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Common Core Lesson Planner

Grade Level: 11th Teacher: Mr. Sotelo

Subject: American History
Select grade level appropriate standards:
Common Core Standards:
Common Core
and Content Student will go through the declaration of independence

2 What materials and resources will you and the students need for the lesson?
Resources/  Dictionary
Lesson  Textbook
Preparation  Tablet
 Copy of The Declaration of Independence

What should students know and be able to do after the lesson?

3 Student will be able to define words or phrases in The Declaration of Independence
Objective(s) and be able to analyze the text.

Level 1: Recall Level 2: Skill/Concept

Level 3: Strategic Thinking Level 4: Extended Thinking

Explain how the lesson addresses each box you checked:

DOK-1: Students will define words or any text they don’t understand
4 DOK-2: Students will interpret and use context clues to be able to understand the
Webb’s Depth of
reading they are doing.
Knowledge Level DOK-3: Students
DOK-4: Students will be able to connect and analyze wording and meanings of
words or different ideas in the text.

Demonstrating independence Building strong content knowledge

Responding to varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline
Comprehending as well as critiquing Valuing evidence
5 Using technology and digital media strategically and capably
College and Coming to understand other perspectives and cultures
Career Ready
 Explain how the lesson addresses each box you checked: Students will work alone
to be able to interpret the reading they are doing and be able to use there
resources to be able to understand the material on their own
 They will be reading in depth and be able to gain general knowledge and be able
to interpret the reading in a way they understand.
 They will be able to adapt they way they communicate to better understand the
SAUSD Common Core Lesson Template (adapted)
audience it was made for during the time of the Declaration was made.
 Will keep their minds opened during the reading to be able to critique what they
are saying.
 They will cite specific lines of the declaration of independence to be able to offer
reasoning of the reading.

Communication Collaboration Critical Thinking Creativity

Explain how the lesson addresses each box you checked

6  Read carefully to be able decipher the meaning and knowledge they write in the declaration.
21st Century  Analyze the whole declaration to be able to understand and produce good explanations of the text.

Lesson Delivery
Identify vocabulary and key terms that are important for students to know to understand the lesson:
 Created equal
 Endowed
Vocabulary/Key  Unalienable rights
Terms  Pursuit of happiness

8 Describe how you will adapt your lesson for the following learners:
 English Learners- Will offers an interpretation of the reading in which they can refer to
while reading.

 Special Needs- Pair them up with a talented student so they could ask question on what
they might not understand.

 Accelerated (Gifted/Talented)- Will read the declaration of independce and help

students who might not understand the meanings of words.

9 Describe at least TWO different types of formal or informal assessments you will use during your
Assessments lesson to check for student learning: One formal assessment I would use will be summaries on
they section they read that day and I will read them to be able to understand if they are really
understand the reading. One informal assessment will be using a form of online questionnaire to
be able to ask them what interpretations they have of the text.

10 Prior Knowledge, Context, and Motivation (How will you connect the beginning of the lesson
Lesson to what students already know and/or motivate them to learn about the topic?) Will go over
Delivery founding fathers to see what they know and offer a video of the declaration of independence

SAUSD Common Core Lesson Template (adapted)

online they could watch at home.

Describe each step of the lesson

Teacher will… Students will…
1. I will go over the declaration of 1. Will download copy of the
independence with them. declaration.
2. Show them where they could get a 2. Will read a specific section they are
copy of the declaration in which is given to interpret in there way they
online on are class website. understand.
3. Will show them resources so they 3. Write down specific lines and
could understand the vocabulary and interpret them.
ideas on the declaration. 4. Upload specific lines to the discussion
4. Assign specific sections of the board and explain it so other
declaration of independence to the students may understand.
5. Ask for any questions they might
6. Ask them to upload online to receive
7. Comment on the discussion board on
how well they did.

SAUSD Common Core Lesson Template (adapted)