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Department of Justice

United States Attorney

District of New Jersey

970 Broad Street, Suite 700 (973) 645-2700

Newark, New Jersey 07102

September 27, 2018

Michael Critchley, Esq.

Michael Critchley, Jr., Esq.
Critchley, Kinum & DeNoia, LLC
75 Livingston Avenue, Suite 303
Roseland, New Jersey 07068

Re: George Norcross

Dear Sirs:

You have inquired about your client George Norcross’s status in connection with an
investigation conducted in the District of New Jersey pertaining to the procurement of tax credits.
Based on a review of the applicable law and evidence obtained during the investigation, we have
concluded that no further action is warranted. Accordingly, this matter has been closed.

Very Truly Yours,

Attorney for the United States
Acting Under Authority Conferred
By 28 U.S.C. § 515

Lee M. Cortes, Jr.
Rahul Agarwal
Assistant U.S. Attorneys