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Guide to the Errant Venture

for the
STAR WARS� Roleplaying Game
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Rodney “Moridin” Thompson

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Welcome aboard the Errant Venture, gentlebeings! I am Nawara Ven,
quartermaster and majordomo for Booster Terrik, the owner and operator
of this great spacebound bazaar. Please ignore those burn marks on the wall
of the hangar; I assure you they’re nothing you should concern yourself with.
Allow me to give you the grand tour and perhaps find a place where you can
relax and spend a few credits on yourself. Everything a being could ever want
that can’t be found planetside is found aboard our ship, for a price. Just stay
with me and I assure you that we can help find what you’re interested in.

The Errant Venture is not your typi- Imperial forces away from Thyferra. In a
cal smugglerʼs den, that much is certain in brilliant tactical move, Booster commanded a
the minds of nearly all visitors. The sight of space station armed with the fire-control sen-
an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer is usually sors of over 300 proton torpedo and concus-
enough to send members of the fringe scat- sion missile launchers; an expert at bluffing, 3
tering in all directions, except when Booster Terrik convinced the captains of the Super Star
Terrik is at its helm. Traveling from system to Destroyer Lusankya and the Imperial-II Star
system and never staying in one place for long, Destroyer Virulence that he actually had laid
the Errant Venture has picked up a motley col- a trap, when in reality the fire control sensors
lection of smugglers, gamblers, mercenaries, were without their matching weaponry. Though
information brokers, and countless others who the Lusankya eventually broke free, the Viru-
operate outside New Republic law. With each lence surrendered to Booster who eventually
jump through hyperspace comes new denizens led the ship to aid in the Battle of Thyferra.
of the fringe, black market goods, dangerous Following the battle, Booster insisted
adventures, and countless other rare and valu- that the Virulence belonged to him, since the
able items that keep beings of all kinds coming captain had surrendered the ship not to the
back for more. New Republic, but to Terrik himself. Through
a long series of negotiations, Talon Karrde,
History of the Errant Venture General Airen Cracken, and Booster Terrik fi-
nally came to an agreement that allowed Terrik
The tale of the Errant Venture begins to keep the ship, though stripped of most of its
shortly after Coruscant fell to New Republic weaponry. Booster renamed the ship the Errant
forces at the hands of Rogue Squadron. Ysanne Venture, and hired over 200 Verpine techs to
Isard, then-ruler of the remnants of the Impe- refit and refurbish the damaged and decrepit
rial war machine, had fled to Thyferra where portions of the ship. The refit took over seven
her control of the Bacta Cartel had dealt a months, but once finished Booster had gained
crippling blow to the struggling New Republic command of a massive, floating smugglerʼs
military. In a series of battles, won through den, which had been a dream of his for years.
the cleverness and talent of several members Today, the Errant Venture is a common name
of Rogue Squadron and their associates, Isard on the tongues of most members of the space-
was ousted from her seat of power and Thy- faring fringe. Intimidating to its enemies, but
ferra was free to join the New Republic. a welcome sight for criminals and thrillseek-
During the final stages of the campaign, ers, the Errant Venture has become an icon of
Booster Terrik, a smuggler and information smugglers and free-traders everywhere, and
broker, who spent 5 hard years in the spice serves as a reminder for all members of the
mines of Kessel, cooperated with his future fringe that Booster Terrik outsmarted the New
son-in-law Corran Horn in an effort to draw Republic.
scrutiny from public officials, Booster can cre-
The Ship and its Crew ate a set of documents that no one will ques-
tion their validity. This comes in very handy
Boosterʼs dream of a mobile base of for his under-the-table dealings, as well as
operations and place of business has not been making him a good deal of money from those
everything he dreamed it would be. When the who wish to change lives for a while. Other
New Republic finished stripping the ship of its systems, such as communications and sensor
weaponry, the Errant Venture was reduced to equipment, give the ship other subtle advan-
ten turbolaser batteries, ten ion cannons, and tages –- when the systems are functional.
two tractor beams, a mere shadow of its former The ship was redesigned on the interior,
armament. Additionally, interior systems had but has always been plagued by technical diffi-
been damaged in combat, and faulty fire-con- culties. The ship is now sectioned off into three
trol modules on some of the weaponry have levels: Black Level, Blue Level, and Diamond
been a constant headache for Booster Terrik Level. These are the three commercial zones of
ever since acquiring the vessel. As a result of the ship, which are the most visited by traders
these problems, the ship takes a –3 Engines and merchants, as well as passengers simply 4
penalty to Maneuverability, and suffers losses along for the thrill, and some of the less savory
in fire control bonuses and turbolaser damage. members of Galactic society. Black Level, the
Despite repeated breakdowns and sys- lowest of the three, has been likened to Mos
tems failures, many pieces of Imperial military Eisley in many respects, as things there can
technology were left intact aboard the vessel. get a little rough; Blue Level is populated by
One of the big advantages for Booster and his merchants, traders, and thrillseekers, while the
crew is that the Imperial document fabrica- upper level, Diamond Level, houses the casi-
tion systems are still fully functional. These nos and the big spenders.
are excellent for forging legal documents and
identifications, because rather than being fake With a decreased armament and peril-
identification documents, they are real Imperial ously nonfunctional electronic equipment,
documents with false information. Combined Booster keeps several squadrons of uglies,
with a massive database of “dataphantoms,” or patchwork starfighters composed of vary-
identities which can be easily assumed without
Errant Venture
Craft: Kuat Drive Yards’ Heavily Modifed Imperial-II Star Destroyer; Class: Capital
Ship; Cost: Not Available for Sale; Size: Colossal (1,600m length); Initiative: -4
(+4 crew, -8 size); Crew: 4,780 (Skilled +4); Passengers: 30,000; Cargo Capacity:
49,000 metric tons; Consumables: 5 Years; Hyperdrive: x2 (backup x8); Maximum
Speed: Cruising (Average, 3 squares/action); Maneuvers: -7 (-8 size, +4 crew, -3
engine quality); Defense: 12 (-8 size, +10 armor); Hull Points: 700 (DR 60); Shield
Points: 200 (DR 60).
Weapon: Turbolaser (10); Fire Arc: 2 Front, 4 Left, 4 Right; Attack Bonus:
+1 (-8 size, +4 crew, +5 fire control); Damage: 4d10x5; Range Modifiers: PB -6, S
-4, M -2, L +0.
Weapon: Ion Cannon (10); Fire Arc: 2 Front, 4 Left, 4 Right; Attack Bonus:
+1 (-8 size, +4 crew, +5 fire control); Damage: 5d10x2; Range Modifiers: PB -6, S
-4, M/L N/A.
Weapon: Tractor Beam Projector (2); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +1 (-8
size, +4 crew, +5 fire control); Damage: Special; Range Modifiers: PB -6, S -4, M -2,
L N/A.
The Errant Venture in the
New Jedi Order
During the events that led up to the peace accord between the New Republic and the
Imperial Remnant, Booster Terrik was able to make a deal with the New Republic Navy to
refit the entire ship using the best technicians the government had to offer in exchange for the
shipʼs use during a raid on an Imperial outpost. As a result, the ship was returned to nearly
new condition, with a full weapons compliment and all the shipʼs vital systems torn out and
replaced with state of the art units. Despite the new components, however, modifications to the
ship made by the smuggler prevented the Star Destroyer from being returned to absolutely top
condition, and some ships systems still functional erratically (giving a –1 Engines penalty to
Maneuverability, as well as less effective fire control). Additionally, after peace was made, the
New Republic paid to have the ship painted blood red from bow to stern, a vision that Booster
had planned for the ship but could never quite afford to have done.
With the Jedi on the run from the Yuuzhan Vong (and the Peace Brigade), the Errant
Venture serves as a floating sanctuary for most of the youngest Jedi students. Kam Solusar and
his wife, Tionne, are managing the small cluster of apprentices, while Jedi Knight Corran Horn
is remaining onboard in order to lie low following the events at Ithor. While Booster claims to
be put off by having the Jedi students on board, the fact that two of them are his grandchildren
softens his gruff exterior to a certain degree. The ship is making random jumps throughout the
galaxy, never straying close enough to an inhabited system to be spotted, and only staying in
the same place long enough to re-supply. Additionally, due to the increased need for security,
the two house starfighter squadrons have been released to fight independently of the vessel.
Only a select few can find the ship at any given moment, among them Luke Skywalker, Mara
Jade, Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, and perhaps a handful of others.
ing parts of different starships, for the shipʼs found in some pirate fleets, is a pair of as-
protection from pirates and other raiders. The sault gunboats that cost Booster no small sum
X-Ceptor is an X-Wing cockpit with a pair of to procure. The craft are Cygnus Spaceworks
TIE Interceptor solar panels in the place of Alpha-class assault gunboats which were
the standard S-foils, while the Y-TIE consists originally developed for use in the Galactic
of a Y-Wingʼs cockpit, with TIE Fighter solar Adventure Hook:
panels in the place of the engine nacelles. Of
course, no two uglies are alike, and more often
Dangerous Cargo
than not even two of the same basic configu- As soon as the characters arrive
ration will vary widely in functionality. The aboard the Errant Venture, they have a
shipʼs two house squadrons, Glory Squadron chance encounter with Nawara Ven in the
and Honor Squadron, are permanently sta- cargo hold. As the characters disembark from
tioned aboard the Errant Venture, and are on their transport, astute heroes will overhear a
Boosterʼs payroll. The ship also makes use of conversation between the Twiʼlek quarter-
four mercenary squadrons, who swap in and master and a merchantʼs representative. The
out occasionally, are paid on a contractual ba- Errant Venture has just unloaded some very
sis and are rarely aboard the ship for more than hot cargo, either Imperial command codes,
a few months. a cache of Adegan Crystals (used in the
Aside from the starfighters housed creation of lightsabers), or some other item
aboard the vessel, several transports, shuttles, which coincides with the charactersʼ inter-
and other unconventional craft are often found ests. Further investigation reveals that Ven
in the Star Destroyerʼs docking bay. One of the acquired the items through a fellow Twiʼlek
chief defenses the Errant Venture has against named Duura, an information broker on
larger ships, such as the corvettes and cruisers Black Level.
Empire. Though never produced in so large a * These guns may be fixed to for-
number as to become common in the galaxy, ward-firing to be operated by the pilot.
assault gunboats were the Imperial response to This reduces the fire control bonus from
the more durable but slower craft used by the +4 to +2.
Rebel Alliance. Boosterʼs technicians keep the
pair as close to full efficiency as possible, as Assault Gunboat
they were far too costly to allow them to slip Craft: Cygnus Spaceworks Alpha Class
into disrepair. Xg-1 Starwing; Class: Starfighter; Cost:
n/a; Size: Tiny (15 meters); Initiative:
X-Ceptor Ugly +6 (+2 size, +4 crew); Crew: Skilled +4 (1
Class: Starfighter; Cost: 102.00 kCr; Size: pilot); Cargo Capacity: 100 kg; Consum-
Tiny (12.5m length); Initiative: +6 (+4 ables: 3 days; Hyperdrive: x1; Maximum
crew, +2 size); Crew: 1 (Skilled +4); Pas- Speed: Ramming (9 squares/action); Ma-
sengers: 0; Cargo Capacity: 90 kilograms; neuver: +6 (+2 size, +4 crew); Defense:
Consumables: 4 Days; Hyperdrive: x2; 22 (+10 armor, +2 size); Shield Points: 80
Maximum Speed: Ramming (Average, 9 (DR 5); Hull Points: 130 (DR 5). 6
squares/action); Maneuvers: +3 (+2 size, Weapon: Laser cannons (2 fire-
+4 crew, -3 engine quality); Defense: 22 linked); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +8
(+2 size, +10 armor); Hull Points: 90 (DR (+2 size, +2 crew, +4 fire control); Dam-
10); Shield Points: 20 (DR 10). age: 4d10x2; Range Modifiers: PB +0, S
Weapon: Laser Cannon (4, fire- -2, M/L n/a.
linked); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +9 Weapon: Ion cannons (2 fire-
(+2 size, +4 crew, +3 fire control); Dam- linked); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +8
age: 5d10x2; Range Modifiers: PB -2, S (+2 size, +2 crew, +4 fire control); Dam-
-4, M/L N/A. age: 4d10x2; Range Modifiers: PB +0, S
-2, M/L n/a.
Y-TIE Ugly Weapon: Concussion missile
Class: Starfighter; Cost: 80.00 kCr; Size: launchers (2, 8 missiles each); Fire Arc:
Tiny (11.8m length); Initiative: +4 (+2 Front; Damage: 9d10x2; Missile Quality:
crew, +2 size); Crew: 1 or 2 (Normal Ordinary (+10).
+2); Passengers: 0; Cargo Capacity: 100
kilograms; Consumables: 4 Days; Hy- Additionally, Booster has hired several
perdrive: x2; Maximum Speed: Attack employees to act as a security force aboard
(Average, 8 squares/action); Maneuvers: the ship. Recognizing that with a ship full of
+0 (+2 size, +2 crew, -4 engine quality); scoundrels there was bound to be trouble, he
Defense: 22 (+2 size, +10 armor); Hull selected former crewmates and mercenaries
Points: 100 (DR 10); Shield Points: 30 (DR to fill out the ranks of an armed security team
10). to keep the peace in order to continue attract-
Weapon: Laser Cannon (2, 1 fire- ing more wealthy guests. These security team
linked in sets of 2); Fire Arc: Front; At- members are garbed in what appear to be old
tack Bonus: +6 (+2 size, +2 crew, +2 fire Imperial-style uniforms, but rather than the
control); Damage: 5d10x2; Range Modi- sterile gray and black colors of the past, the
fiers: PB +0, S -2, M/L N/A. torsos are now light green with yellow sleeves,
Weapon: Ion Cannon [Light] (1); and when combined with their yellow trousers
Fire Arc: Any*; Attack Bonus: +8 (+2 and green caps make them a somewhat sicken-
size, +2 crew, +4 fire control); Damage: ing sight to behold. Nevertheless, they stand
4d10x2; Range Modifiers: PB +0, S -2, out in a crowd and have been a relatively effec-
M/L N/A. tive means of keeping the peace. They do turn
a blind eye to many of the shady deals on the Adventure Hook:
ship, unless Booster specifically orders them to
take care of a situation, or if the situation pres-
Heroes for Hire
ents a danger to the ship or its wealthy guests. After the PCs have arrived aboard
the Errant Venture and gotten accustomed
Errant Venture Security Force Mem- to their surroundings, the situation involving
ber: Adult Male Human, Thug 3; Init +0 their encounter with Nawara Ven suddenly
(+0 Dex); Def 11 (+0 Dex, +1 Class); Spd seems more dangerous. While the characters
10m; VP/WP -/17; Atk +3 or -1/-1 ranged are onboard, a band of pirates boldly attack
(3d6, Blaster [Pistol]), +5 melee (1d3+2, the ship in an attempt to acquire that hot car-
punch), +5 melee (-, Stun Baton); SV Fort go shipment. If the characters react to help
+5, Ref +1, Will +1; SZ M; FP: 0; Rep: +0; fight off the pirates, Booster is impressed
Str 15, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 10, by their combat prowess and offers them
Cha 9. a three-month contract as members of the
Equipment: Blaster [Pistol], Com- mercenary squadrons aboard the ship. Fight-
link [Encrypted], Security Force Uniform, ing off pirate raids and Imperial attempts to 7
Stun Baton reclaim such a warship should provide ample
Skills: Intimidate +8, Profession time to plant further plot seeds, as well as
(Security Guard) +2, Read/Write Basic, keeping them busy for a while.
Sense Motive +2, Speak Basic
Feats: Armor Proficiency (light),
Point Blank Shot, Skill Emphasis (Intimi-
date), Toughness, Weapons Group Profi-
ciency (blaster pistols, simple weapons)

Errant Venture Security Force Captain:

Adult Male Weequay, Thug 6/Scoundrel
2; Init +0 (+0 Dex); Def 14 (+0 Dex, +4
Class); Spd 10m; VP/WP 15/19; Atk +10/
+5 melee (1d3+3, punch), +10/+5 melee
(Stun Baton), +7/+2 or +3/+3/-2 ranged
(3d6, Blaster [Pistol]); SQ Illicit barter,
Lucky (1/day), Pheromonal Communica-
tions; SV Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +2; SZ M;
FP: 1; Rep: +1; Str 16, Dex 10, Con 16,
Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 7.
Equipment: Blaster [Pistol], Com- Black Level
link [Encrypted], Stun Baton
Skills: Climb +5, Disable Device +4, Black Level is a rough-and-tumble area
Intimidate +7, Move Silently +4, Read/ where the shadiest deals and most dangerous
Write Basic, Read/Write Sriluurian, Search situations aboard the ship can be found. Con
+0, Speak Basic, Speak Sriluurian men, out of work ship crews, thieves, smug-
Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), glers, assassins, and all manner of scum inhabit
Point Blank Shot, Power Attack, Tough- this Level. In addition to the dangerous, there
ness, Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster are the poor, the homeless, and the wandering;
pistols, simple weapons) these are the people who saw cheap transport
aboard a fringe-friendly ship to be more ap-
pealing that staying in whatever wretched lives The Staff of the Lean-To
they left behind. It is unknown why Booster
even allows these dregs of Galactic Society Mursk To’rak: Adult Male Bothan, Diplomat 5;
Init +1 (+1 Dex); Def 12 (+1 Dex, +1 Class); Spd
aboard his ship, perhaps only to sell their infor-
10m; VP/WP -/9; Atk +2 melee (1d3, punch),
mation elsewhere. +2 melee (1d4, Knife), +3 ranged (by weapon);
On Black Level, cantinas and hole- SQ ; SV Fort +0, Ref +2, Will +3; SZ M; FP: 1;
in-the-wall dwellings are the most common Rep: +1; Str 11, Dex 13, Con 9, Int 11, Wis 9,
sight. The travelers on Black Level are typi- Cha 11.
Equipment: Comlink, DataPad (+2
cally strapped for cash, or fleeing troubles,
computer bonus on Intelligence checks relating
and as such intoxication and a place to sleep to Computer Use checks involving downloading.
are all many can afford, or care enough about With related datacards +2 bonus to Knowledge
to spend money on. Bar fights and killings checks.), Knife
are as common as cutpurses and beggars on Skills: Appraise +5, Bluff +6, Diplomacy
+5, Gather Information +9, Intimidate +2,
Black Level, and only one with the street
Profession (Businessman) +6, Read/Write
savvy capable of surviving the worst parts of
densely-packed cities should venture to this
Bothese, Search +2, Sense Motive +8, Speak
Basic, Speak Bothese, Spot +1 8
level. Desperate or immoral, either way, the Feats: Persuasive, Sharp-eyed, Skill
inhabitants of Black Level have been known to Emphasis (Profession [Businessman]), Weapons
Group Proficiency (simple weapons)
prey on those who stand out of the crowd. No-
torious bounty hunters, bloodthirsty criminals,
Kurrk: Adult Male Gamorrean, Thug 4; Init -1
and opportunistic thieves have all made Black (-1 Dex); Def 10 (-1 Dex, +1 Class); Spd 10m;
Level their domain, and a dangerous place to VP/WP -/18; Atk +3 or -1/-1 ranged (3d6,
be. Blaster [Pistol]), +6 melee (1d3+1, punch), +7
One notable cantina on Black Level melee (2d10+1, Vibro-Ax); SQ ; SV Fort +8, Ref
+0, Will +0; SZ M; FP: 1; Rep: +1; Str 13, Dex
is called “The Lean-To.” Owned by a shady-
8, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 9, Cha 8.
looking Bothan named Mursk Toʼrak, this Equipment: Blaster [Pistol], Vibro-Ax
cantina has intentionally dimmed lighting, and Skills: Intimidate +8, Speak Gamorrean
every booth along the walls can see every en- Feats: Cleave, Power Attack, Tough-
trance and exit. The bar, situated in the middle ness, Weapon Focus (Vibro-Ax), Weapons Group
Proficiency (blaster pistols, primitive weapons,
of the room, is rectangular shaped, with drinks
simple weapons, vibro weapons)
being served on all four sides. The disgustingly
dirty floor, which was originally white but is
Duura: Adult Female Twi’lek, Diplomat 3; Init
now an off-brown color, has several blaster +1 (+1 Dex); Def 12 (+1 Dex, +1 Class); Spd
burns and what look to be bloodstains scattered 10m; VP/WP -/11; Atk +1 melee (1d3, punch),
over its surface. The walls are littered with +2 ranged (by weapon); SQ Low-light vision; SV
burn marks, and pitted along one side with Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +2; SZ M; FP: 1; Rep: +1;
Str 10, Dex 12, Con 11, Int 11, Wis 9, Cha 13.
what appear to be the remnants of shrapnel
Equipment: DataPad (+2 computer
from some kind of explosion. The bar serves bonus on Intelligence checks relating to
a variety of watered-down liquors and other Computer Use checks involving downloading.
drinks, often in dirty containers. The entire With related datacards +2 bonus to Knowledge
establishment is filthy and reeks of smoke, but checks.)
Skills: Bluff +7, Diplomacy +9, Gather
provides enough cheap intoxication to keep
Information +9, Listen +1, Profession (Waitress)
many coming back for more. +2, Read/Write Ryl, Search +2, Sense Motive
Mursk is a Bothan who tired of the clan +4, Speak Basic, Speak Lekku, Speak Ryl, Spot
structure on Bothawui and set off to escape +1
his homeworld. After draining his familyʼs Feats: Alertness, Sharp-eyed,
Trustworthy, Weapons Group Proficiency (simple
bank account, Mursk started several businesses
which failed shortly after their founding. Even-
tually, he wound up on Boosterʼs doorstep, eye to even the most dangerous and lethal hap-
and with his help, he opened the cantina. Since penings. Run-down and perilous to anyone,
then, Mursk has been successful enough to hire Black Level is truly the seedy underbelly of the
a bouncer named Kurrk, a Gamorrean merce- Errant Venture.
nary with a chop-shop cybernetic arm, who
lets fights wind down until the participants are Blue Level
almost collapsing, then throws them out into
the corridor. Kurrk is supposed to prevent any The middle level of the Errant Ven-
major damage to the place, but more often than tureʼs trio of commercial levels is significantly
not he waits too long before acting. Kurrk lost nicer and safer than Black Level. Blue Level
his real arm in the explosion which sent the is a large and colorful area which boasts more
shrapnel into the wall of the cantina. Though reputable inhabitants (if anyone from the fringe
not too bright, he does his job and complains can be said to be reputable) as well as a safer
little, which keeps him on the payroll despite travel environment. Remnant of Treasure
his slow response time. Ship Row on Corellia,
Mursk also hired a Adventure Hook: Boosterʼs home planet, 9
green-skinned Twiʼlek Dealing with Duura Blue Level is highly
female, named Duura, to Having descended down to Black commercialized, and
wait tables. What Mursk Level to find out more about this shipment seems to be the main
doesnʼt know is that she that everyone seems to want, they encoun- trade district aboard the
is running an informa- ter Nawara Venʼs informant, Duura, in this ship, with everything
tion brokering business seedy cantina. Should the characters manage from legal wares to
on the side, and using to convince Duura to give them some infor- illegal, black market
her job as a waitress to mation, either by running a dangerous errand goods passing between
gather information and or retrieving some bit of information for her, the hands of merchants
sell it to other patrons. they learn that the valuables are to be auc- and customers.
She also skims money tioned off by a successful merchant named Blue Level
off the top of each sale, Tien Gnit on Blue Level in a private auction features Traderʼs Al-
a little at a time, which with high-stakes bidding. While on Black ley, which makes up
sheʼs saving to buy a Level, the characters should have several the bulk of the Levelʼs
ship of her own. brushes with danger, and should one of the business. Traderʼs
The Lean-To is more ambitious criminals get wind of what Alley is a large, cash-
just one of dozens of the characters are after, they may find them- only bazaar featuring
cantinas tucked away on selves in more trouble than anticipated. merchants and traders
Black Level. They are from all over the gal-
as varied as the cantinas in any given city, but axy hawking their wares at prices that range
certain things are consistent between each one; from dirt cheap to breaking the bank. This is
they are all dangerous, and they all have some- where most trade goods eventually wind up on
thing to sell. Anything from food and drink, the ship; when smugglers and traders unload
to weaponry, to secrets and information can their cargo, merchants send representatives to
be purchased on Black Level, but the price is haggle for the items in the manifest. Once the
often more than simply credits. Bartering is a cargo is unloaded and brought up to the shops,
major form of commerce on Black Level, and the merchants themselves determine the mar-
characters visiting this area should be prepared ket price and begin pushing the product on the
to bargain. consumer. The exchange between trader and
Boosterʼs security teams rarely bother to patrol merchant has become a well-oiled machine
Black Level on a regular basis. They respond aboard the Errant Venture, with several large
quickly to threats to the ship, but turn a blind smuggling organizations placing representa-
tives of their own aboard the ship for the sole (by weapon); SQ Darkvision; SV Fort +2,
purpose of selling that groupʼs cargo. Ref +3, Will +6; SZ M; FP: 2; Rep: +2; Str
One successful entrepreneur is a Sul- 8, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha
lustan by the name of Tien Gnit, an aggressive 10.
salesman and the shrewd owner of the Lava Equipment: Comlink, DataPad
Tube, his shop. Tien has long been known as Skills: Appraise +10, Bluff +10,
an honest dealer, though his prices are some- Diplomacy +10, Gather Information +6,
what higher than most. He doesnʼt sell broken Intimidate +2, Listen +3, Profession (Busi-
equipment, and he doesnʼt lie about his prod- nessman) +14, Read/Write Sullustese,
ucts to customers. He is a hard bargainer, and Speak Basic, Speak Sullustese
will ask sometimes twice or three times the go- Feats: Persuasive, Skill Emphasis
ing price for a high-quality item. He demands (Profession [Businessman]), Track, Trust-
a lot of his employees, as well, requiring them worthy, Weapons Group Proficiency (sim-
to be honest in their dealings with him and his ple weapons)
customers. Gnit is also in good with Booster
Terrik, dealing mostly with the smuggling as- Blue Level also is home to one other 10
pect of his organization, and frequently brokers major landmark aboard the ship: a massive
deals with the owner of the ship in exchange holovid presentation of the New Republicʼs
for a good cut of any profit. campaign against Ysanne Isard at Thyferra.
Gnit runs a small shop on Traderʼs This work of hyperbole is displayed around
Alley, which is kept clean and organized by the clock in a massive open-topped courtyard
his employees. The shop boasts an impressive which rests in the middle of Blue Level, and
assortment of high-quality items, ranging from stretches up to connect with a similar courtyard
the mundane to more hard to find black market in Diamond Level. Of course, the presentation
goods. Gnitʼs selection is typically composed was edited and modified by Boosterʼs compos-
of standard items in working order, though a ing crew, and as such his role and that of the
small portion of his inventory is of the high- Errant Venture have been greatly expanded,
est quality, providing a +1 equipment bonus while the part played by his son-in-law Cor-
to any rolls using that item, at a cost of 30% ran Horn has been nearly completely cut out.
more than the standard asking price. Occasion- Guests staying on Diamond Level often ven-
ally, rare and valuable black market goods will
pass through his possession, but typically he Adventure Hook:
reserves those for his best, and most trusted A Fist Full of Credits
customers. He usually gives first choice of his Following the lead given to them by
rarest items to Boosterʼs daughter, Mirax (who Duura, the characters arrive on Blue Level
is an expert in rare item acquisitions), though and search out the Lava Tube, only to find
what she doesnʼt take, he makes available to that the auction is over and the items are
the regular customers on Traderʼs Alley. He gone. Quick investigation reveals that Boost-
does not deal in useless items, however; gems, erʼs daughter Mirax Terrik was the buyer,
jewelry, art, and other showpieces hold no and has just left the shop. As the characters
interest for the shrewd businessman, instead leave to pursue, they encounter Mirax strug-
preferring to deal in functional goods that serve gling with thugs from Black Level over her
a purpose other than decoration. recent acquisition right in the middle of the
courtyard beneath the giant holovid. If the
Tien Gnit: Adult Male Sullustian, Diplomat characters come to her aid and defeat the
7; Init +1 (+1 Dex); Def 13 (+1 Dex, +2 thugs, Mirax takes the opportunity to slip off
Class); Spd 10m; VP/WP -/10; Atk +2 me- unnoticed to Diamond level, prompting the
lee (1d3-1, crit 0-20, punch), +4 ranged party to pursue.
ture down through the courtyard to Blue Level even personal security while onboard the ship.
to shop, descending through clear lift tubes The rooms are of the highest quality, decorated
or down a massive spiral staircase around the by professionals and serviced by Boosterʼs best
outer edges of the holovid, while other adven- employees, and other discreet services can be
turous thrillseekers mingle amongst the many arranged for an appropriate fee.
would-be scoundrels milling about. Boba Fett- Luxury is not limited to the living quar-
wannabes, Han Solo-wannabes, and hundreds ters on Diamond level, extending just as el-
of other imitators and lackeys populate Blue egantly to the restaurants onboard. Some of the
Level, attempting to live out the excitement most renowned food preparation experts from
of being amongst members of low-society around the Galaxy are found aboard the Errant
without having to actually venture to the more Venture, cooking up their specialty dishes for
dangerous Black Level. Boosterʼs security the guests that can afford it. Many species-
team makes sure none of his wealthy visitors themed or planet-themed restaurants serve the
meet with too much trouble, but occasionally appropriate cuisine, allowing visitors to sample
they will let someone get a little rattled when tastes from all corners of the Galaxy. Several
they realize they are in over their head before nightclubs offer entertainment in addition 11
stepping in. to the food, and the friendly (and attractive)
restaurant staff is always on hand to ensure that
Diamond Level customers are pleased with their meals. These
fine dining establishments usually have a start-
Connected to Blue Level via the mas- ing price of 50 to 100 credits per meal, some
sive courtyard at the center of the ship, Dia- extending up over 500, and even 1000 credits
mond Level is a lush, exotic resort providing for some exotic foods. Establishments offer-
anything a customer might need –- for a price. ing dinner shows, live music, or other forms
Bright lights and flashing holograms proclaim of entertainment typically are more expensive,
the presence of casinos and entertainment, but Booster personally reviews many of the
while other sections of Diamond Level are performers aboard the ship to make sure that
closed off and private, including luxury spas everything is of the highest quality on Dia-
and other comfortable living areas. Diamond mond Level.
Levelʼs motto is a perfect description of the Health spas and relaxation therapy
way business is run aboard this level of the Er- businesses also make their home on Diamond
rant Venture: Discretion Guaranteed, Satisfac- Level. Those guests who do not wish to deal in
tion Assured. entertainment, or the dangerous excitement of
The visitors to Diamond Level are Blue Level. Most resorts offer daily, weekly, or
mostly wealthy, upper-crust members of Galac- even lifetime passes to customers who come in
tic Society with money to waste. What brings for pampering. Athletic arenas are available for
them aboard the Errant Venture is a chance to those who desire a healthy workout, and other
see the Galaxy aboard the intimidating form services, like massage therapy or personal
of an Imperial Star Destroyer, surrounded by training, are also found in Diamond Level
scoundrels, smugglers, and other members of spas.
the fringe. Guest quarters are elegantly deco- One of the big attractions aboard the
rated and have anything that a paying cus- shipʼs Diamond Level is the number and va-
tomer might need. Cost per person per night riety of casinos. If Blue Level was remnant of
for a room on Diamond Level begins at 5,000 Treasure Ship Row, Diamond Level rivals the
credits, and then rise from there depending on great casinos at Cloud City, Kaal, and aboard
whether or not guests would like an observa- the Coral Vanda. Bright lights, exotic guests,
tion window (with choice of view between and the promise of excitement and a few
outer space, and courtyard), room service, or credits draw in many professional and amateur
gamblers. It is even said that Lando Calrissian him for the chance at being a part of his illegal
himself plays aboard the Errant Venture from operations, even pay him for the opportunity,
time to time, though rarely do his opponents without really telling them what theyʼre getting
walk away from the table with enough money into. Guests on the ship are aboard for their
left to brag about. The casinos are a major own reasons, some for the luxury and some
source of income for Booster and the Errant for the thrill, and Booster never hesitates to
Venture, as his dealers consist mostly of card cater to their individual tastes, especially when
sharks and gambling buddies that he knew thereʼs a chance for him to earn a few credits.
during his smuggling days. Card counters and
professionals, Boosterʼs dealers donʼt need to
Notable Personalities
cheat to earn the house a wealthy amount of
money; theyʼre simply that good. Treat these Booster Terrik
dealers as the mid-level Generic Gambler from
the Core Rulebook, page 268. Games like Booster Terrik has always been a little
Sabacc are the most common in the casinos of rough around the edges. While some mem-
Diamond Level, but many electronic games bers of the fringe attempt to maintain an air 12
and games of random chance can be found of refinement, Booster makes no such claim.
here as well, offering a wide variety of ways A talented smuggler with connections all
for guests to drain their bank accounts into the over the Galaxy, Terrik prides himself on two
house. things: his no-nonsense way of dealing with
people, and his daughter Mirax. Booster Terrik
Adventure Hook: is not the kind of man to play games, and he
Diamond in the Rough has a complete lack of respect for authority.
The characters, in pursuit of Mirax Tall, broad and thick, and sporting a menac-
Terrik and her valuable new purchase, as- ing cybernetic eye and a rough white goatee,
cend into the glitz and glamour of Diamond Booster can be an intimidating site before he
Level. As the party weaves in and out of even opens his mouth. Heʼs a gruff man who
casinos, restaurants, and private establish- doesnʼt take any slag off of anyone, tough as
ments, they eventually catch wind that in 2 duracrete and, like most Corellians, never does
days time, Mirax will be playing in a high- what those around him expect him to do.
stakes game of Sabacc with an experienced Booster was a smuggler and pilot for
gambler, with her expensive new acquisition hire on Corellia at the height of the Empire.
on one side of the wager, and a single, rare He used the Pulsar Skate, a freighter which
item in the gamblerʼs possession; an au- would eventually become his daughterʼs,
thentic Jedi lightsaber, holocron, plans for a as his own personal vessel, though he had a
working cloaking device, or something along moderate sized organization of his own. When
those lines would be sufficient. What the Wedge Antillesʼ parents were killed on Gus
characters choose to do from there is up to Treta, Booster tried to help him track down the
them, however thereʼs sure to be trouble (and pirates responsible for their deaths. The search
money to be made) in such a risky endeavor. ended abruptly and unsuccessfully when
Booster was sent to do time in the spice mines
of Kessel by a member of Corellian Security
Occasionally, Booster will arrange for named Hal Horn. Boosterʼs organization was
thrill-seeking guests of Diamond Level to walk taken over by an up and coming smuggler Jorj
amongst the denizens of Blue Level as a poten- Carʼdas, and his daughter Mirax went into
tial member of the fringe. Other times, he will business for herself. Booster spent 5 hard years
use these daring but naïve customers to carry in Kessel, and itʼs a time in his life heʼd like to
out some task for him. Booster has even been forget.
known to convince guests to practically beg
Booster treats the Errant Venture as Feats: Infamy, Iron Will, Sharp-
though it were simply another part of his fam- eyed, Skill Emphasis (Bluff), Spacer, Star-
ily, caring for it deeply, even with all its quirks ship Operation (capital ship, space trans-
and technical problems. He has made a good port), Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster
bit of profit off the ship, and is always looking pistols, simple weapons)
for new and exciting attractions to entertain his
guests. Boosterʼs cybernetic eye allows him Mirax Terrik
to see in the ultraviolet spectrum, giving him If asked, almost no one would ever
the ability to see specially marked cards and guess that Mirax was the daughter of the in-
throw cheaters out of the casinos. Additionally, famous smuggler Booster Terrik. Growing up
it lets him see in the infra-red spectrum, often on Corellia, Mirax was childhood friends with
revealing hidden weapons and adversaries. He Wedge Antilles, and remained in close contact
tolerates no one that does harm to his precious through the years of the Rebellion and into the
business, and even once severely beat Bo- New Republic. Beautiful with a hint of exotic
than Senator Borsk Feyʼlya for trying to hire features, Mirax shares one thing in common
Boosterʼs organization to kill another Bothan. with her father: they both prefer getting right 13
Booster is a no-nonsense Corellian, set in his down to business. Mirax likes to jump right
ways, but with a sense of honor and respect in and get hands on in a situation, and doesnʼt
about him that he tries to hide. mind if it gets her a little dirty.
Mirax uses the Pulsar Skate as her
Booster Terrik: Adult Male Human, personal transport and business venue. Af-
Scoundrel 6/Noble 2/Crimelord 3; Init +1 ter seeing her father hauled off to Kessel by
(+1 Dex); Def 18 (+1 Dex, +7 Class); Spd Hal Horn, she began a successful shipping
10m; VP/WP 82/14; Atk +7/+2 or +3/+3/- and acquisitions business. Though operating
2 ranged (3d6, Blaster [Pistol]), +8/+3 mostly within the law, Mirax took up where
melee (1d3+2, punch); SQ Contacts (x1), her father left off and began smuggling weap-
Darkvision (20m), Favor +1, Illicit barter, ons into Alliance bases. Eventually, she would
Inspire Confidence, Inspire Fear -2, Lucky fall in love with New Republic officer Corran
(2/day), Noble bonus class skill (Bluff), Horn, despite some early bitterness between
Precise Attack +1, Resource Access; SV them, though her independent streak is easily
Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +12; SZ M; FP: 4; seen still as she continues to operate her own
DSPs: 2; Rep: +7; Str 14, Dex 13, Con 14, business. She specializes in acquiring rare and
Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 13. valuable items, from perishable foods to art as
Equipment: Blaster [Pistol], Com- well as more common items, and has an excel-
link [Cybernetic], Cybernetic Eye [+1 to lent reputation amongst her customers.
Spot checks, darkvision 20m], DataPad, Mirax often uses her fatherʼs floating
decommissioned Imperial II Star Destroyer bazaar as a stopover point and base of opera-
(Errant Venture) tions. She has a good working relationship
Skills: Appraise +14, Astrogate +9, with many of the traders, smugglers, and mer-
Bluff +18, Computer Use +6, Demolitions chants aboard the ship, and her ship is always
+4, Diplomacy +13, Disable Device +6, a welcome sight in the docking bay. She makes
Disguise +3, Forgery +6, Gather Informa- use of her fatherʼs resources, as well as using
tion +11, Hide +4, Intimidate +12, Knowl- the concentration of fringe elements to forge a
edge (Streetwise) +13, Listen +6, Move Si- network of contacts of her own. Aboard the Er-
lently +4, Pilot +11, Profession (Merchant) rant Venture she has often found rare items that
+14, Read/Write Basic, Repair +5, Search her customers pay dearly for, as well as trading
+5, Sense Motive +14, Speak Basic, Speak more mundane goods at a reasonable price.
Rodese, Speak Ryl, Spot +7 She occasionally takes on a shipping contract,
as well, though she prefers the acquisitions
business. The Pulsar Skate
Mirax Terrik: Adult Female Human, Miraxʼs personal starship, the Pulsar Skate,
Scoundrel 7; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Def 17 (+2 is a modified Baudo-class Star Yacht which
Dex, +5 Class); Spd 10m; VP/WP 30/11; she uses to make all her deliveries. While not
Atk +5 melee (1d3, punch), +7 or +3/+3 aboard the Errant Venture, Mirax uses the
ranged (3d6, Blaster [Pistol]); SQ +1 bo- ship as he roaming home in the stars. Taking
nus to defense against a specific target., her traveling business in rare and valuable
Illicit barter, Lucky (2/day), Precise At- items from system to system has allowed her
tack +1; SV Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +3; SZ M; to flourish and become one of the most fa-
FP: 3; Rep: +2; Str 11, Dex 15, Con 11, mous acquisitions experts in the Galaxy. The
Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 16. Pulsar Skate is a welcome sight in most all
Equipment: Blaster [Pistol], Com- docking bays, as its arrival typically heralds
link, DataPad, Modified Baudo-class Star the approach of hard-to-find objects.
Yacht (Pulsar Skate) 14
Skills: Appraise +12, Astrogate +9, Pulsar Skate
Bluff +12, Computer Use +9, Diplomacy Craft: Modified Baudo-class Star Yacht;
+5, Disguise +8, Escape Artist +6, Forg- Class: Space transport; Cost: Not
ery +8, Gather Information +15, Hide +7, Available for Sale; Size: Small (37.5m
Intimidate +6, Listen +6, Move Silently length); Initiative: +1 (+1 size); Crew: 2
+7, Pilot +14, Profession (Smuggler) +11, (Unique); Passengers: 4; Cargo Capac-
Read/Write Basic, Repair +7, Sense Motive ity: 115 Metric tons; Consumables: 3
+5, Speak Basic, Speak Ryl, Speak Sullus- Months; Hyperdrive: x1 (backup x10);
tese, Spot +6, Tumble +6 Maximum Speed: Attack (Average, 7
Feats: Dodge, Persuasive, Skill Em- squares/action); Maneuvers: +2 (+1
phasis (Pilot), Spacer, Starship Operation size, +1 engine quality); Defense: 21 (+1
(space transport), Trustworthy, Weapons size, +10 armor); Hull Points: 135 (DR
Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, simple 20); Shield Points: 85 (DR 20).
weapons) Weapon: Laser Cannon [Twin]
(1); Fire Arc: Front; Attack Bonus: +6
or +2/+2 (+1 size, +5 fire control); Dam-
age: 5d10x2; Range Modifiers:
PB/S +0, M/L N/A.
Weapon: Tractor
Beam Projector (1);
Fire Arc: Any;
Attack Bonus:
+5 (+1 size, +4
fire control);
Damage: Spe-
cial; Range
Modifiers: PB
+0, S/M/L N/A.
Nawara Ven downloading. With related datacards +2
bonus to Knowledge checks.)
Nawara Ven is a Twiʼlek lawyer from Skills: Astrogate +8, Bluff +6,
the planet Ryloth who was formerly a member Computer Use +6, Diplomacy +10, Intimi-
of Rogue Squadron with Corran Horn. Aboard date +5, Knowledge (Law) +9, Knowledge
the Errant Venture, he works as an adminis- (Spacer Lore) +2, Pilot +15, Profession
trator and majordomo, a right-hand-man to (Businessman) +5, Profession (Lawyer) +9,
Booster when more mundane tasks need tend- Read/Write Ryl, Repair +4, Sense Mo-
ing to. tive +5, Sleight of Hand +4, Speak Basic,
Nawara was an expert pilot, good Speak Lekku, Speak Ryl
enough to fly with Rogue Squadron, until Feats: Armor Proficiency (light,
several injuries took him permanently out of medium), Improved Initiative, Point Blank
the cockpit. Since joining Terrikʼs operation, Shot, Skill Emphasis (Knowledge [Law]),
he has helped improve the cost-effectiveness of Spacer, Starship Dodge (starfighter), Star-
the ship, reducing expenditures and helping cut ship Operation (starfighter), Weapons
out unnecessary spending. Booster is thrilled Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, blaster 15
with Nawaraʼs work, as it saves him money, rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons,
one of Boosterʼs driving forces. Additionally, vibro weapons)
he works as a mediator between the merchants
and owners aboard the ship, helping solve
more mundane problems that donʼt need to be
brought to Terrik personally.
Nawara is a friendly person, who
misses his time in the cockpit but does his best
to fulfill any requirements of him, regardless
of the job. He has a strong sense of honor, and
is intelligent and witty. Like many Twiʼlek, he
seems to have a knack for business, and often
uses his silvered tongue and quick mind to seal
business deals that can be very beneficial for
himself and Booster.

Nawara Ven: Adult Male Twi’lek, Soldier

5/Noble 2/Starship Ace 3; Init +6 (+2 Dex,
+4 Bonus); Def 20 (+2 Dex, +8 Class); Spd
10m; VP/WP 57/13; Atk +10/+5 or +6/+6/
+1 ranged (3d4, Blaster [Hold-out]), +9/
+4 melee (1d3+1, punch); SQ Familiarity
(X-Wing) +1, Favor +1, Inspire Confidence,
Low-light vision, Noble bonus class skill
(Bluff), Starship Defense; SV Fort +8, Ref
+8, Will +7; SZ M; FP: 4; Rep: +3; Str 12,
Dex 15, Con 13, Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 15.
Equipment: Blaster [Hold-out],
Comlink [Encrypted], DataPad (+2 com-
puter bonus on Intelligence checks relat-
ing to Computer Use checks involving