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[organization logo] [organization name} PROCEDURE FOR DETERMINING CONTEXT OF THE ORGANIZATION AND INTERESTED PARTIES (Commented [9AL: Aleks mihi ocoentmariedby ‘suena et ‘Cornered (942) Fy wa oe i mae tng ‘are: antsy certs oe nonin ‘Coder er — | See Distribution list GE oa Rewmned PY | distributed to Signature Date {©n15telamyb d by cat f SSa im air ciin crda wihtee e Seer erate hatte usb seed [organization name Change history Date Version | Created by | Description of change 03 [S00tAcademy | Basic document outline Table of contents 1 PURPOSE, SCOPE AND USERS. 2. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS. 2 CONTEXT OF THE ORGANIZATION. 31, twrtnacconton 22, Sxmatconror 34, Consonanowor ns context oF i onaaarion “Froese for Deering Content otha Grpnanten — verfean|om|asta) Cag {©215itelatmayb by St f FS Sa Lwm airiin rda wh the rer [organization name 1. Purpose, scope and users ‘The purpose ofthis documents to define the process of identification and determination ofthe Internal and external context of the organization, as well as needs and expectations of interested partes related to the Integrated Management System IMS}. This document Is applied to the entice Integrated Management System (IMS). Users of this document ae the top management of organization name) 2. Reference documents ‘150 9001:2015 standard, causes 4.1; 42 ‘© 180 14001:2015 standard, clauses 4.3; 42 ‘Integrated Management system Manu 3. Context of the organization 3.1, Internal context ib tite] is responsible for identifying and considering intemal issues ofthe organization that can Intended results ofthe Integrated Management System. ‘The internal context of the organization isthe internal environment in which [organization name] ee + eee = ee me ne we ee we mee ae ow ‘manages Internal rks and opportunites. Internal context includes, but isnot limited to: ‘+ Prodts and services to ee ee — tne te ee ee processes, systems, and technologies) ‘Information ystems, information flows, and decision-making processes (both formal and informal) net eee re ee eee ‘+ Form and extent ofthe organization's contractual relationships 3.2. External context Froese or Diriing Cone he Organon wer ersan]om[stg) SSCS errs Tot soy dy no SS abr cn ecru wih hi here