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Present tense

1 Company information.  The name of the company is FSM

 Your business name is fitness sport
 Name of the company. master
 Trade’s name  The activity of the company is to
 Company’s activity provide the service of personal

2 Company history. Past tense

FSM was founded at the beginning of 2015

by the coach jesus jimenez at the beginning
only classes are given to people who
contacted him in cartagena. the trainings
were carried out in parks and residences.
 History of the company in detail Previously, advertising formats were not
 Advertising has been traditionally done? handled, only speech-to-speech was given
 What kind of advertising and what issues were After a while an advertising format was
addressed? developed by means of informational
 What were the objectives of previous flallers where classes were offered, he
campaigns? objectives of these campaigns were not
 What are the characteristics of your product or sectioned because they were addressed to
service? all public
 What is the current position of your product in After this, a better segmented service was
the market? thought and developed in order to profile a
type of client

with the passage of time we were looking

for a position in the market and we are
currently recovering

3. The product or service Present tense

Description of the product or service with all its
features: Our service is characterized by being
 Physical (if it has) something unique and innovative in the
 Chemical characterization (if it has) market, since we offer different training
 Packaging (if it has) trends and the client chooses which of them
 Benefits he prefers to pursue his goal.
 Trajectory (how long was it released)
 Lifecycle
 Legislation
4. SWOT matrix (Strengths, Weaknesses, Present tense
Opportunities and Threats)
 Weaknesses (they are internal to the company) • Weaknesses
 Opportunities (they are external, what the sale 1 lack of training equipment
opportunities are) 2 lack of suitable personnel
 Strengths (they are internal )  Threats (they are 3 unknowns of rhythmic type tendencies.
external ) 4 lack of management of a second language
• Opportunities
1 Market poorly developed.
2 low level of competence training.
3 diversity of clientele
• Strength
1 quality of service provision.
2 good customer service
3 integrity in service
• Threat
1 Unfair competition

5. Budget Present tense

It’s the money assigned to the project.
a marketing and publicity plan has been
developed that includes designs of public
and radio and television networks for this is
counted with an estimated budget of
5.000.000 million pesos.

6. Consumer/Target Audience. Present tense

Describe the three types of consumers:
 End consumer: The person who consumes the End consumer: these are all people who
product, but doesn’t decide on the purchase. like sports and are re-trained with training
 Real consumer or objective: The person who and healthy life.
makes the purchase decision. Our real consumers are: largely working
 Potential Consumer: The person who has a women whose time is very limited to take
provisional contact with the product or who will the time to go to the gym.
be the consumer in the future. Taking into account factors such as
Describe the profiles geographical and demographic conditions,
 Demographic profile our potential clients and future clients are all
 Geographic profile people who want a better state of life in
 Psychographic profile. relasion with their health and appearance.
also all these people with obesity problem
who see in the ejersicio an exit to this

7. Competition/Positioning Present tense

Describe the type of competition your product or
service has:
 Direct currently our direct competition is not an
 Hint organized sector are people who offer the
 Main Competition service of trainers individually

8. Project objectives Present tense

Describe the goal to be achieved in your project. Our goal to achieve as a company is to be one
of the pioneering companies in the area of
personalized training

9. Market research Present tense

Explain the market research you have made in your
project: which are the latest changes of consumers before venturing into the organization of the
and the target public? company as such a market study was
conducted which led to a segmentation of
the market and a filtering of the various
opportunities and to learn more about the
target market in order to provide an efficient
service and above all that will meet the
expectations of our customers

10. Schedule Present tenses.

Include the distribution channels for the products of
your project: Our distribution channel is direct because
 Direct we as a company we jestion the
 ndirect development of the service and we offer it to
our direct client.

Diseño publicitaria de la empresa FSM

June 17, 2017 began the history of FSM in laciud de barranquilla the teacher in physical
education Jesus david jimenez wanted to create a company where customers had the freedom
to choose how to train and something very important they can choose when and where to
train, plus to be a pioneer in the market today is one of the best in this industry which stands
out for its excellent body of professionals willing to give the best of them to achieve your
goals so do not wait any longer and train with the best FSM.