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Name of Student with SR Code, Year and Section

Name: Lyndell T. Montecillo

SR Code: J14-69272
Year: 5th Year

Section: BSA-5103

II. Title of the Film Review

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

III. Introduction
There are three main characters involved in the movie namely: Indiana Jones, an
archaeologist adventurer, Willie Scott and Short Round. The three ended up in a village
located in Northern India wherein the village have problems regarding the lives of the
villagers. Indiana Jones were asked by the villagers to help them recover the magic stone,
Shivalinga. This resulted to disaster which led to famine in the village. The children were
subjected to child slavery, human sacrificing, black magic and rituals.
There are certain situations in the movie where it involves a seller and a buyer
trading for their own interest. This can give relation to economics in a way that the seller,
must be able and willing to sell the object being traded and the buyer, must be able and
willing to buy the object being traded. Setting price for the agreement of the two parties
involved (seller and the buyer) must be established and this is the situation wherein an
equilibrium takes place. (Further discussed in part 4, reflection and discussion.)

IV. Reflection and Discussion

Indiana Jones, the main and important character in the movie, has an appointment
with a potential buyer. In this scene, Dr. Jones and the potential buyer did not agree on
certain terms. Maybe this was because the buyer did not want to spend any money or did
not want to give any consideration for the Nurhachi. But the two did agree that the
Nurhachi should be traded with the Diamond which Dr. Jones thought was sufficient for
the Nurhachi and his costs of acquiring it. Equilibrium takes place because the supply and
demand meet or they are in balance. Nurhachi is the good/product, there’s only one buyer
and one seller involve in the scenario.
When the three arrived at the village in Northern India, they were offered to recover
the Shivalinga, a stone which provides fortune and glory, which was stolen along with the
children of the villagers. The demand for Shivalinga by the villagers is high. The
villagers offered food which was more than the capacity of three people. The payment of
food serves as the price for the supply, which is the Shivalinga. The three should recover
the stone from the palace and return it to the villagers.
When the three characters arrived at the palace, they were welcomed and they stayed
for several nights leading to some events which are the highlights of the movie. In the
palace, the food served were exotic. But the foods served were for the people who
exerted an effort to carry out their tasks and obligations for the palace. In this situation,
foods are the supply and their price was their service. Quantity supplied for foods were
enough for quantity demanded.
There’s also a scene where it involves human sacrifices in exchange for the power of
Kali which will benefit the people of the palace. Since the the process of obtaining this
demand is illegal in nature and cannot be tolerated, the three exerted their efforts,
especially Dr. Jones, to stop the current situation in the palace. The demand in this
scenario is the wanting of blessings of the god and the supply is the children being
sacrificed. It can also be viewed as the more the sacrifices were made, the greater the
blessings they will received which leads to as the quantity supplied is higher, prices will
also increase. The price here is the power of the stone.
Demand and supply can also relate to everyday life situations and scenarios. When
Dr. Jones drank a wine, it has poison in it which can lead to his death. On the part of his
enemies, demand for the life of Dr. Jones is high. On the part of Dr. Jones, demand for
the antidote of the poison is also high. There are many scenarios in which the demand for
the life of Dr. Jones were high.

V. Conclusion
In the last paragraph of part IV, it can be concluded that people’s everyday lives
involve economics in many ways. Like the demand for the life of a certain person. The
demand is high and the price for achieving that demand is also high. When it comes to
deals or agreements or negotiations between the buyer and the seller, agreement between
the two parties must be established. Needs and wants pf the characters can also be seen in
the movie. Those needs and wants will determine the intensity of the demand for the
product or good. In relation for the intensity of demand, supply will also be involved and
the price for those good should be established adequately. In different situations in life,
we also tend to have different demands depending on our needs and wants. Analysis of
our daily lives can be created with the help of economics. It plays a vital role in the life of
every individual.