In T’s will, A was given a house, effective immediately. (a) Is this a disposition by virtue of a will? (b) Is A entitled to get the house now? (c) How will the house be disposed of? (p. 27 Paras) Jandon is twice a widower. He has three children by his first marriage, and two children by his second marriage. In his will, he instituted as his exclusive heirs the children of his second marriage. What is the effect on the will of the preterition of Jandon’s children by the first marriage? Upon Jandon’s death, how will the hereditary estate be divided? (p. 359 Jurado, Reviewer) A and B are C’s brothers. D is the child of A, and E of B, while F is the child of D. C died without leaving a will, A, B, and D are likewise dead. May F inherit from C? Explain. (p. 420 Jurado Reviewer).



4. A died intestate survived by (a) B, a brother of the full blood, and (b) C, D, E and F, brothers of the half blood. The net value of this estate is P120,000. Divide the estate.(P. 441)

X, Y, and Z, surviving legitimate children of A, partitioned the latter’s estate extrajudicially but disregarded and preterited M, a duly acknowledged natural child of A. Questions: (a) Is the partition valid? (b) What remedies are available to M to recover his share in the inheritance?(p. 469)

children of a deceased sister.(p. Ramon Reyes. son of Don Jose and Dona Juana and uncle of Ramon. In 1960.widow of Don Jose and grandmother of Ramon. a child of his deceased son.Are the following subject to collation? (a) gifts bestowed by the deceased father during his lifetime to the spouse of his son. How shall the inheritance be distributed? State the amounts.000. 464) 7.(p.The house and lot is now claimed by the following: (a) Dona Juana vda de Reyes. His estate consisted entirely of the house and lot which he had received from Don Jose. Ramon Reyes died with a will instituting his mother.The net remainder of the estate is P80. If you are the Judge. to whom shall you adjudicate the property? (p 385) . Explain.Don Jose Reyesm before his death in 1945. his widow (b) B.Arturo Reyes. sister and only living relative of Dona Maria. (b) Money paid by the deceased parent during his lifetime for the death of a son. Dona Maria Unson. a house and lot worth P60.Before his death in an automobile accident. Dona Maria also died but without a will. A was able to execute a will which contains the following dispositions: “I leave all my properties to all my relatives”. and © Dona Alicia Unson. The claimants are the following: (a) W. donated to his grandson.410) 8.000. In 1950.6. as his sole heir.his brother (c) C and D. (b) Don Juan Reyes.


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