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Criteria of evaluation the teacher will check (95%)
BACHILLERATO GENERAL Dimensions Improving Well presented Excellently done
Unit 5: The Environment Roles and Not clear who’s who The roles are confusing by The roles are clear and each person
conversation (0.05) times (0.25) knows what to say and do (0.50)
Name: __________________________________________________________ layout The order of the The order of the The interview follows a logical order and
Name: __________________________________________________________ interactions does not interactions does not it is easy to follow. There is transition
Section: ______Date:________________________ make any sense (0.20) make much sense (0.40) between questions (0.75)
Teacher’s Name: ________________________________________________
Questions The interviewer asks 3 The interviewer asks 4 The interviewer asks 5 questions related
I. Objective: To interview someone about the environment problems they
and answers or less questions. No questions, makes 1 or 2 to environment problems in the
have in their community format and follow-up remarks follow-up remarks in the community and makes follow-up remarks
II: Achievement indicator: 5.2 Uses polite expressions and vocabulary when content (0.25) whole presentation during the presentation (2.points)
making appointments and participating in an interview (MINED 2.4) (1point)
The interviewee The interviewee answers The interviewee answers questions about
ACTIVITY SETTING answers 2-3 questions. all questions with some environment problems in the community
Work in pairs. Create a role-play of an interview. Discuss environment Answers don’t make trouble, but answers make in a logical manner, reacting to follow up
problems and possible solutions. Think about your community. List at least, 5 sense. No reaction to sense. Reacts to 1-2 remarks (2points )
problems your community has. Describe them. The interviewer will ask other remarks. (0.25) remarks (1 point)
questions and summarize the answers. Speaks for 3 minute maximum Vocabulary Makes more than 3 Makes 2-3 vocabulary and Use appropriate vocabulary to present (1
use and mistakes in vocabulary mistakes when speaking point)
Instructions: structure (0.25 points) (0.50 points)
1. Work in pairs
Makes more than 3 Makes 2-3 structure Uses appropriate structure (1.point)
2. Choose who is going to be the interviewer and who is going to be the
mistakes in structure mistakes when speaking
interviewee. (0.25 points) (0.50 points)
3. Prepare an interview describing 5 environmental issues in your
community Fluency, Students read Students speak Students speak without hesitating,
4. The interviewer makes questions, and reaffirms comments made pronunciation presentation (0.25) occasionally hesitating making pauses where necessary. (0.75)
, volume (0.35 points)
5. The interviewee answers questions and provides more information
6. Speak fluently without reading Many words are Few words are Words are pronounced correctly and
mispronounced and mispronounced and can be speech can be heard around the
IV. Co -evaluation (5%) speech is not heard around the classroom. (0.75)
understandable/can’t classroom (0.35 points)
Instructions: draw a butterfly not an (X) if you have complied with the following be heard around the Seldom checks notes (0.35 Do not read the presentation(0.75
elements in this activity. classroom (0. 25 points) points)
No. Aspects to consider Yes No
1 We worked neatly and creatively
2 We included all the necessary aspects in my presentation
3 We worked together as a team