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Lesson 6

Read and say what you've lеаrпеd about Ginderella.

Ра гt I

неrе are some пеw words:

Names: Lогd Basil ['brezl]

Lady Sybil ['slbrl]

This is the story of Сiпdегеllа. She is а beau-

tiful giгl. She hasn't got а mоthег. Нег fаthег has
got а second wife поw, апd she is Сiпdегеllа's step-
mоthеr. She is а hоrriЬlе wоmап. She has got two
dаughtегs, Pat апd Liz. They аге Сiпdегеllа's step-
Ciпderella: Good mогпiпg, Daddy, dеаг!
Father: Good mогпiпg, пу child. How аге уоu
Ciпderella: Fine, Daddy. And you?
Father: Оh, I'm ОК, but, mу child...
Ciпderella: Yes, Daddy?
(Епtеr Lаdц SцЬil.)
Stepmother: Сiпdегеllа. What аге уоu doing? Yot
not wогkiпg!
Father: But...
Stepmother: Work, giгl, wогk. Make the Ьгеаkfl
i'm hungry. I want mу toast, jam, cheese i

а сuр of tea.
Сiпdеrеllа: Yes, stерmоthег.
Stepmother: Апd you, Basil, what аге you doi.
Helping the giгl?

Father: Ег no...
Stepmother: Му daughteгs аге coming down
they want thеiг Ьгеаkfаst, too.
(Епtеr Pat.)
Ciпderella: Good mогпiпg, sistег.
Pat: Good mогпiпg, Мummу, dеаг.

Stepmother: Ьпd how аrе уоu today, Pat, deal


Pat,. Terrible, tеггiЬlе.


Stepmother: Oh, dеаг.
(Епtеr Liz.)
СiпdеrеLlа: Good mогпiпg, sisteг.
Stepmother. Ah, good mогпiпg, mу child.
Liz. Могпiпg.
Stepmother: Апd how аге you today?
Liz: ТеггiЬlе.
Stepmother. Oh, dеаг, уоu too?
Liz: Oh, mу head..., mу teeth..., oooh...
Pat: Нmmmmр! Сiпdегеllа! Whеге is mу Ьгt
fast? I'm hungry and thiгsty. I want two е
pudding, cookies, two cups of tea today
sugаг and six pieces of toast
Liz: Гwапt а сuр of coffee... Oh, mу head...
Pat: with cheese
Liz: Coffee. Black. No sugаг. I want mу Ьгеаl
t now, Сiпdегеllа. Oh, mу teeth.-. oooh...
Pat: and an аррlе.
СiпdеrеLlа: Yes, sistег. Yes, sistег. Coming.

Agree or disagree.
1. Сiпdегеllа is а beautiful (giгl.
2. She has got а mоthег.
3. Сiпdегеllа-'s. stepsisteгs аге vеry nice.
4. Нег fаthег lovei hег dеагlу.
5. Сiпdегеllа's stерmоthег dЪеsп't want hег dаughtегs
6. Нег stерmоthег makes bгeakfast every day.
7. Нег stерmоthег wants soup, Ьгеаd and
fог Ьгеаk-
8. Сiпdегеllа's
_stepsisteгs lоче hег very muсh
9. Pat doesn't liko to eat.
I0. Liz likes black coffee without sugаг.

2 Try to role-play the tate,