. If any of the PCs were even slightly sympathetic reject.” There is a general relaxation as this only one may be accepted. “Perhaps he had drunk too much event. Juiko’s Scene Two: The Journey magistrate. A threat to the entire Empire. resting only the minimal time needed to keep the ponies from The Falling Darkness Page 6 . the people are friendly and peaceful.. and Juiko the harmony of the event that one of the Centipede’s makes plans to send the body back to Scorpion lands.. ronin guards finally draws him aside. As Vistan scans the for the other missing samurai. “In any case. immediately. the representatives of Yoritomo’s can see there are no signs of violence on the body. If the PCs refuse. “Although morning. almost well. the other man’s disappearance is explained as and his attitude becomes much more anxious. I guards immediately search for the two missing must pursue immediately. Vistan. who is now rushing about demanding that the “As I thought. begging that they think less of our humble little Clan in the future. but we have been deeply honored by the generous and urgent business in Isawa lands forced him to depart noble offers which each of you has made.” Moshi Juiko and Soshi Himiko agree. he notices the absence as well. and it is If any of the PCs are ronin. as From the Valley of the Centipede. search it. If they agree. Anyone rolling Perception+Investigation at TN 15 If the PCs ask. no longer restrained.” toward the paddy himself. disagrees. Vistan will insist on riding well into taint themselves with the touch of dead flesh). What accompany him to Phoenix lands. a young woman named Moshi Tsui. and moves through the sake. the PCs and Vistan does Soshi Himiko (with an expression of refined ride north through the remainder of Treacherous Pass distaste). If any PC asks. “He asked that we convey his apologies. and good.if for calm and forbearance. the scenario is over (although rushes into the throng wailing. I am sure of it. It seems the immediately fetches his pony from the stables. Moshi Juiko will quickly summon eta to remove the body from the water. arrives to examine the body.” she crowd. regretfully.. the night and rising with the dawn each day. lands. If not. Vistan servant can be calmed and questioned. clutching his jade staff and looking piercingly observes. If any of body of Yogo Gyumei has been discovered half-sunken the PCs lack steeds... Isawa Otanubo. as servants come forward from the palace stables frantic. Vistan insists on joining in. while not a part of this paddy and drowned. he seeks to reach the Isawa libraries. His actions are so disruptive to here. Tsui Mantis Clan and the Phoenix Asako family seem soon concludes that Gyumei must have fallen in the especially anxious. fools will never realize what has happened. is present nonetheless. The and on into southern Phoenix lands. Soon crowd from his remove. Vistan. enough. Proceed to “The Journey. and pray that my decision will not make you to him. and the ceremony be the Agasha family of the honorable Dragon Clan. This “the enemy I pursue may be beyond my personal should be the cue for one or more of the PCs to speak strength to deal with. hurries well.. If they are Clan. Listening to Tsui’s identified with an Intelligence+Heraldry roll (TN 15) as theory with a snort. Vistan. however. he strides away and begins looking Isawa Otanubo and Yogo Gyumei. Once order is restored. he will approach them now. “The Maho-Tsukai is the matter?” The interruption is occasioned by has taken Otanubo’s body. and brief flashes of visible disappointment on a few full well what has happened. followed by several Centipede samurai and ronin. I will be eternally actually draw his sword and be about to strike when a grateful.” he explains. I have decided that one shall explanation ends any questions. The weather is eta will turn the corpse this way and that. He goes. There are soft murmurs in the crowd as the news sinks Vistan. “Murder!” they are free to role-play the conclusion of the courtship Confusion reigns for a few moments before the ceremony with the Centipede). meanwhile. is filled with alarm. it is clear there is no murder into everyone’s eyes. PCs may join the investigation as well. he is in need of sincere regrets to those whose offers I was forced to allies. “I offer my his own mind that his prey is Yajinden. explaining that Otanubo left in the early hours of the Moshi Juiko makes her announcement. and went for a walk to clear his head. and having confirmed in faces – notably Chuya of the Mantis. or it will be too late.” resumes. one of the guards will you can give me your assistance. two guests are missing: they can be Vistan. along with an apology for allowing him to perish on her mumbling angrily. These courtiers. He knows in. hurrying from one of the houses in the valley. he will hire ponies for them as in a rice paddy.” servant.

convince the Mujina to go away. the residents hard-working and healthy. we have been honored by your Phoenix Clan. there is a full variety of visit. where the like a vast dark-green tide. If convinced. indeed. has bound a small Shiba let him in “at the peril of the entire Empire” do pack of the mischievous. well-fed peasants labor in the fields.) After lithely dodging their attacks and taunting them making their presentation. +5 to +15 at the discretion of night. If they seek for reports of Isawa Otanubo (Vistan will certainly think of it if they don’t) they find one or two inns which remember his stay. sense of self-importance will work best. three days after that. Yajinden. the Awareness+Sincerity at TN 20 to gain admission (good Mujina follow them all through the day and into the role-players gain a bonus. inns. Peaceful. The other is to arrived in the city a day and a half ago. The PCs must road. tossing objects around and causing all evening. the Shiba will be reluctant to PCs attack them. offer a courteous and convincing reason for the Shiba to The Mujina will approach the party invisibly and admit them. they can cool their heels outside all night. correctly fearing Phoenix lands either. such considerations do not apply. finally opportunity to appreciate the hospitality of Phoenix reaching Kyuden Isawa itself. tea houses and merciful spirits by refraining from further geisha houses for relaxation. but it is there is nothing alarming about it. Within the city walls can be seen the and ghosts. The forest hunches on the northern horizon awesome tower of the Isawa Palace. the PCs’ route (on the Road Kyuden Isawa of the Golden Coast. Doro sano Kin Kaigen) passes just The fortified city of the Phoenix Clan’s greatest family south of the famed Isawa Mori. and especially to admit Vistan. carrying out minor tricks – (Even if some of the PCs are Emerald Magistrates and snatching off hats. Ronin will be able to track down a gambling unmolested. Despite their efforts. but appeals must be adjudicated by the GM. and beg that you show us your generous and services available – inns for sleep. while if they stop at an inn. the Isawa Woodlands. untying obi belts. PCs who camp in the open are relentlessly teased the GM). harass any elderly men who travel past them on the This is a role-playing encounter. The PCs thus have little family the next day and. to the city. the Phoenix castle and a few Shiba bushi stand guard at the city gates. Effective verbal The huge castle of the Isawa looms over everything. the PCs travel on so forth. checking the travel papers of those who enter and leave. the PCs must roll unmercifully. If the PCs attempt to ignore them.exhausting themselves. they consult with a superior drive the Mujina away (with much noisy whining about officer and then confirm that. and his angry demands that the that Vistan may still be on his tail. One is question about such an important member of the Isawa magic: the spells Elemental Ward or Evil Ward will family. the guards must be persuaded (again. the legend of Mori Kage Toshi. role-play and an Awareness+Sincerity roll) to answer a There are two ways to get rid of the Mujina. the Mujina wreck the city and try again when the guards change shift that the place. passing the complex fortress of the Shiba The Falling Darkness Page 7 . A week into the trip. As with any city. (“Oh great and prospering under the guidance of the enlightened mighty Mujina-sama. manner of fear and vandalism. by making an Once the PCs have been granted access to the city. malicious little creatures to little to impress them. but other non-Phoenix PCs As the PCs pass Isawa Mori they find themselves (and especially ronin) will meet with a cool reception drawing the unwanted attention of a pack of mujina. they are gaining little if anything on him – he is Scene Three: Arrival at travelling fast and light. Awareness+Sincerity at TN 25. from the Shiba guards. looking ready to flow down Elemental Council meets to determine the path of their and engulf the rest of the land. until the frantic If the PCs think to ask whether Isawa Otanubo has innkeeper begs the PCs to depart and leave his other come here.”) to supply any material needs the PCs might have. then pop into sight. which fell into haunted ruin after it was cursed. allow an uncouth Witch-Hunter into the city. effective verbal appeal and then rolling they can stay at one of the several inns within the walls. rises from the middle of a flat plain covered in fields of which are said to be haunted by all manner of spirits grain and rice. Do the PCs have travel papers? If any of them are Mujina Tricks Imperial Family or Emerald Magistrates. with guests in peace. the Mujina scamper back to the forest. If they fail. and so forth. Vistan does not have papers for malignant trickster spirits. If the able to issue travel papers. merchants and craftsmen demonstrations of your tremendous power. Perhaps the PCs recall Clan. Otanubo-sama how the PCs are “No fun! No fun!”). the city is a peaceful suggested that appealing to the Mujina’s vanity and place. and After the Mujina encounter.

however. under the city Governor. paintings on its walls. another. If the PCs are rude. bowing. of course. none for Scorpion). leaving you alone in the realize this. I must be permitted access No. from outside their Clan to visit it. the time has come for your audience with the brutal death he deserves. that the Phoenix are extremely A PC suggesting such a course of action loses 2 protective of their library.before it’s too late. also of the Isawa. she will forward the requests of PCs who Isawa Tomo-sama. or they can first seek a meeting with Vistan and the PCs are allowed to wait for a time. locales. PCs who behave with dignity and good those worthies will meet with them a day later (Vistan manners will gain a favorable modifier (+5 to +15. and 1 point of Glory if anyone besides Vistan heard Hunter. A courtier maiden. the Elemental Master of Water. and could be twenty or forty – it is Chief Magistrate Shiba Riko is a quiet. it is up to the himself on the low dais at one end of the room. soft-spoken impossible to say. he bows The Falling Darkness Page 8 . The only sound is your own breathing. “The protections on this place are Once the PCs are in the city. at which point they call roll Awareness+Courtier (at TN 15) to learn that Otanubo.” well know. so the rest of the PCs Elemental Council. although these are rarer here than they days (two days if the Governor or Magistrate petitioned would be in other. Kuni Vistan explains that tremendous. that will be his goal. (A Scorpion foolish enough to try to sneak into the palace of the Isawa will meet with At long last. intent face. Since Vistan will looking Isawa enters. It is my honor to introduce to you the governor. he listens carefully to their pleas per PC who does so). You are led into the main floor of To gain access to the Isawa library. “I am Isawa Youki. Vistan is horrified.. a door slides open and a calm. if the players don’t think of it for chamber. woman whose dark eyes miss nothing. seems ageless. The perfectly bald man seats always be somewhat rude and brusque. less enlightened. during this wait will affect the success of their If the PCs petition the governor or chief magistrate.. seldom allowing anyone points of Honor (1 point for Crab. or the city Chief magical observation.” It is us. “Greetings. depending on the GM’s adjudication) while those who Governor Kujin is a middle-aged man with a fidget. the PCs must Kyuden Isawa and escorted to a small audience room ultimately gain an audience with the Isawa Elemental with perfectly polished floors and elegant shoji-screen Council (a Phoenix PC will know this automatically. refined- not actually forward their request. of or two. and a servant will promise to convey their request.) the Isawa Council. Servants bring trays with tea other PCs may roll Intelligence+Etiquette at TN 15 to and then withdraw. servant to the has a poor opinion of the Lion and Unicorn Clans. unimpressive in their behavior and demeanors. chatter. audience. If any PC is so dishonorable as to Seeking an Audience suggest breaking into the library. and clear silvery voice. but Tomo nothing ever comes of it. Vistan will automatically get a -5 and then promises to forward their request to the for his openly anxious behavior. but will be more favorably behind him. Even this powerful Maho-Tsukai can only his Maho-Tsukai prey will be trying to enter the Isawa get in by cloaking himself in the form and elements of libraries. he does Finally.” she says in a impressed by PCs who are themselves magistrates. growing more impatient by the hour). For us it would be an exercise in fatal futility. they will need to spend half a day asking questions around the city. we must convince these foolish Phoenix to trust to the libraries to test those within for the Taint. “Whether he is still in Otanubo’s body. Isawa Kujin. noble samurai. Like Elemental Council. on their behalf). She will respond follows him in and seats herself at his right and a step similarly to the governor. themselves). Tomo already knows who the PCs are. or grumble will gain negative mods (-5 serious. has graciously assented to hear your plea. Their behavior and words (if any) Magistrate. let alone a Witch. who impress her positively. has quarters within the palace where he stays when visiting Kyuden Isawa. they are allowed to cool their heels for a day before but this offers him another opportunity to size up the being told that the Council will meet with them in three PCs. them make the suggestion. By this time Vistan will be almost desperate with worry. or will have to make up for that. Once they have made their introductions. Please give If the PCs petition the Elemental Council (either us your names and stations.” directly or through the Governor or Chief Magistrate). If the PCs search for Isawa Otanubo. The Audience with Isawa PCs can request an audience with Otanubo if they wish. as a cousin to the governor Scene Four: An and a relative of Isawa Tsuke. Shiba Riko. insulting. He PCs to make sure they give a good impression. The PCs can request a direct audience with the Council. or in an Isawa.

honored Let the PCs make their case. noble Kuni. Only Council itself (Vistan probably will if they don’t). are no Tainted ones in our library. Scene Five: A Visit to 2. noble samurai. Remember to apply any modifiers for the first to submit to your test. there are no Maho. Kimasu gets are considered to be helping the roll. Others. I believe. of course.” should roll Awareness+Sincerity. Vistan nods fiercely. Tomo caretakers. submit with a calm smile. 1. “For now there are. Isawa Tomo sighs and expected. tests.. If visited the library a few days ago. Kuni-san. whose jade tip glows with a soft automatic +5 if any of the PCs are Imperial family or green light. eldest of the three PC (the one who did the lion’s share of the talking) caretakers of the great Isawa Library. this must be done with calm and delicacy.” countenance. “Although I find it difficult to believe that aren’t about to test them for taint.” Vistan circles around their behavior prior to the audience. “There are twenty-eight etiquette. she nods the Isawa Palace imperiously and departs the moment Vistan declares her Taint-free.slightly in acknowledgement and cups his chin in a You are taken to a small interior audience room.” He holds up a hand to forestall any thanks from the PCs. I can assure you. Vistan and the PCs are led into the 3.” He smiles. and not a place we is a middle-aged man with thinning hair and a placid would lightly permit to strangers. running have never been a man of great skill in matters of through a mental checklist. although here at the library? And is Isawa Otanubo among ingenious PCs may be able to come up with some them?” desperate or eloquent appeal which can sway Tomo’s Isawa Kimasu frowns. escorted (and guarded) by four vague. “Explain to me again why you wish several tall candles whose flames reflect in the access to our library. the rest of them brought here promptly. “It is one of perfectly polished wooden floor. he sadly thanks the PCs for their help. but I mark of Fu Leng.” access to the library. Many the room to be tested by Kuni Vistan. Other PCs who spoke After the PCs introduce themselves. Very well. Afterward. I am Isawa Kimasu. And the Isawa Council. The Falling Darkness Page 9 . add an him. The third Caretaker.” person in the Library for the Shadowlands Taint. different Phoenix NPCs are brought into or cause undue offense to those who use it. tomorrow. Phoenix Clan (+10 if they are Isawa). is tested. fussy man in his mid-thirties who is nervous and anxious about the whole affair. How many are case the adventure is essentially over. holding his staff. lit by finger and thumb. “I do recall Otanubo-sama judgement (the GM should use best judgement here). Many of them are daimyo of the Isawa family visit the place regularly. “ I am sorry. The second Caretaker.” This decision will be non. “You are free of the Taint. Waiting for you here our most precious possessions. “Well. Isawa Agotsu. The Testing Begins “You understand. Also. but I have not seen all appeals fail. is tested. Finally he nods. There is only one man here who bears the shakes his head. Vistan sighs with irritation as he declares him pure.” Kimasu thinks for a moment. the fact that the Elemental Council has approved this Tomo frowns just a little. realize what is happening. I shall be The TN is 25. We cannot breach the harmony of the library One by one. more apprentices will of course be exempt from any such reasonable. “I assure you. To prove it. Without your help I would probably have people in the palace who are allowed unrestricted never have made it into the city.” he says pleasantly. you have been smile falters at Vistan’s open scowl. there Skill level (or one die if they are unskilled) to the roll. “Greetings. as I If the PCs fail the roll. A Isawa Palace. “The Council and our prevents them from storming out in fury. including myself and the other two If the PCs succeed in their audience. honored Isawa. Events proceed in the following sequence: Tsukai among our students. Isawa Sumiko. He is negotiable.” In this do not know whose body he inhabits. distractible man. but the such a threat could invade our palace. “I hmmm. a pudgy. An elegant woman in her early forties.. one samurai. and sighs with relief when Vistan finishes and declares him pure. At the end of it.” may have doomed the Empire” and storms out. He bows politely. The next morning. I can send for him if you insist upon it. and add their own down to brass tacks. Isawa Ukara. The first library guest. Vistan bellows that “you fool Isawa him since. he doesn’t even seem to formidable-looking Shiba bushi. is tested. The problem is that I cannot allow you to enter our sacred library.” If visibly insulted by the whole affair and scowl openly at the PCs are rude enough to ask about the Elemental the uncouth Witch-Hunter who is testing them. but we slowly nods. I shall have most eloquent in your appeals. We shall start you will be permitted to enter the palace and test each with my two colleagues.

Asahina Takige. Isawa Yoshio. An seriously. Around here as a favor between Rokugan’s two greatest them are thousands of scrolls containing the most shugenja family. A gentle. is tested. It seems an Isawa shugenja (one of those not yet tested for Taint) has been found dead in the stacks. The second guest. sharp-featured man with deep-set eyes strides slim. He looks around sharply and marches delicacy. now. is tested. the man who forged the four un-Tainted. seems the Phoenix have finally decided to take you 6. He is somewhat confused as to what is clutching an armful of scrolls. Vistan replies sharply. the guards see Isawa Otanubo.” he snaps. Isawa Ietsugu. imperious man (like the missing Otanubo. he agrees complains querulously about his studies being immediately. with infiltrated our palace. “of course. A few she has not seen him in three days. the Phoenix Clan) to see if they are acquainted with his guard looks confused. He will try to sound the PCs out to stop the person. Library.” He is found Taint.but there is no time. commotion outside.” minutes later Asako Tokameki arrives. and eloquent.) A guard moves his sensei.” he snarls. peaceable man of great accumulated magical and esoteric knowledge to be enlightenment. He is Taint-free. however.” And then. Not even the Imperial a quiet smile. I could have told you that. nodding to Isawa Kimasu. Isawa Imoko. If Vistan guard arrives with news about Vistan’s request to and the PCs are persistent. to do such a thing. If the PCs ask to help.” It and warns her not to speak of what is happening. and wonders if this is some test set by the roll. and seems departing shugenja). to Taint-free. the legendary looks almost disappointed as he declares Samasu assistant to Iuchiban. there is a third caretaker of the library. As Vistan finishes testing Yoshio. “That’s it?” recognize the departing person as Isawa Sumiko. the 10. “Everyone must be gathered and tested at interrupted by this “nonsense. is a young man Have all the PCs roll Perception+Investigation at barely out of his gempukku. 9. Isawa Sanuro. arrogant. a Shiba reluctant. he is a minor Daimyo). The sixth guest. asking what is guards tell me you believe a Maho-Tsukai has happening (her interest seems to be genuine. appreciate it. is tested.” 5. Vistan in question to be Asahina Yajinden. “We have him on Scene Six: The Chase the run. The third guest.” The guards are pursuit of Yajinden. The Inquisitor “Continue the tests. then bows and steps back. I no ulterior motives).” he snarls. and makes small-talk with any Crane libraries at Otosan Uchi can rival this remarkable or Imperial Family PCs who are present. he demands to know why At this point Vistan. Asako Tokameki listens in 7. “He is dead. delicate young woman of almost ethereal into the room.. then nods sharply and agrees to an immediate man. then calls half-heartedly after the sensei. past the normal age of retirement. He is accumulation of wisdom. A Sighting 8. “The shugenja PCs while she is tested. and several people rush in at once. Vistan. “Search the library and bring Once alerted. She chats with any Acolyte of Earth and Inquisitor. The fourth guest. and names herself as an apprentice to the directly to Kuni Vistan. and snorts. desperate to stop Yajinden (and he should submit to this indignity and submits only encouraged by the appearance of an Inquisitor) will when Isawa Kimasu delicately reminds him that finally confess openly that he believes the Maho-Tsukai the Elemental Council has approved this. At this point. Search for the body. The PCs. Vistan declares her Taint-free must know what is happening in the fullest details.4. “Otanubo-san’s wife reports confer among themselves and then depart. he search of the library. Master of Air. Isawa Uona. (If none of the PCs make happening. a half-hour into the testing. Vistan shouting for the PCs to The Falling Darkness Page 10 . Vistan snaps to attention. Asako Tokameki will make it. She is a A thin. free. Vistan and Tokameki set out at once in everyone else here at once. and several Shiba guards move who is related to the Asahina daimyo and attends through the close-packed shelves of the library. once.. even more confused when Vistan tells him he can The PCs may roll Perception+Heraldry at TN 20 to leave. The (especially if some of them are shugenja and/or person departs (if the PCs shout for them to stop. The PC making the highest roll that beats TN 20 sensei has given him permission to study at the spots a figure in Phoenix orange leaving the library. Before we proceed further. dreaded Bloodswords. Isawa Samasu. “I am Asako Tokameki.” as he returns to his studies. The fifth guest is the first non-Phoenix the PCs have seen here: a visiting Crane. he submits to Vistan’s testing with found anywhere in Rokugan. a prodigy whose TN 20. An older silence.

The GM should run this as a frantic The Battle pursuit through the narrow passages. The Shiba bushi will spend the first round trying Vistan cautions the others to be courageous and to fight Oni no Kuchini. The other two. horseback.” Oni. and six of to close in. Yajinden is not alone. obsidian. but no Kuchini is Invulnerable. shaking with fury and jade and no spellcasters. Perception+Hunting at TN 20 will spot the trail of the who as a Witch-Hinter is immune to Maho). fall back and form a protective circle can be slain before he changes to another body will he around Asako Tokameki. They point at a distant plume of dust. then join the melee or flee. cutting cross-country toward the dark line of the Isawa The first Shiba bushi will be instantly devoured. their horses lathered and wheezing. flailing about with its sunshine and gentle breeze seems to mock their long. nostrils. If one of your comrades seems to act devour them until distracted by Vistan or the PCs.accompany him. This Oni is not invulnerable. “Where is your master? Where is Yajinden?” His staff is a deadly weapon against anyone with the Taint (all the enemies here. leaping out of the trees with a gibbering shriek and As the PCs ride toward the Isawa Mori. crystal. it a threat the PCs should be able to deal with clutching his jade-tipped staff tightly. The players should feel as though they are they wait for the PCs in ambush. which takes over an hour to don). He has alerted the Bloodspeaker Yajinden changing bodies repeatedly as the pursuers try cells in Phoenix lands to be ready to aid him. spells (No Pure Breaths and Fury of Iuchiban) on the It is late afternoon by the time the PCs reach the first two rounds of combat. steep staircases. as seems appropriate. and (especially) Tokameki alive in order to destroy this We must. the bright landing in the midst of the PCs. An instant later. Everyone must roll Fear at Rank 3 (TN 15).) strangely. themselves. Since there are a large number of NPCs in this Pursuit to Isawa Mori battle. Note that Oni equipment (there will be time to put on light armor. making desperation. the jade tip of confusedly confess that yes. at which point it starts in on the PCs. They will Bloodspeaker (if none of the PCs can make the roll. the action has been “scripted” (as follows) to help the GM run things smoothly: Asako Tokameki immediately orders a pursuit. Tokameki. only to have him slip away again and again. and magic. “Yajinden can switch bodies at will. the PCs can just make out (with Perception+Hunting The cultists will split their actions. A sudden stench of burning and spilt blood fills your Yajinden will flee to the stables. who spotted. and small. targeting enemy spellcasters woods. will hang back and try to cast their into the treeline. Rolling by preference (they know better than to target Vistan. Only if he are useless. by jade. The Bloodspeaker himself cannot be Kuni Vistan with melee attacks. They have whatever scenes and actions add to the drama of the already summoned Oni to help their master. The GM is encouraged to improvise their number are waiting in the forest now. of course). wavy claws. Once Oni no The Falling Darkness Page 11 . Four of them rolls at TN 25) the plume of dust from the frantically will immediately charge forward and attempt to kill riding Yajinden. they gurgles in death. taking a horse. Vistan will make it) leading deeper into the forest. only a suggestion of movement that vanishes know Maho spells. and the ground erupts the form of some suitable noble (probably an Isawa) beneath the feet of the four Shiba bushi. Vistan in particular is grim and frantic. and Tokameki storm up. we must. elegant gardens of the Isawa Palace. and now event. a terrifying roar splits the and then out into the city. He keeps muttering. than a man’s hand – the bushi shrieks and then Vistan. do not hesitate. at the same time shouting. An enormous who can leave without being questioned by the guards toothy maw rises out of the ground and crushes one of at the gate. The PCs’ total allies for this pursuit will be Vistan. someone just left on his staff glowing with an unearthly green light. In the distance. (The Oni will pursue and perish forever. sending Oni no Kuchini will devour the Shiba bushi at the for horses and Shiba guards. “Oni!” Vistan roars. they can rate of one per round until all are dead or a PC attacks race back to their inn and fetch their mounts and it. meaning it is only affected not heavy armor. strike them down at once. always on the brink of capturing Yajinden. changing bodies until he is in peace of the woodlands. realizing their weapons ruthless. and four Shiba bushi. If the PCs have no Vistan fetches only his mount. Oni no Usui will join the combat on Round Two. If the PCs want. they will need to keep Vistan anticipation.” Kuni Vistan will first attempt to smite down the two Bloodspeakers who attack him. “We must catch him. Questioned. woodlands on the horizon. then. the bushi with a single grinding snap of teeth longer The city guards look up in alarm as the PCs.

Kuni Vistan quietly thanks the PCs for their help. instead cast Path to Inner Peace. The spell will go off on Adventure round three (assuming Tokameki is still alive). although If the PCs helped Kuni Vistan gain access to the it is clear this weighs on them bitterly (any Phoenix PCs Phoenix libraries. they lost 1 box of Honor). at least we learned with certainty what the Bloodspeakers plan and that will aid my investigations in future. Vistan will engage it until it is future. Witch-Hunter. He finds the site of the Bloodspeakers’ ritual.” Glory Vistan will want to read the remaining scrolls. Asako Tokameki will cast Jade Strike on the first round of combat (targeting Oni no Kuchini and one of Rewards for Completing the the spellcasting cultists). and At the end of the scenario. if a majority of the PCs support Vistan. however. Of Yajinden himself. including a smoldering fire. spatters of blood. Perhaps one day in future we can help each other again. You have my gratitude. Any Crab.” he murmurs. Without your help I would not have accomplished even that much. If he is badly wounded. there is no sign. “Although we did not completely succeed. Kuni Vistan PCs get Vistan into the Phoenix libraries: 1 XP casts about in search of further tracks or evidence of Surviving the final battle: 1 XP Yajinden. two Oni. Honor Vistan and Tokameki.) Experience Points Aftermath Playing through the adventure: Good role-playing: 2 XP 1 XP In the wake of the battle at Isawa Mori. gain Major Ally: Kuni Vistan. and declares that the Isawa libraries will be guarded even more carefully in The Falling Darkness Page 12 . Tokameki will one additional point of Taint. examining the evidence.Sukini appears.” The Phoenix Clan is clearly even less happy with what has transpired. although any Phoenix present will object. and a Total Possible Experience: 5 XP scattering of scrolls from among those stolen from the library. followed by Fury of Osano-Wo. The two his quest. If it fails. the PC acquires any PC is in danger if being killed. Tokameki will again Taint must make a Simple Earth roll with a TN of 5 + cast Jade Strike. If the roll is failed. or other Maho- allowing Yajinden to escape with one while the cultists hunting PCs gain +1 Honor for helping Kuni Vistan in and the other two delayed the PCs. “These are some. then begin casting Tomb of Jade on the second round. Vistan’s face turns gray. but not all of them. The documents prove to be dealing with the ritual which bound Iuchiban to his tomb three hundred years ago. “It is as I feared. Centipede. Although Isawa Tomo offers private thanks for the PCs’ help. there is no public acknowledgement of what has destroyed (or he is killed). any PCs with Shadowlands targets Oni no Kuchini. then join the fight against the happened. conclude that the Bloodspeakers summoned three Oni. Vistan argues Any PCs who belong to the Agasha family receive +1 that learning the truth of what the Bloodspeakers are Glory as a result of gaining the alliance with the after is more important than preserving Phoenix secrets. It is up to the PCs whether to support Vistan or the Phoenix.” It is a grim and silent group which returns to Kyuden Isawa. and he survived the adventure. Afterwards. “They may have found a way to free their dread lord. investigators count the recovered scrolls and frown grimly. (If (5 x Taint Rank). he tries to dodge out of the combat and treat himself with the Medicine skill. (or if Other Awards/Penalties an Emerald Magistrate or Imperial Family PC supports him) the Phoenix will reluctantly back down. Inquisitor.

Obsessed Witch. DR equal to caster’s Shadowlands rank plus target is FIRE 3 at +10 to all TN until magically healed. Lore (Maho. The Falling Darkness Page 13 . Advantages/Disadvantages: Innate Abilities (Jade Strike. bow with 20 Honor/Glory: 2/4 arrows. (Water) Path to Inner Peace. Theology 1 Spells: Sense. (Fire) Amaterasu’s Blessing. Defense 1. Bojutsu 4. Hands of Jurojin. Tantojutsu 2. Path to Inner Peace). Investigation 2.2/2. rather than the normal 2k2. 2 actions to cast. Fury of Osano-Wo. scroll satchel. Equipment: Daisho set. Advantages/Disadvantages: None Rank Four: Immune to maho spells. Herbalism 2.5/1. foes. to Shadowlands Taint Rank: 2 opponents with the Shadowlands Taint. (Earth) Force of Will. Hunting 2. and the staff becomes a School/Rank: None normal – albeit jade-tipped – weapon. Tea Ceremony 1 for the Oni). History 3.3 (peasants). Shintao 1. Investigation 3. TN equal to target’s Earth x EARTH 4 5. Meditation 2. Naginata 2. Medicine 3. Jade Strike. Stealth 2 Phoenix Bloodspeaker Cultists (6) Advantages/Disadvantages: Clear Thinker. Strike at the Roots. Higher EARTH 2 Purpose (to destroy Bloodspeaker Cult. Defense 3. Cultist #2 knows WATER 2 Perception 3 Fury of Iuchiban (identical to Fury of Osano-Wo. TN to be Hit: 20 (Light Armor) Rank Two: Sense Taint by rolling School/Rank: Shiba Bushi 1 Awareness+Shadowlands Lore. DR 2 plus target must roll Simple TN to be Hit: 15 Earth at TN 10 or gain a point of Taint). School/Rank: Isawa Shugenja 2 Advantages/Disadvantages: Social Disadvantage Honor/Glory: 3. Lore (Shadowlands) 4. Spellcraft 1. Fires of Purity. Honor/Glory: 2. Summon. tanto (1k2) EARTH 1 Willpower 4 FIRE 3 AIR 3 Typical Shiba Bushi WATER 1 Perception 4 EARTH 2 VOID 3 FIRE 3 Intelligence 4 TN to be Hit: 15 AIR 2 Reflexes 3 School/Rank: Kuni Witch-Hunter 4. Stealth 2 Spells: Cultist #1 knows No Pure Breaths (costs 5 Earth and Phoenix Inquisitor wounds. Commune. Acolyte of (Maho) 2. especially FIRE 2 Yajinden)/Brash. Kenjutsu 2. Hunting 3. Tomb of Jade. Iaijutsu 1. Kenjutsu 2. Knife 1. NPCs and Monsters Kuni Vistan. and will VOID 1 cause 3k3 wounds. the kami is released. (Air) By the Light of Lord Moon. Gaijin Name AIR 1 Reflexes 2 Equipment: Kimono. Shintao 1. Clear Thinker/Bad Hunter Reputation (abrupt) Equipment: Kimono. Raises for AIR 2 Reflexes 3 casting time and number of targets). Equipment: Peasant clothing. but VOID 3 costs 4 wounds. If Vistan is TN to be Hit: 10 killed. Lore Asako Tokameki. Defense 2. WATER 2 Rank One: Two attacks per round against Tainted VOID 3 foes. naginata Skills: Athletics 4.) Honor/Glory: 0/0 Skills: Athletics 1. knives (1k1) Tsukai) 2. keep additional dice equal to their Taint Rank (3 Meditation 1. Dark Secret (Bloodspeakers) Skills: Calligraphy 2. Jade-Tipped Bo Staff (This staff is WATER 1 Strength 2 enchanted with the spirit of a helpful kami. light armor.0 Rank Three: When rolling to hit against Tainted Skills: Archery 2.

Its hands end in long multi-jointed fingers tipped with even longer. which it does with single-minded ferocity. The Falling Darkness Page 14 . and bulbous eyes glare from the joints of its mouth. Huge. withered tongue lolls from its toothless mouth. bipedal creature whose limbs are long and multi-jointed. 70: Dead Special Abilities: Fear (rank 3). 5k3 each. It cares for nothing except devouring prey. 80: Dead Special Abilities: Fear (rank 3).Oni no Kuchini (Oni of Eating) This Oni resembles a giant upright mouth on stubby legs. razor-sharp claws. 50: -2. 45: -3. Its glowing blue eyes are sunken deep in the sockets of its skeletal face. crystal. EARTH 5 FIRE 3 AIR 2 WATER 4 TN to be Hit: 10 Attacks: 6k3 Damage: 6k4 Armor: 5 Wounds: 30: -1. EARTH 4 FIRE 3 AIR 4 WATER 2 TN to be Hit: 20 Attacks: Two claw attacks. and magic). Any foe hit by 20 or more above the required TN is swallowed whole. taking 2k2 wounds per round until killed (swallowed foes may fight back with small weapons. and a shrunken. The Oni no Usui can divide its two claw attacks among two different opponents. obsidian. Invulnerable (only hurt by jade. Its claws ignore armor. Oni no Usui (Skinny Oni) This Oni is a spindly. the joints swollen and knobbly. ignore armor Damage: 4k2 per claw Armor: 4 Wounds: 30: -1. at a penalty of +15 to their TN to hit). glistening gray teeth fill its enormous maw.

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