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Representing Data using Graphs Name:

A broken line graph graph shows information by plotting values and joining them
with line segments.

The title of a graph and the labeling of the horizontal and vertical axes tell you
about the data shown.

The independent variable goes on the horizontal axis, and the dependent variable
goes on the vertical axis.

Broken line graphs are useful for showing a trend over time. They can also be used
to compare sets of data, using multiple lines on the same graph.
Redraw it to make it a misleading graph below:
Draw a double line graph for the following:
A bar graph is another way to visually represent data.

A bar graph is used to plot discrete data using rectangular bars, the lengths of which are
proportional to the values represented.

The bars on a bar graph can be either vertical or horizontal, and have spaces between them.
Draw a bar graph and a broken line graph for the rock concert tickets sold per day. Which is a
better represenation?

Bar Graph
A histogram is like a bar graph except that it is used to represent
continuous data so that the bars are touching. The width of the bar
represents a range of numbers.
A circle graph is used to display how a whole is divided.
The sectors of the circle represent parts of the data.