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‘AE1/2014 - INGLI 2 CHAMADA| 01 ALUNO N°: NOME: TURMA: 1* QUESTION (10 scores) GRAMMAR | 01, Your best friend needs to send a letter for her pen-friend in London. She has asked your help to correct the mistakes she might have done in the underlined sentences. Hi Kate, t wen, X nally had an ides! Last week-t said to_myself, “We have to meet each other!” So I places: The only dish I think I won't be able is the Fis and Chips, I just cant 4- ‘stand -to ext it. I think this trip is a great idea because 1_can_5-practice_to_speak and to_listen — English: Let's plan visiting the cities near — London. I'm also interested in learning about — England history. You have just to choose the date and ‘then, I will buy the airplane tickets,, wat do you think about it? = Put 2 DASH (-) for the ones that are correct and REWRITE the wrong ones. Pay attention to the gerunde and inf (S scores) Organizing 3 | Taking aS 5: | Speaking and Listening 02. John has just moved to the U.S.A. to start working in his new Job, He needs to write an e-mail to his boss but he is not sure about the use of PREPOSITIONS in his letter. Write the correct prepositions. (5 scores) Mr. Peter Ym writing to thank for the opportunity of working with you. I have nothing to complain’ about “my last job. I could even say that I feel sad about ¥ leaving my mates. I have just left that company because I was sick of Yworking every night} and afraid of ¥ mot spending enough time with my wife and kids, Besides that, I was bored with vthe same thing everyday. I hope we have a great year. Yours sincerely, John Vi AE1/2014 - INGLI CHAMADA| 02 fi ALUNO N°: NOME: TURMA: P 2" QUESTION (43 scores) VOCABULARY, READING AND WRITING 03. You are going to put up 2 friend for a few days. As you are worried about her food preferences you've asked her to send you an e-mail about it. [ Hi friend! | Ym really excited about my trip to Brazil. As you asked me I will tell you a little bit about my food preferences. When I was a little kid, I loved candies. I think I ate about nine cookies a day! When I was a little bit older, 1 started eating a tot of meat. I had meat and fries almost every day. I didn’t like vegetables or fruit. Then on my 16” birthday, I decided I needed @ change, so 1 became-a vegetarian. These days I eat meat again, but I avoid fatty foods and sugar. I've lost a lot of weight and I feel much better. I'm happy you're worried about my staying in your country but don't worry too much, ok?! Yours faithfully, Maggy Googe imagens. Used to, didn’t use to, allergic to, trying to lose weight, against my rel doesn’t/ don’t agree with me, avoiding, don‘t/doesn't care for Use the expressions from the box above and write a note to let your mother know about Maggy. Write at least 6 (Six) sentences. (6 scores) [ Dear Mum, . Maggy used to eat fatty food “but now is trying to lose some weight. 7 She used to be a vegetarian’, nowadays she eats meat but she avoids eating everyday. ~ ‘She doesn't care for fried food. ¥ She isn't allergic to anything. “ Love, Renata AE1/2014 - INGLES HAMADA, ALUNO N°: NOME: TURMA: 04. To get some money to buy a World Cup ticket, you started working at a restaurant. As you are the| only person who speaks English there, your boss has asked you to serve the foreigners. Most of them prefer to have Brazilian dishes. Describe these dishes for them using the vocabulary from unit 6’ and| write 3 (three) sentences for each dish, De not repeat your ideas. (3 scores) a)Feijoada TEsmells mai z is made of black beans, por! 2 ¥ It tastes spicy. ¥ b)Carreteiro It looks terrific. v " It looks like Yakimeshi. tis made of rice a: Ev. is salty. “ | It looks wonderfull v tastes 2 : Google imagens. 0S. Fill in the sentences with an ADJECTIVE from the box. (5 scores) relaxing, exciting, awful, enjoyable, boring ‘Two days ago Ana phoned me and it was really___ enjoyable’ _. There had been a long time since Ana didn’t phone me. We remembered that exciting vtrip to Hawaii with those friends from high schoo! and relaxing __¥ moments when we sunbath and had a massage. Ana also remembered about that boring ¥ party in which we met nobody new, At the end we noticed that that time wasn't ____ awful __v at all because we could be together any time we wanted and there were no worries. We really miss those moments!