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OHIO STATE CORONERS ASSOCIATION 13757 Indianola Ave, * Columbus, OH 43214-3753 * 614.262-OSCA * Fax 614/784-9771, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 4, 2018 OHIO CORNERS AGAINST STATE ISSUE 1 Last week, the Ohio State Coroners Association (OSCA) voted to oppose State Issue 1 appearing on voter's ballots this November 6". Ohio's coroners are adamantly against Issue 1 because of its detrimental and irreversible impact on the fight against opioid addiction. As key partners in earning convictions against drug traffickers, the OSCA will not support any effort that makes prosecuting drug dealers and traffickers more difficult. State Issue 1 will allow for the re-sentencing of convicted felons, giving dealers a get-out-of-jail-ree card to return to the scene of their crimes and continue poisoning their communities. Butler County Corner Dr. Lisa Mannix believes that “if we are going to empty the prisons, we are going to fill the morgue and that is not what our community needs.” Dr. Amy S. Jollif, OSCA President and Wayne County Coroner stated that “Coroners work with law enforcement to prosecute dealers who sold illegal drugs to those who have died. If Issue 1 passes, those efforts will likely stop, as convictions will have little impact of changing the activities of dealers” Ohio's corners have a front seat to the unending number of bodies piling up asa result of opioid addiction — which the passage of Issue 1 will only exacerbate. Some county corners have had to outsource storage of the deceased because of the sheer volume they are experiencing from the epidemic. Resources are limited, costs are increasing, and corners cannot bare the consequences of implementing Issue 1. “Any change in the law creating easier access to illicit drugs should be cause for great concern” said Dr. Jolliff, “reducing the penalties for drug possession to that of a speeding ticket implies the use of these deadly drugs has only a minor impact on a community. And that just is simply false.” To learn more about the growing opposition to Issue 1 and the individuals and groups against it, please visit wae