The Divine Pecking Order (only kinder

Invocation of the Nine Choirs Brilliant Seraphim, I call to thee circle 'round, bring love to me. Mighty Cherubim, guard my gate remove from me sorrow and hate. Thrones, stand firm, stable be keep me steady on land or sea. I call Dominions, leadership true may I be fair in all I do. Circles of protection Powers form help me weather any storm. Miraculous Virtues, hover near elemental energies I summon here. Principalities, bring global reform bless the world and each babe born. Glorious Archangels, show me the way to bring peace and harmony every day. Guardian angel, Goddess might bless me with your guiding light.


These beings operate at the highest level of the astral, closest to Divinity. Silver thinks they can manifest things by pure contemplation. The Seraphim They are considered angels of pure love, light, and fire. They keep the vibes around Divinity clean of negativity, and send out Divinity's vibes to the other Spheres and us, keeping the ball spinning. They shine too brilliantly for most humans to deal w/. You don't just run into them, it's an INVITATION ONLY thing. But they'll listen if you ask for their help in a ritual for humanitarian and planetary workings (especially group rituals). Burn a white candle for Divinity and a purple candle for the Seraphim. The Cherubim They function as the guardians of light and stars; they create and channel positive energy; they watch out for the entire multiverse, collecting and dispensing energy as needed; they guard any religious temple/place of worship; they can function as personal guards who wield flaming swords, should that be necessary. In looks, they're very far from the fat babies of art; they're usually half-human half-beast (in fact, says Silver, many Egyptian deities can be seen as Cherubim; e.g. Sekhmet, Bast, Anubis). Their name means “those who intercede”; they're beings of knowledge and boundless love. Call them if you need divine protection, wisdom, and knowledge. Burn a white candle for Divinity and a blue candle for the Cherubim. The Thrones These are the PIs of the angel realm, and justice is very important to them. They'll searchlight any injustice and send healing energies to the victims (usually working through the Guardian). They create, channel and collect incoming and outgoing energies and teach humility. They are usually assigned to planets, so most planetary angels are Thrones. Their name implies their stability; Divinity stands on their capable shoulders. If you need smoothing out between groups of people or individuals; for stability; and anything related to planets or planetary energies, call the Thrones.


They're concerned w/ the cosmos and interconnectedness, and flow in an intensity of power. They carry out orders from the higher-ups and take an interest in the orders of those below them. They also concern themselves w/ the governing of a specific planet.


The Dominions These are the Divine leaders; they're the epitome of cause/effect; they are perfect mediators and arbitrators; they go about integrating the material and the spiritual. If you have any issue w/, about or relating to leadership, the Dominions are the first ones to call. They're concerned w/ leaders and leadership, and the fairness and balance that ought to go w/ it – like the Angelic ANTI-CORRUPTION HOTLINE. They bestow 'natural' leadership and help all types of leaders. They're also great to call when starting a new project or if you get stuck w/ a continuing one. Burn a white candle for Divinity and a pink candle for the Dominions. The Powers They are warrior angels, and function as regulators of chaos. Working out of encompassing love, they dispense justice. They organize the world's religions and send divine energy to keep the positive aspects of them going. They work through the human sixth sense to warn of someone set to harm you, and ferret out hidden agendas. Call them when in trouble. They ferret out hidden agendas designed to harm others and will help you spot this if you ask them. They'll defend your home, property, kids, or any group of people who call on them for defense. Burn a white candle for Divinity and a yellow candle for the Powers. The Virtues These are the “miracle angels” - they move massive amounts of energy to the earth plane and collective human unconsciousness. They bestow grace and valour and are fond of the “underdogs” who strive to work beyond their restrictions and achieve when others say they can't. They love go-getters and positive people striving towards harmony. They are the nature angels, so the elemental energies fall under their auspices – earth, air, fire, water, spirit, weather patterns, planetary upheavals. They'll also help w/ healings; they'll be the hotline if you're in trouble, sick, or scared. Burn a white candle for Divinity and an orange candle for the Virtues.


They are the earth angels who mingle w/ humanity and are closely involved in human affairs. The Principalities They guard large groups, like continents, countries, cities, towns, and other grandscale human activities. They're about global reform, and watch and work w/ human leaders in political or religious affairs, to try and help them make good decisions. You'll find them, says Silver, where any large group of people is gathered, whether to make decisions or have fun. They are Divine Human Rights Lawyers, and will help in times of discrimination. They fight against extinction. They'll sort out inadequate leadership, whether in a company or a city or a country, and will help w/ making wise decisions regarding these. The Archangels The Archangels deal w/ everyone, says Silver, from the top brass to the newborn babe. They're often involved in one of the other Spheres. The four established Archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. Others include Metatron, Jeremiel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Raguel, Raziel, Jophiel, Azrael, Ariel, Sandalphon, and Haniel [from A:CIM and Doreen Virtue's Archangel Cards]. To contact them, burn a white candle for Divinity and their personal corresponding candle colour. The Angels These are the guardian angels, those assigned to individuals. Everyone has one. They may hail from one of the other spheres, if you're a revolutionary or working towards something big. Whatever the case, they link themselves to human and physical matters, and funnel energies from you to Divinity and back. They're constantly it touch w/ the other angels, and work w/ you and w/ them to accomplish things. Silver describes them as our best friends and closest companions. They stick it out w/ you from birth to death,


through all your incarnations. If you want their help, ask and believe. They'll rally whatever they can; they'll do everything in their power if you just ask. You'll still have to do some footwork, of course, but they rock w/ bringing out hithero unseen opportunities or beelining activities; they'll help plot out solutions and soundboard them if you want them to. Burn a white candle for Divinity, and choose your favourite candle colour for your guardian.

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