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Unit 3 test

1 The jeans in this shop are all

Listening ____________________ ; it’s a bargain!
2 I need to buy some new
1  Listen to the interview. Do you think Sally is a ____________________ for PE.
regular customer to the store? Why? / Why not?
3 We had to buy several different things, so it was
(2 marks)
easier to go to the ____________________ and
get everything in the same place.
4 Last week I bought some gloves for my mum
here, and the ____________________ said I
2  Listen again and answer the questions. Write
complete sentences. (8 marks) could change them if they didn’t fit her.
5 My cousin invited me to go
1 What two pieces of personal information do we
____________________ , but it looks terrifying
know about Sally?
so I didn’t go.
______________________________________ 5 Complete the blog entry with the correct verbs.
2 How does Sally prefer to shop for clothes? (5 marks)
3 What two advantages does Sally say online I’m going to take a year out to travel around the
shopping has? world before I go to university. I have to (1) _______
______________________________________ up a large amount of money but I know it will
______________________________________ (2) _______ worth it. Once I start university and get
4 When does Sally eat in the store restaurant? a job, I won’t have time to do it so I don’t want to
Why? (3) _______ out on this great opportunity now. I’ve
______________________________________ got some friends who are travelling around Asia at
______________________________________ the moment so I’ll try to (4) _______ up with them
when I get there. I’ve also got a cousin in Australia.
Vocabulary She lives near the beach and she’s crazy about
water sports, so I plan to (5) _______ out kayaking
3 Complete the sentences. (5 marks) and wakeboarding while I’m there.
1 I can’t _____________ to buy this coat; it’s too
expensive. Practical English
2 I’ve been a loyal _____________ at this shop for
over twenty years. 6 Complete the dialogue. (10 marks)
3 John brought back some great _____________ Amy: It’s Grandma’s seventieth birthday next
of his trip to Morocco. month. (1) _____________ don’t we
4 It’s important to eat healthy, _____________ organize a surprise birthday party for her?
food. Becky: That (2) _____________ like a great idea!
5 There’s a _____________ on in Topshop. Let’s Andy: How about (3) _____________ all the
go today! family to it?
Amy: That (4) _____________ be a bit difficult
4 Match 1–5 to A–E. Then use the words to
complete the sentences. (10 marks) because Uncle Pat lives in the USA.
Becky: You’re right. I suggest we just
1 half ____ A owner
(5) ____________ all the family in the UK.
2 sports ____ B climbing
Andy: Yes! (6) _____________ send them all an
3 shop ____ C store
email to see if they are available.
4 rock ____ D price
Amy: (7) _____________ does that sound?
5 department ____ E gear
Becky: That (8) _____________ for me.
Andy: I’m (9) _____________ to write the
emails, and you can organize the food.
Amy: That sounds like a good (10) _________ .

Unit 3 test

Grammar Cumulative Review

7 Write sentences in the present perfect with for 10 Complete the second sentence so that it has the
or since. (12 marks) same meaning as the first. Use the correct form
of the word in brackets. (10 marks)
1 We / live / UK / three years.
______________________________________ 1 It isn’t necessary to bring a present to the party.
2 Fred / be / at this company / six months. (have to)
______________________________________ You _________________________ to the party.
3 The / amusement park / be / open / 2003. 2 I was able to dance well when I was younger.
______________________________________ (can)
4 I / have / these / boots / five years. I ____________________ when I was younger.
______________________________________ 3 These trousers aren’t long enough for me.
5 They / be / friends / they / be / little. (short)
______________________________________ These trousers ____________________ for me.
6 She / save up / her pocket money / a long time. 4 I’ve lived in Paris for three years. (since)
______________________________________ I ____________________________________ .
5 It’s important to take part in the discussion in
8 Complete the dialogue using the present perfect class. (join)
form of the verbs and yet, already or still. You __________________ the class discussion.
(6 marks)
make not do finish
Caroline: (1) _______ you _______ that book
_______ ? 11 Read the text. Write a one-word heading for
Billy: No, I haven’t, but I’m hungry. What’s in each paragraph. (4 marks)
the fridge?
1 _____________
Caroline: You can’t eat now. Mum (2) __________
__________ dinner! Where’s Harry? Brazil is one of the most visited countries in the
Billy: He’s in the living room watching TV, but world. The most popular city is Rio de Janeiro,
he should be doing his homework. which has become famous for its Copacabana
(3) He ____________________ his beach, carnival and spectacular statue of Christ the
school project! Redeemer. Many people also visit the beautiful
extensive beaches and bays along the long coast to
9 Write questions or answers in the present relax and practise many water sports.
perfect. Use the words in brackets and your own
words where necessary. (12 marks) 2 _____________
1 _____________________________________ ? Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, with a
(already) population of 200 million people. Its climate is hot
Yes, I went on holiday last month. and humid, with regular rainfall throughout the year.
2 _____________________________________ ? There are many high mountains and long rivers in
(yet) Brazil. The most important natural area is the
Yes, I read The Hunger Games last year. Amazon rainforest region, which includes many
3 Has Adam moved into his new flat? (already) unique and fascinating plants and animals and is
_______________________________________ home to about one third of the world’s terrestrial
4 _____________________________________ ? animal species.
(how long)
We’ve lived in London for ten years.
5 Have your parents arrived yet? (still)
6 Has your sister known him for long? (since)

Unit 3 test

3 _____________
Brazil has a diverse mix of ethnicities. There were 13 Write a discussion essay. Choose one of the
indigenous people living in Brazil before Europeans following topics:
arrived. The Portuguese settled in Brazil in the
sixteenth century. They brought African slaves. Online shopping is better than going into shops.
Over the centuries, people from all over the world
have moved to Brazil. The official language is
Portuguese, but some communities and indigenous Cooking your own food is better than eating in
tribes still speak their own languages. Music, song restaurants.
and dance, such as the samba, are an important
part of the Brazilian identity. Capoeira is a Brazilian
martial art that combines dance and music, and has
become popular all over the world. Planning your own holiday is better than going
on an organized tour.
4 _____________
Use the prompts to help you. Write about 150
Visitors to Brazil shouldn’t miss out on eating a words. (10 marks)
variety of delicious and nutritious dishes. A
traditional Brazilian dish is feijoada, made with black Paragraph 1
beans and of meat. It’s usually served with rice, Write an introduction. Say something general about
sausages and occasionally more green vegetables the statement and the current situation.
on the side. Fejioada is generally eaten at
weekends and large family meals. Paragraph 2
Write two reasons why the statement is true.
12 Read the text again and answer the questions.
(6 marks) Paragraph 3

1 What is Rio de Janeiro known for? Write two reasons why the statement is not true.
Paragraph 4
2 Where can tourists who want to try out Write a conclusion with your opinion.
wakeboarding go?
3 Why is the Amazon rainforest so important?
4 Who were the first three groups of people to live
in Brazil?
5 Is Portuguese the only language spoken in
6 Why do you think many people like capoeira as
a way to do exercise?

Listening _____ / 10 Vocabulary _____ / 20 Practical English _____ / 10

Grammar _____ / 30 Cumulative Review _____ /10 Reading _____ / 10
Writing _____ / 10 TOTAL __________ / 100

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