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Centro Educativo Republica Dominicana

Teaching Plan, Curricular area: Foreign Language: English

Teacher: _____________ Grade: 1st Elementary Values of the month: Respect and listening

Allotted time: August to September 1month/2 weeks

Title of the learning Unit: Proper name and identification of the gender

Learning situation: Learning situation: the students of 1st grade in ____________ school have
new friends and teachers so they want to know each, so they have to greet and perform in
English so they can identify each partner by listening to songs, practicing conversations and
produce some pictures by their own.

Fundamental Skills:

1 Ethics and Public Competition

2 Personal competitions and Spiritual Development

3 Logical Thinking, Creative and Critical Competition

4 Communicative competences

5 Scientific and Technological Competences

6 Competitions and Environmental Health

7 Problem Solving Competitions

Specific Skills:

Oral comprehension: Understand the function of personal identification and familiar with his
name to be read by the teacher in the identity cards.

Oral production: Use your name to identify yourself to others and what relates to the card

Written comprehension: understands short and simple words, relating to genre and personal id

Written Production: Produce pictures by their own understanding written simple words about
personal id and genre.

Conceptual contents Topics: Grammar

Vocabulary and Expression: Wh questions:

Hello How are you?

Good bye What’s your name?
Boy/ girl
Good morning Yes/ no questions:
See you Are you a boy/girl?
Bye bye
I am fine

Attitudinal content: Satisfaction in distinguishing his name among others that listen

- Recognition of its own characteristics and strengthening your


Procedural content -Pronunciation and association of your name with the card of
identity that contains it.

- Comment on the importance of the proper name and of the

identity card to identify yourself as an individual and member
of a family and a community.

Didactic Sequences
Time/ Resources Teaching activities Learning activities

August 1st week Oral performance about personal Listen to the teacher’s performance
information and identify her name, subject…
Markers Ask questions to students Answer the questions about their
Colors name. Draw themselves
Sheet of paper Draw the teacher and ask them to
draw themselsevs
August 2nd Week Teach them the greetings: Hello, good Listen and say some greetings,
morning, How are you? Greet their partners in english
Discuss the classroom rules and ask
Radio students to say some. Say their opinion about the rules.
tablet Sing about the greetings including Sing the song about greetings
good bye.

1st Week Sing the song about Greetings again. Sing with the teacher about
Radio Use a doll and teddy bear to perform a
Tablet brief conversation about greetings. Draw two people saying Hello, and
Doll good bye.
Teddy bear Ask students to make the same
Sheet of paper conversation. Perform a conversation about
Board greetings with a partner.
Sing alone about greetings
2nd Week Sing the song again and let students to Sing the song about greetings and
sing alone and clap clap while singing.
Colors Write the words Boy and Girl on the Pronounce the words from the
Makers board and let them repeat. Say the board and identify the gender:
Notebook teacher gender. boy/girl
Tablet Use the toys to identify their gender, Answer simple questions and ask
Radio ask them for their own gender by: another partner: Are you a boy/
hello what’s your name? How are girl?
you? Are you a boy/ girl?
Sing the song about greetings Draw a boy or a girl.

Sing the song again.

3rd Week Sing the greeting song Sing with the teacher.

Radio Ask each student How are you? Are Answer the questions.
Colors you a boy or a girl?
Picture Color a picture and circle their
Tablet Show them a picture and ask them gender.
Sheet of paper Which one is the girl/boy, give
students pictures to color. Learn a new song about gender.

Say good bye and sing. Sing the greeting song alone.

4th Week Greet students and sing the greeting Sing with the teacher and greet each
song. other.
Pencil Evaluation: Listen to the story and answer the
Board Sing the new song about gender and questions, What’s her name? How
Markers make a story about fresita: is she? Is she a boy/ girl?
Fresita the doll Ask them oral questions about the Draw Fresita in a sheet of paper
story and let them say their own and circle the correct word: boy/
answer. girl

Draw Fresita in their notebooks and Sing the new song about gender and
write boy/girl and explain they are discuss what they like the most in
going to circle the correct one. English class.
Review with them all the content.

Indicator's of achievement

-Responds relevant very simple questions about basic personal information.

- Produce understandably, very simple expressions about personal information.

- It is identified by listening to its name read by another.
– Shows satisfaction through his facial expression when listening to his name, reaffirmed his
identity personal.
- Produce pictures about boy and girls, and about themselves.

- Demonstrate appreciation for the opposite gender.

Activities of Evaluation
Type of Evaluation Techniques and Instruments Resources

Diagnostic Dialogic inquiring Sheet of paper
Summative Exposition/ Performance Board
Formal Through a story, ask and answer. Radio

Feedback Listening a story and answer about it, sing 2 songs, one about Greetings
and the other about genre.

Metacognition Reflect on your performance, being realistic. What could you have
improved? What part has been easier for you? What has been the most