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Grade 9 Science

Easy Round Questions:

1. What type of circulation is involved if the movement of blood is from the heart to the rest of the body, excluding the lungs?
A. Coronary C. Pulmonary
B. Diuretic D. Systemic

Ans.: D. Systemic Ref: Science 9 LM, p. 12

2. What could be the blood types if we are going to make a cross between mother who is heterozygous blood type A and
father who is pure blood type B?
A. Type AB C. Type AB and O
B. Type A and B D. Type AB and B
Ans.: D. Type AB and B Ref: Science 9 LM, p. 34

Average Round Questions:

1. If you are a male, what is the probability that YOU will be bald if your father is homozygous and not balding, and your
mother is heterozygous and not balding?
A. 25% C. 75%
B. 50% D. 100%
Ans.: B. 50% Ref: Science 9 LM, p. 40-41

2. A ball is thrown vertically upward. What is its instantaneous speed at its maximum height?
A. 0 B. 5 m/s C. 9.8 m/s D. 9.8 m/s2

Ans.: A. 0 Ref: Science 9 LM, p. 238

Difficult Round Questions:

1. In January Pandarawa is visible in the sky. According to Matigsalug Monobo Bukidnon Calendar this is the start of
planning what king of crops to plant and how wide the area for planting should be. What is the western equivalent of the
constellation Pandarawa?

Ans.: Pleiades Ref: Science 9 LM, p. 225

2. Give the two conditions in order to increase the internal energy of a body.

Ans: 1. its temperature increases

2. it changes from solid to liquid or from liquid to gas Ref: Science 9 LM, p. 317

Clincher Round Questions:

1. In what way sex-limited and sex-influenced trait similar?

Ans. : Both are found in somatic chromosomes or both are autosomal

Ref: Science 9 LM, p. 40

2. A genetic disorder in humans that causes hairy ears.

Ans.: Hypertrichosis pinnae auris

Ref: Science 9 LM, p. 38