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Computer Graphics
MSN Name: Braylon Champion

Text Based Logo Worksheet

1. What is the name of your company?


2. What products or services does your company provide for the community?

My company provides cheap, clean, tasty water that almost anyone can afford.

3. Is your logo dynamic enough to see from the street on a store sign? Yes
4. Will your logo be readable from different distances on different items such as a
business card, a building, a sign, and t-shirt? Yes

5. What makes your design stand out and catch the customer’s eye?

It uses very vibrant colors and recognizable shapes. My main color is a very bright green while
the logo itself uses an ‘F’ similar to the one in Fortnite.

6. Will people understand what your company provides after looking at your logo? Why or
why not? Yes. The water drop as the ‘O’ should be enough, but just in case, the name
implies the flow of water.
7. What made you select the design you did out of your 8 different variations?

FLOW looked the coolest out of them all. The rest had little pieces that I didn’t like or were too
simple for me.

Sketch and color your logo on the following products below:

8. Business card:
9. T-shirt:
Computer Graphics
MSN Name: Braylon Champion

10. Building Business Sign: