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Unit Code: MIS5604 @ BMA Unit Title: IT/IS Project Management Semester: Two Year: 2010

Faculty of Business and Law | Telephone: 134328 | Calls outside Australia (61 8) 6304 0000 Email enquiries@ecu.edu.au | Web: www.business.ecu.edu.au

ecu.[The information below is optional if it suits the particular school processes.business.edu.au CRICOS IPC 00279B Prepared by: Associate Professor Dieter Fink .] School of Management Edith Cowan University Faculty of Business and Law Telephone +(618) 6304 5666 Facsimile +(618) 6304 5633 Email: businessandlaw@ecu.au www.edu. Claims as to authorship should be avoided. Unit plans are prepared as part of the coordinating role and the “intellectual property” belongs to ECU.

ensuring mobile phones are switched off.au/prospectus/charter/). This is a graduate subject and so some practical knowledge of the workplace and/or theoretical knowledge of management are assumed. Emphasis will be placed on IT case studies and how project management software can be used to plan. notification of absence. In fact. network analysis.edu. your lecturer and your tutor. Teaching and learning approach Each week there will be 3 formal contact hours. Unit and Teaching Evaluation (UTEI) At the end of the semester.ecu. Faculty of Business and Law Web: www. In addition extensive readings are provided. The unit runs as a seminar divided into three sections: • Lecture: copies of lecture overheads will be made available and they provide the underlying conceptual knowledge for the unit. There will be 2 hours allocated to a formal lecture and discussion of readings and 1 hour for a tutorial. Concepts such as the project life cycle.School of Management BMA MIS5604 IT/IS Project Management Unit Coordinator Name Room no Contact number/s Email Consultation times Introduction This unit will introduce you to the fundamentals of Information Technology/Information Systems (IT/IS) Project Management. Tutorials will be used to explore concepts discussed in the lectures in more detail. This survey will ask questions concerning your level of satisfaction with the unit. requirements and approaches to the assignments. Expectations of lecturers and students This unit is conducted in accordance with the Student Charter (available at: http://www. The unit will concentrate on IT projects.au . control and monitor projects.business. We endeavour to use the feedback we receive from the UTEI survey to improve the quality of the unit when it is next run. Your feedback is needed to help us to improve the quality of our courses. the unit as it is running this semester has been modified in several ways based on the feedback we have received previously from the UTEI.edu. all students will be requested to complete the ECU UTEI online survey.ecu. Lecturers and students must all be mindful of common courtesies such as timely arrival to class. and allowing each person the opportunity to contribute and to gain as much as possible from the unit. although the material presented is applicable to anyone wishing to learn generic project management skills. • Tutorial: this will be used to discuss topics and problems set for each tutorial and the progress. cost management will be introduced.

Cengage Learning. 6 Edition. There are a plethora of books that address the fundamentals of project management theory and practice so you should have no trouble finding additional information on various subject matters addressed in the lectures and tutorial sessions. Week 1 Topics Introduction to PM 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Processes Integration Scope Time Cost Quality Risk Human Resources Communications Procurement IT/IS Projects Activities Participants are to introduce themselves. 4 and 5 Schwalbe chapter 4. exercise 2 Schwalbe chapter 7. Why active tutorial participation is important: • The examination will contain some of the discussion questions/exercises and/or similar ones. Information Technology Project Management. discussion question 1 and 2 Revision MIS5604 – BMA -102 4 . their objectives in studying project management.School of Management Towards the end of the semester you will receive an email notification about how to complete the UTEI survey. discussion questions 1. exercise 1 Schwalbe chapter 5. K. exercise 1 and 2 Schwalbe chapter 6. Tutorials All students are expected to actively participate in class in solving problems and/or discussing topics as set out below and sharing personal experiences. discussion questions 1. discussion question 1 Schwalbe chapter 3. exercise 1 Schwalbe chapter 12. There are small incentives offered to encourage participation and your feedback is anonymous and confidential. • The completion of exercises relating to scope and time is necessary to be able to complete the case study assignment. Course Technology. Please take the time to complete it for us. th Other significant references and resources Copies are contained in the reader folder. exercise 4 Schwalbe chapter 9. discussion question 3 Schwalbe chapter 10. One or more students will be allocated each week to lead the discussions and completion of exercises. Australia. Annotated reading list Schwalbe. (2010). exercise 1 Schwalbe chapter 8. 2 and 3 Schwalbe chapter 11. Schwalbe chapter 1.

Academic Misconduct Addendum for Unit Outlines “Edith Cowan University regards academic misconduct of any form as unacceptable. but is not limited to: • MIS5604 – BMA -102 paraphrasing text without acknowledgment of the source. • theft of other students’ work. The university defines academic misconduct as follows: “academic means conduct in relation to any academic work that is dishonest or unfair. Academic misconduct includes. • cheating in examinations. but is not limited to: • plagiarism. “plagiarism” means to knowingly or unknowingly present as one’s own work the ideas or writings of another without appropriate acknowledgment or referencing. 5 . • unauthorised collaboration. This includes. misconduct” “cheating” means conduct in any assessment that is dishonest.School of Management Study Schedule The unit topics and session schedule are organised as follows: Seminar 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Topics Introduction to PM Processes Integration Scope Time Cost Quality Risk Human Resources Communications Procurement IT/IS Projects Chapter Reference 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 11 9 10 12 2 Assignments Due Case Study Part 1 Case Study Part 2 Theory Paper NB Assignments are due at the start of the lecture on the dates shown above. Assessment information The assessment for this unit is made up as follows: Assessment Case Study (individual) Theory Paper (individual) Examination Total Value 40% 20% 40% 100% All components of the unit have to be completed satisfactorily to pass this unit.

be 5% of the maximum assessment available for the assignment.au/GPPS/governance_services/resources_file/general_misconduct_rules_students(070327). and • if they achieve 40% or more Illness on the day of an exam This happens very rarely. a mark of zero shall be awarded. the major to which the unit belongs. and copying of visual representations (cartoons. at http://www.School of Management • • • paraphrasing text inadequately with acknowledgment of the source.] Any student who wishes to defer the submission of an assignment must apply to the lecturer before the due date for an extension of the time within which to submit the assignment. If you should find yourself in this unusual and difficult position you should not attend the exam as you could not perform to your best. or • where the assignment is more than 5 working days late. for each working day that it is late. or even the course.pdf Extensions for submission dates [Note: The wording in this section has been taken from the Assessment policy and should be modified with caution. who has reasonable grounds to believe that a student has committed some form of academic misconduct. Failing a unit Failing a unit 3 times may result in you being excluded from the unit. paintings and computer programs). photos. The application must be in writing and must set out the grounds on which deferral is sought. the penalty shall.ecu. shall follow the provisions of the Academic Misconduct Rules (Students) which are available on the University website. line drawings.edu. Assessment details They are covered in separate documents MIS5604 – BMA -102 6 . However. as discrepancies could be seen as grounds for appeal. copying the text of another student’s assignment or other students’ assignments. A staff member. An assignment submitted after the fixed or extended time for submission shall incur a penalty to be calculated as follows: • where the assignment is submitted not more than 5 working days late. if not attending you must see a doctor and submit the doctor’s certificate with your request for a deferred exam on the grounds that you were ill at the time of exam. Supplementary assessments Note that students in the Faculty of Business and Law are only offered a supplementary assessment/exam by Board of Examiners: • in the last unit of their course.

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