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PTI Election Commission for Overseas Chapters

Ref: PTI EC-OIC/DE/Election notification2/06-Oct-2018

Subject: Membership/ Voter list Publication

PTI Overseas Election Commission (EC) is pleased to publish the Membership/Voter list for Germany.
The final “election date” will be announced, once membership data has been validated.

Membership /Voters List

The respective chapter’s membership list has been published as per schedule already, which can be found
on; Web page:
User Name: germany
Password: election18

All members are requested to kindly check for their names to verify their voting status. Any discrepancy
or errors should be highlighted to EC and Membership Team by sending email to and both.

Any complaints on membership list should be registered with Election Commission (EC) on no later than 15th October 2018 end of day after which no complaints shall we
entertained. Complaints should be sent with proper supporting material, evidence or proof. Any email
complaint with insufficient evidence or baseless allegations will be rejected straight away.

Panel Nomination
Panel nomination will be done via online forms submission, with deadline of 20th October 2018 EOD.
These forms & links will be available by October 15, 2018.
• All forms need to be filled online. No paper forms will be accepted
• Fees for each respective chapter are also mentioned at the bottom of the form
• A ‘Self Declaration Form’ (SDF) also needs to be submitted. All supporting certificates,
documents related to SDF need to be attached as well.
• All contestants are liable to declare (if any) their past records of any convictions, court cases,
criminal records, imprisonment of any kind and any current processing. Failure to declare will
leads to disqualification
• Refer to Appendix A for reference to eligibility criteria to contest in IPE.

IPE Guidelines – 2017/18

Please go through detailed Guideline for IPE-2017 for complete rules and policies which will be strictly
followed throughout. Link 

EC will continue its validation and due diligence throughout the election process and may at any point in
time request further information as required.Any false or mis-declaration from any panel member/s may
result in disqualification of the whole panel from elections.

For any clarification please contact PTI Election Commission on

PTI Overseas Election Commission
PTI Election Commission for Overseas Chapters

Appendix A
Reference to IPE Guidelines regarding Panel nomination
All elected bodies in overseas chapters shall consist of following 4 positions only;
o President,
o Vice President,
o General Secretary
o Information Secretary.

Section 7 (V)
V. Candidate's eligibility to contest in intra-party elections
• Any individual of Pakistani origin legally residing in overseas PTI chapter and a paid member.

• For regions where, elected bodies have been in existence, the candidate must be a paid member for at
least a year. Election Commission would like to emphasize and clarify “in existence” what do we mean by
it. In Chapters where elected bodies have been in existence ever since these chapters became eligible and
had subsequent intra party elections -for example UK. Also, it applies to those chapters where elections did
take place but for one reason or another elected bodies were not formed again. For a candidate belonging
from a chapter where once an election took place under Office of International Chapters, but then there was
a gap, Election Commission will allow a candidate to contest again as long as he/she was a paid member
and existed on the system developed and designed by PTI Finance Board known as “The Online Overseas
Membership Portal”. In those chapters where a candidate existed as a paid member but due to reasons –
lack of activity or absence of elected body and membership coordinators, they did not renew their
membership status will have to pay to cover the gap in their membership due. However, in these chapters
contestants becoming a member as a new member for the first time and who never existed on the
membership system before shall not be allowed to contest as a candidate in the panel. For Chapters
qualifying as “New” for the first time in terms of their eligibility, the one-year paid membership criteria are
not going to be applicable upon them

• All Panel contestants should have sound character and without criminal record. Criminal record in this case
would include all convictions awarded including imprisonment which would automatically lead to
disqualification from contesting for office position. For convictions without imprisonment or only
probationary/community work, an individual can contest only after their time is served and have received
clearance certificate from relevant authority. If candidates fail to disclose in “Self-Declaration Form” at
nomination stage and Election Commission discovers in terms of a complaint or concern by a member or
from an opposing panel, the person upon investigation will be disqualified from the panel and also strong
disciplinary action will be taken against him/her

• Candidates are only eligible to contest intra-party elections from their region of residence

• The elected PANEL of the chapter is expected to be fully aware and prove capability to deliver the
responsibilities expected from the position and laid out in the section R&R. Residential proof of address
against the candidate name, utility bills, bank account statement of the region, where candidate intends to
contest or hold official designation, will suffice for the qualification of a candidate. However, if further
proof is needed to validate especially if there is not enough clarity or in a situation where a complaint has
been launched by opposing panel or a member in their respective region, then further proofs may be
required by the election commission. Process of which is advised below;
o Wherever, further evidence or proof of address / nationality / legality of stay is needed, contestants
will be contacted
o EC will verify the additional supporting documents and suggest for clearance
PTI Election Commission for Overseas Chapters
o In case of ambiguity, EC to decide and suggest to FB for clearance or non-clearance

(See detailed Guideline for IPE-2017 for further detailed guidelines)