MEdRC EduTech
Digital Learning for the Medical & Healthcare Industry
The growing demand for quality education in the healthcare sector and the absence of standardized content and delivery mechanisms pose a great challenge and is being addressed by MEdRC through its innovative e-Learning initiatives.

MEdRC was set up in 1993 at Hyderabad, to help doctors teach and learn medicine making full use of computer graphics and multimedia technologies. What started as a center to develop audio-visual aids at low cost for seminars, lectures and CME programs, has evolved into an ambitious project that aims to significantly enhance the existing infrastructure and quality of medical & healthcare education through emerging digital technologies. MEdRC’s initial efforts are aimed at developing an exhaustive library of digitally archived e-Lectures by “Master Teachers” encompassing the entire undergraduate medical curriculum and for continuing medical education. Over the past 12 months, MEdRC has been identifying a “dream faculty” – one that includes the “Who’s Who” of medical education from India and abroad. Over 700 teachers have been nominated by heads of departments across all medical specialties and colleges, from all over India. On invitation, they have been coming to MEdRC’s television studios where dedicated production teams have been digitally recording their lectures. A team of doctors and technologists work together at MEdRC to create multimedia elements that enhance these lectures. MEdRC has an excellent medical illustration team which works on various reference diagrams provided by the faculty to create original medical graphics. For concepts that need to be explained using animation, the Flash team develops interactive learning objects that provide an immersive experience to the learner.

MEdRC EduTech Limited Incorporated : 2000 Current project initiated : Aug 2005 No. of employees : 96 Key Promoters: Dr. Neeraj Raj Pragati Offset Academic Advisory Board: Dr. Kakarla Subbarao
Ex. Director, NIMS

Dr. Arjun Rajagopalan
Director Sundaram Medical Foundation, Chennai

Dr. D. Nageshwar Reddy
Director Asian Institute of Gastroenterology

Dr. Ajay Kumar
National President Indian Medical Association

Dr. B.K. Sahay
Past National President Assn. of Physicians of India

Dr. Usha Reddi
Ex Director, CEMCA, New Delhi

Strategic Partners: Technology : Intel Marketing/HW : HP & others Content : IMA & Others

A 3D graphics and animation team has been working to recreate the human body in all 3 dimensions, part by part, each part being anatomically accurate and proportionate to another. An exam orientation team decides as to what long questions, short notes or multiple choice questions can get asked from each lecture. MEdRC’s software engineers have developed SmarTeach, a World-Class Teaching and Learning management softwarethat provides tools to integrate teaching content, distribute it widely, and track learning activities. The ultimate aim underpinning this massive effort is to support and promote the expansion of lifelong learning at all levels of practicing healthcare professionals, particularly in the form of continuing professional development. MEdRC is committed to bring the necessary scientific, technological, manpower and financial resources together in creating one of the most desired medical education networks. MEdRC is actively collaborating with various partners to enable its content to be available to every medical, dental, nursing and paramedical student – through various channels like e- Libraries, personal laptops, over Wi-Fi campuses… even on mobiles and interactive TV! In future, MEdRC sees this effort as an enabler for real-time online interactivity between students and teachers – through tele-teaching, video conferencing, and even interactive medical gaming!

Healthcare Education - a Growing Challenge
The delivery capability of India’s healthcare sector has not been able to keep pace with the requirements of the burgeoning population and its evolving healthcare needs driven by socio-economic changes such as shifting demographics, changes in disease patterns - with increasing degenerative and lifestyle diseases, and altered healthcare behavior. The healthcare sector has the potential to grow to over US$ 75 billion in the next 5 years from US$ 35 billion today. Healthcare providers have been struggling to cope up with this rapid growth in a scenario where change is the only constant.

World wide Manpower Shortage
One of the pivotal factors crucial to the growth of the healthcare industry would be the availability of an appropriately trained workforce. Worldwide there is a shortage of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. To cater to this need, new initiatives are being established with large committed investments. International agencies like the World Health Organisation seek to empower millions of healthcare workers world over with the right training. The government of India has permitted the private sector to start several medical and allied health colleges, mainly in non-urban areas hoping that it would also meet the healthcare needs of this underserved section of the population.

Healthcare Education in India
There is an acute shortage of teachers in most medical colleges. Many colleges are not even able to fulfill the teacher/student ratio prescribed by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and are constantly facing a threat of derecognition. The same is true for dental, nursing and other courses in allied health. While teaching posts get regularly advertised, the posts remain vacant as qualified doctors prefer to practice privately rather than teach. Implementing the new reservation policy requires a further enhancement of seats in each college, skewing the already compromised teacher/student ratio even more. The instruction methodology and the absence of specialized learning tools/aids precludes the pacing of learning according to one’s ability. The existing teachers too need new tools to enhance their productivity in order to cope with the increasing workload.

Digital Healthcare Education - an Optimal Solution
Digital Healthcare Education is the optimal solution to address this challenge. It can effectively:

! Meet the basic education needs of different professionals ! !
associated with this sector Deliver continuing education to all practitioners in this sector. Enhance the productivity of educators.

Medicine is a very visual field. The structure and function of the human body, how diseases are caused, how various drugs work and how procedures should be done can best be explained through visuals.

MEdRC EduTech
MEdRC EduTech will leverage its domain knowledge combined with capabilities in content development, digital media creation, 2D and 3D animation, and software engineering to develop curriculum based digital education products that meet the requirements across the entire healthcare spectrum.

MEdRC has developed an e-Learning platform called SmarTeach® through which an exhaustive library of digital lessons are securely delivered to students through various medical institutions. Content is being developed in phases: Pilot Phase : Develop 2500 lessons covering 1st and 2nd year MBBS curriculum and deploy it at few test sites and also enable online access to establish the proof of concept. Phase 1 ! Complete the creation of a comprehensive Digital Content Library of over 7500 lessons annotated with Computer Graphics and Animations. ! Repurpe this content for Dental, Nursing, Pharmacy, Paramedical and Allied Healthcare segments. ! Create inclusive and immersive learning modules through Virtual Reality and Simulation modeling. Phase 2 : Extend the digital content creation capabilities and the SmarTeach® platform to develop education products for other verticals through joint ventures/partnerships. The ultimate aim underpinning the effort is to support and promote the expansion of lifelong learning at all levels of practicing professionals, particularly in the form of continuing professional development. MEdRC’s content facilitates basic and continuing education in different healthcare disciplines:

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

MBBS Dental Nursing Pharmacy Paramedic Public Health Patient Education Health Education Continuing Education

Domain Knowledge: MEdRC has the experience of having
worked with hundreds of teachers and thousands of MBBS students helping them use computers to teach and learn medicine since 1993. The medical expertise at MEdRC begins with a cadre of in-house MDs and a larger network of expert physicians and key opinion leaders—all of whom are well connected, published, and respected. These experts are involved in the program at every step from inception to completion—from the project initiation meeting, to conceptualization, outline, draft, content delivery, quality assurance, deployment, and measurement.

Dr. Neeraj Raj
Founder & CEO

Graduated in 1988 from Osmania with University Gold Medals in Anatomy and Pathology, and topped General Medicine with distinctions in Pathology and Preventive Medicine. Pioneered the use of multimedia and animation technologies in India and is considered a renowned expert in these areas having contributed significantly to this industry. As a passionate entrepreneur, has successfully led creative teams to develop several innovative products such that are not only economically viable but socially relevant.

Multimedia & Animation Expertise: MEdRC team its
physician subject experts with award-winning medical illustrators and graphic designers, 2D animators, 3D animators and software programmers. Together, they generate medically accurate, descriptive graphics brought to life by leading-edge animation technology. Rounding out the team are professionals well versed in cuttingedge technology plus a meticulous quality assurance team.

Technology Platform: MEdRC has put in several man years
of development and has created a common Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to manage the education process that shall pave the way for establishing the widespread use of I.T. and promote e-Learning throughout any medical institutional campus.

Management Team
Dr. Neeraj Raj
Founder & CEO Doctor / Multimedia Expert

Academic Team
Dr. Hariprasad Chegu, Dean
Ex. Principal & Dean, Sri Ramchandra Medical College, Chennai

Dr. G. Omkarnath
Consultant, Exam Orientation Orthopedic Surgeon/Author

P. Narendra
Promoter Director CEO, Pragati Art Printers

Dr. V. Balasubramanyam
Director, e-Learning HOD Anatomy St. Johns, Bangalore

Dr. B. Chandrakanth Rao
Director, Dental e-Learning Dental Surgeon, Mahavir Hospitals

Dr. Shyam Raj
Promoter Director

Dr. Chandrabhushan
Director, Medical 3D Animation Orthopedic Surgeon

M. Venkat Reddy
Director, Pharmacy e-Learning Member, Pharmacy Council of India

V. Marutish

VP Marketing

Y. Vijayalaxmi
VP Administartion

Surekha Sridhar
VP Content

MEdRC’s team of Doctors Instructional Designers Management Experts Content Developers Graphic Designers Programmers Animators

Dr. A. Gautam
VP Production

Sridhar S.
VP Training

Physical Infrastructure
! Over 7,500 square feet of airconditioned workspace at Rajbhavan Road in Hyderabad – one of the most central locations of the city. ! Over 5,000 square feet of space at the SmarTeach® eLearning Academy at Red Hills. ! 3 acoustically treated airconditioned television studios, each about 18 x 24 feet equipped with cold lighting ensuring hours of shooting without sweat! ! Sophisticated video shooting equipment, audio and video editing equipment, TV and LCD prompters on which speaker notes or PowerPoint slides are projected during lecture shoots. ! Outdoor units with a video crew to capture knowledge outside the studio such as case discussions at hospitals, operative procedures, conference proceedings, etc.

Technology Infrastructure
! 80 IBM and 40 DELL workstations, both fixed and mobile. ! High-end 3D Graphics workstations. ! IBM and DELL Media Servers, Database Servers and Storage Servers with terabytes of storage. ! Gigabit LAN. and redundant Wi-Fi connectivity. ! Internet Web Servers deployed in data centers at Reliance and City Onlines.

Academic Infrastructure
! MEdRC has libraries with all prescribed text books and reference books and collections of CD’s in addition to its own archive of over 150,000 slides and learning resources built over the last 14 years.

3D animation and Digital Post-Production Facilities

Lecture Shoot in Progress at MEdRC’s Television Studio

No. of Colleges in India

Quality Education Across the Entire Healthcare Spectrum
Supplementing Formal College Education
India admits about 0.15 million students every year to graduate medical education courses across all disciplines such as medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy, with majority of them being educated in private medical colleges. For MBBS, a typical private medical college presently charges Rs. 4-5 million as capitation fee and 0.35 million as annual fee per student. MEdRC seeks to implement its products in the private medical colleges first.

! MBBS ! Dental ! Nursing ! Pharmacy ! Ayurveda ! Homeo

265 250 160 246 198 170 : 0.54 million : 0.15 million

Total Students Intake per year

There is a well-recognized need for Continuing Medical Education (CME) worldwide. There is no formal way in which CME is delivered and evaluated in India. Every specialist association and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) conducts CME programs in a brick and mortar seminar mode. Practicing doctors find it difficult to adhere to pre-scheduled timings for CME programs opening up a huge segment for electronically delivered CME (eCME) programs which offers CME content conveniently online.

There are about 0.6 million primary, secondary and tertiary hospitals in the country. The medical, nursing and paramedical staff need training on a continuous basis to keep up the standards of medical care. Over 10,000 hospitals and nursing homes are interested in eLearning as a means to deliver this training as it reduces costs and increases productivity.

Public Health
At the bottom of the pyramid lies a huge market for Healthcare e-Learning in areas of Public Health training. There are 0.5 million healthcare workers at the grassroot level who need training in all aspects of health including Mother & Child Health, HIV/AIDS/ TB, Nutrition, Immunization, Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases, etc. Both comprehension and retention are enhanced if they are trained using rich media content.

Patient Education & Health Education
Patients are today demanding more information, not only about their treatments but also about the possible outcomes. This new sense of accountability can be attributed to the weakening of the classical doctor-patient relationship (with the doctor spending progressively lesser time with patients), benchmarking healthcare delivery with other service industries, and the patient’s desire to bcome a part of the decision making process. Hospitals are seeking to automate the delivery of such information through means such as Touch-screen kiosks.

Patient Education No. of Hospitals No. of Pvt. Clinics No. of hospital beds 11,000 30,000 1 million

Indian Graduate Students Studying Abroad
Because of the increasing costs of private medical education in India, many students are now going to countries like China, Russia and Ukraine for graduate medical education. The Indian Embassy in Beijing estimates that between 4,000 and 10,000 Indians study medicine at Chinese universities alone. These students are totally out of touch with the way medicine is taught in India, yet would finally come back to practice in India - they have to necessarily clear the MCI Screening Exam before being allowed to practice.

Licensing Content in Asian Region
Medical colleges in the Asian region represent a potential target segment for the company’s products with minimal customisation. These include colleges in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Nepal, Mauritius, etc. where medical education is offered in English.

The Western Markets
USA and European countries use e-Learning more widely and there is a growing demand for standardized, visually rich, quality healthcare content and delivery systems. The Indian human resources advantage coupled with our ability to quickly design, re-engineer and repurpose from our huge medical content repository to develop customized education and training products puts MEdRC at the threshold of an exciting opportunity to scale up and tap this through an offshore content development services model and provide its services to develop medical e-Learning content.

SmarTeach® Products
The entire medical curriculum as per the MCI prescribed syllabus has been broken in to component subjects, chapters and topics. Each topic constitutes a module of learning and consists of several granular learning objects such as digital lectures, PowerPoint slides, 2D Flash and 3D animations, text notes, glossaries, questions relevant to the topic, book and journal references, etc. The learning objects can get repurposed for various target segments across the healthcare pyramid. Each module is developed and delivered by invited teachers who work in close collaboration with instructional designers to create content that gets enriched with addition of multimedia elements such as graphics, illustrations and animations.

SmarTeach® UGMed Proposed UGMed Learning Modules
Subject Anatomy Physiology Biochemistry Pharmacology Microbiology Pathology Forensic Medicine Community Medicine Ophthalmology Ear Nose & Throat General Medicine General Surgery Obstetrics & Gynaecology Pediatrics TB & Chest Diseases Dermatology Psychiatry Anesthesia Orthopedics Radiology Dental Specialty/Guest Lectures Hours 160 160 120 120 120 120 70 180 100 70 264 264 300 63 20 20 20 20 100 20 10 169 Modules 320 320 240 240 240 240 140 360 200 140 528 528 600 126 40 40 40 40 200 40 20 338

A complete e-Learning program targeted towards undergraduate medical students consisting of video lessons delivered by renowned faculty from across India, annotated with graphics and animations. Covers the entire 5 years of prescribed MCI syllabus.

SmarTeach® PrePG e.Tutor
Post Graduate (MD/MS) Entrance Orientation modules featuring 300 hours of refresher courseware that prepares PG aspirants take up the challenge of appearing for various national and state medical entrances throughout India including the MCI Screening Tests.

SmarTeach® PrePG e.Tests
Simulated mock exams providing online access to every question ever asked from any entrance over the last 30 years with instant and comprehensive analysis of results and exlanatory answers.

SmarTeach® Learn@Work
100 lessons essential for training hospital staff, both medical and non medical, covering all aspects of clinical and non-clinical best practices.

SmarTeach® Courses in Pipeline
UG.Dental, UG.Nursing, Paramedical, Public Health, Patient Education and Health Education.

Slides, illustrations, 2D and 3D animations synchronized to the talk

Jump to any topic within the lesson

Expert teacher delivers a video lesson comprehensively covering the topic

Choose any Subject from list of Channels Choose any lesson from the subject

Every lesson is annotated with Additional Learning Resources such as Notes, Charts, Searches, Glossary, MCQ Question Banks, etc.

Write and Share notes relevant to each lesson component.

Easy Navigation allows you to Pause/Play, Rewind/Forward, Skip/Revew and Bookmark anywhere in the lesson.

3D Anatomical Walkthroughs

3D Animation of Lumbar Puncture

Interactive Virtual Case Databases

Current Status
MEdRC has completed pilot phase of the project, set up infrastructure such as studios and recorded over 1500 e-Lectures of invited national faculty for the 1st and 2nd year MBBS curriculum. Test Sites established at:: Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences, Ghanpur SmarTeach® PrePG e.Tests and SmarTeach PrePG e.Tutor have been launched over the Internet for students preparing for various PG entrance tests and are available for subscription at Launch of SmarTeach® UGMed across various Reliance World centers by June 2007 allowing students to access our content from 250 centers spread across 100 cities. Offering the SmarTeach® UGMed program to 20 medical colleges in India by August 2007 allowing their students to access it on campus. MEdRC plans to pilot test its programs at medical colleges in Russia and China by end of this year and launch its programs outside India the next academic year.

Content Partners
750 Doctors Indian Medical Association Hospitals : Care, FMH

Technology Partners
Intel : Content security HP : Hardware Reliance : Online access

Distribution Partners
Reliance World

Marketing Partner
Intel Digital Health

Strategy Consultant
K-Hub, Indian School of Business

from medico to

A comprehensive package consisting of a Student Laptop bundled with 5 years of access to the SmarTeach® UGMed content at a medical college ecampus. Fully financed by a bank allowing students to take the package when they join college and pay later when they start earning as doctors! Interactive e-Learning on Campus ! Over 2000 e-Lectures covering all MBBS subjects ! ! ! ! ! ! Developed as per the prescribed MCI syllabus Delivered by professors from all over India Content peer reviewed by renowned experts Concepts illustrated with 2D / 3D Animations Clinical case discussions and simulations e-Lectures by guest NRI faculty

e.medico Laptop Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile 256 MB RAM, 40GB HDD DVDROM/CD Writer WiFi Enabled Genuine Microsoft Software Windows XP Microsoft Office WiFi Access on campus Access to campus LAN Access to Internet Basic IT training Certificate Course on Basic I.T. Medical Applications of I.T. 5 years of Access to Interactive e-Learning Material Interactive or Tutorial mode Self-paced learning

I.T. Enabled e-Education ! Basic training in use of computers ! Training in medical applications of I.T.

Value addition to regular MBBS curriculum ! e-Lectures on Medical Ethics ! ! ! ! ! ! e-Lectures on Soft Skills for Doctors Integrated learning across all subjects Integration with Problem Based Medicine Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine Essentials Courses: Emergency Medicine in India Continuing Medical Education Courses

Exam Orientation - Semester wise ! Exhaustive Question Banks - Short Notes, Long Questions, Viva Voce, - Over 100,000 MCQ’s from every exam ever conducted - Each question with authentic references - Explanatory answers to difficult questions Pay When You Earn Scheme Fully Financed Education Bank Loan ! Offers from various banks ! Convenient EMI starts after 5 years

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