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Pride Product Approval Form

Submitted to Product Approval Committee

Name Colton Woodruff

Date (s) submitted 10/3/18

Research Topic / Area of Study Wildlife Biology

Connection to research paper The product I am proposing relates to my paper directly, as I

wrote about the ways wildlife biologists improve our
environment through the

Goal of product / what problem or My product will consist of information that can aid biologists
need solved or addressed and government officials in the management and preservation of
wildlife in the North Carolina

Estimated time to complete 10-15 Hours

People who will assist (if applicable) Mentor, Interviewee for general advice and guidance

Estimated cost / investment N/A

What will judges see at The judges will see in-depth documentation of the animal
presentation? (evidence of work tracking/ process and the result of the population counting/ the
and development) population levels I calculate. Also, they will see my
“recommendations” to local government based on my findings

Personal stretch (area of growth) This product will allow me to experience the outdoors, the
woods specifically, which I believe is an area I have not had
enough experience in in my life. I also will learn how difficult
and ingenuitive the job of wildlife biologists are, and what they
go through to

Product Description: ​For my Pride Product, I will travel into local wilderness and employ methods of
animal population observation and tracking in order to determine to the best of my ability the local
population levels of species such as white tail deer. This process will be fully documented and explained
as I am performing the observation. I will compile my research into a convenient presentation that
includes the documentation of my time in the woods, as well as the complicated calculations I perform in
order to extrapolate the population levels of the animals. Finally, my presentation will include researched
recommendations for local government regarding wildlife management based on my calculated
population levels.