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I was born in a big town on 10th September, 2000.

I am
single. I am 177 centimetres tall. I weight sixty kilos. I live at
178 Kossuth Street Óhid.
I am a schoolboy student and I attend the local secondary
school. Its name is Kisfaludy Sándor Grammar School. After
nursery I went to primary school, where I studied for four
I am in the third year of secondary school. I love school. Our
class is a good group. There is a good atmosphere.
My favourite subjects are languages, arts subjects, science
subject. My strong point is English.
My weak point is Maths.
I get on well with my classmates. I am good friends with some
of them and if we have problems we solve them together.
They are hard-working and helpful.
I think the teacher-student relationship is ideal in our school. I
like all my teachers.
Normally we have six periods a day with a long break
between the fourth and fifth lesson. There are some days
when we have more than six.
I enjoy English lessons very much because the atmospoehre is
always very relaxed.

I am quite energetic and hard-working. I am talkative and for
most of the time I am happy. I am sociable but shy and I am
interested in people. I have a good sense of humour.