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Assigned Date: / / 2016 Last Date of Submission: / / 2016

Sigma Institute of Engineering (050)

Electrical Engineering (09)
Semester: 8th
Testing &Commissioning of Electrical Equipments (2180901)
Assignment - 6
UNIT: 6 Switchgear & Protective devices
1 Explain the following test regarding circuit breaker 1) Mechanical endurance test
2) Measurement of breaker time 3) Impulse testing.
2 Explain Mechanical endurance test on circuit breaker
3 Explain no load mechanical operation test & Mechanical (Endurance ) test on circuit
4 Explain with the help of necessary diagrams the various types of test performed on high
voltage A.C circuit breaker
5 Explain short time current test on circuit breaker
6 Explain ac leakage current test on lightening arrestor
7 Explain short circuit testing on circuit breaker with plant layout.
8 State the possible trouble, causes and remedial actions for outdoor circuit breaker