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A renewed anthropology of images.

Representing exile around the Mediterranean sea since 2000

Those who did not cross, 2005-2015, Levi Westerveld, geographer

Let's reset the clock, flm, Elsa Gomis, 2014

The doctoral thesis that I wish to complete within the cluster Culture, Practise and Aesthetics of the
Geography Department of the University of Sheffeld deals with the representation of exile, in particular
regarding the Mediterranean Sea as a place of transit for forced migrations to Europe. Considering in particular
post-colonial experiences, my research project would examines exile as a prolonged separation from one's
country by force of circumstances and not as a summary of the act of displacement. Representation would be
regarded as a political process from the viewpoint of aesthetic and political science.
By developing a phenomenology of exile as a state of a mind and a way of being in the world, I will draw my
research on a corpus composed together with contemporary directors and visual artists, and question it as a
specifc spacial perception of the territories. Its aim is to show how those mental images lead to a renewed
anthropology of images, questioning the notion of border: the border between fctitious and documentary
images and the border between countries. The exile across the Mediterranean would then be explored from
the notions of memory, colonisation, borders and cartography.

it seems to be at the forefront in areas such as Cultural Geography. artists and journalists seizing the memory of these departures? Using the notion of metapicture as by Mitchell I would consider images as migrants i and explore his assumption which links the destruction of images to the production of displaced people somewhere else within the world. such as the flm set or the storytelling. displacement. my research project could fnd an ideal ground for development under the direction of Dr. Thus the representation of the homeland would be a relevant way of understanding our conceptions of the territory. how could European colonisation be considered as setting an imperialist fction in Africa in which the Mediterranean could be the place of transition leading settlers to reality? My research starts from the premise that the formal distinction between documentary and fctitious images is outdated. 2017 – Establishing an interview grid for the interview to Publication of the interview of H-F. of which 50 percent are children. Miguel Gomes or Zineb Sedira will be more specifcally analysed. For example. the idyllic image of the Mediterranean will be shown as a painful screen behind which there is a need to redefne the legal framework designating these migrations as “illegal”. 2018 explore aesthetic effects of being exiled. I will meet with Aline Caillet to learn how cinematic documentary escapes from its relation to reality to become an hybrid form. Dubow. Marie-Josée Mondzain and Emmanuel Alloa July 2018 . Establishing the contribution of images of exile to Preparation an article for Progress June the renewal of an anthropology of images in Human Geography 2018 Interview with Aline Caillet. Working under her supervision. Determining and organising the detailed plan Creation of an observatory of the Sept. If the identity of a people is founded by the country which gave them birth. Because of her background in art history and due to her commitment in the former AHRC Speculative Grant Archive of Exile. I want to pursue a PhD within this cluster because from what I have read and experienced.” iiFor others. I will also investigate how reality could be fctionalized to be thought studying specifc works of Jacques Rancière and Marie-José Mondzain. The works of Tom Conley and Teresa Castro concerning the cartographic thought of images will be examined to see whether the act of mapping could infuence cinema itself and vice versa. From there. this movement is powered by a dual irresistible movement of impregnation and resistance to the world. migration and postcolonial theory.More than 60 million people left their countries in 2015. Ferran embodies this tension with her flm Bird Peopleiii which premise is the lack of separation between the world and our individualities and reminds us that our bodies contain the fngerprints of the collective contexts in which they operate. Imbert (done during the Master) Interview with Noit Banai and Hamid Nafcy Attending the colloquium March 2018 . “the world has become more open to fows of capital and commodities but more closed to the circulation of human bodies. As Mezzadra and Neilson have pointed out. I have written two forthcoming articles about this topic and plan to submit papers to academic journals. exile. represent their country of origin? How are directors. The practices of directors and visual artists such as Jalil Joreige and Joana Hadjithomas. the practical tools of the images. Considering that political fctions refect our aesthetic representations as echoes. for the exiles this could be built as a palimpsest born of the successive impregnation of the crossed countries. 2018 Reinvest and drawing up the publications. Feb. Subject to myths since Homer's Odyssey. the images of exile study days and interviews into the chapters of the plan . I would like to bring a practical resonance to my work by continuing my artistic practice. I wish to explore how the colonial imaginary world might still exist today in the way borders are pictured in cartographies as impervious as the drawing lines which defned them on the maps. This body considered as a support is for Deleuze that which “carries the peaks of deterritorialisation” iv. this project would greatly beneft from her expertise. would be used as an evaluation grid to seize the policies toward the Mediterranean area. Areas of research Submission of proposals Oct. In particular. How will these populations.

Formatting of the text Oct. MuCEM. 2 0 1 9 . 2018 . My earlier career has also given me in-depth experience of working in a project-oriented context. genealogy of a territory. 2 0 1 9 Proofreading of the thesis I believe that my former studies in law and my work experience as a Senior Manager provide me with a useful insight regarding issues of migration which affects in particular the constitutional settlement of the states. Drafting of the introduction and the conclusion Aug. I have experienced that it helps my own understanding of cinematic material to approach a topic from different angles. The Mediterranean as Seeking of partners and fundings confict. I also taught visual arts at two primary schools in Paris and I am looking forward to teaching as a part of my PhD position if there are such opportunities. Apart from the reward of helping someone to understand a material. to fnd one that is suitable for the person I am explaining to. which I fnd valuable when conducting research. Archives consultation of the exhibitions: Setting of a study day about the May 2019 Splitting continents. Conley) Marseille Means of interventions Between Myth and Fright. Valencia Institute of Modern Art May 2019. (Castro.Sept. Sète cartographic thought of the images Made in Algeria. 2019 Keywords index End of detailed drafting Aug. . CRAC.

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