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Z211: Assignment 4
This assignment is worth 30 points.
Due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, October 3.
One point will be deducted if the pages are not stapled.

Compose the second phrase of each of these melodies so that they end up being the
indicated types of periods. Be sure to determine the correct key for each one, and make
sure that the second cadence is stronger than the first. Draw inspiration from what I’ve
given you in the first phrase, and consider how the second phrase should start and end.
(Assume root position chords underneath.) [2 each]




Parallel: Contrasting: .

Andante FM: _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Bonus (up to +3): Do these two phrases (bars 1-4 and 5-8) form a period? Why or why not? Be sure to thoroughly explain your answer in detail. if needed) on the lines. For bar 7. 36. In bar 3. circle all of the non-chord tones in the right hand and indicate what kind each is (P or N). [1 each] In addition. consider the little decorative sixteenth notes as well. No. Muzio Clementi. . Op. Sonatina. The harmonies change with each line. There are a total of four NCTs. IGNORE THEM. be especially sure to consider the right hand (treble clef) notes when doing your vertical squashing. They mean nothing to us. 1 .Analyze the following passage by providing Roman numerals (with figured bass inversion symbols. [1 each] NB: The little numbers you see here are piano fingering numbers—NOT figured bass or anything like that.

Complete the following harmonic progression in four voices. Be sure to follow good voice leading principles. Take into account the clues I’ve given you. and move as little as possible between chords. [5] .