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Name __________________________________________
I. True or False. Write T if the statement is True and F if the statement is False. Write your answers in
the blanks before the number.
________1. Mother animals are very protective of their babies.
________2. The frog life cycle starts with the tadpole.
________3. Almost all animals that are born alive look like their parents.
________4. Most mother insects cannot attend to their babies.
________5. The shelter of many fishes in the sea are called corals.
________6. Butterflies and dragonflies live in ponds.
________7. Animals that live in the desert are ducks, goose, and swan.
________8. Animals in the cold parts of Earth called the arctic are polar bears and penguins.
________9. Most of the wild animals are found in the ocean.
________10. Crocodiles and turtles can be found in swamps.

II. What habitat is being described?

________________________1. Place that is sandy, hot and dry
________________________2. Body of salt water smaller than the ocean
________________________3. Made up of tall trees and many kinds of plants.
________________________4. Man-made habitat of some animals.
________________________5. Lowland with water where crocodiles are found.
________________________6. The called part of the Earth.
________________________7. Examples of animals that live in this habitat are ducks, goose, and swan.
________________________8. Animals that live in this habitat are camels, scorpions and snakes.
________________________9. Butterflies, dragonflies, and bees live here.
________________________10. Polar bears, penguins, and seals live here.

III. Where do the following animals live? Write the letter of your answer in the blank.
_________________1. Ants a. aquarium
_________________2. Bees b. anthill
_________________3. Dogs c. coop
_________________4. Horse d. hive
_________________5. Chicken e. coop
_________________6. Fish f. stable
_________________7. Spider g. web

IV. Write at least two animals that live in the following habitats: Swamp, Ocean, Forest, Garden, and
Garden and Swamp.
Garden and
Swamp Ocean Forest Garden

V. Label the life cycle of a frog.


_________________ ___________________


Arrange the stages of the frogs life cycle.

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