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ERAYDIA for the

STAR WARS Roleplaying Game
Written and Developed By:
Rodney “Moridin” Thompson

Artwork By:
Daniel “Reverend Strone” Falconer, W. Don “Ghost in the Holocron” Flores, Derek “Nafai”
Jones, and Jim “Chimchim” McCloskey

Additional Development By:

Daniel “Reverend Strone” Falconer and W. Don “Ghost in the Holocron” Flores

Additional Layout and Graphics by:

Derek “Nafai” Jones

Joseph Al-Khazraji, Michael Beeler, Charles Galyon, Anna Reed, Brett “Darth Xavian”
Thompson, Clay Venable, Shay Wells

With Special Thanks To:

West End Games and Wizards of the Coast

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Welcome to the Decimus Sector!

In the vast reaches of space, groups of planets known as sectors help make governing a massive
Republic (or Empire) more manageable. As homes, cities, and planets have a sense of local
identity, so too do sectors band together in order to maintain a semblance of belonging in such
a diverse galaxy. Some sectors are vast and wield enormous power, while others are little more
than collections of backwater planets who were grouped together by some bureaucrat in charge
of a galactic census. Some sectors are hubs of cultural and political activity, like the Sesswenna
Sector, while others are on the far reaches of civilization, like the Kathol Sector.

The Decimus Sector, however, is a unique entity in that it is the backdrop for SWRPGNetwork’s
own campaign setting. The sector is located across the borders of the Mid Rim and the
Expansion Region, found between the Tapani Sector and the planet Cerea. While not as close
to the Core Worlds as some regions, the Decimus Sector is far from being considered backwater
or insignificant, remaining diverse and yet able to integrate into the galaxy as a whole with
ease. Like many of the other sectors of space, the Decimus Sector holds a variety of planets and
species that make it an exciting (and occasionally dangerous) place to visit.

SWRPGNetwork will be bringing you a different planet in the sector with each installment,
eventually culminating in a completely functional Sector to use as the campaign setting for any
game. The Decimus Sector supplements are completely compatible with any era, offering notes
on games set in any time period throughout STAR WARS history. In addition to complete stats for
the flora, fauna, characters, and technology for each locale, you’ll find adventure hooks that
are perfect for introducing characters to the amazing vistas and dangerous situations that the
Decimus Sector is designed to create.

Enjoy the setting, and e-mail feedback to with what you’d like to

Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Grasslands
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: Standard
Length of Day: 25.5 standard hours
Length of Year: 391 standard days
Sentient Species: Eraydians, humans, various sentient species
Languages: Basic, Eraydrese
Population: 14 million
Species Mix: 63% Human, 7% Eraydian, 2% Falleen, 28%
Government: Bureaucracy
Major Exports: Technology
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, technology
System/Star: Eraydia
Planets Type Moons
Eran Barren Rock 0
Manesse Barren Rock 0
Auron Terrestrial 1
Eraydia Terrestrial 2
Goram Gas Giant 8
Jurin I Ice ball 2
Jurin II Ice ball 4 those of airspeeders and other vehicles that can be strongly
affected by fierce winds. It is not an uncommon occurrence
The Eraydia system, named for the primary inhabited planet of for an unlucky (or careless) pilot to find himself losing control
the system, is on the edge of sector space closest to the Tapani of his craft when being caught in a gust of wind that smacks
Sector. At the center of this system lies a white sun in the prime space transports around like a giant fist slamming into the hull.
of its life cycle surrounded by several planets and stellar bodies All pilots suffer a –1D penalty to piloting rolls while entering
that make up the solar system. Eraydia, the fourth planet in or flying within the atmosphere. This penalty does not apply
the system, is the only inhabited world despite the fact that its to walkers, ground vehicles, or repulsorcraft flying below 10
neighbor closest to the sun, Auron, could potentially support meters.
life. However, the extensive terraforming that would be needed In addition, the two layers of cloud cover can be
to make it a comfortable environment. Several corporations exceptionally hazardous, where one layer might seem clear
have considered doing just that, however the high costs of as the other one obscures a dangerous obstacle. Fortunately,
transforming the planet are rarely justified given the ample modern sensors are able to break through most atmospheric
space available on the primary planet in the system. interference, and Eraydia does not boast any exceptionally
Eraydia is chiefly characterized by its high winds and different or powerful energy fields. The two cloud covers,
dual-layered cloud cover. The both a mix of white and gray clouds, constantly shift and swirl
planet is covered with massive
grassy plains and savannahs,
stretching across entire continents
with but a few small forests and
other breaks in the terrain to
be found. The planet also has
several large oceans that break
up the various continents and
support a normal amount of sea
life. When viewed from space,
Eraydia appears to be a great
ball of swirling gray clouds, with
occasional breaks in the various
cloud layers revealing massive
swathes of open green terrain and
deep blue oceans.
The winds of the planet
range from low breezes to gale-
force winds and can change
drastically over the course of a
single day. This is a natural hazard
to pilots of starships making a
landing on the planet as well as
around one another, keeping a gap of roughly a kilometer in size oceanic life that, like some sea creatures, learned to glide out
between them, offering a temporary safe haven while passing of water for a few moments at a time. The manteons, however,
between the two layers. When a starship wishes to leave or enter live in the upper atmosphere of the planet and cruise constantly
Eraydia’s atmosphere, its pilot must make a Difficult piloting on the winds between the two cloud layers. Primarily feeding
roll to avoid being thrown off course. A successful sensors check off of the large amounts of plant life that drift on the winds like
(Moderate difficulty) reduces the difficulty of the piloting check airborne plankton, manteons are essentially airborne scavengers
to Easy. with no natural enemies. The lifespan of a manteon is around
Eraydia has no planetary shields to speak of; Eraydia is 400 standard years by best estimates; it takes around 30 years for
neither large enough nor important enough to warrant a complete the manteon to reach its full adult size, and after that it remains
planetary shield, and natural ecosystem obstacles, such as the relatively unchanged for the duration of its life. A dying manteon
cloud covers and the massive manteons (discussed later in this usually finds an expanse of open field and lands there to die, one
article) help deter large-scale planetary invasion. For the most of the only times a manteon will ever leave the skies. Manteons
part, Eraydia is one of the most peaceful planets in the Decimus reproduce via external fertilization, and give live births in the
Sector and has little need for military defenses. Though, as with air; manteon offspring already have well-developed flight organs
all planets, the Empire would install planetary ion cannons and and are able to take to the air immediately after birth.
turbolasers, for the most part the planet remains defended only The manteons are massive creatures with a wingspan
by nature. approaching 500 meters or more wide and a length from the front
of its head to the tip of its tail ranging in the 700-1000 meters
Flora and Fauna of Eraydia range. Their coloration is a mix of blues and grays on the dorsal
side of their bodies, and their underbellies are a pale white;
A planet as rich with life as Eraydia is typically hosts a wide
however, manteons native to different regions or born with any
variety of interesting and exotic wildlife that is to be expected
genetic variation sometimes have topsides ranging from green to
of a complex ecosystem. Some planets have one overlying
almost albino white. Across their backs are a pair of tan-yellow
ecological feature that dominates the planet’s natural balance;
air sacs that are full of heated gasses that not only help keep the
Hoth has its frozen wastes, Kamino has its vast oceans, and Endor
manteon afloat but also store heat in the sometimes chilly upper
its dense forests. Eraydia, on the other hand, boasts not a single
atmosphere. These gas sacs start as small, bulbous objects only
environment that is easily recognizable (though the abundance
a few meters tall and then grow to a height of 20 meters or so
of grasslands and flat plains could certainly be considered so),
at the top of the crest. Their mouths, which scoop up plant life
but rather it is the constant winds that have shaped the evolution
drifting on the winds, boast a maw of yellow “teeth” that are
of many of the most common lifeforms. Below are several of
used to grind up any large chunks of plant life that may find its
the most integral forms of life native to Eraydia that should help
way into the sky. At the front of their mouths, two long tendrils
flesh out the planet’s ecosystem. sprout from the thick skin and dangle down below the manteon’s
body. These tendrils possess a strong electrical charge similar
Manteons to that of a moderately large ion cannon, and are used for the
Manteons are the creature most commonly associated with the manteon’s defense. Many an unwary starship captain tempted to
planet Eraydia. Many of the world’s lifeforms have adapted skim over the tops of the manteons have been snared by these
to deal with the manteons in one form or another, and they are tendrils, which can incapacitate ships are large as freighters and
some of the most ecologically important creatures on the entire send them crashing to the ground below.
world. Manteons are mostly docile except in the above
Manteons are massive flying mammals that resemble cases of self-defense and the occasional struggle with another
some forms of sea life on the more aquatic worlds. In fact, manteon for territory. While most of the manteons are wild
many xenobiologists have theorized based on archaeological and travel individually, many have been “tamed” by the native
evidence that they are indeed the descendents of some form of Eraydians and are actually the homes of entire cities of beings.
The manteons cannot be easily controlled, though the Eraydians
have developed a sort of rapport that allows them to live in a
symbiotic relationship and apply a low level of guidance to the
massive beasts. Additionally, the manteons are a vital part of the
ecology of the planet and have become a central focus of much
of Eraydian culture. The skies of the planet are dominated by
these massive beings and it is mostly true when it is said that no
matter where you stand on the surface of Eraydia a manteon will
always be within your field of vision.

Wild Manteon help the Eraydian take off from the ground. Eraydians give the
Type: Airborne Scavenger illusion of natural flight due to their uncanny ability to predict
Scale: Capital wind patterns and have developed such a sense to the point
DEXTERITY 1D where it is almost instinctual. On most worlds, the Eraydian
Dodge 3D+2 gliding ability is of limited use, however on their homeworld the
PERCEPTION 2D constant winds produce enough lift that an Eraydian can actually
STRENGTH 3D+2 leap into the air and take off, using their leathery wings to
Brawling: tendrils 8D catch the continuous winds and soar the skies with a grace (and
Special Abilities: acrobatic style) that is unrivaled by many flying species.
Darkvision: Manteons can see in no-light conditions Eraydians live in villages built into the underside of
as easily as in well-lit conditions thanks to sensory the massive manteons, constructed of simple materials gathered
perception. from the wilderness on Eraydia. These suspended villages
Tendrils: 4D ion damage (starfighter scale) resemble the primitive hovels that many species use early in
Move: 60 (fly) their development cycles. Each hovel is connected by a series
of walkways designed for humans and humanoid species to
Eraydian Controlled Manteon traverse; many of these manteon cities see regular traffic of other
Type: Airborne Scavenger ground-based species. The entry and exit points of each city
Scale: Capital resemble long poles that are easily grasped by the Eraydians’
DEXTERITY 1D long foot talons. Additionally, there are networks of guide wires
Dodge 3D+2 that are used as anchors in high wind areas to keep those beings
PERCEPTION 2D that are not capable of flight from falling to their deaths.
STRENGTH 3D+2 Eraydian society is much like that of any small
Brawling: tendrils 6D+2 community; each member of the villages has a particular job and
Special Abilities: are skilled craftsmen, scouts, and (though only a small portion
Darkvision: Manteons can see in no-light conditions of the population actually falls under this category) warriors.
as easily as in well-lit conditions thanks to sensory For the most part, the various Eraydian cities do not fight with
perception. one another, and each is self-sufficient enough that only some
Tendrils: 4D ion damage (starfighter scale) trading goes on between each one. One small group of Eraydians
Move: 60 (fly) is actually tasked with acting as the handlers and guiders of the
manteons. These manteon handlers ensure that the manteon
Eraydians does not fly into any of the “no-fly zones” above the cities
The only native sentient species of the planet Eraydia is where they can be injured by landing spacecraft, take care of
descended from avian creatures that took to the skies eons ago sick or ailing manteons, fend of any parasitic animals that might
and learned to live in harmony with the massive manteons. be living off the of manteon, and also take care of long-range
Eraydians, named after the planet of their birth, are a squat
species that has come to embrace technology while remaining
firmly rooted in their own traditions and customs.
Eraydians are roughly one and a half meters tall and
have a unique physiology that developed as a result of both
ecology as well as lifestyle. They have thick, purple skin that
appears to be weathered and tough, with a pair of leathery wings
used for gliding attaches to the undersides of their arms and their
lower backs. Their hands and feet are tipped with hooked talons
similar to many birds of prey; unlike such beasts, however, the
Eraydians use these appendages to hold onto difficult to grasp
surfaces they encounter when at great heights. All Eraydians
have a thick, shaggy beard that hangs down to cover the small
beaks and resembles a drape that covers from one side of their
face all the way to the other. Much like the Bith species, they
possess eyes that resemble polished obsidian, reflective and
completely black, making it seem as though they have places
two large stones in their eye sockets. Eraydians typically wear
simple clothing that drapes over them easily and is not likely to
get tangled up in their wings during flight.
The typical Eraydian is capable of limited flight based
on gliding; while it is difficult to take off into the air from
the ground, an Eraydian that finds a perch at a decent height
can typically find enough updrafts and wind currents to reach
cruising altitude. Their small wings also allow for short bursts of
propelled flight, though this is usually taxing and only serves to
communications with other manteon cities. These handlers also New Equipment: The Hookstaff
work as the scouts that fly the massive shinvah birds around Hookstaffs are a species piece of equipment
the planet, taking turns on a rotation for the various duties that chiefly employed by the Eraydian scouts as a
their caste must undertake. Additionally, there is a single elder multipurpose tool to keep the number of
that leads each city, chosen by the people of the city based on items they must carry with them at
leadership ability as well as the respect of the community. a minimum. They were created
The Eraydians, as a species, are a relatively peaceful many years ago by some of
people. Theirs is a philosophy of harmony with other species, the first Eraydians to live
as is to be expected from a group that lives on the underbelly of in manteon cities. Over
another creature. Though they are not incapable of defending the years, its design has
themselves (and have had to do so, though rarely), very few of the evolved only slightly to
Eraydians actually carry any sort of weaponry. If they do, they incorporate some more modern technology, but for the most part
carry the trademark Eraydian weapon, the stun kukri, and only it has remained relatively unchanged.
the scouts and the occasional elder or warrior will actually carry The hookstaff is a solid shaft sized to fit an Eraydian
a hookstaff. It is important to note that the Eraydian culture does scout and composed of the hard wood of the planet’s few rare
not reject modern technology, but has not become as obsessed forests and layered on the outside with a small amount of
with or dependant upon it as have many other species. Eraydians gormalok shell. At one end of the shaft is a pair of hooks, one
commonly make use of equipment like comlinks, datapads, smaller than the other, that curve around to provide an easy way
glowrods, and on occasion, blaster pistols and repulsorlifts to grasp ropes and lines that would normally be out of reach.
(which are used to aid in the construction and repair of Eraydian At the opposite end of the hookstaff is a liquid cable dispenser
cities). One other bit of modern technology that has become an that has been specially modified to accept standard replacement
integral part of the Eraydian lifestyle is the breath mask; at high cartridges and still function as an integrated piece of the staff.
altitudes, it becomes increasingly difficult to find sufficient air Additionally, the hookstaff has a pair of clips and a dangling
and should a manteon need to ascend for some reason, or should cord to allow it to be either slung over one shoulder or attached
an Eraydian need to soar to such a height, these breath masks to the belt, useful for support and ease of transport.
help keep them stable in the upper atmosphere. Eraydians use these hookstaffs as a means of grabbing
Though some beings that are not familiar with the on to the guide wires around their cities, rescuing falling beings
natives might presume that the Eraydians are simple and that are knocked from the walkways and platforms, gathering
primitive, however those that would underestimate the normally the valuable webs of the thread-slingers, and also as a simple
peaceful beings of this species may find themselves unpleasantly weapon of self-defense. All Eraydian scouts carry a hookstaff
surprised by their resourcefulness. with them while on duty, and some elders and ordinary citizens
have been known to keep a hookstaff with them in case of
Home Planet/System: Eraydia emergencies. When using the hookstaff to trip a target, the
Attribute Dice: 12D wielder gains a +1D bonus to the attempt to trip.
KNOWLEDGE 2D/4D Model: Eraydian Hookstaff
MECHANICAL 2D/3D+2 Type: Multi-purpose staff
PERCEPTION 2D/5D Scale: Character
STRENGTH 2D/4D Skill: Melee Weapons: hookstaff
TECHNICAL 2D/3D+1 Difficulty: Easy
Special Abilities: Cost: Not Available for Sale
Talons: STRENGTH+1D damage. Availability: 4
Move: 6/8 (walk), 20 (glide) Damage: STRENGTH + 1D
Size: 1.1-1.6 meters

Type: Eraydian Scout

New Weapon: Stun Kukri
The trademark weapon of the Eraydians is a short,
curved knife known commonly as the
Dodge 5D, melee weapons 4D+1, tumble 4D+1
stun kukri. The stun kukri is actually
representative of one of the
Survival 5D+1
Eraydians’ most successful
melding of technology and
Ride 4D+1
natural items. The stun
kukri is also carried by
Search 4D+2
most Eraydians for self-
defense, and also as a symbol of their symbiotic relationship
Brawling 4D+2, climbing/jumping 7D
with the massive beings upon which they make their homes.
Resembling a small knife with a blue hilt and an
Character Points: 5
embedded red nub, the stun kukri is actually made from hardened
Move: 6, 20 (fly)
and sharpened pieces of the long tentacles sprouting from the
Equipment: Breath Mask, comlink, hookstaff, stun kukri
mouths of manteons. Since these tendrils have a strong ionic began to see the potential of the shinvah as winged mounts
charge, the stun kukris that are made from them also possess and began working on a method to train them as a more
a similar charge and are hand-crafted to ensure that weapon domesticated animal. After many years of difficult attempts, the
retains its potency. Whenever a creature is struck by a stun Eraydians finally mastered the huge predators and have since
kukri, he suffers a cumulative –1D penalty to all DEXTERITY come to rely upon them as their primary mounts and vehicles for
skills and attacks. carrying heavy cargo from the ground to their cities. Eraydians
also have worked out agreements with the various ground-based
Model: Eraydian Stun Kukri cities throughout the world and are able to fly the shinvah into
Type: Stun Weapon the cities themselves rather than having to hire speeders and the
Scale: Character likes. Most cities have one or even two shinvah roosts that are
Skill: Melee Weapons: stun kukri specially designed to house visiting Eraydian mounts.
Difficulty: Easy Shinvah are jagged and hard, a drastic change from
Cost: 600 what most expect from an avian species. Their bony protrusions
Availability: 4 and armor-like plating make them tough opponents for anyone,
Damage: STRENGTH + 1D, normal or stun damage. and their size means that they can be a threat to almost any
species on the planet. Despite this, trained shinvah have their
Shinvah own roosts at the edges of each Eraydian city; there, they remain
The manteons are not the only large species to have evolved perched until called for by an Eraydian scout needing to travel a
on the windy planet of Eraydia. While many other planets have long distance or return to the surface.
their own smaller birds of prey, on Eraydia one species evolved To curb their wild hunters’ tendencies, the Eraydian
to become the dominant predator of the skies. These birds are handlers allow them to hunt the aerons off the of backs of
known as the shinvah, and are some of the deadliest and yet manteons, which not only ensures that the bird has sufficiently
most useful creatures on the entire planet. gotten any desire to chase and kill out of its system but also
The undisputed king hunters of the sky, the shinvah helps keep the aeron population in the Eraydian cities from
resembles a massive gray falcon with many bony protrusions becoming overwhelming. A shinvah is a valuable resource that
poking out through its feather-covered skin. Shinvahs are the Eraydians have based much of their ability to travel on, and
massive beasts, larger than many airspeeders, and use their size, are one of the most often-hunted species on the entire world,
speed, and powerful talons to their advantage. While they won’t perpetually endangered by big-game hunters from other planets
prey on anything as large as a manteon, they primarily feed on seeking yet another thrill of the hunt.
the smaller sized flying creatures like the aerons and, at one
time, the Eraydians themselves. Additionally, shinvahs have
occasionally been known to attack open-topped speeders and
pull out the passengers inside, carting them off to parts unknown
or simply dropping them from a great height and then scooping
them up again to save them the struggle of having to fight their
prey. This becomes increasingly rare, however, as those that
venture into the Eraydian wilds are typically wary and more
well-armed than before.
For years the shinvah were a threat to the Eraydian
people, still in their civilization’s infancy and not yet as
advanced as they would eventually become. Over the years, as
their rapport with the manteons developed,
bolder Eraydian scouts

Wild Shinvah feed on a passing swarm of insects. Similarly, the shinvah find
Type: Airborne Predator the aerons to be quite a tasty treat and use them as their primary
DEXTERITY 4D food source. Between the manteons, the shinvah, the aerons, and
Dodge 7D+2 the various insects and parasites there is almost a complete food
PERCEPTION 2D chain that centers around the massive flying creatures. Aerons
Search 8D, survival 2D+1 are not aggressive and are occasionally raised by nature lovers
STRENGTH 4D+2 and some Eraydians much like many herd animals.
Brawling 9D+2
Special Abilities: Type: Airborne Scavenger
Bite: STR+1D damage DEXTERITY 2D
Talons: STR+2D damage Dodge 4D+1
Move: 6, 30 (fly) PERCEPTION 2D
Search 5D+1, sneak 5D+1, survival 4D+2
Riding Shinvah STRENGTH 1D+2
Type: Airborne Predator Brawling 2D
DEXTERITY 4D Special Abilities:
Dodge 7D+2 Bite: STR+1D damage
PERCEPTION 2D Move: 15 (fly)
Search 8D, survival 2D+1
Brawling 7D+2
Special Abilities:
Bite: STR+1D damage
Talons: STR+2D damage
Move: 6, 30 (fly)

Sometimes called smaller, distant cousins of the massive
manteons for similarities in heritage and evolution, the aerons
are the most common flying mammal on Eraydia. The aeron is a
leather-winged animal that fills the middle gap in the food chain
between the larger beasts of the sky and the smaller mammals
and parasites found throughout the world.
Aerons are typically around the size of a small domestic
animal and live in packs scattered throughout the world. They
have red-brown skin and angular wings, and like the manteons
boast a set of smaller, but functional, gas sacs to keep them aloft
for long periods of time. Aerons have no visible legs, and as
such rarely land on the surface for very long. Their mouths are
vicious-looking maws with a long horn at the very top for basic
offensive purposes. A pair of tendrils trail behind the aeron as it
flies, also used as a means of guidance while in the air.
The most common place to find aerons are near and
around the manteons; they feed off the parasites and insects
that occasionally latch on to the massive beasts, and it is not
uncommon to see a pack of aerons diving and twisting while they

One of the most dangerous lifeforms that has claimed the most
lives over the years is not some toothy predator with claws and
spines, but rather a plant that covers large swathes of land over
the entire planet. Eraydian bladegrass is one of the greatest
dangers unwary visitors to the planet can face in the wilds, and
great pains have been taken to ensure that those unfamiliar with
the planet’s ecosystem are not killed by one of the few truly
omnivorous plants in the entire galaxy.
Stalks of bladegrass stand roughly the height of an
adult Wookiee. What makes bladegrass so incredibly perilous
is the fact that each blade is actually as sharp as a vibroblade
or a knife; it is through this natural weapon that the bladegrass of controlling the spread of bladegrass across the Eraydian
gets the majority of its nourishment. Though the bladegrass landscape. In fact, the Eraydian government sponsors the raising
can survive through normal photosynthesis, it is through and herding of gormaloks along known routes and at the edges
the absorption of blood and meat of animals that it gets its of the cities in order to keep the area safe for pedestrian and
extraordinary height. The effectiveness of bladegrass is due in speeder traffic.
part to the constant winds of Eraydia, which not only constantly What allows them to survive in the presence of a
spreads bladegrass seeds throughout the world (causing massive normally deadly field of bladegrass is the composition of their
seas of the deadly plant to appear on the vast open plains) but hides as well as the thick shell across their backs; gormalok
also due to the fact that the winds cause the bladegrass to sway shells are actually tougher than some metals and as thick as
rapidly back and forth, effectively creating an ocean of swords the hull on a starfighter, protecting them from the brunt of the
the size of a Wookiee. The noise made by even a small swathe slicing grass. Additionally, the edges of the shell overlap slightly,
of bladegrass is deafening, sounding like thousands of swords creating small crevasses that catch bladegrass and hold it in
being scraped across one another at a time, while the untamed place, preventing it from chipping away at the shell and making
seas of bladegrass require that anyone passing through the area it easier for the gormalok to stand in one place to feed. Beneath
wear protective earplugs to prevent permanent hearing loss. their shells and on the undersides of their bodies, the beast has
The bladegrass fields are to be completely avoided by a thick, stone-like skin that is not easily penetrated by the sharp
most beings not specially equipped to handle an encounter with edges of the bladegrass, protecting their internal organs from the
the dangerous plant. In fact, given enough time, speeders and shorter or more stooped blades. On the underside of their chins
other vehicles can also be shredded by the waving bladegrass, are a pair of tusks that extend outward and are used to catch
reduced to shredded metal scraps and fragments of transparisteel bladegrass, holding it steady long enough for the gormalok to
in the soil. As a result, only those guides that are familiar with use its powerful jaws to grind the plant into harmless bits. It is
the clear paths through the bladegrass fields are able to lead by these means that the gormalok herds can clear out swathes
the caravans out to the manteon observation outposts. Animals of bladegrass after just a few days of grazing and control the
caught in the bladegrass fields do not survive unless they have expansion of the deadly fields.
evolved, as the gormaloks did, to protect themselves from the Gormaloks have no natural enemies, and themselves do
onslaught of sharp grass blades. more for the various species on the planet just by cutting down
Though many attempts have been made to use the on the bladegrass fields that most of the planet’s other predators
bladegrass in some sort of useful fashion, but to no avail. Early leave the herds alone. The native Eraydians have been known to
non-Eraydian settlers on the planet tried to burn out entire use the skin, shells, and tusks as protective gear when entering
swaths of bladegrass to make the wilds more inhabitable, but the the bladegrass fields (when the occasional comrade or unwary
damage it did to the planet’s ecosystem encouraged the settlers visitor happens to get stuck in a patch of the deadly grass) and
to rethink their decision and simply learn to avoid the dangerous also as basic building materials when extra durability is called
plants rather than try to fight them. for. Likewise, big game hunters that hunt the shinvah have also
Any item caught in a patch of bladegrass suffers 3D been known to target the gormaloks, as the natural hide of such
damage each round until completely free of its reach. a strong and nearly indestructible beast would be invaluable to
someone whose profession was to hunt things that are just a little
bit bigger, tougher, and more dangerous than the average prey.
The Eraydian government has gone to great lengths to protect
the species from poachers, citing the need to keep the population
at healthy levels to control the spread of the bladegrass fields
near populated areas.

Type: Herd Animal

Dodge 3D+1
Search 3D+1, survival 3D+2
Gormalok STRENGTH 6D+2
An excellent example of a creature that has adapted to the Special Abilities:
dangerous bladegrass that covers the planet is a large, armored Bite: STR+2D damage
mammal called the gormalok. Gormaloks wander the plains in Tail Slam: STR+3D damage
herds, feeding on the abundant grasses, weeds, and shrubbery Natural Armor: Gormaloks gain a +5D bonus to
spread across the world. For the most part, the large animal STRENGTH rolls when resisting damage.
is very docile and is only known to lash out when provoked Move: 4
or endangered. Most important of all, however, is that the
gormaloks have adapted to be able to pass through and feed on Threadslinger
the dangerous bladegrass. A strange and particularly vicious adaptation to the Eraydian
How the massive grassland herd animal evolved is a ecosystem is the arachnid called the threadslinger. Resembling
mystery to many xenobiologists. The result, however, cannot a combination between a spider, a crustacean, and a chameleon,
be argued with, as the gormaloks are one of the primary means the threadslinger uses the high winds of the planet to do its
Threadslingers are one of the major dangers of the
Eraydian grasslands; they are difficult to spot and deadly to
encounter as their highly adhesive threads can trap even the
strongest and most agile creatures passing through its hunting
grounds. Despite this fact, the Eraydians have found a way
to make use of the threadslingers over the years, using their
hookstaffs to gather up discarded thread webs in large balls and
bringing the material back to their cities where, using a simple
but secret chemical process, they transform the discarded webs
into a powerful adhesive that can be used in construction as
well as many other common items. In fact, the Eraydians have
a business agreement with a local corporation that produces
the liquid cable used in ascension guns and liquid cable
grappling hooks that allows them to trade large quantities of
the threadslinger adhesive (used in the liquid cable production
process) in exchange for other basic technological needs of the
Eraydian communities.

Type: Plains Scavenger

Dodge 3D+2, ranged weapons: thread 3D
Search 4D
Special Abilities:
Bite: STR+1D damage
Thread: A character successfully damaged by a
threadslinger’s thread attack is unable to move and
suffers a -4D penalty to DEXTERITY and all related
actions. Thread webs have a STRENGTH of 4D.
hunting for it rather than expend valuable energy chasing down Move: 4
potential prey.
Xenobiologists speculate that the threadslinger species *Threadslingers typically attack the entire square that
evolved from early arachnid life that lived in the high grass a character is standing in, not the character himself; as
spread across the planet. Over time, as with many other creatures such, the target defense for a threadslinger’s attack is
on the planet, they grew in size to be a match for most upright 10, and anything in a square that was hit is considered
sentient species. The bulk of their bodies are taken up by a large ensnared.
thorax situated at the top of its body that produces a thick, sticky
webbing (called thread, giving the threadslinger its name).
The threadslinger also has numerous claws, pincers, and other Notable Locations
appendages that it uses when ensnaring its prey and holding More than just a unique atmosphere and a collection of alien
them in place. Additionally, the threadslinger has adapted in creatures, the planet Eraydia boasts several locations of interest
coloration to blend in with the grasslands and expansive fields of for an adventuring party. Eraydia provides something for
the planet, taking on a skin tone dominated by greens, but shot everyone; cities for the more civilized beings, wilderness for
through with browns, whites, and other natural colors. explorers and adventurers, and everything in between. As is
The threadslinger hunts by generating a large ball of to be expected from most any alien world, Eraydia can be as
thread in its thorax and then casting it out onto the wind; anything dangerous in the cities and towns as it is in the deep wilderness,
that comes into contact with the thread is stuck to it and quickly and as a result visitors are warned to be on their guard as the
ensnared, making it easy prey for the threadslinger to casually unexpected can happen at any moment.
come along and devour. The main targets of the threadslingers
are usually creatures like aerons and small ground mammals, Eyree
though exceptionally bold threadslingers have been known to The capital city of the planet Eraydia is known as Eyree, and is
cast their webs at larger animals, usually without good results. situated in the middle of one of the planet’s largest continents.
It is also important to note that some threadslinger tend to camp Eyree is the epitome of Eraydian civilization and is the largest
out at the very edges of bladegrass fields and wait until a larger spaceport found on the planet as well. It is within the city of
animal flies out over the deadly grassland to cast its thread out Eyree that most of the planet’s governmental and economic
and drag down a flying creature; though the bladegrass typically decisions are made, and as such has come to be a cultural hub
claims most of the creature dragged down, threadslingers can for the planet as well. Over the years since settlers first created
still retrieve enough scraps to enjoy a decent meal, especially if the outpost on an otherwise wild world, Eyree has flourished
the creature was relatively large. and become a city to rival even those on major Core Worlds,

considering itself to be the “Coronet City of the Decimus capital building. Resembling almost a castle with two opposing
Sector.” conical watchtowers, the capital building is undoubtedly the
Eyree is a unique city architecturally as it features a most impressive piece of architecture in the entire city. A
visual design dominated by curves and conical structures. When sprawling estate, complete with its own private spaceport and
buildings began rising higher and higher, the engineers in charge docking bays, contains everything from meeting rooms, offices,
of planning the city developed a new design that would allow discussion halls, as well as personal quarters for those who
the buildings to withstand the sometimes devastating winds do not live within the city itself. In addition, there are said to
that flow across the planet’s surface. As such, all of the taller be numerous secret entrances to the capital building, though
and more modern buildings are roughly conical in shape, which despite the rumors no one seems to have ever actually found
allows wind to pass smoothly around the sides of the building one.
rather than having a harsh impact against a flat, solid surface like Downtown, near the capital building, there are
would be found on most rectangular buildings. Using simple numerous hotels that cater to the families and friends of those
principles of aerodynamics, Eraydian engineers have a basic in the government. Additionally, some of the planet’s best
design that, though variations on the original concept are wide entertainment can be found in the restaurants and cantinas
and varied, has stood the test of time and weather and continues in the downtown areas of Eyree; local favorites include the
to provide exceptional support to those that wish to build on the Shinvah Roost for drinks (and information), The Kel Dorado
windy world. for dancing and music (and information), and Davyn’s for
All buildings in Eyree, including the docking bays and authentic Corellian cuisine…and information. Hotels are all
spaceport, adhere to this conical design. For those buildings rather expensive but worth the money, and for the most part the
that much house starships and airspeeders, the design is government-owned sections of the city are clean and safe.
modified to have a breezeway built into the upper sections of The city is also home to the regional headquarters
the building; a starship enters one side of the building and is of the Incom corporation as well as its many subsidiaries.
then lowered via a massive turbolift down into an internal (and In addition to housing the business headquarters and other
occasionally belowground) docking bay. As an added bonus more mundane aspects of the company, Eyree also has several
(or bane, depending on how one approaches the situation), it large production facilities that produce a large number of the
makes it nearly impossible for a ship to blast its way out of the Republic’s Peace Defender starfighters. In fact, Eraydia is
spaceport, requiring all ships to exit the building on repulsors
through a series of winding corridors. Conversely, it also Adventure Hook: Prototype Theft
In Eyree, the Incom corporation often has a number of top-secret projects
makes the docking bays much more secure, allowing docking under wraps in their labs. These prototypes can serve as the “MacGuffin”
authorities to monitor the spaceport from a central location and for any number of adventures. If the players are scoundrels and outlaws,
reach each bay within moments, an excellent alternative to the stealing one for a rival company is a sure way to make some money.
Likewise, working for the Rebellion might give the players a reason
more spread-out designs of many spaceports that make it more
to want to get a new X-Wing prototype off the planet before Imperial
difficult for the authorities to patrol and react to a situation. authorities find it, or if the players work for the Empire then the prototype’s
The city itself is a relatively clean and safe one; being destruction might be called for. During the Clone Wars, the manufacturing
the seat of government, politicians have wisely chosen not to plant serves as a major point of contention between the Confederacy and
the Republic, making the ships inside valuable enough that players might
be stingy with the funding of local police and authorities. The
want to seek them out for their own reasons. Using a starship as a must-get
central areas of the city are where most of the governmental item is a common theme in adventures, but the exotic locale presented by
buildings are found, and none stands out more than the massive Eraydia provides many challenges beyond simply breaking and entering.

the largest producer of the starfighter in the galaxy, making PERCEPTION 2D+1
Incom a major contributor to Eraydia’s economy. The Incom Intimidation 8D, investigation 5D+1, persuasion 7D+2,
corporation owns several buildings in the capital city: a search 7D+1
business office, which is one of the tallest and most modern STRENGTH 1D+2
buildings in the city; a production plant, squat but utilitarian; Stamina 3D+2
and underground testing labs and hangars for storing top-secret TECHNICAL 2D+1
models of the next starfighter design. It is the presence of the Computer Programming/Repair 4D
Incom factories providing starfighters to the Republic during Force Points: 0
the Clone Wars that prompted the Trade Federation to seize Character Points: 13
the planet in the early days of the conflict. Even during the Move: 10 meters
Galactic Civil War, with the Empire in control of the planet and Equipment: Hold-out blaster, datapad, comlink, robes
Incom absorbed into the massive might of the government, the of office
underground plants on Eraydia produced many of the X-Wing
starfighters that found their way into Rebel Alliance space Serpa
fleets, continuing to be an invaluable addition to the sector’s
The second-largest city on the planet Eraydia, Serpa is
strategic importance.
considerably less metropolitan than Eyree but still a solid city
One of the other important landmarks in the city of
all its own. What makes Serpa unique is its tighter community
Eyree is the large Falleen refuge near the outskirts of the city.
and more neighborly feel; despite its size, Serpa often resembles
Following the massive planetary disaster and blockade by the
a small town or village when viewed through the eyes of its
Empire, many Falleens found themselves without a place to go
and completely isolated from those who were trapped on the
One of the best examples of this less urban feeling is
planet at the time of the blockade. One large cluster, focused on
found in the Arros Marketplace. Based on the bazaars found
one of the Fallen noble houses, migrated to the relative calm of
spread across many smaller worlds, the Arros Marketplace
the planet Eraydia and set up a new home. As word of mouth
boasts streetside vendors selling almost anything that one could
spread, more Falleen began traveling to the Decimus sector
hope to buy on the windy world. In addition, the Marketplace
and eventually formed a refuge for displaced Falleen and their
is a massive display of multiculturalism where all species
families. This section of Eyree came to be known as Second
from around the galaxy come to trade wares and examine the
Falleen, and is a major cultural landmark on the planet.
latest goods imported from the various home planets spread
Second Falleen is home to several thousand Falleen
throughout the galaxy. Every shop has something new and
families that have come to the world seeking their own kind.
unique that usually can only be found on the homeworld of
In fact, the area actually functions almost as its own city within
the vendor; in fact, one of the Arros Marketplace’s claims to
the larger city of Eyree; they have their own businesses, their
fame is that there are representatives from almost every world
own schools, and their own city council composed of members
lining its streets, essentially creating a merchandise tour of the
of their own community that make many of the decisions that
galaxy within a few mile radius. The marketplace itself actually
affect Second Fallen. Very few non-Falleen spend much time in
covers many, many city blocks with shops on each side of all the
this section of the city; while the residents are not necessarily
buildings, stands on the sidewalk, and even basic lean-to shops
unfriendly or aggressive, they are wary of outsiders as it was, in
scattered throughout the area.
their opinion, outsiders in the form of the Empire that have cut
The center of the marketplace is dominated by a large
them off from their original homeworld.
statue of one of the first encounters between the Eraydians and
The leader of the Falleen community is an elder
human settlers from off world. The statue, of a human male and
member of the noble family that founded the refuge known
an Eraydian elder meeting one another for the first time rendered
as Kazir. Kazir is a wise male who has an eye for politics
in a native Eraydian metal, was erected in the middle of the
and business and has, during his tenure as leader of Second
main square to remind those citizens who trade in the market
Falleen, brought unprecedented prosperity and good fortune to
that it is a place of peace under the banner of commerce. The
its residents. He is a shrewd businessman that has made some
overlying theme of the marketplace is that money is a unifying
excellent deals with the various companies throughout Eyree to
common ground that is far more important than petty squabbles
help keep his people alive and well. Like many Falleen nobles
and species prejudice. It is multiculturalism based on business
he thinks highly of himself, and his arrogance can be grating to
and necessity, and it seems to keep a relative amount of peace
those unused to dealing with him. Still, there can be no denying
over the years, keeping the credits flowing and the rare and
that Kazir has done wonderful things for his community, and as
sought-after goods on the Eraydian market.
a result he is both respected and well-liked by the residents of
For the most part, prices at the Arros Marketplace
Second Falleen.
range from relatively fair to absolutely exorbitant. For the less
available items and those being sold on the black market, it
Type: Falleen Leader
is not unusual to see prices ranging in double and triple their
original value. Most of the rare sale items are imported from
Blaster 7D, dodge 5D+2, melee weapons 5D
other worlds, though some are hand-crafted and carry a higher
price tag. More than just the expected common items, there are
Business 7D+2, forgery 6D, languages 5D+1, planetary
numerous illegal arms dealers, especially during the times of
systems 6D+1, value 7D+2
war like the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, with various
dangerous and hard to find arms available to the highest bidder.
Near the edge of the marketplace is a large starship and vehicle
parts shop with a repair bay large enough to accommodate
most medium-size ships or smaller. This repair bay, owned by
a Besalisk called Stet, is one of the best places to get cheap and
occasionally rare starships parts. Stet also specializes in after
market modifications and installation of nonstandard parts, and,
as a result, is a favorite of many tramp freighter pilots and other
starship enthusiasts on Eraydia.
Part of the reason Serpa is such a unique city is that
it provides much of the region with power thanks to a unique
power plant and energy collection system. Harnessing the power
of Eraydia’s constant winds, Serpa’s power plants are able to
produce cheap, efficient, and environmentally sound energy
via an entire city block that serves as a power plant. Easily
recognized by the twin cones that just up from either side of the
power plant, the Serpa Energy Plant has, since its construction,
been the single largest provider of energy for city.
Serpa’s power plant collects wind to spin fans and of the business meetings between the corporations from Eyree
turbines producing energy via an extensive series of wind- and the Eraydian elders are made, specifically those involving
channeling passages known as aeroducts. The aeroducts appear the collection of threadslinger web and the adhesive that is
as long furrows in the ground with a flat, metal bottom and produced from it. The city itself houses around 500 Eraydian
rising sides that angle outward resembling the bottom half of a families, making it the largest of the various manteon cities,
hexagon. The aeroducts are specially engineered to channel the though most of the dwellings are constructed such that two or
winds that blow into the cities off the plains, gathering speed even three families might call a single structure their home.
and force so that by the time the channels end at the base of the The town boasts both market districts, where most traders
power plant the winds drive turbines with such great speed that come to exchange groundside goods for the rarities found
within moments enough energy is produced to power a small on the undersides of the manteons. The city’s shinvah roosts
section of the city. Since the winds of Eraydia are a renewable house some of the best bred and trained shinvah on the planet,
source of energy, the aeroducts are constantly providing the and every year shinvah handlers from other cities travel to
entire city and outlying areas with power. Beings unlucky Man’koora to meet and discuss handling techniques, make
enough to find themselves caught in an aeroduct must make a trades and breed the birds to produce more solid stock.
Difficult Dexterity check to remain on their feet each round. If Man’koora is built of hanging structures that are held
the check fails, the character is knocked prone and carried 15 in place by the adhesive created from threadslinger webs, a
meters down the aeroduct toward the center of the city. substance so strong that not once in the city’s entire history has
a building fallen or collapsed due to coming undone from the
underbelly of the manteon. Linking each building is a series
Man’koora of walkways designed to allow non-Eraydian visitors to travel
One of the most prominent Eraydian dwellings is the city easily throughout the city. Typically, the homes of each Eraydian
referred to as Man’koora. Built on the underbelly of one of the family have perches designed to be grasped by the Eraydian’s
largest and oldest of the manteons, Man’koora boasts a large talons for easy landings. Below the walkways and off to the sides
population of non-Eraydians as well as the expected native of each suspension bridge are a number of guide wires that are
peoples. The city is also of great importance to the Eraydian used in the unlikely case where someone falls over the railing.
communities as it is the meeting place for the elders from each Though a number of scouts are assigned to different sections of
manteon village, a town hall for communities spread far and the city to prevent just such a thing from happening, the guide
wide across the world. wires are used as a first line of defense to keep someone from
Soaring high above the grass plains of the planet, falling to their deaths far below the high-soaring manteon.
Man’koora is also a traditional meeting place for those wishing On the top of the manteon that Man’koora is built into
to make deals with the Eraydian people. It is here that many there is constantly a pair of manteon guiding handlers ensuring
Adventure Hook: High-skies Shootout the safety of the manteon and the city as well. For roughly
Star Wars is full of amazing battles in extraordinary locales; from the a month at a time these handlers live in small tents atop the
lightsaber duel inside Cloud City to the fistfight on the Kaminoan landing
manteon nestled between the two rows of gas sacs for warmth.
pad, exotic locations make an excellent backdrop for combat that helps
give the game a more cinematic feel. One such backdrop is atop the During the day, they do rounds across the top of the manteon
manteons, high in the air above the ground. Luring the party on top of searching for injuries and making sure no parasites are getting
the manteon should not be difficult; many will be curious to see how too comfortable on the back of the beast. Additionally, they help
the handlers guide the massive beasts, while others may be tempted by
coordinate the manteon’s flight path with other cities, making
rumors of some sought-after item owned by one of the handlers. Once they
arrive on the top of the manteon, they are ambushed by the minions of sure to keep the manteon safe from incoming traffic while
their arch-nemesis seeking to rub them out with a convenient opportunity. keeping it along a predetermined flight path. Man’koora usually
With a deadly fall (or, barring that, death in a field of bladegrass) below stays within about 500 kilometers of the city of Eyree and has a
them and enemies in front of them the tension will be raised considerably.
regular schedule that it follows so that caravans can bring visitors
out to regular meeting points and rendezvous with Eraydian aspect of the city than anyone else and, as such, could combine
scouts from the city for trading and bringing up visitors. his knowledge of each area of life when making decisions to
Man’koora, as well as most of the other manteon cities, make choices that benefit each aspect of society.
does not allow any air traffic or repulsorcraft near the city. In
addition to being dangerous to the city itself, sometimes the Type: Eraydian Leader
manteons confuse even small mechanical vehicles for larger DEXTERITY 3D
starships and will swat them from the sky with their massive Blaster 5D+1, dodge 5D+1, melee parry 5D+1, melee
tendrils. The no-fly zone is enforced for the safety of everyone, weapons 6D, melee weapons: hookstaff 7D+1
and typically Eraydian authorities use the local starfighters to KNOWLEDGE 2D+2
help keep craft from entering manteon airspace. Despite this, Planetary systems: Eraydia 5D+1
foolish and desperate pilots have occasionally met their deaths MECHANICAL 2D
by violating this restriction, either knocked from the sky from Beast riding: shinvah 6D+2
the ionization of a manteon tentacle or shot down by Eraydian PERCEPTION 3D+2
enforcers. Persuasion 8D, search 8D+2, survival 6D
The leader of Man’koora is an elder by the name of STRENGTH 1D+2
Kooroovalik. At one time he was a simple Eraydian scout of TECHNICAL 2D+1
no special regard; however, his innate talent for leadership and First aid 4D+1
versatility earned him a position as one of the youngest members Force Points: 2
ever to be promoted to the councils. Over the years, he rose in Character Points: 9
esteem and influence and came to be the leader of the city by Move: 6 (walk), 20 (glide)
the time he was too old to be an effective scout. Part of what Equipment: Hookstaff, robes of office
made Kooroovalik such a logical choice for the role of city elder
was the fact that he could relate to almost every different aspect Manteon Observation Post MX-12
of Eraydian life; he spent much of his time as a scout, but also
The massive flying manteons are of a great interest to many
learned the basics of shivah and manteon handling, constructed
xenobiologists throughout the galaxy. In order to study the flight
his own weapons under the tutelage of the craftsmen, and was the
patterns and other behavioral habits of the manteons better, the
protégé of one of the most respected council members for many
Eraydian government built several outposts in the wilderness
years. It was decided that Kooroovalik knew more about each
to act as observation posts in order to cut down on the more
reckless research that was done before such government-
sponsored stations were established. These observation posts
serve a secondary purpose as well: they are the meeting location
for caravans from the cities and the Eraydian scouts.
Observation post MX-12 is one of the outposts farthest
from civilization. Getting to the station takes several days
overland; it is impossible to take speeders to the post due to not
only the dangers of manteons in the sky but also due to the fact
that much of the path cuts through the deadly bladegrass fields
and must be traversed slowly. Along this path, threadslingers
attack anyone attempting to skim the surface of the bladegrass
fields with a speeder bike or with some similar means. The path,
which is kept up by the caravan leaders spreading food on the
path that gormaloks find irresistible, cuts directly through some
of the largest bladegrass fields and is a dangerous road to travel
for one unfamiliar with the caravan route.
The observation post itself is composed of a single
tall observation tower (with long-range viewing equipment
inside) and a smaller, squat complex off to one side. Inside the
smaller building there are basic bunks for visitors and scientists,
refreshers, a rec room, and all the other necessities of a scientific
outpost. Additionally, the complex has a few open rooms where
Eraydians and caravan-goers barter the goods they have brought
to the meeting place while protected from the sometimes-harsh
weather of the planet’s open plains. The top of the tower also
functions as a beacon in stormy weather for shinvah riders
caught away from their homes, with a roost for the giant birds
and accommodations that cater to Eraydian tastes. The outpost is
also relatively self-sufficient, able to go months at a time without
having to restock foodstuffs or other supplies and featuring a
small, underground hydroponics lab where scientists not only

grow their own food but also conduct experiments on the various and added to astrogation databases. During these early years, the
plant life found in the Eraydian plains. It is these scientists that wilds of Eraydia presented new challenges and exotic vistas for
continually search for a useful function of the bladegrass plant, the brave scouts of an entirely new world. Within a few short
but as of yet they have found nothing of value in it other than the years, Corporate Sector liaisons began developing the planet
balance it represents in the Eraydian ecosystem. (and founding the city of Eyree) and soon the planet became
One of the caravan leaders, called Shoji Relo, has been yet another colony world for those seeking new homes and new
leading people into the Eraydian wilds for over 20 years. Shoji opportunities. It was in these days that the various divisions
is a human native of Eraydia, raised on the outskirts of the city of Incom established their starfighter production plants on the
of Serpa and worked as a courier for many years carrying items world and began production of the Republic Peace Defender
between the various observation posts until starting up his own starfighters.
business as a wilderness guide. In fact, it was Shoji himself The early days of the planet’s Republic development
that found a quicker way between the city of Eyree and outpost remained unmarred by any large-scale conflict. It wasn’t
MX-12, shaving hours of the travel time and changing one of until the days of the Clone Wars that the planet began to
the known routes through the bladegrass fields for all the other experience any serious turmoil. Eraydia became the first target
guides to use. Shoji is a tall, rugged human with sandy blonde of the Confederacy of Independent systems in their attempts to
hair and a permanent scruffy beard, clothed in robes similar in conquer the Decimus Sector. Within six months of the Battle of
cut and fabric to those worn by an Eraydian elder. He always Geonosis, Confederate forces seized the planet and made it their
carries with him a sporting blaster rifle that he uses to ward of forward base of operations in the sector. For a short time, the
threadslingers and the occasional rampaging gormalok, as well Incom foundries were shut down and prevented the planet from
as a variety of field equipment that keeps each trip running providing the much-needed starfighters to the forces of Republic
smoothly. worlds throughout the galaxy. As of the occupation of the planet,
the Confederate forces were composed of one Trade Federation
Type: Caravan Leader battleship, four InterGalactic Banking Clan starships, and four
DEXTERITY 3D+1 Techno Union starships, as well as the appropriate compliment
Blaster 7D, dodge 5D+2, melee parry 5D+2, melee of support ships (shuttles, cargo ships) and droid starfighters.
weapons 6D+2 The capture of the planet was facilitated by the
KNOWLEDGE 2D mysterious Dark Jedi known as Ocriel Mephien, a former
Planetary systems: Eraydia 5D Padawan who succumbed to the dark side at the Battle of
MECHANICAL 2D+2 Geonosis and began studying Sith materials provided to him
Beast riding 9D+1 by the enigmatic Count Dooku. Within months, Mephien
PERCEPTION 3D+1 had accumulated a great deal of Sith knowledge and himself
Con 4D+1, search 8D, sneak 5D+2, survival 6D+1 uncovered an ancient set of Sith battle armor, causing him to
STRENGTH 2D+2 jump in power and become a prominent figure for the forces of
Brawling 5D+2, climbing/jumping 4D evil in the Decimus Sector. Through his newly-acquired dark
TECHNICAL 2D+1 side abilities he managed to brainwash manteon herders to clear
Repulsorlift repair 3D+1 the skies of Eraydia long enough for Confederate landing craft
Force Points: 2 to disgorge their vehicles and troops and sieze the capital city.
Character Points: 6 Mephien would continue to work throughout the Decimus Sector
Move: 10 for the duration of early days of the Clone Wars, only to vanish
Equipment: All-Temperature cloak, Breath Mask, mysteriously when the Republic finally retook the planet.
Comlink, Electrobinoculars, Field Kit, Glow rod, Knife,
Liquid Cable Dispenser, Sporting Blaster Rifle

Eraydia Through the Eras

Like any planet, Eraydia is subject to the changes in political
and social climate that sweep through the galaxy every so often.
As such, the planet has been changed over the years by galactic
events including the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and
the invasion of the alien Yuuzhan Vong. Much of the planet has
remained unchanged over the years, but one cannot doubt that
the planet is as affected as any other by the changing of times
and governments.
In the days of the Old Republic, the planet remained
relatively peaceful and outside the bulk of galactic events.
Eraydia had not yet joined the Republic during the Great
Hyperspace War against the Sith Empire; however, shortly after
the conflict when hyperspace explorers and deep space scouts
began expanding the galaxy further and further, Eraydia was
one of the first planets in the Decimus Sector to be discovered

For Eraydia, the rise of the Empire meant very little However, peace was short-lived as it was only a few
in the way of lifestyle changes. The planet was, of course, years before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion had all of Eraydia in
occupied by Imperial forces, including stormtrooper garrisons turmoil once again. The Decimus Sector was not one of the first
and the normal bureaucracy that accompanied the Empire’s targets for the invasion, but as the rest of the galaxy had it came
power on a planet. During this time, the Incom plants were under assault from the invaders’ forces. Though currently still
converted into Imperial production facilities, with one small technically a part of the New Republic, Eraydia has seen the first
exception: Incom employees loyal to the Rebellion managed signs of Yuuzhan Vong forces scouting the area. Though greatly
to hide one of their top-secret research facilities buried deep reduced in firepower, the New Republic Navy still maintains
underground. It was here that many of the X-Wing starfighters a moderate compliment of ships in the sector and, thus, near
provided to the Rebel Alliance were produced, all right under Eraydia. It is known that the Yuuzhan Vong somehow managed
the nose of the Empire thanks to the talented smugglers and to capture one of the massive manteons and transport it off the
Rebel agents that were able to keep the plant secret and spirit planet, though how they did so remains a mystery. There is
the ships off world. At the height of the Empire’s occupation of little doubt, however, that the invaders have forgotten the windy
the planet, the space fleet consisted of one Imperial II-class Star world and will soon return to seize the planet as they have so
Destroyer (the Stormseeker), two Lancer-class frigates, four many others.
Strike-class cruisers, three Carrack-class cruisers, three system
patrol craft, eight Skipray Blastboats, and a ground-based fighter Rodney Thompson, known as “Moridin” to the online Star
compliment of two squadrons of TIE Fighters (later upgraded to Wars RPG community, is a freelance RPG author from
TIE Interceptors after the Battle of Endor) and a single squadron Chattanooga, TN. He has been published in Star Wars
of TIE Bombers. Note that, with the exception of the three TIE Gamer magazine and was a developer on Coruscant and
squadrons based on the planet, the ships stationed at Eraydia the Core Worlds, which is being published in January 2003
were rarely all in the same place as their duties required them by Wizards of the Coast. His first book as an author, a
to patrol other, smaller planets and systems that did not warrant book for hero characters co-written by JD Wiker, is due out
their own permanent assignments. later in 2003.
For the most part, the Empire saw little need to change
any of the established government on Eraydia. Stormtroopers
took the place of the small standing military on Eraydia and the
regional governor had more power than before, but otherwise
very little change. When the quarantine of Falleen began many
displaced Falleen flocked to Eraydia and established their
refuge, bringing out the most significant change in population
since before the Clone Wars. Commerce continued with the
native Eraydians, though the Empire’s pro-human bias reared its
ugly head and imposed severe taxes on Eraydian-made goods.
This, in turn, forced the various companies and individuals
that traded with the Eraydians to seek other avenues (such
as Imperial-endorsed vendors) for their needs, driving many
Eraydian cities into poverty.
The Decimus Sector was one of the later regions of
space to be reclaimed by the New Republic, but once it did
the liberation returned things to how they had been before the
Clone Wars. Though permanent changes had been made to the
planet’s society, Eraydia endured the growing pains of the New
Republic with quiet assistance. FreiTek claimed the former
Incom manufacturing plants as their own and began to crank out
ships for the New Republic; in fact, it was here that the earliest
prototypes for the K-Wing bomber were developed and tested,
and throughout the first days of the New Republic became the
leading manufacturer of K-Wings as they once had Republic
Peace Defender starfighters. When the New Republic launched
its new wave of ships, Eraydia received its own compliment of
defenders as well. The space fleet around Eraydia consists of one
Defender-class Star Destroyer (Pride of Eraydia), one Republic-
class Star Destroyer (the Foundation), two Nebulon-B frigates,
a Corona-class frigate, and two Agave-class picket ships. On
airbases on the planet there are two squadrons of E-Wing fighters
and a single mixed squadron consisting of X-Wings, A-Wings,
and K-Wings. As with the Empire, the planetary defenses are
typically spread out further, patrolling nearby star systems as
well as the Eraydia system in order to cover more space.