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Regarding computer project report

The report (hard copy only) should have following:

1. The numerical scheme for your geometry (slab, sphere or cylinder) (can be

2. The plots for flux for source problem (Problem 1)(as given in the computer

3. Analytical formula and calculation for k-value for one region problem. (can
be hand wriiten)

4. Table for k-values for one region problem (analytical and numerical with
different grid sizes)

5. Normalized plots for flux for criticality problem for one region problem (i.e.
peak value should be 1) . This can be done by dividing the flux you obtained by
max(phi) before plotting. Note there is a max function in matlab.

6. Write the analytical equation for finding k for two-region problem. This is a
transcendental equation and you have to solve this equation numerically to
get the value of k for this case. Also, this equation has multiple roots; you
need only the first root. You can use FindRoot function in Mathematica or may
use any other software.

7. Repeat 2, 4 and 5 for two-region problem.

Policy regarding copying in computer projects

Dear Students,

The computer projects are take home and discussions among the
students is allowed (and encouraged). However you are expected to write your
own code and submit your own report. If a group of students submit same (or
similar beyond a certain degree) report, marks obtained will be equally
distributed among them.

Please consider the following for your computer project:

(i.) Plot on the same figure means you have to plot on top of each other.

(ii) Plot using computer, no hand sketches are allowed.

(iii) Axes should have labels; figures should be captioned.

(iv) If there are several plots on the same figure, it should be clear what is
being plotted in each plot. This can be done by using different line styles with
legend or just writing on the plot itself.

it is preferable to use legends and add text to your plots. . However. (vii) Please include analytical solutions in brief in your report. (vi) In case you feel something is missing or there is an error. either make your assumptions or send an email.(v) You can write (axis labels etc.) using pen .