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Internship Information for EE Students

There are some things that need to be take care of during and after internship for all EE students. Students
needs to be punctual and should focused on tasks being given during internship. Minimum of 5 weeks
internship needs to be done by every student. Students will have to submit following things to career
service coordinator after internship:

(1) Intern’s attendance record form (attached on next page) needs to be signed by your supervisor
every week.
(2) Internship report explained on page 3.
(3) Internship presentation explained on page 3.
(4) Internship completion certificate (original along with copy) from the employer specifying:
(a) You have worked as an internee.
(b) Start and end date of internship.

Annex H Bahria University INTERN’S ATTENDANCE RECORD FORM (To be submitted to Departmental Coordinator on weekly basis) Student Name: ______________________Organization Name:_________________________ Month/Day/Year Day of Week Start time End time Total Site hours Supervisor’s Signatures Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Student’s Signatures: ______________________________________________ Date: ____________________ Internship Supervisor’s Signatures: __________________________________ Date: ____________________ Departmental Coordinator’s Signatures: ____________________________ Date: ____________________ .

(e) Your views about significance of internship. (f) Your experience of internship. Title Page (attached on next page). b. In a standard format the report shall comprise the following parts: a. d. (b) Tasks you were assigned. Conclusion and Recommendations. g. If not properly done. Internship Report Submission: At the end of internship. (d) Suggested improvements to overcome the above mentioned difficulties. c. Executive Summary. Overview of the Duties and Responsibilities during the Internship. . e. Company Overview. (c) Difficulties you faced regarding your knowledge and skill to complete the task assigned. the Interns shall be required to prepare an 8-10 pages long report typed with double space and submit to Departmental Career Services Coordinator. Also note that presentation and report will be strictly evaluated. Overall Analysis of the Internship Experience. Internship Presentation: Presentation maximum of 10 minutes with following details: (a) Brief introduction of organization you have worked in. Table of Contents. f. will result in F grade!! You will need to make an appointment with career service coordinator for your presentation at least before 5 days.

An internship report submitted to the Department of . No. Bahria University Campus. in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree Fall-2018 . Annex-J Internship Report Title Page Format Internship Report on Company’s Name Name of Student Reg. Enrollment No.

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