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As per the cuspal interlink theory BTR you birth time is 9.36.45 pm.

it allows to fix the
SS arc in the first half as the ASC rising is in a female sign.
As we all know every event in our lives is predestined. These predestined events of our
lives are categorized by Dasa lords as per their positions in various houses and further by
the Stellar Status. Your first marriage was had on 14/04/1979; it was a Saturday and
Moon was transiting in a Venus Sign-Jupiter Star. Now checking with the Dasa potentials
during that time we get Jupiter Dasa-Mercury Bhukti-Saturn Antra-Moon Sookshama.
Rahu in your chart represents Jupiter/Ketu/Mars and Ketu represents Mer/Mars. Now
analyzing Jupiter the Dasa lord. We find Jupiter has positional status signifying 2, 5, and
9 mainly. Jupiter was posited in Moon-Jupiter-Moon-Ketu. The SSub of Jupiter is Ketu
mainly representing Mars & Mer. Mars being the Sign lord and SSl of ASC linking with
7th cusp as Star lord and Sub-Sub lord. Hence Jupiter was fully fit as Dasa lord to enact
the marriage event in your life.
Now analyzing the Bhukti Lord Mercury: Mercury is conjoined with Mars having
positional status in the 6th and signifying the Asc too as Star lord. Mercury is in Ven-Sun-
Sat-Jup SSub. Sun as Star lord appearing in 5th and Sub lord Saturn appearing in 11th . The
Sub-Sub lord Jupiter appears in the 11th . (Rahu represents Jupiter). Note: In Cuspal
Interlink theory it is very vital the Bhukti lord be connected with the 5th either by
appearing on the 5th Cusp, or by Positional Status or through Stellar Status. Here we find
it is suitably connected through Sun and Ketu (Ketu represents Mercury). Hence the
bhukti lord mercury was fully responsible to take up the event.

For the Second Marriage dated 26/06/1981; it was a Friday; Moon was transiting in
Jupiter Sign Mercury Star. Checking with the Dasa Potentials on this Date: we find you
were running in Jupiter-Venus-Rahu-Mercury. For Second marriage it is compulsory that
the bhukti lord be connected with the ninth. Here we see the 9th Cusp falls in Sun-Ketu-
Moon-Rahu. Sun (posited in the 5th ) - Ketu Star, Ketu is posited in the 7th . Ketu is the
Starlord of the 9th . Hence we can say 7th and 9th cusp is interlinked by Ketu. Ketu
represents Mars and Mercury allowing Rahu as Antara lord. And the Sookshama lord was
Mercury again it was a Mercury Star day because the ninth SSL is Rahu. Rahu is in
Jupiter sign Ketu Star (Ketu represents Mercury –Mars)

Naresh Valecha