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Verbal Advantage Summary

Abet: v. to encourage, support, help, aid, promote, assist in achieving a purpose
Abject: adj. degraded, brought low in condition or status; hence, lacking self-
respect, contemptible, wretched

Abrogate: v. to abolish by legal or authoritative action or decree
Abstemious: adj. sparing or moderate, especially in eating or drinking
Abstruse: adj. difficult to understand, hard to grasp mentally, deep, profound,
incomprehensible, unfathomable
Accede: v. to consent, yield, give in or agree to

Accolade: n. an award; sign of respect or esteem; expression of praise; mark of
acknowledgement; anything done or given as a token of appreciation or approval

Acerbic: adj. sour, bitter, and harsh in flavor, tone, or character
Acme: n. the peak, highest point, summit, zenith, especially the point of
culmination, the highest possible point in the development or progress of
Acquiesce: v. to agree without protest, accept without argument or resistance, give
in quietly
Adamant: adj. unyielding, immovable, inflexible, refusing to give in, unshakable,
unrelenting, implacable
Adduce: adj. to offer or cite as a reason, as evidence, or as authority for an opinion
or course of action
Adept: adj. skilled
Admonish: v. to warn or notify of a fault or error, especially in conduct or attitude;
to criticize or reprove gently but earnestly
Adroit: adj. skillful, clever, dexterous; specifically, showing skill in using one's
hands or in using one's brains
Adventitious: adj. accidentally or casually acquired, not belonging naturally to
something, associated by chance, not inherent or integral
Advocate: v. to support, plead for, be in favor of, defend by argument; especially,
to speak or write in favor or defense of a person or cause
Affinity: n. close resemblance or relationship, a strong likeness, similarity, or

Alacrity: n. cheerful readiness, eagerness, or promptness in action or movement

Aleatory: adj. depending on luck, chance, or on some contingent event; hence,
uncertain, unpredictable
Allegation: n. an assertion or declaration, especially made without proof
Allocate: v. to assign, designate, earmark, set aside for a specific purpose
Allude: v. to refer to something indirectly, make a casual reference
Aloof: adj. apart, at a distance, removed, withdrawn, not wishing to speak or
associate with others
Altruism: n. selflessness, unselfish concern for the welfare of others
Ambiguous: adj. uncertain, unclear, doubtful, dubious, questionable, puzzling,
having an obscure or indefinite meaning

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ordinary. greedy. or delight Benign: adj. clever. dour Autonomous: adj. out of place. declare with confidence Avuncular: adj. certify or authenticate officially. pertaining to an uncle. playful. hardworking. teasing talk. acute. genuine. take in. unoriginal. keenly aware. strong dislike or hatred Anomalous: adj. kindly. hard to achieve or accomplish. also to satisfy. corresponding partially. and untiring attention Assimilate: v. sharing some aspects of form. lacking freshness or zest Beguile: v. unreasoned. ease. necessarily true. similar. fortunate. correct. good-natured joking or gently mocking conversation Banal: adj. or mislead. discerning. grave. absolutely certain. counterfeit. approval. based on personal feelings or preferences rather than on reason. or law Arduous: adj. allay. to affirm to be true. hostility. proved or demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt Approbation: n. reform. somber. or exhibiting some characteristic considered typical of an uncle Badinage: n. stern. having conflicting feelings or desires. requiring great effort Assiduous: adj. to relieve. like an uncle. attracted to and repulsed by something at the same time Ameliorate: v. amend. boding well Austere: adj. akin. appease. make less severe or intense. stand as proof or evidence of Auspicious: adj. acceptance. delude. of doubtful authenticity or authorship Apodictic: adj. to absorb. raise the condition or state of Analogous: adj. industrious. serious. simultaneously drawn in opposite directions. improve. amuse. indecisive. common. function. shrewd. uncertain. marked by favorable circumstances or good fortune. quick- witted Attest: v. or content Animosity: n. to state positively. independent. or correct. irregular. flat. favorable. to charm. illegitimate. consumed with a selfish desire to accumulate money or property Aver: v. adapt Assuage: v. ill will. not under the control of something or someone else Avaricious: adj. abnormal. especially. banter. mild. careful. antagonism. logic. not genuine. mitigate. perceptive. miserly. severe. money-grubbing. dull. grim. make content Astute: adj. very difficult. gracious. to make or become better or more tolerable. having or showing gentle disposition 2 of 19 . also. appropriate. done with persistent. official approval or authorization Arbitrary: adj. rectify. to deceive. specifically. deviating from what is usual or expected. conducive to success. not fitting in with a common type or conforming to a general rule Apocryphal: adj. and predictable. self-governing. incorporate. Verbal Advantage Summary Ambivalent: adj. good-natured. comparable.

pertaining to flesh as opposed to spirit. during which the insect is enclosed in a case or cocoon 3 of 19 . quack. immature. universal. clamorous Bombastic: adj. to punish or criticize severely Cataclysm: n. specifically. slander. green. to blame. condemn. to laugh loudly and immoderately. flattering or coaxing speech or action. tending to change abruptly for no apparent or logical reason Captious: adj. lacking experience in and knowledge of the world Calumny: n. spacious. criticize harshly. surrender. quick to point out faults or raise trivial objections Carnal: adj. disagreeable. defamation of character. naive. all-embracing. jarring sound. corporeal Castigate: v. fantastic notion or idea. a false and malicious statement or accusation meant to injure a person's reputation Candor: n. tolerant. fraud. a blessing. overblown Boon: n. broad-minded. inflated. unsophisticated. a person who pretends to have a special skill or knowledge Chimera: n. to surrender on specified terms or conditions Capricious: adj. bodily. a harsh. Verbal Advantage Summary Blandishment: n. a fake. raise trivial or frivolous objections Censure: v. specifically. interests. catastrophe. laugh convulsively or hysterically Cacophony: n. a foolish fancy. unpredictable. or all-embracing in one's sympathies. or tastes Cavil: v. or qualifications Catholic: adj. comprehensive. a disaster. difficult to deal with. specifically. pretentious. something beneficial bestowed upon one. briefness Bucolic: adj. the stage in the development of the insect between the larval and adult stages. boisterous. able to contain or hold a great deal Capitulate: v. inexperienced. of or pertaining to country life Cachinnate: v. to criticize or complain unnecessarily. the pupa of a butterfly. quick to quarrel or to exhibit ill will Capacious: adj. explicit. great mishap. impostor. something to be thankful for Brevity: n. find fault with. figment of the imagination Chrysalis: n. humbug. unqualified. rustic. roomy. pompous. disagreeably or offensively loud. without exceptions. to yield. rural. argumentative. shortness. violent upheaval Categorical: adj. timely and welcome benefit. absolute. ample. noisy. point out petty flaws. especially a harsh and unpleasant blend of sounds Callow: adj. an ingratiating remark or gesture Blatant: adj. faultfinding. express stern disapproval of Charlatan: n. sensual. frankness. conditions. openness. sincere expression Cantankerous: adj. all-inclusive.

having plenty of room. large in amount or number Corroborate: v. professed faith or opinion. sympathetic. also. specifically. pertaining to. mild. belief. familiar. merciful. inclined to pardon or forgive Colloquial: adj. unexpected situation or event. politeness. lenient. tranquil. plentiful. kept secret. measure. comfortably convenient Complacent: adj. natural Comity: n. an embarrassing. equal. sociable. temperate. acquainted. be in accord with. Complicity: n. courtesy. cautious. calm. especially belief in a published report or acceptance of another's opinion or testimony Creed: n. to make an educated guess. deep and devastating sorrow for one's sins or for something one has done wrong Conversant: adj. merry. to guess. Contretemps: n. unite in opinion Congenial: adj. having same taste. especially for an evil. show sorrow or pity for Commodious: adj. roundabout. respectful and considerate behavior Commensurate: adj. make more certain or believable Credence: n. spacious. especially. a twinge of regret caused by an uneasy conscience. not straightforward. ready and eager to argue. overly pleased with oneself. Verbal Advantage Summary Circuitous: adj. unusually clear-sighted or discerning. hence. having ESP or the power of divination Clandestine: adj. partnership in wrongdoing. penitence. especially a system of religious belief 4 of 19 . having exceptional powers of perception. confine. hem in. or debate. criminal participation. watchful. following a roundabout and often extended course Circumscribe: v. not severe or extreme. wary. compatible. well-informed or well-versed Convivial: adj. indirect. acceptance. fix the boundaries of Circumspect: adj. conspiracy. kindred. a pang of guilt for a wrong done or for pain that one has caused another Concur: v. able to see objects or events that others cannot. carefully considering all circumstances before acting or making a judgment Clairvoyant: adj. of the same size or extent Commiserate: v. festive Copious: adj. or degree. casual. characteristic of. bicker. explain the meaning or intention of Contentious: adj. conversational. or temperament Conjecture: v. informal. to sympathize. to limit. awkward. careful. belief. feel or express sympathy. also. corresponding in amount. to agree. support. self-satisfied. civility. to confirm. proportionate. restrict. a sudden mishap or hitch. to interpret. repentance. or used in spoken language. smug. moderate. remorse. to form an opinion or make a judgment based on insufficient evidence Construe: v. done in secrecy. an inopportune occurrence Contrition: n. abundant. the state of being an accomplice Compunction: n. argumentative. harmonious. agreeable. direct association in guilt. immoral or illegal purpose Clement: adj. nature. quarrelsome.

an odd notion or whim that one clings to stubbornly Cull: v. greed. scarcity. to throw something or someone out of a window Defray: v. a discourse Dissemble: v. done rapidly with little attention to detail. rambling. partial undress Disingenuous: adj. snapping. slow. effect. quick. go off in another direction Dilatory: adj. to entrust with authority or power. collect Cupidity: n. passing quickly over or through something that deserves closer examination Cynosure: n. extinct. cover the cost or expenses of Defunct: adj. characterized by delay or procrastination Dilemma: n. or popping noise Crotchet: n. obsolete. a formal discussion of or inquiry into a subject. specifically. crafty. to pick out. to pay. speak of or treat as inferior Disquisition: n. delaying. in general. stray from the point. not methodical. discredit. recognizable. tardy. causing or intended to cause delay. deviate. speak or behave hypocritically. detectable. provide money for. deprived of moisture Didactic: adj. an adept conversationalist. focal point Dearth: n. destructive. bashful. operation. timid. detrimental. instructive. ramble. to disguise. perceptible. capable of being recognized by the senses or by the mind Discursive: adj. hand over to an agent or representative. harmful to health or well-being Demonstrable: adj. as of a novel or a drama. gather. conceal under a false appearance. a strong desire for wealth or material things Cursory: adj. injurious. capable of being demonstrated. to belittle. select from various sources. especially. the state of being partly clothed. shy. a predicament in which one must choose between two equally undesirable alternatives Discernible: adj. any difficult problem or unpleasant situation. or use Deipnosophist: n. the unraveling or resolution of a plot. dehydrated. able to be proved Denouement: n. to wander. a center of attention or interest. inadequate supply of something needed Defenestrate: v. no longer in existence. lacking in self-confidence. hesitant to speak or act Digress: v. harmful. make a crackling. sly. insufficiency. to crackle. cover up the facts or one's true feelings or motives. also. a predicament. mask under a pretense or deceptive manner 5 of 19 . lower in estimation or value. wandering from one subject to another Dishabille: n. dead. Verbal Advantage Summary Crepitate: v. dried or dried up. Deleterious: adj. designed or intended to teach Diffident: adj. insincere. deliver to another's care or management. depreciate. not straightforward or frank Disparage: v. covering a wide range of topics. the outcome or resolution of any complex situation Desiccated: adj. hasty. especially one who enjoys conversing at the table Delegate: v. roving. a lack.

having characteristics or qualities of both sexes Epigraph: n. daily. secret. hence. lively enthusiasm. funny or witty in an odd or outrageous way Duplicity: n. or doctrine Diurnal: adj. confidential Ethereal: adj. to strip. dissenting. the power to produce a desired effect or result Effusive: adj. cause to exist. lasting for a short time Epicene: adj. gushing. to instruct or improve intellectually. a person who disagrees with a prevailing opinion. riddle. conspicuously bad. heavenly. submissive. hence. recurring each day. obliterate. easy to direct. hence. evenness of mind and temper Erudite: adj. possessing extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books Eschew: v. an inscription on a building or monument. or tear off the skin. following instructions Droll: adj. Verbal Advantage Summary Dissident: adj. overflowing. wipe out. expressing emotion in an excessive or unrestrained manner Egregious: adj. or a brief quotation at the beginning of a literary composition that suggests or is germane to its theme Equanimity: n. deprive of force or vigor Engender: v. improve. scrape. effectiveness. payment received for work Enervate: v. enlighten. scholarly. wages. to bring out. change made to correct or improve. keep away from something harmful. hence. overly demonstrative. not public. composure. isagreeing. to rub out. intended for or designed to be understood only by a select group. or supervise. salary. shun. amusing. to wander. especially. humorous. hypocritical deception Ebullience: n. especially. wrong. to instruct. short-lived. or distasteful Esoteric: adj. or drift about. puzzle. or refined Excoriate: v. to avoid. fleeting. double-dealing. bring into being. bubbly excitement Edify: v. a correction. sow the seeds of Enigma: n. or spiritually Efface: v. a mystery. expunge Efficacy: n. very light. high spirits. delicate. known only by a few people. especially a change made in a piece of writing to correct an error or restore the text to its original state Emolument: n. deceit. to decorate. airy. comical. disaffected. manage. alteration. passing. performed or happening in the course of a day Divagate: v. erase. not earthly. obedient. perplexing problem. teach. method. learned. to rebuke or denounce harshly and severely 6 of 19 . dress up. enhance with ornamentation. cunning. compliant. adorn. ramble. remarkable or outstanding for some undesirable or offensive quality Embellish: v. elegant or interesting Emendation: n. morally. something or someone hard to understand or explain Ephemeral: adj. give rise to. abstain from. an inscription. to weaken. to digress Docile: adj. drain of energy. especially. make more beautiful. calmness. nonconformist /n.

fragile. lazy. treating something serious in a trivial manner Foible: n. declare blameless or innocent Expatiate: v. minor failing. atonement. performed or achieved in an easy. sensitive. not lost or destroyed Extemporize: v. easily damaged or destroyed Frugal: adj. a representative or advocate Expunge: v. or correctness Exigency: n. breakable. worthy of imitation. easy. also. having an extremely offensive odor. crime. extremely delicate. to denounce vehemently. punch. not extinct. extremely wicked. root out. Flagitious: adj. Verbal Advantage Summary Execrate: v. still in existence. a person who stands or speaks for something. having or showing great warmth or intensity of feeling. sluggish. serving as a model of excellence. perform something in an offhand or unpremeditated way Extirpate: v. to elaborate. thrifty. or offense Exponent: n. vice- ridden. to erase. detest utterly Exemplary: adj. accelerate the progress of. as of something rotten or decayed. a mixture. disrespectful in a frivolous way. working or acting in a smooth. false. bowdlerize. exterminate. free from a charge or the imputation of guilt. to free from blame. strike. facilitate. overnice Fervent: adj. spending carefully and wisely. to improvise. or particular. foul-smelling. frail. or wipe out. to pull or dig up by the roots. not natural or genuine. shamefully and scandalously criminal. passing quickly away 7 of 19 . idle. especially in matters of taste or behavior. misleading. dainty. earnest. pressing need. a weak point. good-for-nothing Fallacious: adj. effortless way. finicky. fussy. eradicate. declare hateful or detestable. fiery. based on a fallacy Farrago: n. cancel. praiseworthy. delicate. especially a weakness in a person's character Frangible: adj. reparation for a sin. existing. slight fault or flaw. delete. to cleanse by removing offensive material. to loathe. stinking. passionate. to speak or compose with little or no preparation or practice. free. an urgency. fleeting. handle or perform quickly and efficiently Expiation: n. and unrestrained manner Factitious: adj. speak or write at great length Expedite: v. free from objectionable content Extant: adj. abhor. hasten. abolish or destroy completely Facile: adj. appropriateness. commendable. deceptive. or corrupt Flippant: adj. economical Fugacious: adj. impassioned Fetid: adj. invalid. produced artificially Fainéant: adj. easily done. especially a confused or jumbled mixture Fastidious: adj. a situation demanding immediate attention or action Exonerate: v. obliterate Expurgate: v. to speed up.

origin. pertaining to. emaciated Hebdomadal: adj. uncalled-for. mixed. sooty. smooth and bald Glib: adj. stupidity. a peculiarity. stimulate. distinctive characteristic of a person or group. miscellaneous Hieratic: adj. not in agreement with established doctrine or belief Heterogeneous: adj. also. well-bred. given without charge or obligation. baseless. worship of the sun Heterodox: adj. resembling. someone who destroys or denounces an established idea or practice Idiosyncrasy: n. pointless. a misunderstanding or disagreement of a complicated and confusing nature Impalpable: adj. to explode. or institutions. polite. birth. composed of parts of different kinds. exaggeration in speech or writing. caused by medical examination or treatment Iconoclast: n. precisely to the point Glabrous: adj. especially to explode with invective and denunciations. talkative. Verbal Advantage Summary Fuliginous: adj. or consisting of soot or smoke Fulminate: v. made up of unrelated or diverse elements. varied. covered with stiff hairs. unwarranted Gullible: adj. drawn. or small spines. lethargy of mind or spirit Heliolatry: n. reserved for holy or sacred uses Hispid: adj. encouraging or urging to some course of action. without legitimate cause or reason. perplexing state of affairs. beginning. giving earnest counsel or advice Hyperbole: n. worn out. a coming into being. especially in a rambling. stir up Grandiloquent: adj. pertaining to or used by priests. characterized by lofty. refined. talkative in a nonchalant way Goad: v. a person who attacks cherished or popular beliefs. bristles. unjustified. smoky. especially. free. traditions. weekly. relevant. pertaining to a week or seven-day period Hebetude: n. tired gaunt. easily deceived. eleganily stylish or fashionable. speaking in a ready. also. extravagant exaggeration that is intentional and obvious Iatrogenic: adj. dullness. fooled or cheated Haggard: adj. high-flown language. sophisticated. a complicated or intricate situation. to prod or urge to action. incapable of being felt or understood. priestly. appropriate. having or expressing an opinion different from the accepted opinion. pertaining or belonging to high society Germane: adj. arouse. or long- winded way Genesis: n. to shout forth condemnation and censure Garrulous: adj. with natural or offhand ease. an identifying trait or mannerism Imbroglio: n. dissimilar. full of grand or high-sounding words Gratuitous: adj. smooth-spoken. rough and bristly Hortatory: adj. creation Genteel: adj. not able to be perceived either by the sense of touch or by the mind 8 of 19 . a difficult. fitting. fluent manner. obtuseness. annoying.

unmanageable. attempting to win approval or curry favor. partly in existence. poor. hence. unceasing Inchoate: adj. hasty. lightheartedly unconcerned or indifferent. perfect. imperfect. ascribe. also. unfathomable. calm and unbothered Interpolate: v. implicate. unyielding. impecunious Ineffable: adj. lacking harmony of parts or agreement in character Incorrigible: adj. nonchalant. free from worry or anxiety. constant. bad beyond correction or reform. unruly Intransigent: adj. present evidence or proof of involvement in a wrongful act Indefeasible: adj. or moved by entreaty or persuasion Infinitesimal: adj. changed. incomplete Incongruous: adj. vigorous. unwilling to modify one's position or give ground Invective: n. hard to manage or control. greedy. not fully formed. make urgent or persistent entreaties or solicitations Impromptu: adj. done to charm or please another Inimitable: adj. incomprehensible. relentless. extremely irritable or touchy 9 of 19 . vehement or abusive language involving bitter. incapable of being entered or passed through. easily angered. to charge or attribute. irreformable. unsuitable. destitute. emotional way with little thought Importune: v. introduce. not open to investigation or analysis Insouciant: adj. copied. acting in sudden. undeveloped. especially with a fault or misconduct. unassailable. to trouble or annoy with requests or demands. merciless. refusing to come to an agreement. scathing accusations or denunciations Inviolable: adj. Verbal Advantage Summary Impeccable: adj. uttered or performed without preparation. impenetrable. also. annulled. assign Incessant: adj. extremely difficult to understand. just begun. unable to do wrong. infringement. hot-tempered. incorruptible Irascible: adj. secure. uninterrupted. safe from assault. unable to be imitated. unruly. overeager. to charge with a crime. needy. inexpressible. stubborn. taken away. inconsistent. or reproduced. carefree. or destruction. in an early stage of development. hungry. to insert. accuse of wrongdoing. untouchable. unable to be moved or affected by something Impetuous: adj. continuous. incapable of sin Impervious: adj. penniless. too small to be measured or calculated Ingratiating: adj. not able to be stopped. down-and-out. impoverished. free from faults or imperfections. flawless. inappropriate. sacred. lay the responsibility or blame upon. unable to be expressed or described in words Inexorable: adj. difficult to control Incriminate: v. not capable of being undone. specifically. to insert words into a piece of writing or a conversation Intractable: adj. rash. made up or done on the spur of the moment. out of place. improvised for the occasion Impute: v. flattering. faultless. trying to gain acceptance. or rendered void Indigent: adj. unable to be satisfied or appeased Inscrutable: adj. beyond compare Insatiable: adj. uncompromising. hopeless.

plainly expressed Lucrative: adj. stupor. lightness or gaiety of manner or expression. dullness. apathy. the ability to calmly endure hardship or suffering Lucid: adj. specifically. cut roughly. nocturnal labor. flexible. fatigued. noble. profitable. merry. weary. unselfish Malinger: v. producing wealth. moving with ease and grace Longanimity: n. especially so as to compare or contrast Lacerate: v. money-making. worn out by overwork or overindulgence Jargon: n. hearty and fun-loving. mangle Laconic: adj. a cleverly executed trick or deception Lethargy: n. praiseworthy. sleight of hand. inactive condition or state of mind Levity: n. commendable. mournful and gloomy. having or showing sound judgment Juxtapose: v. specialized and often pretentious language. convival Judicious: adj. dull. malicious scheme. financially productive. sluggishness. to treat a person as a celebrity or as an object of great interest or importance Lissome: adj. moving from place to place. capable of being shaped. a lightness or lack of seriousness that is inappropriate or unbecoming Licentious: adj. high-minded. to shirk or dodge responsibility by feigning illness or inability Malleable: adj. to place side by side or close together. to tear. all the people outside of a given profession or specialized field Lassitude: n. an abnormally dull. study. expressing sadness or sorrow. substance. impressionable 10 of 19 . or work done late at night Lugubrious: adj. writing. affected. lacking moral restraint. sexually abandoned. uninteresting. speech or writing that is highly technical and difficult to understand Jejune: adj. often in an exaggerated. specifically. honorable. full of good humor. using few words. rend. an inheritance Legerdemain: n. a crafty or treacherous plot. generous in overlooking injury or insult. especially in sexual conduct Lionize: v. Verbal Advantage Summary Itinerant: adj. a sluggish relaxation of body or mind Laudable: adj. something handed down from the past. adaptable. laypeople collectively. lack of energy. tired. worthy of approval or admission Legacy: n. drownsy. cunning design or plan to achieve a sinister purpose Magnanimous: adj. nonprofessionals. able to be molded or manipulated. worn out. a weak or exhausted state or feeling. or unsatisfying. clear. devoid of nourishment. long-suffering patience. fatigue. briefly and often bluntly expressed Laity: n. traveling about. exhausted. especially to perform work Jaded: adj. weariness. wise and careful. or ridiculous way Machination: n. wandering. to pretend to be sick or incapacitated so as to avoid work or duty. jolly. limber. or significance Jovial: adj. remunerative Lucubration: n. easy to see or understand.

lacking variety. lacking discernment. false. soften in feeling or tone. rigid enforcer of rules and regulations Mellifluous: adj. or confuses. lavish giving Myopic: adj. taskmaster. someone without principles or conscience. deliver from slavery or bondage Martinet: n. a swamp. specifically. or perspective Myriad: adj. criminal Mnemonic: adj. bog. or characteristics Manumit: v. unvarying and dull Morass: n. consisting of many kinds. flowing smoothly and sweetly. features. consisting of a great or indefinite number Myrmidon: n. depressed Mundane: adj. obscure. biting. of little consequence Neophyte: n. motivated by a selfish desire for money or other reward Mercurial: adj. earthly. tawdry. literally. something that traps. having a threatening or menacing aspect or nature Miscreant: n. great generosity. favoritism shown to relatives 11 of 19 . having an unpredictable temperament Meretricious: adj. a villain. like honey Mendacious: adj. grumpy. unclear. lying. unscrupulous. emancipate. unimportant. of the world. gloomy. a strict disciplinarian. consisting of or resembling mother-of-pearl Narcissism: n. amateur. tyro. material as distinguished from spiritual Munificence: n. especially someone who is unquestioningly obedient Nacreous: adj. countless. foresight. self-love. ill-tempered. numerous and varied. figuratively. marsh. beginning to exist or develop. infinite. to set free. vague. Verbal Advantage Summary Manifold: adj. a loyal follower. indefinite. vicious person. attractive in a flashy or cheap way. sarcastic. menacing. indistinct Negligible: adj. hazy. cutting. a sticky situation or troublesome state of affairs Mordant: adj. excessive admiration of oneself Nascent: adj. male less harsh or severe Monotonous: adj. greedy. quick to change moods or change one's mind. deceitful Mercenary: adj. to calm. falsely alluring. having a narrow or circumscribed view. moody. in the process of being born or begun. threatening. glum. liberate. coming or having just come into being Nebulous: adj. assisting or improving the ability to recall Mollify: v. appease. an evil. pearly. gaudy. deceptively enticing Minatory: adj. scathing Morose: adj. containing many elements. innumerable. done for payment only. confines. soothe. tediously uniform. a new member of or convert to a religion Nepotism: n. a beginner. faithful servant or subordinate. not able to see the long-range picture. trifling. not truthful. novice. worldly. dishonest. helping or pertaining to the memory. short-sighted. keen. pacify.

clear out of the way Odious: adj. also. harmful to health or well-being. the state of being a minor in the eyes of the law Nostrum: n. gloss over. rich. send into exile. troublesome. vehement scolding or denunciation Obligatory: adj. to prevent. not yielding to argument or persuasion Obviate: v. oppressive. difficult to accomplish or endure Opulent: adj. pester. elite group Omnipotent: adj. meet and dispose of. flamboyant. required. destructive. ready and willing to serve. to banish. or pattern Paragon: n. stubborn. garbage. please. inflexible. intrusive. hence. Verbal Advantage Summary Nettle: v. expel from a place. or branch of knowledge Nonage: n. specifically. an example. vain manner Ostracize: v. arousing strong dislike or aversion Offal: n. to lessen the severity of. binding. foul-smelling. especially the period of legal minority. obedient. extravagant. remedy for all diseases and difficulties Paradigm: n. model. offering unwanted advice or unnecessary services. hateful. a panacea. very well-to-do. having unlimited power or authority Onerous: adj. mandatory Obsequious: adj. displayed or done in a flashy. a dubious or dishonest plan or scheme for curing a social or political problem Obeisance: n. darken. nosy. apparent. to irritate. hard to bear. to bar. extremely conspicuous. art. almighty. a quack remedy or medicine. make something seem less serious or severe Panacea: n. revolting. perfect example 12 of 19 . cloud over. or an attitude of respect and submission Obfuscate: v. rubbish Officious: adj. especially in a high-handed. offensive. or reject from a group or from acceptance by society Palliate: v. subservient. or obey Obstinate: adj. interfering. dangerous. harass. wandering at night Noisome: adj. make unnecessary. unwholesome. offensive. a system of names. disgusting Nomenclature: n. waste. wealthy. having substantial means Ostensible: adj. provoke Noctivagant: adj. a cure-all. necessary. government by a few. detestable. specifically. prying. professed or declared as true without being demonstrated or proved Ostentatious: adj. all-powerful. unwilling to give in or compromise. a model of excellence. a harsh rebuke. make unclear or indistinct Objurgating: n. rule or control exercised by a few persons or by a small. meddlesome. annoy. showy. appearing or seeming to be true. refuse. exclude. vex. immaturity. a gesture of respect or submission. youth. universal antidote. submissive. burdensome. especially a system of names used in a science. overbearing way Oligarchy: n. to make obscure.

an insufficiency. pleasing in appearance. a lawyer who handles petty cases in an unethical. causing great harm or injury Perquisite: n. scarcity. slight offense. penetrating. oversupply Plexiform: adj. minor fault or flaw Peculate: v. dull. surplus. superficial. especially. especially a serious or extreme one. specifically. benevolent. keen 13 of 19 . thoughtful. motivated or done out of a desire to help or improve the welfare of others Phlegmatic: adj. especially in a deep. decided taste Pensive: adj. charitable. outer. having a sluggish. ill-humored and impatient. a small amount. without interest or enthusiasm Peripatetic: adj. handsome. a trite statement or hackneyed saying. rules. done merely as a duty. embezzle. an upstart. or formalities Peevish: adj. comely. external. but who is not accepted by the members of that class Paucity: n. scholarly in an ostentatious way. mechanical. complicated or elaborate. listless. absorbed in thought. stingy. piercing. halfhearted. unscrupulous way Philanthropic: adj. Verbal Advantage Summary Paraphrase: v. put what someone else has expressed into different words Pariah: n. or melancholy way Perfunctory: adj. to steal. especially a small or meager amount of money Platitude: n. a mean. bending easily. making an inappropriate or tiresome display of knowledge by placing undue importance on trivial details. or advantage received in addition to one's normal salary or wages Personable: adj. hence. in general. destructive. performed in an indifferent. a small sin. difficult to move to emotion or action Pittance: n. specifically. incidental gain or reward. an expected or promised benefit. a dire lack Peccadillo: n. and often careless way. specifically. an excess. calm and unemotional. cross. a flat. a benefit. sharp. like a plexus or network Pliant: adj. adaptable. difficult to please Penchant: n. a person who suddenly acquires wealth and power and rises to a higher class. fair. specifically. or share. deadly. to restate. strong inclination. workable Poignant: adj. lying at or forming the outside boundary of something. extremely tight with money Parvenu: n. walking about. irritable. going from place to place on foot Peripheral: adj. especially one uttered as if it were original or profound Plethora: n. a person despised or rejected by society Parsimonious: adj. attractive. biting. portion. fretful. to steal or misuse money or property entrusted to one's care Pedantic: adj. a liking. irrelevant Pernicious: adj. leaning. flexible. dreamy. ordinary remark. complaining. privilege. absurdly learned. not essential. apathetic temperament. fatal. routine. humane. tricky lawyer. miserly. overabundance. an outcast. presentable Pettifogger: n.

a preference. objectionable. mighty. to prevent. to appease. authoritative decree Pragmatic: adj. quarrelsome. foolish. close relation Propitiate: v. to prohibit. especially. immature. to predict from signs. professed purpose Probity: n. huge. forms. partiality. concerned with everyday affairs as opposed to theory or speculation Preclude: v. gain or regain the goodwill or favor of. fertile. often toward something disagreeable. or present indications Proletariat: n. planning wisely. early development or maturity. tremendous. characters. publish. fruitful. childish. long-winded and boring. wordy and tiresome. using far too many and a great deal more words than are necessary and essential to get the point across Promulgate: v. outlaw Protean: adj. saving or providing for future needs Proximity: n. exercising sound judgement in practical matters Puerile: adj. a strong natural bent or tendency. thrifty. to speak in a pompous and overbearing way. liking. especially in mental ability Predilection: n. and sincerity in one's dealings with others Proclivity: n. ready and willing to fight Puissant: adj. ostensible reason or motive. make public in an official manner Propinquity: n. productive Prolix: adj. proximity. integrity. preconceived liking. the state of being in the vicinity of something Prudent: adj. drag out. highly variable or changeable. economical. nearness. straightforwardness. forbid. Verbal Advantage Summary Pontificate: v. an inclination or disposition to favor something Pretext: n. especially the industrial wage-earning class. to draw out. forceful 14 of 19 . ordinary. an inclination. extent. uninteresting. combative. to predict. which earns its living by manual labor Prolific: adj. leaning. powerful. nearness in place or time. extraordinary in size. careful. nearness or similarity in nature. strong. exclude or shut off all possibility of something happening Precociousness: n. immense. verbose. or wicked Prodigious: adj. enormous. dull. given to fighting. silly Pugnacious: adj. to make known. cause to become favorably inclined Prosaic: adj. Proscribe: v. fairness. practical. an excuse. symptoms. unimaginative. make pretentious or categorical statements. also. honesty. extend in time. the working class. make impossible. especially to excess Provident: adj. having to do with actual practice. force. or meanings Protract: v. proclaim. readily assuming different shapes. express one's opinion as though it were an official. cautious. lengthen. closeness. prolong. kinship. or degree Prognosticate: v.

a reestablishing of friendly relations Rebuff: v. at rest or repose Quixotic: adj. worthy of or commanding respect Redress: n. wicked. lacking all sense of decency and duty Repudiate: v. beauty. also. or doubt Quiescent: adj. settle. provoking or capable of provoking laughter Rodomontade: n. unreachable goals or far- fetched. reconciliation. to turn over in the mind. renounce. humorous in a mildly indecent. compensation. reparation. impossible to work with or manage Refulgent: adj. to render void. a state of uncertainty. having a set opinion or purpose. satisfaction for a wrong done Refractory: adj. supposed. reprove. recurring every day or pertaining to every day Rapprochement: n. to reject. repeal Resolute: adj. Verbal Advantage Summary Pulchritude: n. especially at intervals or after some lapse of time Redoubtable: adj. bring into harmony or agreement Recrimination: n. still. stubborn and disobedient. rebuke. brilliant. coarse. or reward Renaissance: n. arousing awe or dread. commonly considered or regarded as such. fainthearted. think about again and again. payment. to object. reputed. daily. a countercharge or counteraccusation Recrudescence: n. protest. reject sharply. resolve. radiant. annul. remove. resurgence. restore friendly relations between. a quick reply. refuse to accept as true Rescind: v. take away. refuse to accept as one's own. resolved. timid. unworkable schemes Quotidian: adj. fully or richly supplied. steadfast. actively resisting authority or control. a revival. inactive. to cancel. inclined to pursue lofty. to refuse bluntly. lacking courage. especially one that is cutting or witty Ribald: adj. deny the authority of. shining brightly. arrogant boasting or bragging Ruminate: v. unruly. unwavering. take back. well-stocked. resplendent Remonstrate: v. turn down abruptly. especially in an extravagantly chivalrous or romantic way. irresolute Putative: adj. sharp. also to reject as false. renewal of life or vigor Replete: adj. to make friendly again. renewal. attractiveness. to happen again. acrid. fearsome. tranquil. disown. firmly determined or settled. Pungent: adj. compensation. biting. corrupt. occur again. hence. consider carefully or at length 15 of 19 . filled to capacity Reprobate: adj. foolishly impractical or idealistic. quiet. argue or plead against Remuneration: n. deemed to be so but not proved Quandary: n. or vulgar way Risible: adj. morally abandoned. caustic Pusillanimous: adj. a revival. persevering Retort: n. formidable. loveliness. snub or spurn Reconcile: v. cowardly. chock-full. perplexity. thoroughly bad. rebirth. cast off. fresh outbreak after a period of inactivity or quiescence Recur: v. penetrating.

or capable of producing. dirty and run-down as a result of poverty or neglect. hopeful. showing no feelings. deep. characterized by insincere or affected righteousness. vulgar. to approve. distress by criticizing sharply Sciamachy: n. loud and harsh-sounding. false. a person who has only superficial knowledge of a subject. not constant. foul or filthy from lack of care. soaked. critical comment. wretched. degraded Stigma: n. a powerful. conspicuous. counterfeit. growing old. holier-than-thou. infrequent. confident. prominent. noticeable. deceptive reasoning. bearing pain or suffering without complaint Stolid: adj. miserable. thoroughly wet. wholesome. happening from time to time. wise. an orgy. obscene. aroused. not easily moved. or who pretends to have knowledge Scurrilous: adj. or fearful way Sonorous: adj. Saturnine: adj. using or expressed in language that is coarse. wasteful. a stain on one's character or reputation Stoic: adj. squandering one's resources Sporadic: adj. shrewd. full of moisture Saturnalia: n. especially an unfavorable or hostile observation or remark Strident: adj. or temperament Scarify: v. showing sound judgment and keen insight. the act of fighting a shadow or an imaginary enemy Sciolist: n. impressive sound Sophistry: n. favorable or conducive to well-being. occasional. licentious merrymaking. or religious piety Sanction: v. superficially just or reasonable but not so in reality Spendthrift: adj. shadow-boxing. not true. or somber in appearance. subtle and misleading argument Specious: adj. and abusive Senescent: adj. genuine. a mark of shame or disgrace. mentally or emotionally dull. unrestrained revelry. Verbal Advantage Summary Sagacious: adj. manner. especially in a worried. foul-mouthed. appearing to be true. especially in practical matters Salient: adj. insensitive. unemotional. on the decline Sinecure: n. gloomy. make cutting remarks about. grating. certify. a cushy job Solicitous: adj. showing care and attention. to wound the feelings of. having. aging. or genuine Squalid: adj. a moral blemish. or obtuse Stricture: n. shrill 16 of 19 . cheerful. full and rich in sound. sullen. perceptive. Sanctimonious: adj. a criticism. or correct but actually false or deceptive. ratify Sanguine: adj. irregular. occurring in a scattered or random way Spurious: adj. concerned. virtuousness. a position that provides a good income or salary but that requires little or no work. anxious. or excited. artificial. optimistic Saturated: adj. spending extravagantly or foolishly. allow. in colloquial terms. healthful. resonant. unaffected by pleasure or pain. sticking or jutting out Salubrious: adj. authorize. authentic. permit. showing little or no feeling or sensitivity. self-righteous.

or value Tawdry: adj. effect. to publicly disgrace or humiliate by making false and malicious statements. silent. hanger-on Tacit: adj. desertion. cheap and showy. outmoded. equivalent. beg. fleeting. hypothesis Suppurate: v. to fester. sickness. holding one's tongue. relieve. silent. disdainful Supine: adj. reckless disregard for danger. vanquish. implied or understood without words Taciturn: adj. especially a vehement and abusive one Traduce: v. unspoken. to make a mockery of. old and worn out. foolhardiness. retired because of age. to supply. recklessness. parasite. not closely related. a flatterer. outdated. a whispering. toady. to aid. fleeting. an assumption. thin. muttering. overwhelm completely. form or discharge pus Surfeit: v. garish. reasonable. or feed to excess. to conquer. rashness. only slightly connected. slender. not dense or substantial. or disgust Surreptitious: adj. reticent Tangential: adj. haughty. underhanded scheme Succor: v. contemptuous. defensible. made. or rustling sound Sycophant: n. lasting only a short while. especially to the point of discomfort. flimsy. Verbal Advantage Summary Subjugate: v. free of superfluous words. short-lived Transitory: adj. make submissive. specifically. or enjoyed in a secret and often sly or shifty manner. or upheld Tenuous: adj. to expose to public ridicule or contempt Transient: adj. momentary. fill. not talkative. to ask. maintained. theory. slight. dominate. passing. reserved. lacking a strong basis Tergiversation: adj. or consequences Tenable: adj. murmuring. a deception. fawning follower. give assistance to in time of need or difficulty Superannuated: adj. the act of deserting something to which one was previously loyal. help. sleazy Temerity: n. a soft. not permannt or enduring 17 of 19 . proud. a party. risk. temporary. such as a cause. expressed in a pointed and polished way Tirade: n. subdued sound. done. with the face turned upward Supplicate: v. obsolete Supercilious: adj. or plead for humbly and earnestly Supposition: n. or a religious faith Terse: adj. divergent Tantamount: adj. temporary. stealthy. so as to avoid notice Susurrus: n. brief and to the point. passing away with time. enslave Subterfuge: n. digressive. bring under rigid control. obtained. uncommunicative. characterized by secrecy and caution. trick. a long drawn out speech. or ineffectiveness. scornful. weakness. able to be defended. gaudy. lying down on the back. defeat. weak. having equal force.

strange. shorten by cutting or lopping off Turbid: adj. fluctuate. definite. occurring in the spring. bullying. interest. lifeless. a person who lives or behaves in a primitive manner. capable of being interpreted in only one way Unprecedented: adj. Verbal Advantage Summary Transmute: v. showing variety of character or form. interest. crush. fierce. pertaining to spring. to transform. sharp and to the point Triturate: v. new. form. lacking integrity or moral principles Urbane: adj. obscure. obvious meaning. vigorously effective. also. straightforward. dull. cosmopolitan Vacillate: v. roiled. to change from one nature. spotted. protracted feud or rivalry Venerate: v. or who lives in seclusion Truculent: adj. be indecisive. a change. or pound into fine particles or powder Troglodyte: n. devoid of substance. forgivable. to waver. a bitter. existing or seeming to exist everywhere at the same time Umbrage: n. lacking spirit. clouded. or substance into another. a cave dweller. sophisticated. muddled. especially. deceitful. diverse. corrupt. vacant. hesitate in making up one's mind Vacuous: adj. penetrating. having too many words. untrustworthy. to respect deeply. pardonable. or aggressively defiant way Truncate: v. empty. leading position or persons in a movement Vapid: adj. polished. having the qualities of spring: fresh. and mild Vicissitude: n. or meaning Vanguard: n. variation 18 of 19 . weird. muddy. or more refined one Trenchant: adj. capable of being bribed or bought off. having no prior example Unscrupulous: adj. figuratively. revere. resentment Uncanny: adj. murky. in a broad sense. bribable. better. able to be obtained for a price Vendetta: n. having a single. wordy. warm. or flavor Variegated: adj. expression. boring. streaked. having marks or patches of different colors Venal: adj. everyday language of ordinary people as opposed to the literary or cultured language Vernal: adj. long-winded. the common. keen. intelligence. to grind. specifically. suave. having no precedent or parallel. unheard of. eerie. stale. literally. novel. certain. confused. threatening. regard with awe and adoration Venial: adj. as if from stirred-up sediment. offense. flat. the native language of a people. the forefront of an action or movement. or dappled. ferocious. dishonorable. to cut short. corruptible. especially to a higher. varied. full of verbiage Vernacular: n. in a strict sense. mysterious Unequivocal: adj. not lucid Ubiquitous: adj. able to be overlooked Verbose: adj. excusable. clear and direct. especially in a brutal. show uncertainty. also.

free from suspicion of wrongdoing or dishonor. abusive language Vindicate: v. lopsided. fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners. unstable. also. askew. uphold or maintain the truth or innocence of something or someone in the face of criticism or imputations of guilt Vindictive: adj. debase Volatile: adj. crooked. slander. to defame. vengeful. to corrupt. give up. decision. contaminate. characterized by a desire to get even Vitiate: v. impair the quality of. characterized by a great and continuous flow of words Waive: v. attack with vicious. authorize. ruin. talking much and easily. determination Voluble: adj. choice. to justify. amusing way Xenophobia: n. forgo Warrant: v. to weaken morally. make faulty or impure. to clear from blame. or of anything strange or foreign 19 of 19 . to relinquish voluntarily. shriveled. Verbal Advantage Summary Vilify: v. distorted in an odd. sanction Wizened: adj. give good reason for. spoil. inconstant. shrunken and wrinkled Wry: adj. will. likely to change or shift rapidly and unpredictably Volition: n. twisted. talkative. defile. withered. changeable. seeking or wanting revenge. dried up.

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