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| Extrusion, Injection(Packaging film, PP Woven Sack, Sheet, Injection molded Articles,,..ete.) 2- Easy dispersion for Polyolefin 3- Good dyeing and stable tinting * tdnfcation ON Product supe 4 2-Composition / Information on Ingredients. + English Name: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Compound * Synonyms: MASTER BATCH * Chemical Abstracts Number (CAS NO) : 24937-78-8 + Hazardous Components (Percentage for Chemical Ingredient): a g 3-Hazards Identification. : * Major Hazard Effect: Inhalation: Single Exposure to dust isnot likely o be hazardous. Vapor and / 10rae Which may be formed at elevated temperatures may be iritating to eyes Eye Contact: Sold or dust may eause irritation or corneal injury due to Major State: Irvitation Mazard category: none 4-First Aid measures Emergency and First Aid Procedures: * Inhalation Lin case of adverse exposure o vapors and for aerosols Formed at devomposed temperature immediately removes the affected victim fom exposure, Administer artificial ‘Skin Contact: wash off on flowing watet ot shower. If irritation persist. Get prompt medical attention. ‘+ Bye Contact: medical attention. * Ingestion: no adverse effects anticipated by this route of exposure. If irritation persist. get prompt medical attention. * Major disease and Harm Effet: irritation First aid personal protection: wear positive self contained breathing apparatus in any closed. space. * Prompt to Doctor 5-Fire Fighting measures. * Suitable Extinguishing media: water fog foam alcohol resistant foam Co.2dry Chemical. * Special Exposure Hazards: dense smoke emitted when bumed without sufficient oxygen, ‘Accumulation of fine dust particles could pose a dust explosion hazard. * Special Extinguish procedure: use water spray to cool fire exposed surface and protect personal. Shut off "fel" to fire, ‘Special protection Equipment: wear positive pressure self contained Breathing apparatus in any closed space. ae Alitalya Co. Gila peaked At las NAS pail Spl aga pla Daybed ple GAN Ga pbe Jyl — tenia gilGyples 31201 Z Pappa egies SLE SIAN caaelor eal TeEAGAY Sia 2x/ Mey agayi. gate Eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. If iritation persist. get prompt sy-rd0trOeT Jpeoee s cnn tee