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Adger: CV

David Adger


David J Adger
Department of Linguistics,
School of Modern Languages
Queen Mary, University of London,
Mile End Road,
E1 4NS

phone: 07947 883 946 (mob); (020) 7247 1490 (home); (020) 7882 3367 (work)


Ph.D. (1994) Functional Heads and Interpretation. Centre for Cognitive Science,
University of Edinburgh
MSc. (Distinction) (1990) Cognitive Science and Natural Language Processing,
University of Edinburgh
MA. (First Class) (1989) Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh


Present Position: Professor of Linguistics, Queen Mary, University of London,
(September 2006- present).

Previous Positions: Reader in Linguistics (= Associate Professor), Queen Mary,
University of London, (September 2002-August 2006).
Lecturer in Linguistics (= Assistant Professor), University of York,
(October 1993-September 2002)


Books, Edited Volumes, Special Issues

1. Harbour, D Adger, D and Bejar, S (eds) Phi Theory: phi features across interfaces and
modules. OUP. In press.

2. Trousdale, G. and Adger, D (eds) (2007) Journal of English Language and Linguistics.
Special Issue on Theoretical Accounts of Dialect Variation. Vol. 11.2.

3. Adger, D., de Cat, C., and Tsoulas, G.(eds) (2004) Peripheries: syntactic edges and their
effects. Kluwer: Dordrecht. (442pp)

4. Adger, D. (2003) Core Syntax. Oxford University Press: Oxford. (425pp)

5. Adger, D., Pintzuk, S., Plunkett, B. and Tsoulas, G. (eds) (1999) Specifiers: Minimalist
Perspectives. Oxford University Press: Oxford. (344pp)


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000 2006 Borsley. Indefinites” in Journal of Linguistics.lang.aspx?resourceid=402 61. Adger. 1995 “Functional Heads and Interpretation” Thesis Summary. (Published with a review by E.aspx?resourceid=407 63. D. (October 2002) http://www. Oxford. Adger.000 Harbour Research Council) 2001 Adger The syntax/prosody interface: AHRC (Research £9. Adger. 1994 "Transformations" in R. Adger The Grammar Meaning Leverhulme (Major £119. Workshop on Phi-Features SSHRC (Canadian $10.Adger: CV 57.ltsn. 58-59 (April.300 2000 Ramchand Modern Scottish Gaelic 5 . van der Koot.500 and Tsoulas (Conference Support Grant) 2000 Adger North East Syntax Seminar York Innovation £2.1. “How on Earth do they do it: an extra-terrestrial view on syntax and phonology” EMagazine. Linguistics Training Consortium) Breheny. Deep and Surface" in R. Pergamon Press. D. Vol 1996 “Review of Diesing 1992. D. Adger. 64.aspx?resourceid=405 62. Linguistics and Area Studies Website Guide To Good Practice. 58.ltsn. (October 2002) http://www. Adger. “Why Theory is Essential” Hoekstra).ac. Adger. (October 2002) http://www. “Formal Models in Linguistics: Semantics ” 8-10. 24. D. Teaching Related Publications 59.791 2009 Connection: Evidence from Research Fellowship) Scottish Gaelic 2004–20 Adger The syntax information structure AHRC (Major £192. “Syntax: Generative Grammar” Language. Adger. 1994 "Structure. Neeleman 2004 Adger.000 07 interface in a polysynthetic Research Grant) language 2004 – Roberts. RESEARCH AWARDS Date Principal Title Award body Amount investigators 2006. D.lang. Vol 1. 5. Linguistics and Area Studies Website Guide To Good Practice. Linguistics and Area Studies Website Guide To Good Practice. Bejar. Asher (ed) The Encyclopaedia of Language and Linguistics. Oxford. Pergamon Press.E. D. Adger. Adger Advanced Core Training in AHRC (Graduate £10.E. 2004) 60. Plunkett Peripheral Positions British Academy £1. Relativization Strategies in British Academy £3. Glot International. D.991 evidence from Modern Scottish Leave) Gaelic 2000 Adger. 061 Fund 1997. D.ltsn. Asher (ed) The Encyclopaedia of Language and Linguistics.lang.

Phi Features Across Modules and Interfaces. Norway April 2007) • Coccurrrence and Order in Kiowa (with Daniel Harbour) Information Structure and Syntax Workshop. Uppsala. 200 Support Grant 6. Structure of Parametric Variation. Linguistics Association of Great Britain (with Daniel Harbour and Laurel Watkins) • Psych Nouns and the Structure of Predication. University of Edinburgh 2003 • Agreement and The Person Case Constraint (with Daniel Harbour). April 2007) • Feature Intervention. 9-11th July. European Society for Psychology and Philosophy. VARIFLEX. Workshop on Features (Kings College London. 28-30th October. CONFERENCE PAPERS 2007 • Features and Functional Categories Keynote Lecture. 19-20th December. Lund. ICLAVE.03. 5-7th September. 1-4th September. Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig. 7-9th October. Plunkett Specifiers York Conference £1. Sweden 2002 6 . Resumptives at the Interfaces. 1-4th September. • Dialect Variation in Gaelic Relatives (with Gillian Ramchand). Turin. June 2007) • Where is Variability in the Grammar? Plenary lecture: Formal Approaches to Variation in Syntax. Italy. 21-23 July.Adger: CV 2000 Ramchand Modern Scottish Gaelic 1995. (University of York. Generative Approaches to Contrastive Linguistics. NELS. Information Structure and Word Order (with Daniel Harbour) 30th GLOW Colloquium. May 2007) • V1 and Cl2 Keynote lecture at the V1/V2 Conference. Advances in Binding Theory. 26-28th November. Amsterdam (Invited Plenary) • The Structure of Psychological Predication. Newcastle • The syntax-discourse interface in a polysynthetic language. resumption and anti-agreement. (University of Leiden. GLOW Colloquium. University of Cyprus (Invited talk) • Number and Person in Predication and Anaphora. 12-14th June. Amherst Massachusetts (with Gillian Ramchand) • Anaphor Agreement Mismatches. 29. Linguistics Association of Great Britain (with Gillian Ramchand) 2004 • Phi features. York- Essex Morphology Meeting (Invited talk) • Minimalism in Linguistics. 9-12th April. September 2007) • Bare Resumptives Keynote Lecture. Sweden • Stress and Phasal Syntax. (Invited Plenary) • Variation and the Minimalist Program (with Jen Smith). (University of Tromso.11. 27-29th August. (Queen Mary February 2007) 2005 • Combinatorial Variation in Inflection. 330 1997 Scottish Gaelic Fund 1996 Adger. Adger Conditions on Object Shift in York Innovation £3. Stuttgart (Invited Talk) • Variation without Parameters. (University of Paris VII. University of Montreal.

International Celtic Linguistics Conference. Gregynog. West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. • Predication and comparison in Scottish Gaelic. 7. Dublin. (with Gillian Ramchand) • Event Structure and Passives (Invited talk). 1993-1999: 20 other conference papers. 21st June. Welsh Syntax Seminar. 3-4th May. Sweden • The Structure of Psychological Predication 30th January.Adger: CV • Relativisation. • Pronouns and Equatives (with Gillian Ramchand) 6-9th April. • First Position Phenomena and the syntax/prosody interface. • Polysynthesis is polyparametric (with Daniel Harbour) 14th March University of Newcastle. • Relativisation in Literary and Colloquial Welsh 4th-5th July. 2001 • Predication and Equation (Gillian Ramchand) 2-3rd November: ZAS Workshop on Predication. 7 . Los Angeles. • Strategies for wh: derivation and representation in Scottish Gaelic questions and relatives (with Gillian Ramchand). Leiden. University of Oxford. Konstanz. UCLA. (Invited Plenary) 12-15th May. • Interpretability and Phases (with Gillian Ramchand) 23-25th February West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. 10 international. Workshop on complex event structure. • The syntax of preverbal elements (Invited talk) (with Daniel Harbour). University of Wales. GLOW Colloquium. 4th February. UCD. Agreement and Locality (Invited Plenary) On Wh-Movement Conference 11-13th September. Holland.March 3 DGfS. Los Angeles. Vitoria. Amsterdam. GLOW Colloquium. Santa Cruz. 2000 • Close relatives? Gaelic and Welsh relativisation strategies. • Microvariation in Celtic Relatives (with Gillian Ramchand) 9-11th April. • Allomorphy: Adjacency and Agree (with Daniel Harbour and Susana Bejar) 8-11th April GLOW Colloquium. (Invited talk) Workshop on VSO languages. Germany. Stuttgart. 2005 • The syntax-discourse interface and free word order (with Daniel Harbour) 4th October. Germany. Berlin. The Basque Country. West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. Welsh Syntax Seminar University of Wales (Gregynog). 1- 3rd September. University of the Highlands and Islands Millenium Institute. SOAS. Leipzig. Queen Mary (March 2007) 2006 • A’ cur air doigh sgrùdadh `variationist’ air Gàidhlig Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. Feb 28 . 16th April. University of Lund. INVITED LECTURES 2007 • Variability in Syntax University of California at Los Angeles (7th February 2007) • Biolinguistics? School of Biological Sciences. Isle of Skye (12th December 2006) • Gaelic Psych-Nominals 31st March. • Prosody and syntax in a VSO language. 4 invited plenaries.

Montréal. • Comparatives in Scottish Gaelic.prosody or syntax? 8th February. RCEAL. 10th December. The Linguistic Review. 12th November. UQAM. School of Oriental and African Studies. University of Oslo • Variability in Agreement. 31 January. 10th October The Asymmetry Research Group. EDITORIAL ACTIVITIES AND REFEREEING • Founding and General Editor (with Hagit Borer) of Oxford Studies in Linguistic Theory (Oxford University Press). London. Biolinguistics. SILEX Research Group. University of Manchester 2003 • The morphology syntax interface and the person case constraint. Journal 8 . The Philological Society . Stanford. Lingua. 2nd April. London 2002 • Locality in Allomorphy. University of Lille III. 9th January. California. Mass. 24th November. 2000 • VSO structure and Linguistic Theory. 28th September. • Variation is in the lexicon. 8. Cambridge. • Polar Determiners in Clauses. University College London • Phases and Prosody in Celtic. University of York. Minimalist Reading Group. 18th February. LF Reading Group Seminar. London • Predication and Equation. 16 volumes published so far. New York University. • Strategies for wh. 3rd February. • Member of the Editorial Board of Lingua. University College London • Movement in Celtic Relatives. 18th September. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. • The syntax and phonology of the Old Irish verbal complex. 31st September. MIT. • Editor of Syntax (with Prof S. 3 in press. Montréal. 1993-1999: 14 other invited lectures. The Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics. New York. University of Oslo • The syntax and semantics of comparatives in Gaelic. 8th October. Linguistic Inquiry. 10th May.Invited Lecture. The Journal of Linguistics • Founding and Consulting Editor on Oxford Texts in Core Linguistics (Oxford University Press) • Refereeing of Articles: The Journal of Linguistics. University of Essex Colloquium Series • The structure of Spellout: evidence from Old Irish. 30th September. 29th April. Kings College. SOAS. Blackwells. Language. 2001 • Syntax and Prosody in Scottish Gaelic. University of Tromso • Variability in Negative Concord. 25th October. University of Groningen 2004 • Variation and Syntactic Theory. Cambridge • The syntax and syncretisms of the person case constraint. 18th October University of Cambridge Linguistics Society. MIT. Flynn. not the syntax.Adger: CV • Variation and Syntactic Theory. 21st January. 6 international. MIT). Cambridge Mass. • Parametric variation in Relative Constructions. Stanford University Invited Lecture. • V1 in Old Irish . 12th October Concordia University. Ling Lunch Seminar.

Kluwer • Refereeing of Conference Abstracts: NELS (1996 . London February 2007) • Phi Features across Grammatical Modules. A. Morphology • Refereeing of Books: Oxford University Press (UK and USA). University of York (March 1996) • LAGB parasession on Focus and Ellipsis University of Essex (April 1995) (ii) University External Research Roles • Member of Linguistics Strategy Group 2005 – 2007. CLS (2005 – present) among many others • Grant applications and grant review reports: Arts and Humanities Research Board/Council. All of these are new courses at QM. John Benjamins.1999) • Deputy Chair of ESRC Linguistics Subject Panel for Advanced Course Recognition Exercise (1996-1999) 10. OTHER RESEARCH RELATED ACTIVITIES (i) Organiser • Information Structure and Syntax Conference funded as part of AHRC grant. Linguistics and Philosophy. National Endowment for the Humanities. Dutch Research Council. Canadian Journal of Linguistics.present). COURSES AND PROGRAMMES (i) Undergraduate Queen Mary: Introduction to Linguistics. Transactions of the Philological Society. Edward Arnold Publishers. Basil Blackwell. English Language and Linguistics. Aspects of Meaning in Language. National Science Foundation. Syntactic Theory. Explaining Grammatical Structures.present • Member of ESRC Research College 1998-2001 (main body for assessing ESRC Research Grants) • Deputy Chair of ESRC Linguistics Subject Panel for Research Recognition Exercise (1997. English Dialect Syntax. European Science Foundation. University of York (September 2000) • International Summer School in Linguistics. GLOW (2001 . English and Linguistics Research Project. Syntax. TEACHING I was awarded a Drapers Prize for Excellence in Teaching in 2006. Debrecen. WCCFL (1997 - present). • Member of AHRB Research College 2004 – present (main body for assessing AHRB research grants) • Member of the Norwegian Research Council Panel of Experts 2005 . 9. 9 .Adger: CV of Comparative Germanic Linguistics. which I took over in my first semester. CSLI Publications. except for Introduction to Linguistics. Trends in Cognitive Sciences. Economic and Social Research Council. Conference funded by SSHRC in Montreal (August 2004) • Minimalism in Linguistics Panel Convener for European Society for Psychology and Philosophy (July 2003) • International conference on Peripheral Positions. Hungary (July 1998) • International conference on Specifiers. Norwegian Research Council. Cambridge University Press. (Queen Mary.present). Foundations of Linguistics.

English Language: Forms and Structures) (ii) Masters Queen Mary: Core Linguistics. Graduate Research Training Seminar) (iii) New Programmes Joint Programme in English Literature and Linguistics. • MPhil Syntax Seminar Course. MA by Research in Linguistics (iv) Other Queen Mary lead for PhD training consortium including Cambridge. Research Methods. Debrecen. RESEARCH STUDENT SUPERVISION (primary supervisor) (i) PhD: Queen Mary: 10 . Research in Syntax. (Easter 1996) ‘Checking Theory’ • AIO (Advanced PhD) course at OTS (Research Institute for Language and Speech). University of Lille III (Spring 2002). Erasmus Exchange Programme.Adger: CV (York: Introduction to Linguistics. Lublin. Hungary (Summer 1998) - ‘The place of Morphology in Generative Grammar’ • MPhil Advanced Syntax Seminar. Formal Theories of Discourse. Essex. ‘Topics in the Morphology and Syntax of the Celtic Languages’ C. • DoA and Maitrise courses. Syntax. Semantics. University of Tromso (Spring 2003). University of Oxford (Autumn 1999) • International Summer School in Linguistics. and UCL for a succcessful AHRC Research Training Grant(Advanced Core Training in Linguistics). B. University of Utrecht (Summer term 1996). UCLA (February 2006) • Graduate Course ‘Variation and Syntax’. Olomutz. The Czech Republic (Summer 1997) ‘The Semantics of Functional Categories’ • Graduate Syntax Course at University of Oxford (Autumn. Advanced Semantics. Advanced Syntax. • Soros Visiting Lecturer at Eotvos Lorond University. VISITING LECTURESHIPS ETC • Graduate Course `Variation and Syntax’. Linguistics Department. University College London (Spring 1997) ‘The Semantics of Functional Categories’ • International Summer School in Linguistics. University of Groningen (January 2005) • Graduate Course `Variation and Syntax’ University of Tromso (Autumn 2004) • NWCL Graduate Training Course `Celtic Linguistics’ Manchester (Autumn 2003) • International Summer School in Linguistics. Research in Semantics. Budapest. (met target of 33 fte recruited in second year of running) Programme in English Language and Linguistics. University of Oxford (Summer 1998) • Graduate Seminar Course. (York: Syntax and Semantics courses at Masters Level. Poland (Summer 2003) ‘Minimalist Syntax’ • Lectures on Morphology and Syntax. University of Oxford (Autumn 1999) • DPhil supervision. 1996).

Thomas (Westminster 2003). Perovic (UCL 2003). Bury (UCL 2003). • Jennifer von Massow (2006) Morphology of Deverbal Affixation (Visiting Student) York • Jonny Butler (2001) . 1999). FT) – Variation and Syntax • Anja Kleeman (2004 ongoing FT) – Information structure and syntax Oxford (NB: I agreed to take on primary supervision for these students due to absence of staff in Oxford) • Anna McNay (2004 ongoing) – Information structure in DP. 2006) Glenda Newton (Cambridge. Christopher Johns (Durham 2007) • External examiner for Undergraduate Programmes at the University of Essex (2001 . Pereltsvaig (McGill.Chinese syntax and Semantics • Joanne Close (2004) . Vina Tsakali (UCL.Syntax and Semantics of Scope. 2005). • Melody Clarke (2002) . UNIVERSITY 11 . PT) – Relativization in Arabic • Chiara Chiarlo (2005 ongoing.Temporal semantics • Sandra Paoli (1995) . Vancouver. EXTERNAL EXAMINING • PhD External Examiner: Breheny (UCL. 2006).Syntax of Italian dialects I have been on the supervisory panels of over 25 other research students. CP and vP • Kerstin Hoge (2001) – Syntax of Wh-movement and Superiority York • Sarah Clark-Peasey (MPhil 2006) .Adger: CV • Ollie Brownlow (2006 ongoing. Lekakou (UCL 2004). ADMINISTRATION A.2004) • External examiner for MPhil programmes in Linguistics and Philology at the University of Oxford (2002-2005) 11. Jeff Parrott (Georgetown. 2001).English Dialect Syntax • Jonny Butler (2004) . Rob Truswell (UCL 2007). 2006). Anyadi (Durham. Rachel Wojdak (University of British Columbia. Morita (Oxford. D.Syntax of modality • Alistair Butler (1996) . 2006). Hong (Essex 2004). Montréal. 2001). FT) – Event Structure and Passives • Issa Razaq (2005 ongoing. 2002).Semantics of Exhaustification • Steve Nicolle (1996) – Pragmatics of function words (ii) MA by Research Queen Mary • Oliver Brownlow (2005) Syntax of ‘get’-passives.Syntax/semantics of comparatives • Melody Clarke (1996) .Aspect and Polarity • Alistair Butler (2001) . Fredrik Heinat (Lund. I have also supervised over 20 taught MA dissertations.

Standing Committee (2003 – 2006) . Research Committee (2006).2006) • Council Member of The Philological Society (2001 .2002) University: • Member: General Academic Board (1997-1999) B. responsible for sucessful restructuring of the Masters programs so as to achieve ESRC recognition.2006/2007. • Member: Staff Student Liaison Committee (2002-2003). 2003 .2002) • Director of Research (1998-2000) • Chair. Information Systems Board. Library Hours Review Group. REFEREES 12 .Adger: CV Queen Mary. Language and Linguistic Science Graduate Schools Board (1996-1999). Ad Hoc Committee for Internal Audit (2002). (2002-2006 (break for sabbatical Jan-September 2005)): includes work on E-Journals Group. (2002-2006 (break for sabbatical Jan- September 2005)) • Member.2006) • Member QAA National Benchmarking Committee (2001) • Member of ESRC College of Postgraduate Training Assessors (1997-2000) • Honorary Secretary Linguistics Association of Great Britain (1995-1998) • ESRC Senior Examiner (1998-2001) • Consultant to ESRC on Postgraduate Training Guidelines Revision (1995) 5. • Organiser of: Departmental Seminar and Guest Lecture Series (1993 .1996). EXTERNAL • Board Member of GLOW and Newsletter editor (2002 ongoing) • Member of National Linguistics Strategy Group (2005 . Language and Linguistic Science Teaching Committee (1999 . • UCAS Selector for Linguistics (2002 – 2006) • Open day organiser for Linguistics (2002 – 2006) • Web Updater for Linguistics (2002-2006) University: • Chair. Graduate Studies Committee (2004 – 2006). Research Ethics Committee (2006) • Member. • Appraiser. MA Conveners Committee (2004 – 2006).2002) • Chair. Arts Faculty Board (2002-2006) York Departmental: • Chair. • Member. Language and Linguistic Science Board of Studies (1999 . Library User Forum. University of London Departmental: • Chair of Linguistics Department. Teaching and Learning Committee (2003 – 2006). • Convenor: Research Group in Syntax and Semantics (1993 .

uk peter.uit. Dept of Linguistics Department of Linguistics. Peter Svenonius. Stevenson Faculty Services University of Cambridge CASTL University of Santa Sidgwick Avenue Faculty of Humanities Cruz Cambridge CB3 9DA University of Tromsø Santa Cruz.ucsc. USA NORWAY Email: Email: Email: igr20@cam. James McCloskey. Prof. Prof. CA 95064 England N-9037 Tromsø.edu 13 .Adger: CV Prof. Ian Roberts.