Week One Vocabulary List

You are responsible for knowing the root word/prefix/suffix and its meaning. Thursday’s quiz questions will look like this: -act- means __________________, as in actor or action. -act- is a (circle one) root word, prefix, suffix

Root Word -act-

Meaning do

Examples action, actor, react, transact, enact



audience, auditorium, audible, audition



credit, discredit, incredible, credulous

Prefix adamphianauto-

Meaning to both, around not self

Examples adapt, addict, adhere, admit amphibian, amphitheater anarchy, anesthesia, anorexia, anonymous automobile, automatic, autograph, autobiography

Suffix -ade -age -ant

Meaning action or process action or process one who

Examples blockade, escapade, parade marriage, pilgrimage, voyage assistant, immigrant, merchant, servant
Created by Heather Taxis Greene, 2010

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