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Main Scriptures: Act 12:1-10, 1 Chronicles 4:9

Ten happens in life that must stop today.

1. Serial of death
2. Consistent failure
3. Perpetual disappointment
4. Chronic disease
5. Continue shame
6. Betrayal
7. Family pass on such as: sickness
8. Drop out
9. Torture
10. Pain

What you must when you decide to say not again.

1. Admit your weakness (Act 12:10 1 Chronicles 4:9)

2. Seek power from higher alter. (That alter is Jesus Ephesians 1: 18-23, Philippian 2:8-10)
3. Be fill with the Holy Spirit and walk by Faith
4. Learn to sacrifice


Jabez prayer:

The God who changes situations will change your situations in the next 7 days. (7 times)

The God, who makes a way where it seems to be no way, will open your door for you now. (6 times)

Whatever that has been affiliating you for months and years I a speak may God set you free in Jesus

Within the next seven days you will testify about His goodness upon your life

It shall be well with you.

Within he next 21 days the following shall in your life.

1. Divine legacy
2. Divine favour
3. Divine health
4. Divine consolation
5. Driven advancement
6. Divine joy
7. Divine employment
8. Divine marriage
9. Divine comeback
10. Divine miracle.