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27 July 2018

Minutes of 1st Board Meeting of A2zUtshob Ltd.

(Held on 13th July 2018)
The s1st Board Meeting of the A2zUtshob Ltd. was held on Friday, 13th July, 2018 at House 535-536,
Road: 1, Block: I, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka.

Following attendees were included in the Signature Sheet of A2zUtshob Ltd.

1. Md. Anisur Rahman

2. Tanvir Zaman Rony
3. Saiful Kabir
4. Rashed Khan
5. Imniaj Ferdous Jyoti
6. Frank X.B. Rodriques
7. Md. Habibur Rahman
8. Md. Sabbir Rahman Sajan
9. Mohammad Irfan Amin
10. Moumita Khan
11. Raihan Rahman

Members discussed and decided the course of action of a2zUthshob Ltd. to the attendees present.
Detailed discussion on the following agenda items:
Agenda items Discussions Decisions/Action Point
1. Introduction a. Introduction of all members Sorting out company’s
b. Introduction of the company goals, missions and visions.
2. Briefing on Mr. Anisur Rahman explained the missions  Business
Company’s Mission and visions of the company to all attendees. method/approach
and Vision decided
a. What the company should focus
 Initial and
on and
immediate Business
b. how to initiate the business
projects were

3. Handover of  All the attendees’ role and Each chairperson will give
Responsibilities responsibilities were clearly a presentation on their
explained and they understood their committee’s progress in the
upcoming board meetings
role in A2zUtshob Ltd.

 Each attendee now have the control

and responsibility in their respective
field of work in the company.

 Attendees were divided into major

committees (e.g. Finance, Marketing,
IT etc.)

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Agenda items Discussions Decisions/Action Point
4. Adviser nomination The attendees present unanimously  Mr. M.
nominated - Bhuiyan and
 Mr. Quaiyum Khan
 Mr. M. Nuruzzaman Bhuiyan
are the advisers of
(Former Secretary Retd.
a2zUthshob Ltd.
at Government of the People's
Republic Of Bangladesh)
 Mr. Quaiyum Khan
(Founder Trustee of Independent
University of Bangladesh)
to become the Adviser of
A2zUtshob Ltd.
5. Any other Business 1. A2zUthsob is going to inaugurate its office a. Office timing is fixed
(AOB) with the in the 1st day of August, 2018. b. Office budget is fixed.
consent of Chair 2. A2zUthshob’s UI Design/App Design was c. A2zUthshob’s UI
discussed. Design/App Design is
3. A2zUtshob is going to start its business going to be presented in the
operation with Online Food Delivery next meeting.
services in IUB, NSU, and AIUB.

As there was no other agenda to discuss, the meeting ended with vote of thanks from and to chair.

A2zUtshob Ltd.

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